R.I.P. John Norman

No.17 Boat
(28 ORs 'A' Coy. 4th Platoon Howe Bn.)

The last of John Norman's lists was that of 28 Other Ranks of 4th Platoon aboard "No.17 Boat LS Vowles Cox". This was probably dated around 28th April 1915.

LS Vowles Cox
Ch/185353(RFR/B/2290) Acting Petty Officer (Leading Seaman) Frank Ernest Vowels RN
1914 Star.
Howe Bn. A/19 17/9/14.
Wounded & Missing, assumed killed in action 4/6/15.

J. Carr Groom
K.X/264 AB James Graham Carr RNVR
1914 Star.
Howe K/4 7/9/14.
Temp. attd. to Divl. Train at Alex., rejoined Howe 7/2/16.
Detd. To 188th Bde. Transport Section 18/2/18.
Joined Drake Bn. late Howe Bn. Transport 16/7/18.
To UK for Demob. 8/1/19.
Demob. 11/1/19.

J. Storey Groom
K.X/557 AB Thomas Storey RNVR
A Pony Trainer in civil life.
1914 Star
Howe Bn. A/292 7/9/14-28/9/15 Enteric, Invalided to UK 24/10/15.
Lent to RN Barracks Portsmouth 7/4/16 for sea-service.
Killed by internal explosion of HMS "Vanguard" at Scapa Flow 9/7/17.

J. Jones Groom
K.X/221 AB John William Jones RNVR
1914 Star
Howe K/20 7/9/14. Admitted to RN Hospital Haslar: injury in action, fracture L. lower jaw 1/7/15.
Draft for BEF (MG Gunner) 2/9/16, posted to 189th MG Coy. 26/9/16-9/11/16 Scabies, posted to No.2 A.S.C. Section, Advanced Horse Transport Depot, Abbeville 4/1/17, posted to 188th MG Coy. 4/3/17-17/5/17 to MG BD Camiers, joined Advanced Horse Transport Depot, Abbeville 11/9/17, joined 63rd MG Bn. 21/7/18-11/1/19 to UK for Demob. 13/1/19.

E. Douglas
Ch/SS/103953(RFR/B/8134) Sto.1 Ernest James Douglas RN
1914 Star
Howe A/493 17/9/14.
Rated LS 10/3/15. Disrated to Sto.1 for neglect of duty 13/9/15.
12/10/15 Diahorrea, rejoined Howe 1/12/15-27/3/16 to UK for Sea-service.
HMS "Wallington" 4/4/18.

W. Hepburn
Dev/SS/107301(RFR/B/5100) Sto.1 William Hepburn RN
1914 Star & Clasp
Howe A/179 15/9/14-26/7/15 transferred to Sea-service.
HMS "Wallington" 23/5/18.

H. James
B.Z/72 AB Henry James RNVR
1914-15 Star
Howe A/357 3/11/14.
11/12/14 28 days detention for Deserting post when on duty.
6/5/15 wounded.
Rejoined Howe 12/1/16.
To Ordnance Coy. 16/2/16.
To UK Class "B" 14/7/16.
Disc. Inv. 28/10/16 Double Otitis Media, perf. both Tympani.

H. Dalgarno
Clyde Z/754 AB Henry Dalgarno RNVR
1914-15 Star.
Howe Bn. D/297 3/11/14 & A/417 1/1/15.
Missing, assumed killed in action 4/6/15.

R. Farmer
Ch/291577(RFR/B/2687) Sto.1 Richard Samuel Farmer RN
1914 Star
Howe Bn. C/193 17/9/14.
Missing, later reported killed in action 4/6/15.

A. Smith
Ch/SS/101889(RFR/B/7151) Sto.1 Alfred Smith RN
1914 Star
Howe Bn. A/505 17/9/14-26/7/15 transferred to Sea-service.
HMS "Pembroke" 20/3/18.

H. Reeves
Ch/276734(RFR/B/1127) Sto.1 Harry Reeve RN
1914 Star
Howe 17/9/14-4/6/15 severe wound R.hip, Inv. to UK 21/6/15.
To Chatham Depot for Sea-service 28/1/16.
HMS "Actaeon" Sheerness 5/4/18.

W. Athoney
Ch/291205(RFR/B/7864) Sto.1 William Thomas Anthony RN
1914 Star
Howe Bn. C/174 17/9/14.
Missing, assumed killed in action 4/6/15.
Sub Lieutenant R.H. Homer CGM, 'A' Company, Howe Bn., informed wife that her husband was KIA

J. Ball
Ch/SS/106195(RFR/B/9667) PO John Ball DSM RN
1914 Star
Howe Bn. A/492 17/9/14-26/2/16 to UK Leave & sea-service.
Rated LS(HG) 5/6/15, PO 22/10/15.
DSM (Sto.1) Gallipoli LG 13/9/15 p.9065-6 (no note of receipt or presentation)

G. Lower
S.4/73 AB(HG) George Albert Lower RNVR
1914 Star
Howe 22/8/14-1/9/15 PUO, Inv. to UK 6/11/15.
To Stoker Unit Crystal Palace 14/4/16.

W. Setters
Dev/SS/104586(RFR/B/4165) Sto.1 William Francis Setters RN
1914 Star
Howe Bn. A/185 15/9/14.
Missing, assumed killed in action 4/6/15.
Reported by Dev/215786 Petty Officer Charles Henry Sullivan: "I saw Setters fall. He got hit with a bullet through the jaw, as I saw his teeth go in the air. On reaching the Turks Trench, I looked back & I saw Setters still lying where he fell. This was the last I saw of him."
Reported by Ch/SS/105645(RFR/B/8915) Stoker 1st Class Frederick Walter Gillespie: "Stoker W.F. Setters got up out of the trenches to take part in a general advance, & was afterwards seen to fall, being severely wounded in the jaw. This was the last I saw of him. This was about 0.45pm on 4/6/15."

P. Deegan
L.Z/281 AB Peter Deegan RNVR
1914-15 Star
Howe 23/1/15. Wounded 8/6/17 GSW R.thigh & Hand severe, Inv. to UK 11/6/17.
Disc. Inv. 3/4/18.

J. Sykes
Ch/285762(RFR/B/6044) Sto.Mech. Joseph Sykes RN
1914 Star.
Howe 17/9/14-4/6/15 BW R.elbow, Inv. to UK.
To Chatham for Sea-service 28/1/16.

R. Dalton
Ch/SS/105819(RFR/B/8990) AB(HG) Robert William Dalton RN
1914 Star & Clasp
Howe A/495 17/9/14-26/7/15 transferred to Sea-service.
13/5/18 RN Bks. Bermuda.

J. Stewart
Dev/298585(RFR/B/5367) Sto.1 John Gibney Stewart RN
1914 Star.
Howe A/175 15/9/14-26/7/15 transferred to Sea-service.
12/6/18 RN Bks. Devonport

E.H. Smith
Ch/SS/105958(RFR/B/9122) Sto.1 Edward Harold Smith RN
1914 Star & Clasp
Howe 15/9/14-4/6/15 BW L.thigh & Scotum, Inv. to UK 21/6/15.
To Chatham for Sea-service 28/1/16.

W.J. Jones
Dev/SS/105863(RFR/B/4613) Sto.1 William John Jones RN
1914-15 Star
Howe A/182 15/9/14 (In RM Hospital, Deal Oct.1914-Jan.1915).
26/7/15 transferred to Sea-service.

J. Foster
Ch/276471(RFR/B/1022) Sto.1 John Foster RN
1914 Star.
Howe Bn. 17/9/14.
Missing, later reported killed in action 4/6/15.

J. Hurmer
Ch/284662(RFR/B/5551) AB(HG) John Edward Hamer RN
1914 Star.
Howe A/502 17/9/14-26/7/15 transferred to Sea-service.

D. Mills
Dev/289734(RFR/B/3322) Sto.1 Daniel Mills RN
1914 Star.
Howe A/497 15/9/14-26/7/15 transferred to Sea-service.

S. Fletcher
Ch/SS/103783(RFR/B/8112) Sto.1 Samuel Fletcher RN
1914 Star.
Howe A/489 17/9/14-26/7/15 transferred to Sea-service.

W. Burgess (crossed-out)
1914 Star & Clasp
Ch/282252(RFR/B/1993) Sto.1 William John Burgess RN
Howe A/479 17/9/14-26/7/15 transferred to Sea-service.

E. Piper (crossed-out)
Ch/290794(RFR/B/7141) Sto.1 Ernest Greenaway Piper RN
1914 Star & Clasp
Howe A/461 17/9/14-26/7/15 transferred to Sea-service.

R. Watson (pencilled-in)
Ch/SS/102880(RFR/B/7395) Sto.1 Robert Caird Watson RN
1914 Star
Howe Bn. A/494 (later C/182) 17/9/14.
Missing, assumed killed in action 4/6/15.