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ADM 242 preservation needed now, please!


The Rolls of Naval War Deaths (Other Ranks) WW1

ADM/242/7 ("A" to "C")

ADM/242/8 ("D" to "K")

ADM/242/9 ("L" to "Q")

ADM/242/10 ("R" to "Z")


The above quoted Public Record Office documents are currently in need of urgent action for their preservation.

The Admiralty series "ADM/242/ 7-10" are the most complete record of Naval other ranks deaths for WW1. All Royal Naval Division battle-casualties not commemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (past & present) are found listed in these ledgers. Although we have combed these ledgers for all RND casualties, there are undoubtedly other non-commemorations from shipboard casualties waiting to be discovered. Due to time constraints & our devotion to first completing the RND Roll of Honour, we are presently unable to undertake the necessary work in identifying the "Forgotten Heroes" who lie waiting within its pages.

The construction of the ADM/242 series 7-10 is rather fragile. The paper used is akin to Army issue toilet paper, very thin & not too strong. The Admiralty's design in using such thin sheet seems to have been aimed at reducing the size & weight of the completed volumes. This construction was adequate for its limited use by careful Naval clerks, but its current exposure to rough handling & photocopying is slowly destroying the fragile pages. The outer pages of each volume are creased, damaged, partially missing, or totally missing. This constitutes the loss of several pages of names already.

ADM/242 gives very detailed information about Naval casualties in WW1. It is often accessed & copied by researchers of Naval deaths & recognised as an important source of contemporary information, see below a sample page:-


As can be seen along the top line of this page from ADM/242/8, the information fields are many. This page was chosen for illustration as it contains the entry for Pte. Harry Jackson RMLI, who was discovered by us to be uncommemorated & has since been accepted by the Commission & added to their database.

Of particular interest are the Next-of-kin addresses (not always recorded in the Commission's records), the original Grave location & the cause of death.

The "Cause of Death" entries are of great interest to readers, but require reference to the key shown below:-


The Public Record Office usually transfer such documents to microfilm without prompting & we believe that the request-rate for ADM/242 is just below that required for "common-use flagged" transfer to microfilm.

This is a public appeal for readers & researchers to lobby the Public Record Office for the immediate withdrawal of these documents from public use, pending their transfer to microfilm, to prevent any further loss of information.

Please e-mail the Public Record Office via this link:- & voice your concerns.