R.I.P. John Norman

Howe Battalion, 4th Platoon, "A" Company
(Sub.Lt. John Norman RNVR papers)

Thomas Baxter PO
Ch/180779(RFR/B/1699) PO.1 (A/PO RND 1/10/14) Thomas Baxter RN
1914 Star & Clasp.
Howe Bn. A/381 17/9/14-6/2/15 to HMS "Pembroke".

Colin McRae OS
C.Z/918 AB Colin McRae RNVR
1914-15 Star.
Joined Howe Bn. at Portland 2/11/14.
Joined Benbow Bn. S/113 20/4/15.
Drafted to Blandford Camp Staff 21/5/15.
Howe Bn. 20/8/15-26/10/17 Contused Back Mild, rejoined Howe Bn. 26/1/18-22/2/18 to 7th Ent. Bn.
Joined Drake Bn. 14/3/18-9/5/18 PUO, Inv. to UK 11/5/18.

John Hardisty OS
K.X/279 AB John Hardisty RNVR
1914 Star.
Howe Bn. K/122 7/9/14. Transferred to Hood Bn. 20/5/15-25/8/15 Colic, Inv. to UK 21/10/15.
14 Days confinement in cells at sea 27/2/15 Did refuse to obey an order, & did use threatening language to an officer whilst entraining for A.S. at Blandford.
Anson Draft 25/9/16, joined Anson Bn. 5/12/16-9/12/16 Bronchitis, Inv. to UK 17/12/16.
Demob. to Mining 24/5/17.
Disc. Inv. 8/2/19 Chronic Bronchia Asthma, aggravated, disability 30%.

Maxim Gun Wm. Hy. Martin Stoker
Dev/K/18411 LS William Henry Martin RN
1914 Star & Clasp.
Howe 15/9/14-3/1/16 Bomb wnd. R.hand, Inv. to UK 4/2/16.
Disc. Inv. 24/6/16.

Hugh D. Parry AB
M.Z/226 AB Hugh Dunstan Parry RNVR
1914-15 Star.
Formerly Ch/323 AB RNR?
Howe 3/11/14-24/2/15 to HMS "Excellent" Whale Island to qualify for Seaman Gnr. & Diver.
Drafted to HMS "KGV" August 1915.
Comm. 2/Lt. East Lancs. Regt. 25/4/17.

Thos. J. Loney Stoker
Dev/298231(RFR/B/5259) LS Thomas John Loney MiD RN
1914 Star
Howe A/195 15/9/14-27/3/16 to UK.
MiD LG 5/11/15 (Helles 31/7/15)
Disrated from PO to LS at Stavros, absent from 8.30am Parade 11/3/16 & was drunk.
To RN Bks. Devonport 17/4/16.
HMS "Blake" 24/4/18.

Chas. Nixon OS
K.X./209 AB Charles Nixon RNVR
1914 Star
Howe K/28 7/9/14 & A/221 1/10/14-24/5/15 SW L.leg, Inv. to UK 15/8/15.
Demob. To Munitions Work 19/1/16.
Discharged 17/4/19.

Herbert Walker OS
K.X/148 AB Herbert Owen Walker RNVR
1914 Star
Howe K/45 7/9/14, March 1915 On Expeditionary Roll, Howe Bn., 'A' Coy.
4/6/15 BW L.shldr., Inv. to UK 21/6/15.
Rated LS 13/5/15, disrated to AB 8/2/16.
30/3/16 to HMS "Thalia" for duty as Doorkeeper at the Palace Hotel (Admiralty Offices), Inverness.
Demobbed 5/11/19.

Luke Hardy OS
S.Z/34 AB Luke Hardy RNVR
1914-15 Star
Howe 'A' Coy. 23/1/15. KIA 4/6/15.

John Burnett OS
K.X/178 A/PO John Burnett RNVR
1914 Star
Howe K/104 7/9/14-26/9/15 Dysentery & Jaundice, rejoined Howe 24/1/16.
Serving at Buda Point, Mudros 28/5/16.
Returned to UK 22/8/16.
Rated AB(HG) 9/1/17, A/LS 5/4/17, A/PO 16/7/17.
Demob. 9/1/19.

Joseph Purvis OS
K.X/233 AB Joseph Purvis RNVR
1914 Star & Clasp
Howe K/31 7/9/14-19/5/15 GSW back of Skull, rejoined Howe 4/7/15-11/10/15 Dysentery,
Rejoined Howe 10/1/16-13/11/16 SW L.leg, Inv. to UK 3/12/16.
Draft for Howe BEF 18/5/17, joined Howe 15/6/17-8/8/17 Bronchitis, Inv. to UK 22/8/17.
Draft for Howe BEF 17/12/17, joined Howe 5/1/18-7/2/18 posted to Anson Bn., to Hospital Abbeville 18/3/18 Bronchitis, Inv. to UK 21/3/18.
Demob. To Mining 4/11/18.
Discharged 16/4/19 Disability 30%. Grade III. Bronchitis.

John Flemming OS
K.X/149 AB John Fleming RNVR
1914 Star
Howe K/11 7/9/14. KIA 4/6/15.
Reported by K.P/58 AB Harold Lawton RNVR, 'A' Company, Howe Bn., in Giza Red Cross Hospital: "Shot whilst returning to give a wounded comrade a drink."
Reported by K.W/615 AB Ernest Smeaton RNVR, 'A' Company, Howe Bn.: "Saw him shot through the head & killed."
Reported by Dev/SS/105546(RFR/B/4530) Stoker 1st Class Joseph McCaffrey RN, 4th Platoon, 'A' Company, Howe Bn.: "Saw him shot through head."

James Laurenson AB
C.Z/638 AB James Laurenson RNVR
1914-15 Star
Formerly Ch/307 AB RNR?
Howe 3/11/14-12/9/15 Enteritis, rejoined Howe 23/12/15-3/1/16 Sprained Ankle, 29/3/16 to UK.
Discharged to HMS "Pembroke" 16/4/16.

John Thompson AB
C.Z/796 AB John Montgomery Thomson RNVR
1914-15 Star
Howe 3/11/14-3/9/15 Diarrhoea, Inv. to UK.
To RN Depot Portsmouth 21/9/18.

Eli Easthope OS
K.P/66 AB Eli Easthope RNVR
1914-15 Star.
Howe Bn. 26/1/15. KIA 4/6/15.

Hugh Logan LS
Dev/302198 A/PO Hugh Logan RN
1914 Star
Howe A/386 (later D/140) 15/9/14. KIA 4/6/15.
Reported by Clyde Z/709 AB Patrick O'Brien RNVR, 'D' Company, Howe Bn.:"Saw him dead, lying half-way to the Turkish trench, half his head shot away. Convinced he was dead."
Reported by Clyde Z/161 Leading Seaman William Thompson Kane RNVR, 'C' Company, Howe Bn.: "Logan's platoon book etc. was taken from the pocket of a coat on a very decomposed body, not recognisable."
Reported by Ch/SS/101146(RFR/B/6231) Petty Officer Joseph Crookes RN: "Saw him shot through stomach & head, June 4th."

Joseph McCaffrey Stoker
Dev/SS/105546(RFR/B/4530) Sto.1 Joseph McCaffrey RN
1914 Star & Clasp
Howe A/190 15/9/14-4/6/15 BW index finger R.hand, rejoined Howe 16/8/15-7/11/15 Dysentery, Inv. to UK 25/11/15. To RN Bks. Devonport 10/6/15.

Jacob Herbert Stoker
1914 Star
Dev/SS/100388(RFR/B/2495) A/LS Jacob Herbert RN
Howe A/193 15/9/14-18/7/15 Shell Shock Deaf & Dumb (shell explosion struck with debris), Inv. to UK 24/8/15.
To RN Bks. Devonport 17/6/18.

Henry Byrne OS
1914-15 Star.
L.Z/539 LS Henry Andrew Byrne RNVR
Howe 23/1/15-30/5/15 GSW R.eye, Inv. to UK 20/7/15.
Rated LS 3/11/15.
Demob. 23/1/19.

Wm. Grooms OS
S.Z/33 AB William Henry Grooms RNVR
1914-15 Star.
Howe A/312 3/11/14-4/6/15 GSW L.leg, Inv. to UK 14/7/15.
Discharged Inv. 10/2/16.

Arthur King OS
L.Z/1125 AB Arthur George King RNVR
1914-15 Star.
Howe A/310 3/11/14-3/10/16 Varix, Inv. to UK 13/10/16.
Howe draft 6/5/17, joined Howe 3/6/17-30/12/17 SW Back, Inv. to UK 7/1/18.
To RN Depot Chatham 25/6/18.

Lewis Powles OS
L.Z/1126 AB Lewis Charles Powles RNVR
1914-15 Star.
ex-Lowestoft Z/5 Ordinary Seaman RNVR, enlisted 23/9/14 (renumbered London Z/1126 13/1/15).
Howe Bn. 2/11/14-15/10/15 Jaundice, Invalided to UK 26/12/15 ;
Draft for BEF 18/9/16, joined Hood Bn. 26/11/16-5/2/17 missing, POW.
Died 15/9/17 whilst POW at 4.15am in Krieg Lazarette at Valenciennes from Heart Failure following Inflammation of Lungs & dysentery.
Brother of London Z/1122 (ex-Lowestoft Z/1) AB James Robert Powles RNVR, Howe B/310 3/11/14-13/1/15 Discharged to Crystal Palace. To RNR Trawler Section 1/3/15.

Thos. J. Goodere OS
S.1/353 AB Thomas Goodere RNVR
1914 Star & Clasp
Howe A/138 22/8/14-18/2/15 Disc. to Crystal Palace.
Re-enlisted Labour Corps 698562 for one year 3/6/19.

Lucas Hide OS
S.Z/61 OS Lucas Hide RNVR

Howe A/314 3/11/14-18/2/15 Disc. to Crystal Palace.

Geo. Wm. Prodger OS
S.Z/26 AB George William Prodger RNVR
1914-15 Star.
Howe Bn. 2/11/14-2/4/15 to Hospital sick at Port Said, rejoined Howe Bn. about 27/5/15.
KIA 4/6/15. 'A' Company 4th Platoon Howe Bn. (Red X Missing List)

Arthur Skinner OS
K.P/60 OS Arthur Skinner RNVR
Howe A/254 22/10/14-12/2/15 to RN Hosp. Haslar.
Disc. 3/3/15 Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

Thomas Dargue OS
K.X/248 AB Thomas William Dargue RNVR
1914 Star.
Howe K/165 7/9/14. DoW 20/6/15 (wnd. 4/6/15).

Robert Duffy Stoker
Dev/SS/104915(RFR/B/4299) Sto.1 Robert Duffy RN
1914 Star
Howe A/510 15/9/14-26/7/15 to sea-service.
HMS "Vivid" Devonport 24/6/18.

D. Wilson Dawson OS
C.Z/474 AB David Wilson Dawson RNVR
Howe A/428 3/11/14-28/2/15 Discharged to Crystal Palace.
21 days detention 17/7/15.
5 days cells 27/1/16 absent over leave from 22/1/16-26/1/16.
14 days cells 1/4/16 Did break out of camp whilst under stoppage of leave at 8pm 29/3/16 & remain absent until found drunk & disorderly in B.1 Lines at 11.30pm 29/3/16.
7 days cells 20/6/16.
7 days cells 11/12/16 absence over leave.
Draft for Hood Bn. BEF 17/12/16, joined Hood 13/1/17.
KIA Hood Bn. 23/4/17.

Chas. M. McIntosh Stoker
Dev/K/21260 Sto.2 Charles Meston McIntosh RN
1914 Star & Clasp
Howe A/511 15/9/14-31/5/15 Enteric Fever, rejoined Howe 23/8/15-19/11/15 Dysentery, rejoined Howe 10/1/16-14/2/16 Sprained R.ankle, to UK 27/3/16.
HMS "Tamarisk" 4/5/18.

James Lynas Stoker
Dev/K/21252 Sto.1 James Lynas RN
1914 Star & Clasp
Howe A/512 15/9/14-1/7/15 Left for Tug at Mudros Harbour, 15/11/15 Influenza (at Mudros)
To UK 27/3/16.
To RN Bks. Devonport 17/4/16.
HMS "Blake" 19/6/18.

John McClure L.Stoker
Dev/SS/107199(RFR/B/5025) A/PO John McClure RN
1914 Star
Howe A/391 & B/162 15/9/14
KIA 4/6/15.

J. McLeod Clark Stoker
Dev/K/1872 Sto.1 RN John McLeod Clark RN
1914 Star
Howe A/372 5/12/14-1/2/16 Phlebitis, Invalided to UK 8/2/16
20/7/16 transferred to Devonport.
KIA HMS "Drake" 2/10/17. See AB Thos. Hide below.

Groom John Graham Carr OS
K.X/264 AB James Graham Carr RNVR
1914 Star.
Howe K/4 7/9/14. Temp. attd. to Divl. Train at Alex., rejoined Howe 7/2/16.
Detd. To 188th Bde. Transport Section 18/2/18.
Joined Drake Bn. late Howe Bn. Transport 16/7/18.
To UK for Demob 8/1/19. Demob 11/1/19.

Groom John Wm. Jones OS
K.X/221 AB John William Jones RNVR
1914 Star
Howe K/20 7/9/14. Admitted to RN Hospital Haslar: injury in action, fracture L. lower jaw 1/7/15.
Draft for BEF (MG Gunner) 2/9/16, posted to 189th MG Coy. 26/9/16-9/11/16 Scabies, posted to No.2 A.S.C. Section, Advanced Horse Transport Depot, Abbeville 4/1/17, posted to 188th MG Coy. 4/3/17-17/5/17 to MG BD Camiers, joined Advanced Horse Transport Depot, Abbeville 11/9/17, joined 63rd MG Bn. 21/7/18-11/1/19 to UK for Demob 13/1/19.

Joseph Gribben Stoker
Ch/SS/106558(RFR/B/9311) Sto.1 Joseph Gribbin RN
1914 Star & Clasp
Howe A/513 17/9/14-6/5/15 GSW R.thigh, rejoined Howe 21/9/15-23/2/16 to Base Details.
To UK for Sea-service 25/8/16.
HMS "Blenheim" 10/4/18.
Rated PO 22/10/15. Disrated to LS 24/2/16, was drunk on duty at Mudros West 22/2/16.
Disrated to Sto.1 31/7/16, drunk & neglect of duty 30/7/16.

James Dillon Stoker
T/2928 Sto. James Dillon RNR
1914 Star Retd. To Mint.
Howe 15/9/14-18/2/15 Discharged to "Vivid II"
Discharged Invalided MCO 9/8/15.

Thomas Oldham Stoker
Dev/SS/106769(RFR/B/4863) Sto.1 Thomas Oldham RN
1914 Star
Howe A/189 15/9/14. KIA 4/6/15.

Thomas Hide AB
S.Z/32 LS Thomas Hide RNVR
1914-15 Star.
Howe Bn. 23/1/15. KIA 4/6/15.
CWGC = Thomas Thompson Hide.
Reported by Dev/K/1872 Stoker 1st Class John McLeod Clark RN, 4th Platoon, 'A' Company, Howe Bn., that Thomas Hide was a chum of his & saw him instantaneously killed in the charge at Achi Baba about mid-day on the 4th June. (see Sto.1 John Clark above).

Thomas Coyle Stoker
Dev/278664(RFR) Sto.1 Thomas Coyle RN
1914 Star
Howe A/191 15/9/15-18/2/15 discharged to "Vivid II".

James McKeen OS
K.X/213 AB James McKeen RNVR
1914 Star
Howe K/134 7/9/14 -19/8/15 Dysentery, Invalided to UK 22/8/15.
Draft for BEF 27/2/17, joined Howe Bn. 23/3/17-4/7/17 Pyrexia Unknown Origin, Invalided to UK 26/7/17.
Draft for BEF 26/11/17, joined Howe Bn. 17/12/17-1/1/18 Contusion left knee, joined Hood Bn. from Base Depot Calais 10/3/18. KIA Hood Bn. 24/3/18.

Groom James Storey OS
K.X/557 AB Thomas Storey RNVR
A Pony Trainer in civil life.
1914 Star
Howe Bn. A/292 7/9/14-28/9/15 Enteric, Invalided to UK 24/10/15.
Lent to RN Barracks Portsmouth 7/4/16 for sea-service.
Killed by internal explosion of HMS "Vanguard" at Scapa Flow 9/7/17.

Thomas Tabener OS
K.W/743 AB Thomas Taberner RNVR
1914 Star (Collingwood)
Collingwood E/797 8/9/14.
Howe Bn. A/363 16/11/14-4/6/15 BW R.shldr., Inv. to UK 21/6/15.
3 days detention 16/9/16 for absence.
21 days detention 7/10/16.
Draft for BEF 4/12/16, joined Drake Bn. 5/1/17-24/1/17 to 178th Tunnelling Coy., rejoined Drake 28/2/17-6/3/17 PUO, Inv. to UK 22/3/17.
Demob. to Mining 28/6/17.
Remobilised 4/10/17.
Draft for BEF 11/6/18, joined Drake Bn. 14/7/18.
FGCM at Dour 2/1/19:- Absent from Battn. 6/11/18 until surrendering at Boulogne to Mil. Police 12/11/18. Pleaded Not Guilty. Found Guilty. 2 years I.H.L. Time awaiting trial 46 days. Suspended 28/1/19.
To UK as Cadre 22/5/19. Demob. 8/6/19.

Jn. Ed. Forrester OS
K.W/753 AB John Edward Forrester RNVR
1914-15 Star.
Howe Bn. A/365 16/11/14-26/5/15 SW Head, Inv. to UK 21/6/15.
Discharged 4/7/16.

Thomas White OS
K.X/151 AB Thomas Henry White RNVR
1914 Star
Howe K/200 7/9/14-2/8/15 to 2nd Bde. HQ as Orderly, rejoined Howe 28/2/16-13/11/16 GSW L.shldr. & Neck, Inv. to UK 16/11/16.
Demob. to Mining 19/4/17.
Discharged 2/6/19 Disability 20%. 1% Grade II (not attributable to or aggravated by the service).

Blandford L. Smeed LS
S.2/273 LS Lewis Moxey Smeed RNVR
1914 Star (clasp refused)
Howe 'A' Coy. Dunkirk Oct. 1914.
20/4/15 joined Benbow Bn. S/118.
21/5/15 to Camp Staff Blandford.
Draft for BEF 16/1/18, joined 253rd DEC 30/1/18-22/12/18 to UK Leave & demobbed 17/1/19.

Blandford at M. Broadbent Stoker
Dev/SS/108049(RFR/B/5636) Sto.1 Norman Broadbent RN
1914 Star Retd. To Mint.
Howe A/167 15/9/14. KIA 4/6/15.
Reported by Dev/SS/105546(RFR/B/4530) Stoker 1st Class Joseph McCaffrey RN, 4th Platoon, 'A' Company, Howe Bn.: "Shot in the stomach. Killed."

Blandford F. Sayers AB
S.2/261 AB Frederick Sayers RNVR
1914 Star
Howe A/66 22/8/14-7/8/15 Dysentery, Inv. to UK.
Discharged to Blandford from RN Hosp. Plymouth 13/12/15.
Transferred to RN as Po/K/33603 Stoker 2nd Class 30/5/16.
Discharged Inv. 3/7/17.

P. Harmer AB
S.1/256 AB Percy Harmer RNVR
1914 Star
Howe A/149 22/8/14-7/5/15 severe BW L.forearm, Inv. to UK 21/6/15.
Discharged Inv. 5/8/15.

T. Robertson AB
Unable to identify positively. Could be:-
T.Z/125 AB Tom Percy Robinson RNVR, Howe 2/11/14-9/5/15 GSW L.foot, Inv. to UK 23/5/15.
Disc. Inv. 20/1/16.
K.X/155 AB Thomas Robinson RNVR, Howe Bn. K/33 7/9/14-6/5/15 SW Knee, rejoined Howe Bn. 11/7/15-12/11/16 to UK Leave, rejoined Howe Bn. from UK Leave 29/11/16-29/10/17 to UK Leave, rejoined Howe Bn. from UK Leave 8/11/17. KIA 30/12/17.

J. Stott Stoker
Dev/SS/106061(RFR/B/4709) Sto.1 James Stott RN
1914 Star
Howe 15/9/14-2/5/15 GSW right shoulder, rejoined Howe Bn. 30/7/15-7/9/15 Acute Enteritis, rejoined Howe Bn. 22/10/15-21/2/16 to Cyclist Company/Depot Company, detached to Divisional Train for Control duties 17/7/16-5/8/16 rejoined Howe Bn., 7/9/16 to UK for Sea-service.
KIA HMS "Champagne" 9/10/17.