R.I.P. John Norman

Howe Battalion Officers dated 8/1/1915
(Sub.Lt. John Norman RNVR papers)


A Company
T/Cdr. Reginald Charles Dudley ISGAR DSO MiD & French Croix De Guerre RNVR
S/Lt. 1/10/14, Lt. 24/12/14, Lt.Cdr. 7/2/15, A/Cdr. 9/10/17, T/Cdr. 10/1/18.
Posted to Howe Bn. 24/12/14-23/10/15 DAH, Inv. to UK 11/12/15 ;
OC2 Howe Bn. 12/5/15-22/6/15
OC Howe Bn. 23/6/15-25/6/15
2IC 3rd Res. Bn. 8/8/16
OC 4th Res. Bn. 7/1/17-6/4/17
2IC 3rd Res. Bn. 17/4/17
OC 4th Res. Bn. 16/6/17-19/6/17
OC 3rd Res. Bn. 9/10/17
OC 2nd Res. Bn. 1/4/18
MiD of GOC in C. MEF 22/9/15 LG 5/11/15
Awarded French Croix de Guerre 14/3/16 LG 5/10/20 page 9693 (presented by Camp Commandant 4/6/15).
Recommendation for honour for service in Gallipoli (Refused).
WO Communique 27/3/19, Name brought to notice of Secretary of State for War for valuable services rendered in connection with the war.
DSO for distinguished services in the prosecution of the War (LG 10/6/19 p.7511)

A Company
T/Lt. George Ryder AIREY MC RNVR
Died of wounds at 4.10am 24/11/16 in 20th General Hospital Camiers (GSW Abdomen & right shoulder 13/11/16)
Commissioned Temporary Sub Lieutenant RNVR 7/10/14, Temporary Lieutenant 23/7/15.
Howe Bn. MEF 28/2/15-7/5/15 GSW right calf, rejoined Howe Bn. 9/6/15-18/7/15 GSW left thigh, rejoined Howe Bn. 30/8/15-12/10/15 Dysentery, rejoined Howe Bn. 10/1/16-24/11/16 DD.
Etaples Military Cemetery (FR 40)
Awarded the MC "For conspicuous act of gallantry in action" (Trench Raid 26/10/16) London Gazette 11/12/16 p.12102.

A Company
T/Lt. Donald Blurton WALKER RNVR
ex-16 Canadian Highlanders
T/S/Lt. 23/11/14, T/Lt. 21/1/16.
Howe Bn. 21/12/14-2/5/15 GSW arm severe, Inv. to UK 24/5/15.
Disc. MU 1/7/16

A Company
Lt. Arthur John YOUNG RNVR (Clyde)
S/Lt. 27/7/14, Lt. 9/5/15.
Howe Bn. 12/10/14-4/7/15 PUO, appointed to HMS "Excellent" 25/8/15.

A Company
Lt. Harold Paxton BAYLIS RNVR (Sussex)
Midshipman RNVR (Sussex) undated, T/S/Lt. 22/9/14, Lt. 7/6/15.
Howe Bn. (at Antwerp) 22/9/14-6/5/15 GSW L.thigh, Inv. to UK 2/7/15
20/11/15 trans. to HMS "Excellent" for Sea-service.

B Company
T/Lt. Malcolm Drury CAMPBELL RNVR (Mersey)
Commissioned Sub Lieutenant RNVR (Mersey) 11/6/1913
Temporary Lieutenant 24/12/14
Howe Bn. at Defence of Antwerp October 1914
Howe Bn. MEF 28/2/15-2/5/15 DD.
Killed in action 2/5/1915
Skew Bridge Cemetery, Helles (Gi 14)

B Company
T/Lt. Bertram John Antoine CLAUDET RNVR (Sussex)
Comm. Sub.Lt. RNVR 9/8/14, T/Lt. 12/5/15.
Howe Bn. at Antwerp Oct.1914
Howe at Gallipoli 1915-16 & BEF 1916.
26/10/16 to RFC France for duty as Observer
22/3/17 Trans. to Army, R.F.C.
27/12/16 with 3 Squadron R.F.C, on Artillery Observation Patrol, shot up & damaged in combat with four Hostile Aircraft & forced to land near Guedecourt. Lt. K.A. Creery & Lt. J. Claudet uninjured.

B Company
Midshipman Geoffrey Ivan Francis TOTHILL RNVR
Commissioned Midshipman RNVR 11/8/14.
Howe Bn. at Antwerp October 1914-17/1/15 appointment to R.N.D. terminated.
Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers 22/6/15.
2nd Lieutenant Tothill, 4th Bn. Royal Fusiliers, Killed in action 27/3/1916
Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres

B Company
T/Lt. Henry Beveridge McINTOSH RNVR (Clyde)
Commissioned Sub Lieutenant Clyde Division RNVR 17/1/14
Temporary Lieutenant 21/5/15
Howe Bn. Adjutant 4/6/15 (T/Lt. K.E. Parkes RNVR was appointed Howe Bn. Adjutant 5/6/15 vice Lt. McIntosh KiA)
Howe Bn. at Defence of Antwerp October 1914-4/6/15 DD.
Killed in action 4/6/1915
Helles Memorial

B Company
Acting Lt.Cdr. (T/Lt.) Thomas Herbert Ashley WALLER RNVR
Howe Bn. MEF 28/2/15-7/5/15 DD.
Died of wounds 7/5/1915, OC "A" Coy. Howe Bn.
Skew Bridge Cemetery, Helles (Gi 14)

C Company
Lt.Cdr. William Mitchell SMAILE RNVR (Clyde)
Comm. Sub.Lt. RNVR (Clyde) 15/3/12, Lt. (undated), Lt.Cdr. 10/12/14 ;
"C" Coy. Howe Bn. at Antwerp
Left Howe Bn. (on Sick List) before 28/2/15
4/6/15 Surveyed & found MU
To HMS "President" for recruiting duties in Scotland (Naval Centre, Aultbea, Ross-shire).

C Company
T/Lt. Norman Heath MILLER RNVR (Clyde)
Commissioned Sub.Lt. Clyde Division RNVR 12/8/12, T/Lt. 24/12/14
Howe Bn. at Defence of Antwerp 1914 ; MEF 1/3/15-4/6/15 DD.
Killed in action 4/6/1915
Helles Memorial

C Company
T/Lt.Cdr. Patrick Harrington EDWARDS MiD RNVR
Comm. 1/10/14, T/Lt. 14/6/15, T/Lt.Cdr. 8/12/15
Howe Bn. 22/10/14-4/6/15 BW Chest & Face, rejoined Howe 23/7/15-13/11/16 Multiple GSW Face & R.arm, Inv. to UK 13/12/16
3/4/17 Apptd. to Strathebrie addl. for Port Duties at Sierra Leone, under Cdr. in charge.
OC Howe Bn. vice Lt.Cdr. West 22/2/16 & vice Lt.Cdr. G.R. Edgar 22/3/16-16/5/16.
OC2 Howe Bn. 17/5/16-13/11/16.
MiD LG 13/7/16

C Company
T/Lt. Sterling Loop LARRABEE MiD RNVR
Comm. T/S/Lt. 29/9/14, T/Lt. 20/6/15
Howe Bn. 17/10/14-7/5/15 SW L.thigh, Inv. to UK 25/6/15.
Rejoined Howe Bn. MEF 21/9/15-28/1/16 Neurasthenia, Inv. to UK (date unknown)
Comm. Terminated on transfer to Army, Lt. Royal Artillery 12/6/16.
MiD LG 13/7/16 page 6953
H/A: Langham Hotel, London W.
NoK: Mother, Mrs. Larrabee, 1514, 21st St., Washington D.C., USA
Died 1974-75.

C Company
T/Lt. Hubert Reginald BALDWIN RNVR
Commissioned Temporary Sub Lieutenant RNVR 1/10/14, T/Lt. 20/5/15.
Joined Howe Bn. in October 1914
Sick at home when Howe Bn. left for MEF 28/2/15
Benbow Bn. 'B' Company MEF 9/5/15
Transferred to Nelson Bn. 12/6/15-15/6/15 to hospital, Dysentery, rejoined Nelson Bn. 11/7/15-13/7/15 DD
Missing, assumed killed in action 13/7/1915
Helles Memorial addenda (MR 4)
Non-commemoration notified to the CWGC in 2001. His name was added to the Helles Memorial Addenda in 2005.

D Company
Lt.Cdr. Kenneth Joyce FORD RNVR
Comm. Lt. RNVR 23/6/13, Lt.Cdr. 10/12/14
Howe Bn. at Antwerp Oct. 1914-2/5/15 GSW L.thigh & Back severe, Inv. to UK 2/6/15
Disc. Inv. 20/10/15 (Heart Disease & BW L.leg & Chest)
To retain rank of Lt.Cdr. RNVR while engaged in Recruiting for RND.
Died 7/12/1937

D Company
T/Lt.Cdr. Cyril Ross Browne MiD RNVR
Comm. S/Lt. 4/7/13, T/Lt. 24/12/14, T/Lt.Cdr. 26/6/15
Howe Bn. at Antwerp October 1914-19/7/15 Neurasthenia, Inv. to UK 31/7/15
4/5/16 Ends in RND retained at Crystal Palace.
MiD LG 5/11/15.

D Company
T/Lt. Claude Douglas Fenelin DE LA MOTHE MiD RNVR
Commissioned Temporary Sub Lieutenant RNVR 23/8/14, T/Lt. 26/5/15
Howe Bn. at Antwerp 1914
MEF 1/3/15-5/8/15 Diarrhoea, rejoined Howe Bn. 1/10/15-13/1/16 to UK Leave, rejoined Howe Bn. 28/2/16-13/11/16 DD
Missing, later reported killed in action 13/11/1916
Howe Bn. Company Commander 6/6/15
Field General Court Martial in France 1916 (Drunkenness)
MiD London Gazette 13/7/16 page 6952
Buried July 1917 by Chaplain 62nd Div. Map Ref. 57D.Q.17.a.6.5. British Cemetery (Sherwood) No.19, Grave No.3, Row B.
Ancre British Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel

D Company
Joined Howe Bn. 30/9/14. Served at the Defence of Antwerp 1914 (Commissioned T/Sub Lt. RNVR 18/10/14)
MEF 1/3/15-18/5/15 GSW left hand, rejoined Howe Bn. 24/5/15.
'D' Company at Antwerp
Officer Commanding 'A' Company 4th Platoon 11/1/15
2IC 'A' Coy. & OC 'A' Coy. 7/5/15-4/6/15
Killed in action 4/6/1915
Helles Memorial

D Company
T/Lt. Alfred Frederick MAYNARD RNVR
Commissioned Temporary Sub Lieutenant 18/10/14, Temporary Lieutenant 11/8/15
Howe Bn. at Antwerp 1914
MEF 1/3/15-19/5/15 GSW left leg, discharged from Clearing Hospital "W" Beach 12/6/15 to C/O Maison Binderngeb, Bulkeley, to Base Details Alexandria 28/7/15 appointed Coding Officer, temporarily appointed to Base Record Office as Assistant to Lieutenant Hurford RMLI 10/10/15 vice Lieutenant Commander Ingleby.
Rejoined Howe Bn. as Officer Commanding 'A' Company 19/4/16-13/11/16 DD.
Killed in action 13/11/16
Thiepval Memorial

D Company
T/Lt. Arthur Gilbert de Laval WILLIS RNVR (Sussex)
Comm. S/Lt. RNVR (Sussex) 3/8/14, T/Lt. 9/5/15
Howe Bn. at Antwerp October 1914-4/6/15 GSW R.arm paralysis of muscles, Inv. to UK 24/6/15
Transferred to the RGA as Lt. 1/7/16 ; Discharged 28/5/19.
Son of The Revd. V.M. Willis, of St.Vincents, Eastbourne.

D Company
T/Lt. Evelyn George Augustus CONLON RNVR
ex-Paymaster Merchant Service
Comm. T/S/Lt. 20/10/14, T/Lt. 11/8/15
Howe 21/12/14-8/5/15 GSW Lower Jaw fracture severe, to Hospital Alex.
Appointed Military Landing Officer at Alex. 4/12/15-16/6/16, Inv. to UK 15/7/16 DAH
9/10/16 Apptd. to HMS "Wallington" addl. for duty as Examination Officer, Humber.

(MG Officer)
Lt.Cdr. Ernest Galrice BOISSIER DSC MiD RNVR
Comm. T/S/Lt. 1/10/14, T/Lt. 1/3/15, Lt.Cdr. 21/5/15
Howe Bn. MG Crews October 1914-4/6/15 BW Buttock & Thigh, Inv. to UK 21/7/15
14/12/15 Comm. terminated physically unfit, to Ministry of Munitions, to retain rank & uniform.
DSC awarded 13/6/15 "Behaved with gallantry in charge of a machine-gun on May 7th, during operations south of Achi Baba & effected the destruction of an enemy machine-gun."
MiD LG 3/8/15.
Brother of T/Lt. William Arthur Marshall Boissier RM, RMA Howitzer Brigade, Accidently drowned by the upsetting of a Motor Car in Belgium 27/7/17.

(Scouts Officer)
T/Lt. Kenneth Edward PARKES MiD & French Croix De Guerre RNVR (Sussex)
Joined Howe Bn. 22/9/14 as Midshipman RNVR (Sussex), belatedly commissioned Midshipman 4/11/14 & T/Sub.Lt. 12/2/15 to date 22/9/14, T/Lt. 7/6/15, Sub.Lt. RNVR (Substantive) 3/2/17
Howe Bn. at Antwerp
MEF 28/2/15-16/11/15 Enteritis, Inv. to UK 9/12/15
Howe Bn. Adjutant 5/6/15 (T/Lt. K.E. Parkes RNVR was appointed Howe Bn. Adjutant 5/6/15 vice Lt. McIntosh KiA)
Draft for BEF 2/9/16, joined Howe Bn. 7/9/16-13/11/16 GSW R.leg, Inv. to UK 18/11/16
Draft for BEF 5/4/18, joined Anson Bn. 16/4/18-24/5/18 GSW R.Knee & Foot, slight, Inv. to UK 27/5/18
Demobilised 31/1/19.
Fr. Croix De Guerre LG 5/10/20 page 9694 (Presented by Camp Commandant, Blandford 23/4/16)
MiD of GOC MEF 22/9/15, LG 5/11/15.

unable to positively identify, but suspected to be:-
T/Sub.Lt. Wilfred Valentine GILBERT RNVR Nelson Bn. KIA 3/6/15

Midshipman RNVR (undated), T/S/Lt. 30/11/14.
Howe Bn. at Antwerp Oct. 1914-27/1/15 trans. to RND Depot C.P. 'too young for active service'
28/5/15 Comm. terminated to take up apptmt. under the India Office
Sailed for India as 3rd Officer on HMPSS "Frostbury"
16/8/15 Comm. restored at RND Depot C.P
Letter from Cdr. Seagrave (Supr. Indian Prize Ships) dated 20/9/15 strongly recommending him for service during wreck of "Frostbury."
11/11/15 Trans. to HMS "Excellent" for Sea-Service.
In photo of RND Officers at Crystal Palace 1915 (see the Gallery page)

T/Surgeon Charles Alexander ANDERSON RN
Comm. 27/11/14.
Appointed to Howe Bn. 30/11/14.
Appointed to Crystal Palace Depot for Field Ambulance 18/1/15.
3rd (RN) Field Ambulance MEF 28/2/15.
Attd. to Anson Bn. 29/6/15.
Rejoined 3rd (RN) Field Ambulance 16/7/15.
Attd. to Howe Bn. 10/8/15-21/9/15 Dysentery & Jaundice, Inv. to UK 16/10/15
8/1/16 to HMS "Victory" for disposal.

T/Surgeon Lieutenant Arthur Henry CROOK RNVR (Sussex)
Mobilised with RNVR Sussex Division August 1914
Granted Temporary Commission as Surgeon 13/9/14 (antedated to 23/8/14)
Howe Bn. at Antwerp Oct. 1914
28/2/15 attd. RM Cyclists Coy. on leaving UK
21/4/15 trans. to 3rd (RN) Field Ambulance
20/5/15 attd. Howe Bn.
11/9/15 posted to 2nd RM Battn. as MO vice Surgeon Fry to Hosp.
9/10/15 rejoined 3rd (RN) Field Ambulance
1/12/15 trans. to reorganised 2nd (RN) Field Ambulance
25/9/16 Temp. posted to Nelson Bn. vice Surgeon Parker (sick)
9/10/16 rejoined 2nd (RN) Field Ambulance
19/11/16 posted to Hawke Bn.
11/1/17 to UK leave & duty with Admiralty.
Name brought to the notice of the Admiralty for valuable services in the prosecution of the War (LG 22/8/19 page 10635).

Lt.Col. C.G. COLLINS MiD RM (late Lt.Cdr. RNVR Hood Battn.) OC Howe Battn.
MiD of GoC 22/9/15 (LG 5/11/15) & MiD by Gen. Sir Charles Munro (LG 12/7/16)
Resigned 12/7/16.

Maj STEWART (unable to positively identify)

Maj PARISS (unable to positively identify)

T/Paymaster Lt. Cameron Howard BEVES RNVR
Son of E.L. Beves, of 23 Montpelier Crescent, Brighton.
7/10/14: Comm. S/Lt. Howe Bn. C.P. Depot.
24/12/14: Asst. Paymaster (ante-dated 18/10/14) Howe Bn.
8/1/15: Pay Staff Unit, B'ford.
26/3/18: A/Paymaster.
18/10/18: T/Paymaster.Lt. (ante-dated 18/10/16).
8/7/19: 2nd Res.Bn. Alnwick (Pay Staff).
13/11/19: Demobilised.
Name brought to the notice of the Admiralty for valuable services in the prosecution of the War (LG 12/12/19, p.15431).
In photo of RND Officers at Aldershot 1918 (see the Gallery page)

T/Sub.Lt. Claude Masters Humphreys BROWN RNVR
Submitted for appointment as T/Sub.Lt. RNVR 13/5/15 (ante-dated to 28/2/15)
Howe Battn. (Transport Officer) 28/2/15-18/5/15 Rheumatism & Pleurisy, Inv. to UK 7/7/15.
11/10/15 Commission Terminated owing to medical unfitness.