Don't worry lad, your country won't forget you

1st Royal Marine Battalion (aka 1st Bn. RMLI)

War Diaries: May 1916 to Jan. 1919

(Transcribed from original documents held at the PRO, Ref: WO/95/3110)

1RM MAY 1916


14th The Bn. embarked on board HMT ARAGON during the forenoon. Strength 25 Off. (including Surgeon & Chaplain) & 1021 ORs. Ten ORs of 1st Line transport left with Div. Train for care of Off. Chargers. The transport sailed midnight 14th /15th May. During voyage very fine weather. No attack by submarines, nor were any subs. sighted.


19th Arrived Marseille 6.30am. Bn. left ARAGON at 2pm & entrained. Destination PONT REMY. Train left MARSEILLE at 4pm (2/Lt. E. Cohen was discharged to Hosp. on arrival of transport).

20th En route. Nothing of special interest to mention. PONT REMY 21st Arrived PONT REMY at 5.15pm & proceeded to LONGPRE when Bn. was billeted. Arriving 8pm.

22nd to 31st Re-equipping & Coy. training. On the 26th inst. Lt. Col. EJ Stroud reassumed command of the Bn. until the 31st inst. when Mjr. FJW Cartwright took over command, on the former to Act. Brig. of 3rd Bde. vice Brig. Gen. CN Trotman took over.

31st Received orders to entrain on 1st June for BARLIN.

1RM JUNE 1916

1st Left LONGPRE 11am for PONT REMY arriving there 1pm. Entrained & left for BARLIN 3.47pm. Arrived BARLIN 9.30pm thence by route march to HERSIN arriving 12.15am 2nd inst.


2nd Having put up in temporary billets for night of 1st/2nd, Coys. were allotted to billets on 2nd .

3rd The Bn. together with 1/ANSON Bn. were inspected by GOC 1st Army at MAISNIL.

4th Training. A & C Coys. put through the Gas Chamber & under orders to proceed to trenches for training.

5th A & C Coys. proceeded to trenches at 8am. A Coy attached to E. Lancs Regt. & C Coy to Sherwood Foresters of the 24th Inf. Bde. of 23rd Div. Casualties A Coy. CH17/S Pte. A.E. Drew wounded by shell & died in Adv. Dressing Station. B & D Coys on night working parties.

6th Bn. HQ, B & D Coys. put through Gas Chamber. 3 Off., 1 WO & 52 ORs rejoined Bn. from leave to England.

7th D Coy. training. B Coy. on working parties. Casualties. C Coy. Ply655/S Pte. B. Bottomley & Ply789/S Pte. B. Pulman wounded.

8th B & D Coys. proceeded to trenches at 8am. B Coy. attached to Sherwood Foresters & D Coy to E. Lancs Regt. A & C Coys from trenches to HERSIN. OC Bn. & Adjt. to trenches, remaining till the evening. Casualties. D Coy Ply16898 Pte. A. Camp (suffering from shell shock).

9th A & C Coys, baths & training.

10th A & C Coys training. OC Bn. & Adjt. proceeded to trenches at 4.30pm. OC remaining for the night. Adjt. returning during the night.

11th Bn. HQ, A & C Coys. to trenches for further instruction, B & D Coys. still remaining on, i.e. whole Bn. in trenches for instruction dispersed as follows:- A & D Coys. attached to Worcester Regt., B & C Coys. attached to N'Hamptonshire Regt., D & C in front line, A & B in support line. Bn. HQ attached to Bn. HQ N'Hamton. Regt. Casualties. D Coy: Ch 861/S Pte. A. Blackburn, Ch819/S Pte. A. Hooker, Po904/S Pte. J. Hyslop wounded.

12th Adjt. to HERSIN from trenches (& Bn. HQ) A & B Coys. from trenches to BOIS de la HAIE.

13th C & D Coys. from trenches to BOIS de la HAIE. (Relieved in trenches by 2 Coys. 2/RM). Bn. HQ from HERSIN to BOIS de la HAIE. The Bn. then on the 13th inst. relieved the HOWE Bn. who were previously encamped in the wood, & are under the orders of the OC 4/RWF for work on the completion of the BAJOLLE & MAISTRE lines of defence. The 1st Line Transport & QM Dept. were billeted at HOUDAIN.


14th to 17th Coys. employed under orders of OC 4/RWF on above mentioned works.

18th Inspection of clothing & equipment. Divine service.

19th Working under the orders of OC 4/RWF as for 13/6/16.

20th As for 19th. 7 Off. & 388 ORs under command of Capt. VD Loxley, proceeded to FREVILLERS pm this day for training.

21st The remainder of Bn. left at BOIS de la HAIE working under the orders of OC 4/RWF ; others training at FREVILLERS. Move. QM Dept. & 1st Line Transport, from HOUDAIN to FREVILLERS pm this day. Move. 3rd Bde. HQ from FREVILLERS to FRESNICOURT pm this day. Move. 3rd TM Bty. from BATJUS to HERMIN, 3rd Bde. Bomb School from LA COMTE to CUVIGNY this day.

22nd & 23rd 7 Off. & 388 ORs training at FREVILLERS, remainder of Bn. working under orders of OC 4/RWF.

24th As for 23rd. 1 Officer & 23 ORs rejoined Bn this day, from Bombing instruction.

25th Relieved by the 14th Worcester (Pioneer) in BOIS de la HAIE & joined remainder of Bn. at FREVILLERS pm this day & went into billets.


26th The whole Bn. commenced a strenuous course of training. Lt. GHM Grover & Lt. HL Frossard to England.

27th to 30th Bn. training.

1RM JULY 1916

1st & 2nd Bn. training by Coys.

3rd Bn. training by Coys. Courses of instruction under Bn. Instructors in wiring, Bombing, Lewis Guns, PT, Bayonet Fighting, Sniping & Scouting. The Corps Commander visited here & inspected some of the billets. Capt. AK Evans joined the 1st Bde. for training in "Staff Work".

4th to 6th Training as above.

7th The whole Bn. (including 1st Line Transport) proceeded by route march to BOIS d' OL HAIN (Ref. map France 36B Edition 6) Carried out an Outpost scheme, returning to billets at 7.30pm 3rd Bde. RND now 1st Inf. Bde. RND commencing this day.

8th Bn. training as on 3/7/16.

9th Divine Service & inspection of equipment & kit. Disinfection of all Bn. blankets & clothing.

10th & 11th Bn. training as on 3/7/16.

12th Preparing to move. OC Coys. & Lewis Gun Teams with Guns & ammo proceeded to HERSIN pm this day.


13th Bn. vacated billets at FREVILLERS at 8am & marched via HERMIN, FRESNICOURT & HERSIN to FOSSE 10, arriving there at 12.30pm. The marching was good, averaging 3 mph. The whole Bn. was billeted by 1.30pm. less Transport & QM Dept., who were billeted at BARLIN. The following Officers joined the Bn. pm yesterday: Lt. J. Neville Lion ; 2nd Lts. J.E. Cornish, SJH Prynne, TC Callendar, CGH Collis, Archibald Pipe, CW Martin, HER Upham, Cecil Rugg, FW Goldie, EGC Coulson.

Front Line Trenches ANGRES II

14th Vacated billets at 1pm & proceeded to FRONT LINE TRENCHES, ANGRES II Sub Section, relieved the 24th LONDON Regt. Temp. Mjr. VD LOXLEY wounded in leg (slight). Lt. WCA Elliot went out to patrol NO MAN'S LAND at about 10.15pm & has not returned

15th Quiet during day. Temp. Mjr. VD LOXLEY to Hosp. One of the patrol who went out with Lt. WCA ELLIOTT returned to our lines & reported that they were fired on by enemy MGs & that Lt. Elliott was wounded. Patrols went out from 10pm (15th) to 1.30am (16th) searching for the missing patrol, but without success.

16th Brig. Gen. RES PRENTICE assumed command of the 1st Bde. RND this day vice Col. EJ STROUD RMLI. The 141st Inf. Bde. carried out a raid on apex of enemy salient at M.32.d.0.3. 1st Naval Bde. demonstrated opposite salient M.26.C. Arty. laid barrage round point of attack, across salient in M.26.C & E. of BULLY CRATERS. Enemy Arty. reply feeble. Col. EJ STROUD assumed command of 1st RM this day.

17th In trenches, quiet.

18th One of the missing patrol returned to our lines & reported that Lt. WCA ELLIOTT died on the night of 15th-16th inst. from wounds received on the night of the 14th-15th inst. No further trace of Lt. ELLIOTT can be found & he has been reported "Missing, believed killed". Quiet.

19th A quiet 24 hours.

In trenches Support.

20th Relieved by 2nd RM Bn. Relief completed smoothly by 4pm. Bn. moved into support. 1 Coy. in CAP DE POINT ,1 Coy. in MECHANICS TRENCH 2 Coys. & Bn. HQ at BULLY GRENAY. Name of Div. changed from RND to the 63rd (RN) Div. Name of Bde. from 1st Bde. RND to 188th Bde.

21st & 22nd Bn. went through Bde. Baths, general clean up.

23rd Divine Service. Inspection of equipment etc.

24th Ordinary fatigue work, working parties etc.

ANGRES II Front Line.

25th Ordinary support duties up to 1pm. Bn. left billets at 1pm. & proceeded to relieve 2nd RM Bn. in FIRING LINE ANGRES II Sub-Section. Relief carried out smoothly by 4pm.

26th In front line trenches wiring in front of whole sector. No Casualties, a quiet day. 1RM 1916

27th In front line trenches. Ordinary trench routine. Very quiet day.

28th In front line trenches. Ordinary trench routine. A little enemy Arty. activity. One casualty (slightly wounded).

29th In front line trenches up to 3pm. Relieved by 2nd RM Bn. Relief completed by 4pm. One casualty (slightly wounded).

In Support

Moved into billets at BULLY GRENAY (2 Coys.) 1 Coy. at MECHANICS & 1 Coy. at CAP DE PONT & CORN DIAX.

30th General support duties, inspections, Divine Service, Baths & general clean up. No casualties.

31st As for yesterday. Lt. J. Neville Lion & 2nd Lt. JE Cornish proceeded to join MTM School (1st Army) pm this day.


1st Bn. in reserve ANGRES II Sub Section. A & B Coys. in FOSSE 10, C & D Coys. in BULLY GRENAY.


2/Lt. HER Upham & 10 ORs to Bde. Bomb School for a course of instruction. QM Stores & 1st Line Transport at BARLIN. HQ at FOSSE 10.

2nd am Bn. distributed as for 1/8/16 (in Reserve). Bn. moved into FRONT LINE TRENCHES, relieving 2nd RM Bn. in ANGRES II Sub section. pm Relief completed by 4pm. Casualties: One OR (wounded).

Front Line Trenches ANGRES II

3rd Ordinary FRONT LINE routine. Notification of death of 962/S Pte. A.J. Wilson, wounded yesterday (2/8/16).An explosion occurred in a Dugout in which was stowed about 100 rounds of Stokes Gun Ammo. The Dugout was completely wrecked & 1 Cpl. & 4 Ptes. of the 188 TM Bty. were killed. No knowledge as to how explosion occurred. Capt. AK Evans RMLI appointed GSO3 63rd (RN) Div. & is struck off strength of Bn. Lt. FC Watkins rejoined Bn. from Bde. Bomb School. The provisional promotion of Temp. 2ndLt. NB Walker to Temp. Capt. is cancelled. 2nd Lt. SJH Prynne to Hosp.

4th Ordinary FRONT LINE routine. Temp. Capt. LF Nourse rejoined Bn. from Divl. Gas School. Quiet. Casualties: 1 Pte. killed by rifle grenade.

5th No change in the situation. Constant patrolling during hours of darkness. No enemy encountered. 2nd Lt. BA Sims & 3 ORs wounded & evacuated to Hosp.


6th Bn. relieved by 2/RM Bn. relief completed by 12 noon. Moved into reserve. HQ , C & D to FOSSE 10, A & B to BULLY GRENAY, taking over billets vacated by 2/RM. 2nd Lt. CRH Collis to Bde. Bomb School together with 10 ORs for course of instruction. 2nd Lt. HER Upham & 10 ORs rejoined Bn. from Bomb School.

7th Bn. in reserve. Baths, working parties etc.

8th Bn. in reserve. Working parties. 10 ORs detached to 188 MG Coy, HQ this day.

9th In reserve. Lt. & (T) Capt. MC Browne DSC rejoined Bn. from 1st Army School, also 1 OR.


10th Bn. vacated billets at BULLY GRENAY & FOSSE 10 & moved into FRONT LINE, relieving 2/RM Bn. Relief completed smoothly by 11.30am. Enemy Arty. active about 3.15pm to 3.55pm. 2 ORs accidentally wounded by premature explosion of a Rifle Grenade.

11th A very quiet day. 6 Officers of the HAC were shown over the Sub-Section. Col. EJ Stroud RMLI met with an accident, & badly sprained his ankle. Was sent down to FA at 9.35pm. Mjr. FW Cartwright RMLI therefore assumed command of the Bn. A good deal of ariel activity on both sides, between 6pm & 8pm.

12th Quiet 24 hours. Ordinary trench routine. 2nd Lt. CRH Collis & 10 ORs rejoined Bn. from course of instruction at Bde. Bomb School. 2 ORs proceeded to LE TOUQUET for a course of instruction in Lewis Guns.

13th A fair amount of Arty. activity on both sides. A Court of Enquiry was held to investigate & report the circumstances under which the following were accidentally wounded. Ch 18660 Pte. DAA Phillips & Ply(S) Pte. T. Welsh. President Lt. & (T) Capt. WA Pinkerton RMLI. Members (T) 2nd Lt. Wm. Hodding RM & (T) 2nd Lt. R. West RM . The finding of the Court was:- That the above named Ptes. were wounded by the premature explosion of a Newton Pippin Rifle Grenade. (T) 2nd Lt. FW Goldie & 10 ORs to Bde. Bomb School for a course of instruction.

14th Bn. relieved in FRONT LINE by 2/RM. Relief completed by 12 noon. Moved into Bde. reserve taking over billets from 2/RM.


HQ, A & B Coys. & Lewis Guns at FOSSE 10, C & D Coys. at BULLY GRENAY. QM Stores & 1st Line Transport at BARLIN.

15th In Bde. reserve as above. 16 ORs detached to 255 Tunnelling Coy. at Pt. SAINS. 25 ORs rejoined Bn. from 255 Tunnelling Coy. No.12444 L/Cpl. Pincombe 10th Hussars attached to Bn. for duty & report with a view to his obtaining a commission in HM Forces.

16th In reserve as above.

17th Bn. moved into Bde. support, relieving Howe Bn. HQ, C & D Coys. & Lewis Guns at BULLY, A Coy. in CORON D'AIX & CAP DE PONT, B Coy. MECHANICS. The Lewis Guns relieved L.Guns 2/RM in FRONT LINE at 3pm.


18th Bn. moved from support to FRONT LINE, relieving the 2/RM. Relief completed by 12 noon. D Coy. Right, C Coy Left in FIRING Line, B Coy. in MOROCCO NORTH, A Coy. in GUMBOOT, in MOROCCO SOUTH. Very quiet. 2nd Lts. HE Bennie & EL Platts joined Bn. from 63rd (RN) Div. Infantry Base Depot. Capt. CH Bell, South Lancashire Regt. attached to Bn. No casualties.

19th Quiet. Lt AC Donne RM & 1 OR proceeded to Lewis Gun School PERNES for a course of instruction. GOC 63rd (RN) Div. visited Sub- Section. Temp. Lt. RHP West to 63rd (RN) Div. Infantry Base Depot for PB duty. No casualties.

20th Quiet during daylight. At 10.27pm enemy rifle & MG fire became very brisk. At 10.30pm our Arty. opened up a bombardment on enemy salient opposite our line (M.26), at the same time enemy position opposite ANGRES I & ANGRES II Sub-Section were attacked with Gas. Enemy replied with heavy Arty. fire, TMs & Rifle Grenades. Very little damage done to our trenches. Our patrols went out at about 11.45pm, & found enemy very alert. They were unable to enter enemy trenches. 2nd Lt. C Rugg to Divl. Gas School for a course of instruction. 2nd Lt. FW Goldie & 10 ORs rejoined Bn. from Bomb School. D Coy. 7th Bn. Royal Fus. attached to this Bn. for instruction in FRONT LINE trenches.

21st Quiet. Lewis Guns relieved by Lewis Guns 2/RM Bn. On relief moved to billets in BULLY GRENAY.

Bde. Support.

22nd Bn. relieved in FRONT LINE ANGRES II by 2nd RM Bn. On relief moved into Bde. support. HQ, C & D Coys. at BULLY GRENAY, A Coy CORON D'AIX & CAP DE PONT, B Coy. in MECHANICS. 1 casualty (wounded).

23rd & 24th Usual working parties. Cleaning up, baths. 2nd Lt. C Rugg rejoined Bn. from Div. Gas School.

25th As for 24th. Capt. CH Bell S. Lancs. Regt. left Bn. for 188 Bde. HQ


26th Bn. moved from support into Front Line ANGRES II, relieving 2/RM. Relief completed by 11.30am. Our Arty. fired about 100 rounds into enemy wire. Our TMs were also busy cutting enemy wire. Enemy retaliation very feeble.

27th Usual front line routine. Fairly quiet. Our TMs bombarded enemy wire for 1 hour. Enemy retaliated by firing about 20 Minnies & a few RGs. Casualties: 3 ORs wounded.

28th Our 18prs. & TMs kept very busy cutting enemy wire opposite this sub-section. Enemy retaliated with a few 4.2 & Minnies. Casualties: 2 ORs wounded.

29th Our 18prs & TMs were active cutting wire (enemy) opposite this sub-section. Enemy made a feeble reply. A test "Gas Helmet alarm" was carried out. Lewis Guns relieved by Lewis Guns 2/RM.

Bde. Support.

30th Bn. was relieved in FRONT LINE by 2/RM Bn. Relief was completed by 11.30am. On relief Bn. moved into Bde. Support. HQ, A & B Coys. & Lewis Guns to BULLY GRENAY, C Coy. to MECHANICS Trench, D Coy to CORON D'AIX & CAP DE PONT.

31st Usual working parties. Cleaning up & Baths. Lt AC Donne rejoined Bn. from Lewis Guns course at PERNES.


1st Bn. in Bde. support. HQ, A & B Coys & Lewis Guns at BULLY GRENAY, C Coy. at MECHANICS trench, D Coy CORON D'AIX & CAP DE PONT. QM Stores & 1st Line transport at BARLIN. No casualties.


2nd In Bde. support as above. No casualties.

Front Line ANGRES II Sub-section

3rd Bn. relieved 2/RM in front line trenches. C Coy. 4th BEDFORD Regt. were attached to this unit. No Casualties.

4th Very quiet in this sub-section. No casualties.

5th Usual trench routine. C Coy 4th BEDFORDs rejoined their unit. No casualties.

6th Enemy Arty a little more active than usual, but very little damage done. No casualties. Bn. was relieved in front line by 2/RM Bn.


7th Relief completed by 9.30am. On relief Bn. moved into Bde. reserve. HQ, C & D Coys & Lewis Guns at FOSSE 10, A & B Coys at BULLY GRENAY. Capt. & Temp. Mjr. VD LOXLEY, Temp Lt. E COHEN, Temp. Lt. TW PEARS & Temp. Lt. CS DESPREY rejoined from Base, ETAPLES. 10 casualties: 7 killed & 3 slightly wounded (all ORs).

8th & 9th Bde. reserve. No casualties.

10th Bde. reserve. Mjr FJW CARTWRIGHT promoted to Lt.Col. Temp. 12/8/16. No casualties.

Front Line ANGRES II

11th Bn. relieved 2/RM Bn. in front line. Relief completed by 10.30am. T/2nd Lt. DA PIPE transferred to 190th Bde. No casualties.

12th Our Arty. bombarded THOMPSONS CRATER. Results very satisfactory. No casualties.

13th Ordinary FL routine. T/ Lt. AC DONNE to CLARQUES for a course of instruction in TMs. No casualties.

14th Very quiet. Usual FL routine. No casualties.


15th Bn. relieved in front line by 2/RM. Relief completed by 11am. On relief Bn. moved into Bde. reserve. HQ, A & B Coys. & Lewis Guns at FOSSE 10, C & D Coys at BULLY GRENAY. No casualties.

16th, 17th & 18th Bde. Reserve. No casualties.


19th Bn. vacated billets at FOSSE 10 & BULLY GRENAY, & moved into billets at HERSIN. Move completed by 12 noon. T/Lt. & T/Capt. JM POUND, T/2nd Lt. SJH PRYNNE & T/2nd Lt. TO CALLENDER rejoined Bn. Capt. POUND from Bde. Bomb School, 2nd Lts. PRYNNE & CALLENDER from "Dugout Party" respectively.


20th Bn. moved by "route march" from HERSIN to DIEVAL. Time of departure 8.30am, time of arrival 1.30pm. The Corps Commander inspected the Bn. as it marched by at about 11.25am.


21st Inspection of clothing, equipment etc.

22nd Bn. training. The Corps commander presented medals to NCOs, POs & men of the 63rd Div. The following T/2/Lts. promoted to T/Lts. on the date specified against their names: JM POUND 3/7/16 ; NB WALKER 19/7/16 ; GH SULLIVAN 23/7/16 ; WM HODDING 12/8/16 ; BA SIMS 21/8/16 ; TW PEARS 30/8/16 ; PETER DEWAR 30/8/16 ; JE CORNISH 19/7/16 ; CS DESPREZ 20/7/16 ; SJH PRYNNE 28/7/16; TO CALLENDER 12/8/16 ; RONALD WEST 21/8/16 ; JW RICHARDS 30/8/16 ; Lt. (Temp) AG KYLE proceeded on 10 days leave to England.

23rd & 24th Bn. training.

25th Bn. training.Surgeon (temp) FB EYKYN proceeded on 10 days leave to England. T/Lt. TO CALLENDER to Gas School for course of instruction.

26th Bn. training.

27th Bde. training. Lt. & T/Capt. LF NOURSE proceeded on 10 days leave to ENGLAND.

28th Bde. training

29th Divl. training. The Rev. CE WHITEHEAD joined this unit for duty. T/ 2/Lt. HE BENNIE to Hosp. (sprained ankle)

30th The Bn. took part in a Divl route march.


1st Medical Inspection & Divine Service.

2nd Coy. training on Bde. training area ; Mjr. H. OZANNE & Capt. CLE MUNTZ joined the Bn. this day.

3rd Coy. training. Lt LG KYLE rejoined from leave this day.

4th Bn. moved by route march to LIGNY St. FLOCHEL leaving at 8am. A halt was made at MARQUAY for 7 hrs. Bn. entrained at LIGNY St. FLOCHEL arriving at ACHEUX about 6am where it detrained & moved by route march to MAILLY-MAILLET where it went under canvas in MAILLY WOOD.


5th & 6th Coy. training.

7th Coy training. Surgeon EYKYN returned from leave this day.

8th Bn. left MAILLY WOOD & marched to VARENNES where it went into billets. The HAC relieved 1/RM at MAILLY WOOD.


9th Coy. training. A party of 6 Officers & 100 ORs under command of Mjr. OZANNE attended instruction in communicating with aircraft. The Bn. Signal Staff also attended. In afternoon Bn. left billets & marched to FORCEVILLE & where it went into billets. Capt. LF NOURSE rejoined from leave this day. Lt CS DESPREZ was attached to POW Camp VARENNES.


10th Coy. training. Lt Col. CARTWRIGHT, Capt. MUNTZ, Mjr. LOXLEY, Lt. WALKER, CAPT BROWNE & Capt. NOURSE visited the trench system E. of COLINCHAMPS.

11th Coy. training. 1 casualty in working party (OR)

12th Coy. training.Mjr. OZANNE, Capts. POUNDS, CLARKE, PINKERTON & HOARE visited trench system E. of COLINCHAMPS.

13th Coy. training. 1/RM provided funeral guard of 200 ORs at funeral of Capt. (T/Mjr) EP SKETCHLEY RMLI at Military Cemetery FORCEVILLE, under command of Mjr. H. OZANNE.

14th Coy. training. Lt. Col. CARTWRIGHT, Capts. MUNTZ, PINKERTON, BROWNE, Lts. RICHARDS & COULSON visited trench system near COLINCHAMPS.

15th Divine Service at FORCEVILLE. Bn. had hot bath at ACHEUX.

16th Coy. training.

17th Coy. training.Bn. vacated billets & moved by route march to HEDAUVILLE arriving 2pm where it went into camp HEDAUVILLE under canvas. (tents & shelters).

18th Coy. training.

19th Coy. training. Lt. COl. CARTWRIGHT, Capts. MUNTZ, CLARKE, PINKERTON, HOARE & BROWNE, Mjr. LOXLEY & Lt. RICHARDS reconnoitred trench system near Hamel on the banks of river ANCRE.

20th Bn. moved by route march to ENGELBELMER where it went into billets. Transport remained with QM Stores at HEDAUVILLE.


21st In billets preparing for move to take over section of the line tomorrow. Lt. DA PIPE rejoined Bn. from the 7th R. Fus. 190th Bde. this day.

22nd Vacated billets & relieved the HOWE Bn. in the line in the HAMEL left sector. Relief started at 6am & was completed by 9.40am. During the night we had several casualties. Lt. TW PEARS wounded in the arm, 1 OR killed & 1 OR wounded.

Front Line HAMEL LEFT.

23rd Trench routine. A great deal of work going on clearing up trenches & repairing them as they were constantly being blown in by enemy Arty. & Minnenwerfers. Patrols went out & examined GERMAN WIRE. No casualties.

24th Trench routine. Working parties at night digging new trench in advance of front line.

25th Relieved in the Line by HOWE Bn. Relief complete at 1.30pm. Bn. returned to billets in ENGELBELMER.


26th In Billets.

27th Vacated billets & relieved HOWE Bn. in the Line HAMEL left sector. Relief complete 3.10pm. Section very quiet.

Front Line HAMEL L.

28th Trench routine. Some shelling with 5.9". The total equipment & rifles of 5 men was completely destroyed by shell bursting in a dug out. Capt. MUNTZ was confirmed as ADJUTANT 1/RM in DRO 27/10/16.

29th Order for 188th Bde. to be relieved in the line by 190th Bde. Ordinary trench routine, working parties cleaning up trenches & completing new trench. 5 ORs casualties wounded during night 29th/30th.

30th Relieved by 4th BEDFORDSHIRE Regt. in the line & returned to billets in ENGELBELMER arriving 3.30pm. Relief complete by 2pm. Casualty 1 OR (shell shock).


31st Vacated billets & proceeded by route march to VARENNES leaving at 9.45am & arriving at 11.48am The Bn. went into camp in huts.



1st In huts - very muddy - working parties, cleaning camp & road.

2nd Large working parties on road. Bn. bathed at ACHEUX

3rd Large working parties on road. Very wet - ground & roads very muddy.

4th Large working parties on road. Medical Inspection - under orders to move to PUCHVILLERS.

5th Left VARENNES & moved to PUCHVILLERS arrived 11.45am. Transport rejoined Bn. from HEDAUVILLE.


6th Orders rec'd at 12 noon to move at 1.45pm to HEDAUVILLE, where we arrived at 5.25pm in huts.

7th Orders rec'd to relieve 10th Bn. Dublin Fusiliers in HAMEL sector, where we marched in rain. Relief complete 2.15pm. "W" (3 days previous to attack on German trench system).


8th Returned to ENGELBELMER relieved at 3pm. Killed 1 OR In billets.


9th Vacated billets at 11.45am & marched to VARENNES - in huts. T/Capt. PINKERTON to Hosp. 2/Lieut. COULSON t o Hosp.


10th Moved at 1pm & took over left HAMEL sector from NELSON Bn, being 'W' day.


11th Usual trench routine. "X" day for operations, which we are busy preparing for.

12th Moved up to Battle positions at 2.30pm. "Y" day. Lt. WALKER rejoined Bn. from Hosp. Casualties. Capt. Clarke wounded & about 30 OR killed & wounded.

[Battle of the Ancre]

13th Bn. was the left of the 188th Inf. Bde. which attacked German trench system. It was in touch on left with 1/7 Gordon Highlanders. Following officers took part: Lt. Col. FJW CARTWRIGHT, Mjr VD LOXLEY killed, Capt CLE MUNTZ, wounded, Capt. H. HOARE killed, Capt. MC BROWNE DSC killed, Capt. GH Sulivan killed, Capt. JM POUND missing, Lt. FJ HANSON killed, Lt. AG KYLE wounded, Lt. C. WATKINS wounded, Lt. AC DONNE wounded, LT. E. COHEN wounded, Lt. N.B. WALKER wounded, LT. HB VAN PRAAGH, Lt. WM HODDING wounded, Lt. P. DEWAR wounded, 2/Lt. F. GOLDIE wounded, 2/Lt. E.L. PLATTS wounded, 2/Lt. CW MARTIN killed, Lt. JW RICHARDS missing, 2/Lt. HER UPHAM missing, Surgn. FB EYKYN - wounded. The attack commenced on the opening of our barrage at 5.45am when the Bn. advanced in 4 waves- one platoon of each coy in a wave. There was a very thick mist. Every Company Commander was killed before crossing German Front Line. Enemy trenches were practically obliterated by our arty. NO MAN'S LAND & ground between various German lines, as far as slope down to STATION Road was pitted with shell holes, deep & very muddy. Ground crossed by this Bn. was particularly muddy which made advance difficult. Within a minute of our barrage starting, enemy replied with arty. barrage on support lines & No Mans land, where they also opened a heavy MG fire. It is estimated that at least 50% of casualties occurred between No Mans Land & German 1st Line. Between 2nd & 3rd Line, ground was swept with MG fire. Here also were heavy casualties. Isolated parties of this Bn. followed the barrage as far as YELLOW LINE & got in touch with HAC on right. They were not however sufficiently strong to close gap between HAC & Bn. on left. Remnant of this Bn held dotted BLUE LINE during night 13/14th, in partially constructed trench W. of STATION Rd. Touch was maintained during night with 4th Gordon Highlanders on left.

14th 6am Bn. advanced & dug in to E. of STATION Road. During course of day various small scattered parties rejoined. Capt. LF NOURSE & 80 reinforcements joined Bn. about 8pm. Position shelled intermittently thro' day & night.

15th Still being shelled. Bn. was withdrawn at 2pm marched to HEDAUVILLE by 6.30pm. Moved from there to PUCHVILLERS by lorries about 11.30pm. Bn. advanced 490 strong & returned 138 strong having had 47 men killed, 210 wounded & 85 missing. Of the 22 officers who took part only 2 returned - 6 being killed, 11 wounded & 3 missing.


16th Resting & cleaning. Clear fine day.

17th Vacated billets & marched to GEZAINCOURT. Capt MUNTZ DOW. Viewed by Divl. Genl.


18th Vacated billets & marched to BERNAVILLE.


19th Resting & cleaning. 40 reinforcements joined Bn. Very wet.

20th Weather finer. Addressed & viewed Divl. Gen. Mjr. Gen. SHUTE CB. Surgeon BLACKWELL RN joined Bn.

21st Vacated billets & marched to CRAMONT. Billeting accommodation very limited. Fine.


22nd Vacated billets & marched to FROYELLES.


23rd Vacated billets & marched to LE TITRE.


24th Vacated billets & marched to our destination MORLAY. Ground very low & marshy raining heavily. 3 Coys. billeted at PONTHOILE. HQ & other Coy. MORLAY


25th Still raining slightly, very cold. 225 reinforcements arrived at night.

26th Fine & frosty. Bn. started training. Hours 9 to 12am & 2 to 3pm.

27th to 30th Fine & frosty. Bn. training continued. Hours altered from 9 to 12.30, afternoons being devoted to sports.


1st Coy. training. Digging Bde. practice trenches.

2nd Coy. training. Wet day.

3rd Divine Service & muster of kits.

4th Coy. training. 2nd Lts. DA PIPE 10/11/16 & C RUGG promoted Lt. 25/11/16. Long list of NCOs promoted to complete establishment.

5th Lt. Col. CARTWRIGHT on leave. Mjr. OZANNE assumed command of Bn. Coy. training.

6th Bn. route march. Capt. PINKERTON to leave.

7th Coy training. 53 ORs joined Bn. from base.

8th Bn training, wet & cold.

9th Coy. training.

10th Divine Service. Lt. DONNE to leave.

11th 2 Subaltern Officers & 151 ORs joined Bn. from Base.

12th Coy & Bn. training.

13th Bn. moved by route march from MORLAY to VRON in to billets.


14th Bn. training. Bn. wins bombing competition & Cross-Country run. 1 Capt. & 11 Subaltern Officers joined Bn. from Base (England).

15th Bn. training. Improvement of billets commenced. Bathing arrangements commenced.

16th Bn. training. Surgeon BLACKWELL & LT. H, VAN PRAAGH to leave. Sports in afternoon.

17th Divine Service. Lt. COl. CARTWRIGHT from leave. 3 ORs form Base. Sports in afternoon.

18th Bn. training. Assessment of character commenced. Digging trenches at VERCOURT.

19th Bn. training. Lt. PEARSON to 5th Army School. Sports in afternoon.

20th Bn. route march. Sports in afternoon.

21st Bn. training. Visit by Army Commander. Sports in afternoon.

22nd Bn. training. Lt. DONNE & Rev. WHITEHEAD from leave. sports in afternoon.

23rd Bn. training.

24th Divine Service. Following awards of Military Medal in connection with operations N. of ANCRE. Ch 8382 A/Sgt. HESELTON ; Ch 438(S) Pte. WYATT ; Ch 18107 A/Sgt. GANNON ; Ply 1046(S) Pte. J. SMITH; Po 17487 Pte. H. GODFREY ; Ch 17669 Pte. E. GILL.

25th Divine Service. Sports, football etc. in afternoon.

26th Bn. training. Sports, football etc. in afternoon.

27th Bn. training. Practice attack on Bde. trenches VERCOURT.

28th Bn. training. Lt. H. VAN PRAAGH from leave.

29th & 30th Bn. training.

31st Divine Service.


1st Bn. carried out attack practice in trenches E. of VERCOURT.

2nd Half Officers of Bn. attended a Field Engineering Course at RUE in forenoon. In afternoon all Officers attended a meeting presided over by the Corps. Commander at NOUVION. 2/Lt. LEE proceeded to ARRY for LTM Course. Coy. training. Mjr. FBW WELLESLEY, West Riding Regt. joined Bn.

3rd 2/Lt. BALCOMBE reported for Bayonet Fighting Course at Bde. HQ VRON. Coy. training.

4th 8am to 1.30pm Bde. Attack practice carried out in trenches E. of VERCOURT.

5th Bn. training. Half Officers of Bn. attended a Field Engineering Course at RUE.

6th Coy. training. All Officers attended a demonstration by Special Platoon in trenches E. of VERCOURT.

7th Divine Service.

8th 2/Lt. SAVAGE proceeded on Gas Course. Half Officers of Bn. attended a Field Engineering Course at RUE. Coy. training.

9th Half Officers of Bn. attended a Field Eng. Course at RUE. Remainder attended a lecture on Aeroplane photos in the afternoon. Bn. training.

10th Bn. employed filling in all practice trenches.

11th Transport inspected by Divl. Commander.

12th Bn. cleaning up billets, returning stores etc. 2/Lt. FIELDING proceeded to L.G. Course at LE TOUQUET.

13th Bn. vacated billets at VRON & moved by route march to SAILLY BRAY via VRON, BERNAY & NOUVION.


14th Bn. vacated billets at SAILLY BRAY & moved by route march to DOMVAST via LE TITRE, & crossroads W. of D. in DOMVAST.


15th Bn. vacated billets at DOMVAST & moved by route march to BOIS BERQUES via BRAILLY, AGENVILLE, road junction just west of P in PROUVILLE, BERNAVILLE.


16th Bn. rested. Lts. J.E. CORNISH & H.W.R. HALL joined Bn.

17th Bn. vacated billets at BOIS BERQUES & moved by route march to BEAUQUESNE via road junction N. end of OUTRE BOIS on the N. side of river AUTHIE, recrossing river at HEM BRELET, & main road immediately E. of DOULENS CITADEL - LE BON AIR - HULEUX - TERRA MESNIL.


18th 2 Platoons Nos. 6 & 8, Lt. ROBINSON (in command) & 2/Lt. O'KELL, attached to the 2nd RMs for Special duty. Remainder of Bn. billeted. 2/Lt. FIELDING to Hospital.

19th Bn. billeted.



21st to 24th 21st - Lt. R. WEST returned from leave. 22nd - Lt. R. WEST proceeded to Div. School NOUVION for course of instruction. Lt. CHAMPNESS joined Bn. Various large working parties. CO & Adjt. visited the sector to be taken over on 23rd. One Officer & one NCO per Coy. moved into the line on 24th & remained.

25th & 26th 1st RMs relieved the 2nd RMs in the line in the ST. PIERRE DIVION Sector. 1st line D Coy. - CANAL & FERDAN Trench. 2nd line A Coy. - HANSA Trench. 3rd line (Reserve) - B & C Coys - in tunnel. Relief completed 7pm. Casualties Ch 878S Pte. C. BURTON wounded.

27th Casualties - Ch976S Pte. J. STOREY & Ch 967S Pte. A. YOUNGER - killed. Ch 61S H. MORLEY Ch 12429 R. ADAMS wounded. Internal relief carried out - C Coy relieved D Coy in CANAL & FERDAN line. B Coy will relieve A Coy in HANSA line.

28th Casualty - Ply 728S Pte. R. RICHARDS wounded. Lt. N. LYON proceeded for course to 5th Army School DOMAT-EN-PONTHIEU.

29th Internal relief carried out. A Coy relieved C Coy in CANAL & FERDAN line. D Coy relieved B Coy in HANSA line. Patrols located hostile posts in Battery Valley.

30th Casualty - A Coy Ch 1510 Pte. W. PYE wounded.

31st 2nd RMs relieved the 1st RMs. 1st RM billeted as follows:- HQ , C Coy (less 1 platoon) & D Coy billeted ENGLEBELMER. 1 Platoon C Coy billeted with 1st Field Ambulance, N. end of AVELUY WOOD. A Coy & B Coy in dugouts in THIEPVAL WOOD.



1st 1st RM billeted as follows:- HQ , C Coy (less 1 platoon) & D Coy billeted ENGLEBELMER. 1 Platoon billeted with 1st Field Ambulance, N. end of AVELUY WOOD. A Coy & B Coy in dugouts in THIEPVAL WOOD.

2nd & 3rd N. of AVELUY WOOD. Working parties found by the Bns.

4th Divine Service. Capt. BURTON proceeded on leave to ENGLAND.

5th Labour Coy formed. 1 Platoon furnished by 1st RM consisting of Lt. CORNISH (2nd in command of Coy) & 26 NCOs & men. Lt. HALL proceeded on Gas Course.

6th Lt. HALL proceeded on Gas Course to FORCEVILLE. Working parties & Coys at training.

7th Coy Training.

8th Bn HQ, C & D Coys vacated billets at ENGLEBELMER. B & C Coys relieved 2nd RM in front & support lines, Eastern end of GRANDCOURT.

9th A Coy relieved Coy of 2nd RMs occupying OGI, CANAL & FERDAN. D Coy relieved Coy of 2nd RMs occupying HANSA. Lt. HALL returned from Gas Course. B & C Coys relieved by 12th Middlesex (2 Coys) in GRANDCOURT, marching to huts in MARTINSART.

10th Bn. HQ, A & D Coys vacated CHALK PALACE, FERDAN & HANSA & moved by route march to huts in MARTINSART.

11th CO visited new line N. of ANCRE. Bn. employed large, working parties.

12th Bn. found large working parties. 1 Officer per Coy proceeded to new line N. of ANCRE.

13th Bn. found large working parties. Casualties - 4 wounded.

14th The 1st RMs relieved the 10th Royal Dublin Fusiliers in the RIVER TRENCH SECTOR, N. of GRANDCOURT. B & D Coys HQ in PUSIEUX TRENCH. Bn. HQ PUSIEUX ROAD. Capt. NOURSE to 2nd FA (Influenza). Casualties - 2 killed - 1 Officer 2/Lt. LEE & 9 ORs wounded.

15th Relief completed 3am. Casualties 6 killed - 3 missing - 9 wounded.

16th Bn. HQ moved forward to PUSIEUX Trench. Bn. lined up for attack at 10pm. Objective SUNKEN ROAD - L32C91 to RCa26 including 2 strong points, that on the right being known as the PIMPLE. Posts had to be established 50 yards beyond the Road. HOWE Bn. to attack on our right - 2nd RM Bn. held ARTILLERY ALLEY & protected left flank. ANSON Bn. held position R2d75 - R3c37 - R3c63. The following Officers were with the Bn. in the attack: Lt. Col. FJW CARTWRIGHT DSO, Mjr. H. OZANNE (wounded), Mjr. FHB WELLESLEY, West Riding Regt. (wounded), Capt. EJ HUSKISSON, Capt. J. PEARSON, Lt. HWR HALL, Lt. AC DONNE, (wounded), Lt. LW ROBINSON (killed), 2/Lt. AA O'KELL (killed), 2/Lt. F. SAVAGE (killed), 2/Lt. E. SANDERSON (wounded), 2/Lt. CR BURTON (killed), 2/Lt. C.L. RUGG (severely wounded), Lt. EG COULSON (killed), 2/Lt. WC GUDLESTONE (wounded), Lt. HC BROWN (killed), Surgeon UNTHANK RN.

[Battle of Miraumont]

17th Advance commenced at 5.45am on barrage opening. Our dispositions were, from right to left D,B,C,A Coys were extended at 2 paces interval, & in two waves at 20 paces distance. The lines were subjected to heavy bombardment by 77mm at about 5am necessitating a call for retaliation by our artillery. Reports were received at 6.40am to effect that the Bn. had gained their objective; & that the PIMPLE had been captured.

18th 102 Prisoners were taken, 1 77mm gun & 2 MGs were captured. The enemy counter attacked on 3 occasions. On 1 occasion taking advantage of thick mist, he counter attacked,, without artillery preparation, 2 Bns. strong, on 1& mile frontage. SOS message was sent, the artillery replying with great promptitude, causing many casualties. The Bn. on the left, turned & fled, & was almost immediately followed by the right Bn. The line from Bn. HQ to front line had only just been repaired when SOS was asked for. Total casualties suffered by the Bn. in the attack, capture & consolidation of the objective - SUNKEN ROAD - Officers - 7 killed, 6 wounded. ORs - 57 killed, 193 wounded, 27 missing.

19th 1st RM Bn. relieved in the line during the night of the 18th/19th Feb. by 2nd RM Bn. Relief completed 7am. Coys moving independently to old German 2nd & 3rd lines - Q18a30 -1500 yards SSE of BEAUMONT HAMEL. Mjr. OZANNE to FA.

20th Capt. PEARSON, Lt. CHAMPNESS, 2/Lt. HALL evacuated to FA.


21st 1st RMs relieved by the 10th Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Relief completed 3pm. Bn. moved by route march to ENGLEBELMER via HAMEL - MESNIL - MARTINSART. The Bn. was met in MARTINSART by the DEAL RMLI Band & played into billets.

22nd Bn. reorganising. Following Officers joined the Bn. Lt. PLATTS, 2/Lts. ASR PERRY, O.A. ROBERTS, LG EVANS, CCG ROE, BG EVANSON, JV ATKINSON, J. FIELDING, JW THOMAS, FS MARSH, L. LEES, & 94 ORs. Mjr. OZANNE rejoined from 45th CCS.

23rd Bn. found working parties. 2/Lts. WE LLEWELYN & H.A. CARRUTHERS joined the Bn. & 12 ORs.

24th & 25th Bn. reorganising & small working parties found.

26th As for the 25th. 2/Lt. KENNY & burial party sent up to SUNKEN ROAD - 2/Lts ROBINSON & O'KELL & 11 ORs buried.

27th 2/Lt. FIELDING & burial party sent up to SUNKEN ROAD - 21 NCOs & men buried.

28th Bn. vacated billets at ENGLEBELMER & moved by route march to BRUCE HUTS (W.16.a.3.2) 500 yards W. of AVELUY WOOD.

1RM MARCH 1917

1st Large working parties found for Road repairing & Saw Mills AVELUY WOOD. Signallers, Lewis Gunners, Bombers, Snipers & Band to instruction.

Bruce Huts AVELUY

2nd T/Capt. PEARSON from Div. Rest Station. T/Lt. CHAMPNESS from CCS. Drills & working parties as for 1/3/17.

3rd 2/Lt. H.T. HOLMES from Base Depot. 26 ORs joined Bn. from Base Depot. Drills & working parties as above.

4th Working parties as above.

5th Mjr. H. OZANNE to leave. Drills & working parties as above.

6th Drills & W.P. as above.

7th T/Lt. John PEARSON promoted T/Capt. to date 27/2/17. T/Capt. A. NOURSE to England sick. Struck off strength 25/2/17. Drills & W.P. as above.

8th & 9th Drills & W.P. as above.

10th 13 ORs joined from Bn. from Base Depot. Drills & W.P. as above.

11th Mjr. H. OZANNE awarded DSO. T/Capt. J. PEARSON awarded Military Cross. 12 ORs awarded Military Medal. W.P. as above.

12th & 13th Drills & working parties as above.

14th T/Lt. DWR HALL to England sick. Struck off strength 2/3/17. 18 ORs joined Bn. from Base Depot. Drills & W.P. as above.

15th T/Lt. RE CHAMPNESS to 1st FA. Drills & W.P. as above.

16th Drills & W.P. as above.

17th Mjr. H. OZANNE from leave. Drills & W.P. as above.

18th T/Lt. J.E. CORNISH from Labour Coy. T/Lt. RE. CHAMPNESS transferred from 1st FA to 49th CCS. 2/Lt. HA CARRUTHERS from 2nd FA.

19th Lt. Col. F.J.W. CARTWRIGHT DSO to leave. Mjr. H. OZANNE DSO assumed command of Bn. 12 ORs joined Bn. from Base Depot. Bn. left BRUCE HUTS 8.50am & proceeded by Route March to HERRISART.


20th Bn. left HERRISART 8.15am & proceeded by Route March to GEZAINCOURT.


21st Bn. left GEZAINCOURT 10.7 am & proceeded by Route March to BOURET-SUR-CANACHE.


22nd Bn. left BOURET at 10.10am & proceeded by Route March to CROISETTE. 16 ORs joined Bn. from Base Depot - [possibly entry for 23rd]

24th Bn. left CROISETTE at 8.50am & proceeded by Route March to SAINS-LES-PERNES.


25th Bn. left SAINS-LES-PERNES at 8.20am & proceeded by Route March to ECQUEDECQUES.


26th Bn. left ECQUEDEQUES at 9.30am & proceeded by Route March to CALONNE-SUR-LYS. 2/Lt. N.I. LYON to leave.


27th Bn. left CALONNE at 9.15am & proceeded by Route March to HESDIGNEUL.


28th 8 ORs joined Bn. from Base Depot.

29th Bn. left HESDIGNEUL & proceeded by Route March to LABOURSE. Lt. Col. CARTWRIGHT DSO from leave. Capt. E.G HUSKISSON to 2nd FA.


30th Bn. training commenced. Bn. at 6 hours notice to move into the line. 33 ORs joined from Base Depot. Capt. E.J. HUSKISSON from 2nd FA to No.7 Gen. Hosp.

31st Inf. training continued. 2/Lt. BG EVANSON to 1st FA.

1RM APRIL 1917

1st Coy. training carried out. Capt. AEH READ RAMC taken on Bn. strength vice Surgeon UNTHANK to England.

2nd to 4th Infantry training continued.

5th Infantry training continued. Orders received to relieve a Bn. of the 17th Infantry Bde. in the line. Advanced parties of 1 Officer & 1 NCO per Coy .sent up. Capt. EJ HUSKISSON rejoined Bn. from No.7 Gen. Hosp.

6th Bn. cleaning of billets, & making preparations for moving into the line. Bn. came under the orders of GOC 24th Div. at 6pm.

7th Bn. vacated billets at LABOURSE & moved into the line relieving the 12th Bn. Royal Fusiliers in the ANGRES II Sector. D,B & A Coys in the front line, C Coy in support. Bn. HQ in MECHANICS trench. 8th Buffs held the line on our right, East Surreys on our left. Platoon guides met Platoons at BULLY GRENAY at 3pm, relief completed 8pm. Lt. HB Van PRAAGH rejoined Bn. from Base details & was attached to Bde. HQ 188th Inf. Bde. Lt. LION rejoined the Bn. from leave. 41 ORs moved to ROBECQ.


8th 5 Privates wounded.

9th Ch/1020S Pte. T. GRAYSON killed, 4 ORs wounded. Capt. V.H.S. JONES & Capt. GOLDSMITH joined Bn. Lt. McB WOOD & 22 ORs joined.

10th Capt. JONES & GOLDSMITH reported to HQ in MECHANICS. Capt. JONES appointed to command D Coy & Capt. GOLDSMITH to command C Coy. Lt. WOODS posted to A Coy.

11th 4 ORs wounded. Enemy shelling of Communication Trenches fairly heavy, a large number of gas shell being fired into vicinity of MECHANICS.

12th Ch1474.S. Pte. C. HEATH killed, 3 ORs wounded. Enemy bombarded front line trenches very heavily during the night, causing a large amount of damage to the trenches. Lt. C. WEST to Hospital. Orders received that the ANSON Bn. would relieve the 1st Bn. RMLI. 1 Officer & 1 NCO per Coy, advanced party, ANSON Bn. arrived to take over the line. Lt. McB WOOD sent back to LABOURSE with orders to return to England next day.

13th 2 Privates wounded. Orders received that the 1st Bn. RMLI would be relieved by the 3rd Bn. Rifle Bde. Officers of this Bn. reported at HQ 1.45pm & moved into the line. The Officers of ANSON Bn. being withdrawn. Relief to commence 8pm. At 3pm orders were received to send out a Battle Patrol into Enemy trenches near BULLY Craters, to ascertain if he had vacated them. At 4pm orders were received that 3 Patrols had to move out, on the right, centre, & left. The right Patrol moved up the enemy communication trenches to ANGRES, entering the Quarry on the Northern edge of the town, - large dugouts had been made in this Quarry. The Patrol then searched the BOIS de ROLLENCOURT, & entered ROLLENCOURT village. The right Patrol was commanded by Lt. KENNY. The left Patrol under 2/Lt. F.S. MARSH left our front line at PICK AXE Corner & entered German trench immediately opposite ; moved along communicating trenches to the CITE DES CORNAILLES & to the Southern edge of LIEVIN, returning via RED MILL. All these places were found clear of the enemy. At 9pm Posts had been established at M 21 c 25.85 (left post), M 21 c 60 15 (right post), M 21 c 10.00 (support post). The German 1st line forming the Reserve line. At 9.30pm the relief by 3rd Rifle Bde. commenced & was completed at 2.45am.

14th Casualties, 2 ORs wounded. Coys marched back to billets as follows:- HQ & D Coy to BULLY GRENAY, A Coy to LES BREBIS, B & C Coys to FOSSE X. Bn. vacated billets at 2.30pm & marched to BOUVIGNY BOYEFFLES. Ch 1475 S Pte. C HEATH buried BULLY GRENAY cemetery.

15th Bn. vacated billets at BOUVIGNY BOYEFFLES & marched to MAROEUIL.


16th Bn. cleaning arms & equipment.

17th Bn. employed cleaning & repairing roads.

18th Bn. employed cleaning & repairing roads. Lt. VAN PRAAGH rejoined Bn. from Bde. HQ. Co & 4 Coy Officers proceeded to view front line system at BAILLEUIL.

19th Bn. employed cleaning & repairing roads. Mjr. OZANNE, Capt. HUSKISSON & 4 Coy. Officers proceeded to view front line system.

20th Bn. employed cleaning & repairing roads.

21st Bn. cleaning & repairing roads. Lt. VAN PRAAGH assumed duties of Adjt. vice Capt. E.J. HUSKISSON to command B Coy.

22nd Bn. vacated billets & moved to trenches in Bde. Reserve.


23rd Trenches - large carrying party to GAVRELLE. 2 ORs wounded, 5 killed. 2/Lt. PERRY wounded.

24th Improving reserve trenches. 1 OR wounded.

25th Moved to (Line) - trenches left sector of GAVRELLE. 2/Lt. LEES wounded. 2/Lt. THOMAS gassed.

26th Front Line - 2 ORs killed, 1 missing, 8 wounded. CO attended Conference at Bde. HQ - 1 Coy moved to take over line of Bn. on left.

27th Front Line - Bn. have been ordered to attack OPPY-MERICOURT Line, 2 ORs killed, 2 wounded, Bn. moved to take up Battle positions at 10pm.

[Battle of Gavrelle Windmill]

28th Bn. attacked on sector left of GAVRELLE -OPPY Line at 4.25am & gained objective but was driven out by counter attacks. Following officer casualties - Lt. Col. CARTWRIGHT DSO, Capt. GOLDSMITH, Capt. JONES, Capt. PEARSON MC, 2/Lt. ATKINSON, 2/Lt. EVANS, 2/Lt. ROBERTS, 2/Lt. KENNY, 2/Lt. MARSH missing. Lt. LION, Lt. PLATTS, 2/Lt. ROE, LLEWELYN & HOLMES missing.

29th Bn. relieved in line.

30th Bn. moved to billets in ECOIVRES - resting.


1RM MAY 1917

1st Bn. moved from ECOIVRES to FREVILLERS in billets.


2nd Resting & cleaning up generally. Lt. CORNISH & 7 ORs from Base - 101 ORs from 13th Corps D.T. Depot. Surgeon R.G. MORGAN joined from FA.

3rd Training programme being carried out in accordance with programme ???? Bde.

4th As for the 3rd above. 18 ORs from Base.

5th to 7th As for 3/5/17.

8th Bn. moved by route march to 'X' Hutments ECOIVRES.


9th Bn. moved by route march tocamp in A.28.a.6.6. ECURIE to enable Bn. to work in trenches.


10th Working in GREEN LINE does not commence till tomorrow - day devoted to cleaning & specialist instruction.

11th Specialist training & firing of new Lewis Gun etc. carried out, work not yet commenced. 10 ORs from Base.

12th Moved camp across road to A.28.b.8.5. - digging in GREEN LINE commenced. 7 ORs from Base.

13th GREEN LINE trench continued.

14th GREEN LINE trench continued & wiring commenced.

15th GREEN LINE trench continued & wiring finished.

16th Lts. D. BUNYAN & & LIGERTWOOD & 16 ORs joined Bn.

17th Lt BUNYAN to command A Coy. Lt. LIGERTWOOD transferred to 2nd Bn. RMLI.

18th Bn. reformed into 2 Coys, each of 4 Platoons - to be called X & Y Coys - A & B forming X Coy - C & D forming Y Coy. CO went up to GAVRELLE sector to view line. 2 junior Officers & 1 man per platoon went up to take over line & sleep there on the night 18/19 & to conduct Bn. in.


19th Bn. took over GAVRELLE - Northern sector CLOSE SUPPORT TRENCHES. Trenches in very bad state. N. of ARRAS - GAVRELLE Road secretly mine ???? ????? of shell holes.

20th Few dugouts - men mostly live in holes undercut in parapet. 2 ORs wounded. 3 ORs killed - 12 wounded.

21st 1 killed, 4 wounded. Rev. WHITEHEAD to UK leave - wet day.

22nd No casualties quiet day.

23rd 2 ORs wounded, 1 OR missing - Pte. BARNES was seen by R. Sergt. Major carrying rations slightly wounded - afterwards reported missing since when he has not been heard of.

24th 2 ORs killed, 4 wounded - Trenches have been deepened where necessary.

25th 4 ORs wounded. Quiet day with occasional shells.

26th 1 wounded. Nothing unusual to report.

27th 4 wounded. Lt. GT GALLIFORD cross posted from 2nd Bn. RMLI joined this Bn. for duty & posted to X Coy. 2/Lt. J. MIDDLETON to UK leave. 50 ORs under subalterns for work in WINDMILL MAZE.

28th 6 wounded - quiet otherwise - 60 ORs under subalterns on ??????? work on WINDMILL MAZE - CORPS & Divisional General viewing line. Representatives of 2nd RMLI came up to look round line.

29th No casualties & very quiet. Bn. being relieved tonight by 2nd Bn. RMLI. 2/Lt. EVANSON rejoined Bn. from Base.

30th 12.40am Bn. relieved & occupy SUPPORT TRENCHES - no casualties.

31st Digging Communication trench to SUPPORT Line, 270 yds dug - no casualties.

1RM JUNE 1917


1st Usual trench routine - digging communication trench from RED LINE, 2 ORs wounded.

2nd Usual trench routine. 1 OR wounded, 28 ORs from Base Depot.


3rd Usual trench routine. 1 OR wounded. 9 ORs buried, effects forwarded to respective Bns.

4th Usual trench routine. 2 ORs killed, 5 wounded.

5th Usual trench routine. 1 Coy working on FOXEY TRENCH remainder on CT.

6th Usual trench routine. 1 Coy working on FOXEY TRENCH no casualties.

7th Usual trench routine. 1 Coy working on FOXEY TRENCH. 3 officers from Base Depot - RA MCBRYDE, DM SMITH & JDM SMITH.

8th Usual trench routine. No working party. Officers OR from relieving Bn. up viewing line & taking over.

9th Relieved by 18th West Yorks Regt. march to ROCLINCOURT, in bivouacs.


10th Vacated camp & marched to MAROIEUL in billets - clean & roomy.


11th First day devoted to cleaning etc. Lts. WEST & LOWDELL from BASE Depot.

12th Training commenced. Bn. parades on training area at 6am - works till 10am & rests during hot part of day - then parades again. 4.30pm - 5.30pm specialist instruction & firing.

13th Training continued.

14th Training continued.Morning hours of parade altered to 7am & continuing to 10.30am.

15th Training continued.2/Lt. H.A. BASS & 34 ORs from Base.

16th Training continued.

17th Church Parade in morning - no training.

18th & 19th Routine as previously stated.

20th Inspection by Admiral LORD BERESFORD at 2pm - No Coy parades in afternoon.

21st Usual routine. Bn. preparing to move.

22nd Bn. moved to ROCLINCOURT (MARONBLANCHE) by route march at 7am in bivouacs & dugouts in old GERMAN LINE.

23rd Work commenced on railway, far side of ARRAS - BAILLEUL Road from 4-10am. 1 & hours specialist instruction in afternoon.

24th Working as above - Church parade at 11am. Mjr. FLETCHER joined Bn. from Base.

25th to 27th Work on railway continued - specialist instruction in evening.

28th Bn. moved from ROCLINCOURT to BRAY - in billets & huts, arriving about 7.45pm. Good accommodation. 16 ORs from Base.

29th Bn. training recommenced 7am - 10.30am - specialist instruction in afternoon. 2/Lt. CARRUTHERS to 13th CORPS SCHOOL - PERNES duty as M.I.

30th Same routine - 9 ORs from Base. Lt. CORNISH proceed to Base - 2 months term as Instructor.


1RM JULY 1917

1st Bn. training carried on during first two days, suspended today. Bn. attended Divine Service in recreation hut near BRAY ; service conducted by Chaplain to 2nd RMLI. Lt. Col. H. OZANNE DSO commanding 1st RMLI attended conference at 188th Inf. Bde. HQ.

2nd Bn. training from 8am to 10am. Bn. moved from BRAY to ROCLINCOURT, leaving BRAY at 1.30pm, marching via MAROEUIL & overland track thence to ROCLINCOURT & arriving at ROCLINCOURT at 5pm. Bn. in huts in WAKEFIELD CAMP in B.28.c W. of ROCLINCOURT.


3rd Bn. moved from WAKEFIELD CAMP this evening & relieved 11th Bn. E. Yorks. in the line - right Sub-sector (GAVRELLE). Relief was quiet, but difficult on account of bad condition of trenches. Bn. occupied front line from right of WINDMILL at C.19.c.7.3. to junction of CAIRO ALLEY & CADORNA TRENCH at C.19.c.4.9. Front line held by three Coys with 1 Coy in immediate support. Bn. HQ in MARINE TRENCH.


4th Normal trench routine carried out during the day, & usual carrying-parties by night. This evening Bn. front was extended southwards to junction of THAMES ALLEY & CHICO TRENCH at C.25.a.5.8.

5th This morning Coy holding left of Bn. front made preparations for rushing & capturing enemy Strong-point in CRUMPET TRENCH at C.19.d.00.75., but attempt had to be abandoned on account of enemy activity. During day organised Sniping with good results was carried out on above Strong-point, where was continual hostile movement. Casualties:- 1 OR killed & 1 OR wounded. 1 OR accidently killed in front-line trench.

6th Mjr-Gen. LAURIE CB, DSO, GOC 63rd (RN) Div. made a tour of the Bn. front today. Normal trench routine observed.

7th This morning 4 ORs wounded & 1 OR killed, by enemy TM fire on Coy holding centre of Bn. front. This evening Bn. was relieved by 2nd RMLI & moved into support in NAVAL & MARINE Trenches, with Bn. HQ in NAVAL TRENCH. Relief was quiet, but weather rainy.

8th Part of day spent by Bn. in draining & clearing of mud caused by previous night's rain, & in improving shelters in NAVAL & MARINE trenches.

9th At 3am 6 ORs were wounded together. Bn. working on trenches occupied from 8am to 12.30pm. Mjr. Gen. LAURIE CB, DSO, GOC 63rd (RN) Div. & Brig. Gen. HUTCHINSON, CMG, DSO, GOC 188th Inf. Bde. made a tour of the Bns. lines today.

10th Bn. continued work as for previous two days on NAVAL & MARINE trenches. 52 reinforcements from 63rd (RN) Inf. Base Depot. 1 NCO to Lewis Gun course at LE TOUQUET. 2 ORs to Signal Course at ORVILLE.

11th During forenoon improvement & cleaning of support line as on previous day. Tonight Bn. relieved 2nd RMLI in right Sub-sector (GAVRELLE); relief was easy & quiet. Bn. extended in front line from a point in CHICO TRENCH at C.25.a.5.8. on the right to junction of CAIRO ALLEY & CADORNA TRENCH at C.19.c.4.9. The front line held by 3 Coys - D,B & C Coys from right to left with 1 Coy in immediate support & Bn. HQ in MARINE TRENCH. 1 OR in C Coy accidently wounded.

12th Normal trench routine observed during day. Tonight digging was commenced to correct the extreme right of WINDMILL TRENCH with left of CHICO by a trench running in front of the WINDMILL. Casualties: 1 OR wounded. Lt. LOWDELL rejoined Bn. from Hospital.

13th Mjr. Gen. LAURIE CB, DSO GOC 63rd (RN) Div. & Brig. Gen. HUTCHISON, CMG, DSO, GOC 188th Inf. Bde. made a tour of Bns. lines today. Lt. Col. H. OZANNE, DSO, to Hospital ; Mjr. E.K. FLETCHER to command Bn. Casualties: 1 Sgt. & 1 OR killed ; 1 OR wounded.

14th 2/Lt. B.G. EVANSON proceeded to 1st Army School. 2/Lt. EDWARDS & Lt. SS EASTERBROOK to PERNES - former to Corps Lewis Gun School, latter to Corps Inf. Course. 7 ORs reinforcements from 63rd (RN) Inf. Base Depot. 2 NCOs to Corps Inf. Course at PERNES. 2 ORs to Corps Bombing School ; 2 ORs to Corps Lewis Gun School - both at PERNES. Bn. relieved in the line by 2nd RMLI ; relief was difficult on account of bad weather & enemy retaliation after raid on his trenches SE of GAVRELLE. Casualties: 2 ORs killed & 1 OR wounded. Bn. to support line.

15th 2/Lt. R.M. SNIDER & 17 ORs reinforcements joined Bn. today from 63rd (RN) Inf. Base Depot. Considerable part of day spent by Bn. in NAVAL & MARINE Trenches in clearing up blocks caused by enemy shell-fire on previous evening & in repairing shelters blown in. Casualties: 2 ORs wounded.

16th Bn. engaged working in support as on previous day. Casualties: 1 OR wounded.

17th Bn. relieved 2nd RMLI in the line this evening & was relieved in support by the ANSON Bn. RND, the 2nd RMLI going into reserve at MAISON BLANCHE. The relief was lengthy but quiet. Bn. front extended from a point in CHICO TRENCH at C.25.a.5.8 northwards to junction of CAIRO ALLEY & CADORNA TRENCH at C.19.c.4.9 , the line being held by D, A & C Coys from right to left, with 1 Coy in immediate support & Bn. HQ in MARINE TRENCH. Mjr. E.J. HUSKISSON MC, from B Coy to Bn. HQ as 2nd in command. 2/Lt. J.W. THOMAS DCM MM to command B Coy. temporarily.

18th 2/Lt. JONES to Lewis Gun Course at GHQ School at LE TOQUET. Lt. LOWDELL to ROCLINCOURT. Mjr. HUSKISSON MC from Bn. HQ to command A Coy vice Capt. JT GALLIFORD to ROCLINCOURT. During night work was begun on a new trench running in front of the WINDMILL from a point in CECIL TRENCH N.E. of the WINDMILL to northern end of CHICO. Enemy activity marked on this point & fire very heavy.

19th Reinforcements (8 ORs) from XIII Corps DTD joined Bn. today. The light Draught Horse which had its back broken had to be shot this morning. Normal trench routine observed during the day ; usual working & carrying parties by night. Heavy enemy barrage on CHICO TRENCH & CHICO SUPPORT from 11.10am to 12.30pm. 4 ORs wounded (1 afterwards returning to duty) during this barrage.

20th Capt. JT GALLIFORD from ROCLINCOURT to command A Coy ; Mjr. HUSKISSON MC to Bn. HQ as 2nd in command.At 3am this morning the HOWE Bn. on our right made a successful raid on the enemy trenches & enemy opened a very heavy barrage on our support & communication trenches, inflicting several casualties. Total casualties reported for day - 5 ORs killed, 1 Sgt. & 15 ORs wounded (1 afterwards died of wounds & 2 were returned to duty). 2/Lt. R.F. ORFEUR joined Bn. today from 63rd (RN) Inf. Base Depot.

21st Lt. LOWDELL rejoined Bn. today from ROCLINCOURT. Casualties - 2 ORs wounded. This morning new trench traced out on 18/7/17 was dug all the way through to an average depth of 2'6" . Mjr. Gen. LAURIE CB DSO, GOC 63rd (RN) Div. visited Bn. HQ today & expressed great satisfaction at the work done by the Bn. in digging new front line mentioned above.

22nd 9 ORs joined Bn. from 63rd (RN) Inf. Base Depot. Lt. LOWDELL to Hospital. Casualties:- 1 OR wounded. Enemy aeroplane was brought down after aerial fight on our front ; machine fell burning & crashed to earth.

23rd Normal trench routine carried out. On night 23/24-7-17 Bn. was relieved by 2nd RMLI & proceeded to reserve at MAISON BLANCHE.


24th Bn. accommodated at MAISON BLANCHE in tents, bivouacs & dugouts. Day spent in general cleaning up & Coy. reorganisation. Lt. Col. H. OZANNE DSO rejoined Bn. from Hospital.

25th Mjr. E.J. HUSKISSON MC to command B Coy. Lts. K.E. CHAMPNESS & D.A. PIPE, & 2/Lts. E.C. BENNETT, P.G. CRACKNELL, C.L.C. McKEAND, C.E. MENNELL, B.C. PIPPETT & W.C. WILLIAMSON rejoined Bn. today from 63rd (RN) Inf. Base Depot. Platoons to 1 hours parade under platoon commanders at 9am ; specialist instruction from 11am to 12 noon.

26th Routine as for 25/7/17. 2/Lt. JONES rejoined Bn. from Lewis Gun Course at GHQ School at LE TOQUET. 150 men & 5 Officers detailed this evening to carry Gas cylinders to near GAVRELLE. No casualties during operations.

27th Routine as for 26/7/17.

28th Routine as for 27/7/17. Lt. Col. H. OZANNE DSO & Capt. & QM T.H. BURTON to leave. Mjr. E.J. HUSKISSON to Bn. HQ as 2nd in command ; Lt. D.A. PIPE to command B Coy. 1 Officer & 60 ORs detailed to work on RED LINE tonight.

29th Church Parade at 11am cancelled owing to heavy rain. Capt. J.T. GALLIFORD & 2/Lt. P.G. CRACKNELL to leave today. 9 ORs reinforcements joined Bn. from XIII Corps DTD.

30th Bn. was relieved in reserve by the NELSON Bn. RND & proceeded by route march to BEVERLEY CAMP near ROCLINCOURT. Bn. accommodated there in tents. Orders received that Bn., while in BEVERLEY CAMP, will act as reserve Bn. for 190th Inf. Bde. holding left sub-sector of the front.


31st 5 ORs sent today to 1st Army Rest Camp. 5 ORs sent to XIII Corps School PERNES, 2 for instruction in Lewis Gun, 2 for instruction BEVERLEY CAMP in bombs & 1 for instruction in Stokes Trench Mortars. Bn. to training from 8am to 10.30am & from 3pm to 4.30pm.


1st Bn. training suspended on account of rain. Coys instructed in small box respirators at St. Catherine. Lecture at (G 4 G.11) Divn. theatre on musketry attended by 1 Officer & NCO per Coy. , Intelligence Officer & NCO. Bn. sports carried out.

2nd Bad weather interferes with training. 83 ORs from XIII CDTD. OC Coys attend lecture by Divl. Gas Officer at St. Catherine.

3rd Heavy rain. 2/Lt. F.C. HOW joins from England, posted to B Coy. 2/Lt. BONNET from England to C Coy.

4th Still bad weather. Certain amount of work done at range. L. Guns & rifles.

5th Special service held at ROCLINCOURT. 2 Officers, 2 Sgts. & 18 ORs represented 1st RM Bn. Mjr. HUSKISSON represented 63rd (RN) Div.

6th Bn. training carried out from 8am - 12.45pm. Sports during afternoon.

7th Lt. Col. OZANNE DSO & Capt. BURTON from leave. 1 OR Sanitation Course. 7 ORs Bombing Course Brudham Camp.

8th Bn. relieved HAWKE Bn. RND in the line (GAVRELLE) night of 7/8th insts. Relief quiet. Normal trench routine observed during day. Usual working & carrying parties by night. P???? of TM Gas projectiles found in CHOKE trench & sent to Bde. HQ. A/Capt. GALLIFORD reported sick on leave.

9th Weather conditions bad. Bn. cleaning & draining trenches. Quiet day occasional shelling. 4 ORs wounded.

10th T/ Capt. H.B. VAN PRAAGH to FA 1 St. Catherine. 2/Lt. B.G. EVANSON from course at Boulougne. Weather improved. Normal trench routine. Situation quiet. 2 wounded & 1 killed.

11th Normal trench routine. Weather very bad during afternoon.

12th Lt. PIPE & Cpl. SMITH to course at 1st Army School. 2/Lt. JDM SMITH to course 1st Army School sniping at LINGHAM. Bn. relieved night of 11/12th by 2nd RM Bn. 1st RM came into support NAVAL & MARINE trenches.


13th Normal trench routine. Weather changeable. Mjr. FLETCHER to Artillery conference at AIRE. Situation unchanged.

14th Normal trench routine.

15th Night 14/15th relieved 2nd RM Bn. in front line. A Coy on north of Windmill. B Coy Windmill. C Coy south of Windmill (GAVRELLE). D Coy in support in MARINE & RAILWAY support trenches. 2/Lt. BASS from course. 6 ORs BREEDHAM Camp on bombing course. 1 OR wounded. Situation normal.

16th Normal trench routine. Trenches deepened where necessary. Enemy active with pineapples. S. Major WELLARD killed. CQMS BLACKSTOCK wounded (afterwards died) A Coy. 2/Lt. R.G. CRACKNELL granted ex. of leave.

17th Situation quiet. Usual front line routine carried out. New CT trench (CONNAUGHT ALLEY) nearly finished.

18th Situation quiet. Usual front line routine carried out.

19th Normal trench routine. Situation unchanged. 2 ORs from CDTD. 3 NCOs to musketry course 1st Army.


20th Bn. relieved night 19/20th by 2nd RM Bn. moved to reserve Railway Cutting. Very quiet relief. 2/Lt. McBRYDE & 2 NCOs to Signalling Corps Sig. School (ORVILLE) 33 ORs from CDTD.

21st Bn. in reserve. Baths etc. carried out. Inspection of trench stores. Kit inspection etc. Mjr. FLETCHER rejoined.

22nd Bn. in reserve. Normal routine. Working parties on RED LINE deepening & revetting.

23rd Bn. in reserve. Normal routine. 21 ORs from Base.

24th Moved to BEAVERLEY camp, ROCLINCOURT. Reserve for the 190th Bde.

25th Normal routine carried out. Coys practice ???????. 6 ORs to BREEDHAM camp, Bombing.

26th Church Parade. Sunday routine. 11 ORs from CDTD.

27th Bn. training carried out as usual. 2/Lt. BALCOMBE & 8 ORs from Base. 1 H.D. Horse to transport from ????????.

28th Bn. training carried out as usual. 12 ORs from CDTD. 2/Lt. BONNET on a course 1st Army school of Trench Mortars.

29th Usual routine. Lt. Col. OZANNE to demonstration on intercommunication. 6 ORs to 1st Army rest Camp.

30th 23 ORs from CDTD. & 12 from Base. Bn. practices ??????.

31st Normal routine. Bn. to move into front line on night 1/2nd insts.



1st In Reserve - preparing to move into line.


2nd Holding GAVRELLE SECTOR. 1 OR wounded. 20 ORs from CDTD.

3rd Holding GAVRELLE SECTOR. 2 ORs killed - 1 wounded. Very quiet.


5th Holding GAVRELLE SECTOR. T/2/Lts. THOMAS, J.W. EVANSON & G.W. KENNY to wear badges of rank of T/Capt. DRO 2895. 3 ORs wounded.


7th Holding GAVRELLE SECTOR. 3 ORs wounded - 1 killed. Lt. CORNISH from BASE DEPOT.

8th To RESERVE CAMP. 22 ORs from Base. 14 ORs wounded. 2 Killed.


9th Cleaning equipment etc. Bn. in reserve. Mjr. HUSKISSON MC to Base. Mjr. E.K. FLETCHER to Hosp. Lt. CORNISH to leave.

10th & 11th Hay cutting & working parties RED LINE - remainder Bn. training.

12th Bodies of Lt. N. LION & 2/Lt. FIELDING previously reported MISSING - found & buried by Bn. in front of VISCOUNT ST. also 11 ORs.


13th Moved to SUPPORT - NAVAL & MARINE TRENCHES. 2/Lt. MCBRYDE to hospital.

14th In support. Quiet.

15th In support. 1 OR wounded.

16th In support. Lt. ALDRIDGE & 2/Lt. GILBERT from Base.


17th Moving from SUPPORT LINE to BEVERLEY CAMP. Surgeon MORGAN RN to leave. Rev'd WHITEHEAD to leave. 2/Lt. JDM SMITH to CCS. 9 ORs from Base.


18th In reserve - working parties 600 strong to FRONT & RED LINE.

19th In reserve - working parties. NCOs class. 2/Lt. CRACKNELL to England sick.

20th In reserve - working parties.

21st In reserve - working parties. A/Capt. RHP WEST to Tempy Capt. DRO 2994.

22nd Moved by bus to billets - BAILLEUL aux CORNAILLES - billets fairly good, a bit squashed. Inhabitants friendly - weather good.


23rd Church Parade.

24th 32 ORs from Base. Cleaning up etc.

25th Commenced training. 13 ORs from Base.

26th Training - RND system of attack etc.

27th 2/Lt. HA CARRUTHERS from instruction XIII CDTD. 102 ORs joined from Base. Training, attack on Pill Box etc.

28th Training.

29th Training. Orders have been received that Bde. will probably move on 2/10/17.

30th Definite orders received that Bn. moves on 2/10/17 from XIII Corps to XVIII Corps. 2/Lt. HA CARRUTHERS to UK leave. Capt. DA BUNYAN to Hospital.


1st Lt. DA PIPE to command C Coy.

2nd Capt. WEST, Capt. THOMAS, Capt. EVANSON, Lt. PIPE & 2/Lt. HOW to special course at XVIII Corps School at VOLKERINCKHOVE. Bn. marched to TINQUES & entrained for POPERINGHE.

3rd Bn. moved by route march to DIRTY BUCKET Camp, POPERINGHE.

4th Mjr. E.J. HUSKISSON rejoined Bn. & assumed duties of 2nd in command.

5th Bn. moved by bus to LE NOUVEAU MONDE near WORM HOUDT ; for training. 2/Lt.J.W. MIDDLETON evacuated to hospital. 2/Lt. M.K. GILBERT appointed Transport Officer.


6th T/Lt. R.A. McBRYDE to England (25/9/17) Authority D.A.G. List No.903. 30/9/17. T/Lt. G.A. LOWDELL ; commission terminated to date 12/9/17. Authority AGRM 3977/17 : 29/9/17. Bn. training.

7th 2/Lt. EDWARDS to Lewis Gun Course at LE TOUQUET. Bn. training.

8th Bn. training - The Attack.

9th Bn. training. 2/Lt. F.C. HOW appointed Bn. Intelligence Officer.

10th Bn. training.

11th & 12th Bn. carried out Attack practice.

13th 2/Lt. H.A. CARRUTHERS returned from UK leave. Bn. carried out Attack practice.

14th Divine Service.

15th & 16th Bn. carried out Attack practice.

17th Bn. carried out Attack practice. Information received that T/Capt. D.A. BUNYAN has been evacuated to England.

18th to 20th Bn. carried out Attack practice. 1RM 1917

21st Divine Service.

22nd 2/Lts. PIPPET, McKEAND, ORFEUR, MENNEL proceeded up to front line to take over dispositions. Bn. carried out Attack operations, in conjunction with 2nd Bn. RMLI. Drawing stores & ammunition. T/Capt. RHP WEST, A/Capt. JW THOMAS, T/Lt. RE CHAMPNESS, 2/Lt. P. EDWARDS, HG BENNETT, HA CARRUTHERS, HA BASS & 93 ORs moved to 14th Corps reinforcement Camp HERZEELE.

23rd Bn. embussed on HERZEELE - CASSEL Road & moved to billets on CANAL BANK - 1000 yards North of YPRES. Transport moved to horse lines 1000 yards W. of BRIELEN. QM Stores moved to MARSH FARM. 2/Lt. ORFEUR wounded.


24th Bn. drew 2 days rations etc. preparatory to moving into the line. Casualties: Killed - 1 Private, wounded 4 Ptes. - by bomb from hostile aeroplane. Bn. paraded & moved off to take over front line Sector from the 11th Royal Scots. Bn. HQ moved to HUBNER FARM. Bn. took over the line INCH HOUSES - BURNS HOUSE - OXFORD HOUSES - line consisted of Shell holes. Dispositions: A Coy on right, B Coy on left, C Coy in reserve at WINCHESTER FARM, D Coy at WINCHESTER FARM. Following Officers moved up with Bn. Lt .Col. H. OZANNE DSO, Capt. H.B. VAN PRAAGH, Lt. McB. WOODS, Surgeon MORGAN, 2/Lt. F.C. HOW. A Coy: 2nd Lt. E.E. TROTMAN (in command), 2/Lt. H.J. JONES, 2/Lt. H. BALCOMB. B Coy: T/ Capt. B.G. EVANSON, 2/Lt. W.C. WILLIAMSON, 2/Lt. B.C. PIPPET, A/Lt. C.S. EASTERBROOK. C Coy: A/Capt. D.A. PIPE, Lt. J.C. CORNISH, 2/Lt. C.E. MENNEL, 2/Lt. E.C. BONNET. D Coy: Lt. J.D. ALDRIDGE (in command), 2/Lt. C.L.C. McKEAND. Mjr. HUSKISSON to Bde. HQ (Q Branch) - 2/Lt. SNIDER appointed Bde. Dump Officer. Bn. HQ moved forward to BURNS House.

In the Line [Battle of Passchendaele]

25th Bn. commenced to line up on the tape at 8pm. Two platoons of D Coy moving up to OXFORD HOUSES. Frontage of Bn. approx. 900 yds. Depth of objective 900 yards. Furthest limit of Bn. objective - V.21.c.85.20. through N. of BANFF House to V.28.c.89 to V.28.d.13. Direction of advance to 45 degrees true bearing from assembly tape. General bearing of assembly tape is 310 degrees true bearing. The intention was for the 188th Inf. Bde. to attack. The ANSON Bn. & the 1st RMLI attacking the 1st objective, the HOWE Bn. & the 2nd Bn. RMLI passing through to the 2nd objective. The total Divisional frontage occupied by the Bn. in front line was 1500 yards. The boundaries of 1st objective, 1st Bn. RMLI were - on right from S. of INCH HOUSES to V.28.c.23 on left. LEKKERBOTERBEEK Stream at V.26.c.06 thence line of stream to V.21.c.5.1 through E. of MORMY House to V.21.d.8.8. 2/Lt. F.C. HOW returned from HUBNER Farm to Bde. HQ (Q Branch) CANAL Bank. Strength of Bn. in the line, to carry out the attack, 16 Officers & 597 ORs. Rev'd W. WHITEHEAD at Dressing Station.

26th Barrage opened at 5.40am. Bn. advanced to the Attack, under very great difficulties, rain having fallen heavily in the night, shell holes being full of water,& the mud made the ground almost impassable. All objectives were taken including BERKS HOUSES, BANFF HOUSE & BRAY FARM, & the further limit of the objective reached. Considerable casualties were caused during the day by snipers & MG fire from the left where the Bde. was unable to advance.

27th Bn. holding objective. At about 5pm relief of Bn. by the HAWKE Bn. commenced, the Bn. returning to IRISH FARM. Casualties during the attack & consolidation of positions won - Killed, T/Capt. D.A. PIPE, Lt. D.J. ALDRIDGE, 2/Lt. F.C. BALCOMBE. Died of Wounds, 2/Lt. E.C. BONNETT. Wounded, Surgeon R.G. MORGAN RN, Lt. J. McBERNEY WOODS (remained at duty), 2/Lt. E.E. TROTMAN, T/Capt. B.G. EVANSON, 2/Lt. W.C. WILLIAMSON, 2/Lt. C.L.C. McKEAND. Bn. casualties amongst the rank & file on the 26th & 27th - 270.


28th 9.45am Bn. marched to DAMBRE CAMP.


29th Bn. reorganising, drawing stores & equipment.

30th Bn. training & reorganising. A/Lt. S.S. EASTERBROOK & 2/Lt. J.R. JONES proceeded into the line to take over dispositions with view to a relief. 2/Lt. J. McBERNEY WOODS to UK leave.

31st Bn. training & reorganising.


1st to 4th Resting & cleaning up.

5th Inspection by Divl. General. Lt. Col. H. OZANNE DSO to Hospital - Mjr. HUSKISSON to command. Bn. moves to CANAL BANK. Y Coy. attached to OC 2nd Bn. RMLI for duty in line.


6th 9 ORs Killed. 21 wounded. 4 missing.

7th Y Coy from line.

8th Bn. moves to School Camp POPERINGHE AREA by train. Lt. Col. W.T. BROMFIELD - Leicestershire Regt. assumed command of Bn. 2/Lt. McKEAND to UK leave.


9th Resting & cleaning up.

10th Resting & cleaning up. A/Capt. THOMAS rejoined Bn. from Depot Bn. Concert in evening.

11th Church parade - Memorial Service for those who fell on Oct. 26th. 2/Lt. MENNEL to UK leave.

12th Bn. vacated SCHOOL CAMP moved by route march to Camp at WINNEZEELE (J.11.a.9.5 Sheet 27). Details left out of action - under T/Capt. WEST rejoined Bn. from Depot Bn.


13th Bn. moved by route march to LEDRINGHEM (I2. central sheet 27).


14th T/2/Lt. THIRKELL, MCADAM, BAZIRE & TAYLOR joined the Bn. Armourer Sgt. commenced inspection & overhauling of arms.

15th Billets fairly good. D Coy exchange to larger farm - Kit inspection etc.

16th Refitting - Bathing etc. - COs conference.

17th 2/Lt. P. EDWARDS appointed assistant Adjutant (temporarily). The Band of the RMB played in afternoon.

18th Divine Service.

19th Route March - Gas Respirator Drill in afternoon. Mjr. C.G. FARQUHARSON RMLI assumed command of Bn. - Lt. Col. BROMFIELD Leicestershire Regt. to HQ 42nd Div. Ch.19621 Pte. J. LYSON, Ch.487/S Pte. F.W. MORRIS, Ch.489/S Pte. J.H. NASH - awarded the Military Medal for services in action 26/10/17. Lt. EASTERBROOK to FA sick.

20th am Physical training, close order & Bayonet fighting. pm Recreational training.

21st Recreational training. Ch.16227 A/Sgt. G. PRIESTLEY awarded the DCM. Inspection by Capt. BACKHOUSE CB RN. 50 ORs from Base. 2/Lt. SNIDER to FA.

22nd Bn. moved by bus to GARDEN CITY CAMP - BRIELEN.


23rd T/Lt. E. WARDEN, G.J. WHARF & 2/Lts. W.J. COOK & G. STUART from Base.

24th Working parties on roads at TRIANGLE - specialists remaining behind for instruction.

25th As above for 24th. 2/Lt. PIPPET entitled to badges of rank of Captain (Acting) 10/11/17. 2/Lt. CARRUTHERS to command C Coy.

26th & 27th Working parties on roads, specialists to instruction.

28th Working parties on roads, specialists to instruction.Lt. WHARF to Asst. Adjt. (Temp) & Lt. HOTNAM to L.G. Officer (Temp).

29th Working parties on roads, specialists to instruction.1 OR killed - 2/Lt. MENNEL from leave.

30th Working parties on roads, specialists to instruction. 2/Lt. J.R. JONES to FA.


1st to 5th Working parties on "Triangle".

6th Move by route march to Schools Camp.

Schools Camp near Poperinghe

7th & 8th Working parties & training.

9th Move by route march to PESELHOCK & entrain for ACHEUX-LE-GRAND.


10th Detrain ACHEUX-LE-GRAND & move by route march to 'B' Camp M area BEAULINCOURT.


11th to 13th Training.

14th Move by route march to ROCQUIGNY.



16th Move by route march to LECHELLES.


17th Training.

18th T/Lt. Col. H. OZANNE DSO rejoined Bn.

19th Training.

20th Celebration of Christmas Day.

21st Training. Lt. Col. OZANNE resumed command of Bn., Lt. Col. C.G. FARQUHARSON to 2nd RMLI.

22nd Move by route march to METZ.


23rd Improving billets & training.

24th T/ Capt. R.H.P. WEST assumes duties of A/Adjt. during absence of T/Capt. A.B. VAN PRAAGH on leave.

25th Improving billets & routine.

26th A/Lt. Col. C.G. FARQUHARSON assumed command of Bn. during absence of T/Lt. Col. H. OZANNE DSO on leave. Move to forward area & relieved 2nd Bn. RMLI in front line VILLIERS PLOUICH.

In the Line

27th Consolidation of trenches.

28th Consolidation of trenches. 3 ORs wounded.

29th Consolidation of trenches.

30th Consolidation of trenches. T/2/Lt. W. JAQUES & 6 ORs wounded.

31st Consolidation of trenches. 1 OR killed, 4 ORs wounded. Relieved by 2nd RMLI & move into support VILLERS PLOUICH.



1st In the support. Supplying working parties for consolidation of line. T/2/Lt. M. TAYLOR to FA. T/Capt. B.C. PIPPETT to UK leave. 1 OR wounded.

2nd In the support. Supplying working parties.

3rd Working parties as for 1/1/18. T/2/Lt. BAILEY to 2/RMLI to be attached. T/2/Lt. COOK to 2/RMLI to be attached. Operation Order No.73.

4th A/605 T/Lt. CORNISH & 1 NCO to 3rd Army Musketry School. A/604 1 OR to 3rd Army Signal School. A/606 6 ORs to V Corps School (LG 12 days). A/606 4 ORs to V Corps School (Bombing 12 days). A/608 T/2/Lt. McADAM to V Corps Signal School & 1 OR (6 weeks). Relieved ANSON Bn. in left Sub Sector. (WELSH SUPPORT). T/Capt. T.H. BURTON from UK leave.

In the line

5th Capt. RA POLAND from Base. Capt. RH CAMPBELL from Base. T/2/Lt. BAILEY missing (correction killed). 28 ORs from DW Wing.

6th QM to course of Practical Sanitation. YTRES RTO 1pm. 92 Rue-de-Doullens, Arras. Div. letter 1330/9/A 1/1/18. T/2/Lt. TREGIDGA to Div. Wing & 10 ORs for signals to Div. Wing. T/2/Lt. CAILES to Bde. Tunnelling Section. Pte. CHEMMING & Pte. PIKE missing from trenches.

7th Operation order No.74. 2 ORs wounded.

8th Relieved by 2/RMLI & moved into reserve at METZ. Mjr. C.G. FARQUHARSON to 2/RMLI. Mjr. E.K. FLETCHER from Bde. 3 ORs wounded & 1 killed.


9th Mjr. E.K. FLETCHER assumes command of Bn. Cleaning up, baths etc. T/2/Lt. R.C. LEWIS to FA.

10th Routine & baths, cleaning up etc. 7 ORs to UK leave.

11th Rev. W. WHITEHEAD to England for duty afloat. Operation order No.75. DRO. 3506 Following Officers to be T/Capts:- A/Capt. J. KENNY, A/Capt. H.A. CARRUTHERS, A/Capt. J.W. THOMAS all dated 20/12/17. DRO. 3507 T/Mjr. C.G. FARQUHARSON to Major dated 1/1/18. T/Capt. H.A. CARRUTHERS 2/1/18 to England sick.

12th Move into line & relieved ANSON Bn. in right sub sector. (PRENTICE TR & HOLLY TR). 1 OR wounded at DEAD MAN'S CORNER. 2 Light Draught Horses killed. 3 Light Draught Horses wounded. 2 ORs wounded & 1 missing. T/Lt. S.S. EASTERBROOK & T/2/Lt. P. EDWARDS to UK leave. T/Capt. J.W. THOMAS to FA.

In the Line

13th Consolidation of Trenches. 1 OR wounded.

14th Mjr. E.J. HUSKISSON to England. Consolidation of line. 5 ORs to FA.

15th Consolidation of line. 1 OR killed. T/2/Lt. HOLLOWAY to FA. Operation order No.76 published. 10 ORs to FA.

16th Relieved by 2/RMLI & proceed to support VILLERS PLOUICH. Rev. G.G. McGREGOR from Base.


17th B.M. 2/9. Report of Instructional Staff complete. Operation order No.77.

In the line

18th Move from support & relieved ANSON Bn. in left sub sector.

19th Internal relief. Body of T/2/Lt. BAILEY recovered & interned at 57C. - R.15.c.85.92. DRO 3548 Mjr. C.G. FARQUHARSON to A/Lt. Col. dated 20/11/17. Capt. PIPPETT from UK leave.

20th & 21st Consolidation of trenches.

22nd Relieved in left sub sector by 2/RMLI, & move into support VILLERS PLOUICH. Operation order No.79.

Villers Plouich

23rd Relieved by 23rd Bn. RF & move by route march to METZ. Operation order No.80.


24th Move by rail to ROQUIGNY "A" Camp.


25th Inspection of equipment etc. & cleaning up.

26th Lt. Col. H. OZANNE to be struck off strength in accordance with AG/2158/578. (O) 15/1/18. Working parties.

27th Employed in protection of huts from hostile aircraft.

28th Training & refitting.

29th Mjr. HUSKISSON to be struck off strength. 2/Lt. P. EDWARDS from UK leave. Duty Bn. & protection of huts.

30th Training & protection of huts complete.

31st Training & night operations.


1st All ranks engaged in putting the camp in a state of defense against hostile aircraft. 2/Lt. P. EDWARDS to course of signals & liaison with RFC.

2nd Duty Bn. to Bde. Finding of all camp fatigues & continuation of protecting huts against hostile aircraft. Court of Enquiry assembling at Bde. HQ re- loss of Gum Boots thigh issued to 188th Inf. Bde. All Adjutants of Bns. to attend. 4 ORs joined Bn. from Div. Wing.

3rd Bn. attended Divine Service in the forenoon. Afternoon devoted to Bde. Boxing competition. 9 entries from the Bn ; finals postponed to next day owing to bad light. Following ORs proceeded on course of instruction 1 Sgt. 3 Ptes.

4th Duty Bn. to Bde. all training cancelled. 183 ORs erecting new NISSEN hut camp for ANSON Bn. remainder of Bn. employed in furnishing camp fatigues & guards. Div. Commander inspected the work & expressed his approval. Semi-finals & finals of Boxing competition. Welterweight & Featherweight were won. 2/Lt. P. EDWARDS rejoined unit from course. Lecture to all Officers by DGO on cloud gas attacks & gas shells.

5th Testing of Box Respirators, all ranks went through the Gas Chamber ; after which Coys carried out training in accordance with programme. Afternoon devoted to games, music supplied by HOOD Bn. band. Lt. D.R. HALL & 2/Lt. F.C. HOW to UK leave. T/Lt. W.C. GWYNNE from Infantry Course, 3rd Army School 5/2/18.

6th Duty Bn. to Bde. 2 Officers, 86 ORs detailed for camp duties. B & C Coys firing on the range. T/Capt. H.B. VAN PRAAGH MC to England with instructions report to War Office for duty in England. 2/Lt. BASS to England to report Commandant Plymouth. Lecture to all Officers by OC 15th Squadron RFC at 6pm.

7th Bn. carried out training in accordance with timetable. pm a demonstration was given by 188th Bde. MG Coy a barrage concentrated on a selected target. Officers were then detailed to stand between the target & the guns firing in order to accustom them to over head MG fire. Lt. CORNISH to England with instructions report Commandant Plymouth. Lecture to all Officers on "Task Work" by OC 149th Field Coy RE.

8th Bn. duty Bn to Bde. 90 ORs on fatigues & guards. Remainder of Bn. carried out training in accordance with training programme. Ch/424/S A/Cpl. J. SHERMAN awarded Croix de Guerre (Belgium). Bde. cross country run held to select men to represent the Bde. in the Divl. Run, 5 ORs from the Bn. chosen.

9th Bn. training. A lecture was given was given by the Rev. J.E. ROBERTS at ROCQIGNY subject:- "Why the War must go on". 5 Officers & 4 NCOs detailed to attend in the afternoon . Following Bde. Competitions were held, Battle Musketry Competition for 1 NCO & 8 ORs, Wiring Competition, Bn. placed 2nd in both events. In the evening Div. Boxing competition held at BARASTRE, Middle Weight won by Po/13924 A/Cpl. P. KENT.

10th Bn. duty Bn. to Bde. usual guards & fatigues furnished. Divine service held in recreation room at 10.30am service taken by Rev. MOORE, senior Chaplain to Div. Official notification received for 250 ORs & 3 Officers HOWE Bn. to be attached to Bn. pm on 11/2/18.

11th Training by Coys from 8.30am - 10.30am. At 11.15am 222 ORs HOWE Bn. & 3 Officers reported to be attached. Rev. E.E. FARQUHARSON reported & appointed C. of E. chaplain to 1st & 2nd Bns. RMLI. Div. cross country race won by 190th Bde. 188th Bde. 2nd. At 6pm a conference was held by the GOC on Trench Foot. ADMS & AAQMG attended.

12th Bn. duty Bn. to Bde. usual guards & fatigues furnished. Remainder of Bn. training in accordance with programme. A night march was carried out in Gas masks ending with the Bn. forming up in close column of Coys, leading Coy on tape line. Operation order received for pending move into the line. CO & Capt. R.A. POLAND attended a tank demonstration at BRAY.

13th Training was cancelled owing to bad weather. Lectures were given by the OC & by OC Coys. O.O. No.181 from Bde. HQ received. Bn. O.O. 81 issued (attached).

14th Bn. moved by march from ROCQUIGNY to EASTWOOD camp HAVRINCOURT WOOD. Left at 2pm arrived at destination at 4.30pm. Camp was found to consist of 21 NISSEN huts & averaged about 35 - 40 men per hut.

Eastwood Camp in Havrincourt Wood.

15th Coys practised artillery formations & assembly for trench attack. Mjr. N.S. CLUTTERBUCK joined as 2nd in command. Camp bombed between 7pm & 10pm by hostile aircraft. One machine landed with a crew of 1 Officer & 3 ORs at P.15.c near YTRES - RUYAULTCOURT Rd. 2 slightly injured. Machine was forced to land through engine trouble. Before landing a series of red lights were fired as a signal of distress, on this signal German bombing grounds show a light.

16th Court Martial on Pte. CHEMMINGS & PIKE, President Mjr. N.S. CLUTTERBUCK. At 11am enemy shelled the camp with H.E. & shrapnel also at 1pm. 1 man wounded. 2/Lt. TAYLOR proceeded on 3 days gas course. 2/Lt. STUART rejoined Bn. from APM AMIENS. Hostile aircraft again bombed the camp from 6.30pm to about 10.30pm, no casualties.

17th Operation & administrative orders for taking over the line occupied by HOOD Bn. 189th Bde. received from 188th Inf. Bde. Bn. operation orders issued as attached. News received that Pte. CHEMMINGS escaped from guard room of HOWE Bn. afterwards he was recovered. Camp again bombed by hostile aircraft during the evening, also very slightly shelled.

18th Bn. rested & everything prepared for taking over the line. Bn. entrained at EASTWOOD camp & proceeded by light railway as far as TRESCAULT. Bn. then moved by overland track with Coys at 200 yds distance & 100 between platoons, relief completed at 11.30pm.

Couillett Sector

19th During the day there was very little hostile shelling. During the evening enemies TMs showed increased activity. Situation remained unchanged during whole day & night. 1 man wounded.

20th Enemies TMs very active against our trenches. Operation order for the relief of Bn. by 2nd HLI & OXFORD & BUCKS LI received from Bde. Bn. operation order No.83 issued at 6.30pm. 2 ORs killed & 1 wounded. 21 ORs reinforcements & 6 Casuals joined Bn.

21st All arrangements made for relief by 2nd HLI & 1 Coy of Oxford & Bucks LI. Guides were instructed in their duties. 2/Lt. HORNE & Lt. HOTHAM left the line at 9.30am for QM stores prior to proceeding on a course of instruction on 22/2/18. Sub/Lt. CARR, ANSON Bn. attached 1st RM as Signal Officer left the line to Hospital having put his knee out. Relief completed at 9.30pm & Bn. proceed via track to TRESCAULT & entrained for YTRES occupying billets in PIONEER Camp.

Pioneer Camp Lechelle

22nd Coys at disposal of OC Coys & day spent in cleaning arms, equipment & clothing. Instructions received for Bn. to move to EASTWOOD Camp on 23/24th & relieve HOOD Bn. Operation order No.84 issued. Lt. HOTHAM & 2/Lt. HORNE proceeded to V Corps School for general course of instruction. Lt. WHARF returned off course from 3rd Army Musketry School. 2/Lt. HOWE from UK leave.

23rd Bn. proceeded by route march to EASTWOOD Camp falling in at 9.45am & arriving at 3.15pm. 2/Lt. EDWARDS to Hospital sick. Bn. placed in Div. Reserve & ready to move out at one hours notice.

Eastwood Camp Havrincourt Wood

24th OC Bn., Adjutant & one Officer per Coy reconnoitred the back areas of the Divl. front with a view to carrying out instructions laid down in the Div. & Bde. defense scheme. C. of E. parade service held under cover of the school. 18 ORs proceeded on leave.

25th Bn. worked on improving the camp. During the forenoon camp was visited by the Divl. who expressed approval of work in progress. Work commenced under R.E. supervision.

26th 2 Officers, Lt. MIDDLETON & 2/Lt. HOLLOWAY & 50 ORs joined Bn. Lt. MIDDLETON resumed the duties of Transport Officer vice 2/Lt. GILBERT to A Coy. 2/Lt. HOLLOWAY to D Coy. Operation order No.185 for relief on night of 27/28th received. Sentence of Ch/18716 Pte. J. CHEMMINGS commuted to 5 years Penal Servitude by order of the Army Commander.

27th Coys at the disposal of OC Coys. All blankets, packs etc. returned to stores in preparation for line. Ch/190.S. Pte. H. PIKE handed over to APM for safe custody during period in the line. EASTWOOD Camp turned over to advance party of 2nd Bn. RMLI at 4.30pm. At 5pm Bn. entrained at EASTWOOD camp light railway station, detraining at TRESCAULT at 5.30pm. Bn. proceeded by overland track into SUPPORT trenches, relief of ANSON Bn. completed at 8.30pm.

Support Trench Flesquieres

28th T/Surgeon H.C. BROADHURST joined Bn. & relieved Capt. H.C. COLYER RAMC to 148th FA. 3 NCOs & 30 ORs employed on digging Bde. HQ TRESCAULT report at 9am. 6 Officers, 16 NCOs & 200 ORs employed on task work digging immediate SUPPORT line to FRONT LINE. Task consisted of excavating 4ft at top - 3ft deep & 3ft at bottom, commenced at 6.15pm, finished at 10.30pm. One EA forced to land through effect of MG & LG fire. Enemy activity normal. Wind westerly changing to north. Slight rain & hail showers intermittently. Visibility good.

1RM MARCH 1918

Ribecourt Left, in support

1st Bn. in support to ANSON Bn. 2 Coys in SCREW TRENCH & KAISER TRENCH. 1 Coy in CHAPEL WOOD SWITCH remaining Coy in SCREW TRENCH.

2nd Operation order No.86 issued for relief by 2nd Bn. RMLI & for relief of ANSON Bn. on night of 3rd/4th.

3rd Bn. was relieved by 2nd Bn. RMLI at 7.30pm. On completion of relief Bn. relieved ANSON Bn. in Front Line, relief completed about 10.30pm.

Ribecourt Left Front Line

4th & 5th Situation remained unchanged & casualties slight. Bn. employed during night completing "T" head posts, wiring & clearing communication trenches.

6th Operation order No.87 for relief of Bn. by 2nd Bn. RMLI issued. Situation remained unchanged & casualties very slight.

7th 2nd Bn. RMLI relieved Bn. on night of 7th, relief completed at 11.30pm. On completion of relief Bn. moved to EASTWOOD Camp, entraining at TRESCAULT, detraining at Station B.W. 19.

Eastwood Camp

8th Bn. spent day cleaning up & resting. All S.B.R.s inspected & S.A.A. deficiencies completed. Working party of 100 ORs working in camp under supervision of WORCESTER PIONEERS Bn. "Stood To" during forenoon.

9th Training & practices for raid carried out in forenoon. Working parties for MTMs & WORCESTER PIONEERS supplied, also working party of 2 Officers & 250 ORs working on BURIED CABLE. SUMMER TIME came into force at 12 midnight.

10th Bn. operation order No.88 issued for relieving ANSON Bn. in SUPPORT on night of 11th/12th. Working parties as for 9/3/18 supplied.

11th Bn. relieved ANSON Bn. in SUPPORT relief completed by 11pm. During relief Bn. was heavily Gas shelled passing through TRESCAULT. Casualties: 2 Officers, 40 ORs. Three Coys in GRAND RAVINE ; B Coy in SCREW TRENCH at disposal of OC FRONT LINE Bn.

SUPPORT In Grand Ravine

12th Day spent in clearing RAVINE & DUGOUTS of GAS. Working parties supplied for work under R.E.s on the BILHELM CHAPEL WOOD SWITCH & the BROWN LINE. Area heavily shelled at night with GAS SHELLS.

13th Usual working parties supplied on BROWN LINE & BILHELM CHAPEL WOOD SWITCH. Intermittent shelling of GRAND RAVINE during night with GAS SHELL.

14th Usual working parties under R.E.s supplied. Orders received for re-organisation of reliefs. 100 ORs received from NELSON Bn.

15th Coy under disposal of OC FRONT LINE Bn. ceased work on BILHELM CHAPEL WOOD SWITCH, working on SHEREWOOD SWITCH at night. Remaining 3 Coys worked under R.E. supervision on BROWN LINE & CHAPEL WOOD SWITCH.

16th & 17th 1 Coy working on SHEREWOOD SWITCH at night, 2 Coys under REs during day, remaining Coy working under Staff Captain establishing ammunition dumps in HAVRINCOURT defences, BROWN LINE & CHAPEL WOOD SWITCH. Intermittent Gas Shelling at night.

18th Bn. operation order No.89 for relief of 2nd Bn. RMLI in FRONT LINE issued. Work as for 16th & 17th carried out. GRAND RAVINE was again GAS SHELLED during night & BROWN LINE shelled with H.E. during day.

19th Bn. relieved 2nd Bn. RMLI in FRONT LINE relief completed about 10pm. Bn. rested during day.

Front Line Bn. HQ Screw Trench

20th Usual trench routine carried out during day. All posts in front line were full of MUD & WATER. At night PATROLS were posted forward & gaps in line filled up.

[German Spring Offensive begins; aka March Retreat]

21st FRONT LINE & back area heavily shelled during early morning & intermittent shelling during day. Bn. ordered to withdraw through 2nd Bn. RMLI thereby causing SUPPORT LINE to become FRONT LINE.

Flesquieres Havrincourt Wood

22nd Bn. ordered to evacuate & proceed to OLD BRITISH LINE in HAVRINCOURT WOOD. Shortly before evacuation, Lt. Col. FARQUHARSON MC RMLI commanding 2nd Bn. RMLI wounded in BROWN LINE.

23rd Bn. proceeded to prepared line in front of BERTINCOURT & took up position in FRONT LINE on the left of 2nd Bn. RMLI. During the afternoon enemy heavily shelled the right Bn.


24th Bn. ordered to withdraw from BERTINCOURT & proceed to BAPAUME - PERONNE ROAD & thence to MARTINPUICH.


25th Bn. in conjunction with remainder of Bde. fought rearguard action to THIEPVAL, where Bde. took up a position & remained there during the night 25th/26th 3/18.


26th Ordered to withdraw across RIVER ANCRE to HAMEL, where the Bn. took up a defensive position. Relieved by Bn. The Queens & proceeded to MARTINSART into billets.


27th During the night enemy patrols pushed through MESNIL & N. end of AVELUY WOOD. A general counter attack was made in order to clear MESNIL & N. end of WOOD in with two Coys of this Bn. took part.

Aveluy Wood

28th Relieved & proceeded to MAILLY MAILLET & thence later in the day to FORCEVILLE into rest billets.


29th Reorganizing etc. etc.

30th Reorganizing etc. etc. Bn. inspected by GOC 188th Inf. Bde.

31st Reorganizing etc. etc. Church Parades etc. Casualties during operations 22/3/18 - 28/3/18 inclusive were:- Killed: ORs 20 ; Wounded: Officers 5, ORs 78 ; Missing: Officers 7, ORs 337.

1RM APRIL 1918

1st Bn. billeted in village. Training & reorganization commenced in the morning. Three parties of 1 Officer, 50 ORs employed on night digging leaving village at 5.45pm returning 12.15am. Warning order for Bn. to move to TOOTENCOURT received.

2nd Bn. moved by route march to TOOTENCOURT leaving FORCEVILLE at 12.10pm arriving TOOTENCOURT at about 3pm. Accommodation was found to be lacking. Bn. eventually placed in YMCA hut & RFC Hanger. Warning order received for Bde. to move & hold the line again.


3rd In accordance with instructions Bn. moved from TOOTENCOURT by route march to ENGLEBELMER. Bde. in reserve to 190th Inf. Bde. Bn. bivouacked in orchards outside village. Bn. HQ established in village at Q.19.a.7.7. Intermittent shelling of village & surroundings during day & night.

4th 8 ORs proceeded on Signal Course. 5 Officers of MIDDLESEX & ENTRENCHING Bn. joined Bn. Village & Bivouacs intermittently shelled throughout day. Casualties nil.

Aveluy Wood

5th Heavy bombardment of village & surroundings with H.E. & a few gas shells, amongst latter several 'Blue Cross', commencing at 4am & continuing all day. 1.30pm - The Bn. was placed at the disposal of the GOC 190th Inf. Bde. holding the front line. 3pm. A Coy - Capt. CAMPBELL moved up in support of 7th Bn. ROYAL FUSILIERS, & was followed by HQ & B Coy. 7pm The situation in the WOOD at this time was obscure. Patrols discovered two gaps in the line which were filled. After mixed fighting during the night a defensive flank was 6th formed with LEFT of 24th LONDON - 47th DIV. In this fighting following Officers became casualties:- Killed: Lt. GJ WHARF RMLI; Wounded: 2/Lts. PERRY & SHIMOLD, MIDDLESEX Regt.

6th 7.45am 2/RMLI arrived in support. At 9.30am a counter-attack by 2/RMLI, assisted by 1/RMLI was successful in re-installing original FRONT LINE. Contact was obtained with 4th BEDFORD on our left. Line was consolidated under heavy shell fire, & both Bns. reorganised with 1/RMLI on RIGHT & 2/RMLI on LEFT. Enemy aeroplanes were active during the afternoon, dropping lights along our line of Posts. In the counter-attack 55 prisoners & 10 MGs were captured. Remaining details of ROYAL FUSILIERS were withdrawn after dark. 2/Lts. BIRGER & SPRAGON, MIDDLESEX Regt., 2/Lt. DARK, R.W. KENTS & TREGEDGA RM wounded.

7th Bn. relieved by ANSON Bn., returning to billets in FORCEVILLE arriving 6am 8/4/18.


8th The following Officers & ORs joined the Bn.:- Capt. R. POLAND from hospital, 2nd in command, 10 Officers & 265 ORs MIDDLESEX Regt. & 70 ORs RMLI. Bn. reorganised in four Coys, commanded as follows:- A Coy, Capt. WALTER, MIDDLESEX Regt. ; B Coy, Capt. R. CAMPBELL RMLI ; C Coy, 2/Lt. HORNE RM ; D Coy, Lt. HOTHAM RM.

9th Bn. relieved ANSON Bn. in AVELUY WOOD.

Aveluy Wood

10th Fairly quiet. Some MG & Minnenwerfer activity. 4 ORs to LTM Course.

11th Bn. digging in, in AVELUY WOOD. 2/Lt. ATTWATER, MIDDLESEX Regt. wounded. Bn. relieved by ARTISTS RIFLES & returned to billets in FORCEVILLE arrived 3am 12/4/18.


12th Bn. resting at FORCEVILLE. D Coy bathed & received clean clothing. 57 ORs RMLI arrived. Sub/Lt. NEIL, HOWE Bn. rejoined.

13th Bn. reorganised with four platoons per Coy. Some training done. Remainder of Bn. bathed, Lewis Gunners to L.G. instruction.


14th Bn. moved to ARQUEVES by route march. HQ at O.14.a.8.1.

15th Party of 250 men for work on CORPS LINE. Lewis Gunners & Signallers training under LGO & SO.

16th Party for work on CORPS LINE. Lt. D.M. SMITH RM joined from ENGLAND - to B Coy.

17th & 18th Bn. at Coy training.

19th 350 men for work on CORPS LINE. Lecture & demonstration on artillery formation by the GOC to the Officers of the Bde. Lewis Gunners to instruction under LGO. Mjr. F.B.A. LAWRIE joined from BASE DEPOT to HQ.

20th Bn. practised advance in artillery formation on 1000x front. MM awarded to Ch/19537 Cpl. (A/Sgt.) G.W. PARKES.

21st Joint Church Parade of 1/RMLI & 2/RMLI at O.20.a.3.6.

22nd Demonstration of "Blood on the Bullet" musketry training by Mjr. I. BOSTOCK KOYLI, 3rd Army Musketry School. 5.15 Lecture & demonstration by Mjr. BOSTOCK. The following Officers joined from ENGLAND:- Lts. R.A. MCBRIDE, G.P. MASCALL, 2/Lts. MATTHEWS; A.E. CREED; J.D. STEELE; J.A. CURRAN; G.A. BRINDLEY; T.G. STEWART; A.W. GREGORY; F. BRUNNELL.

23rd 300 men for work on CORPS LINE. Capt. J.A. THOMAS RM joined from ENGLAND.

24th Bn. at Coy training. Training & bathing. The following awarded the Military Cross:- T/Capt. R.H.P. WEST, T/Lt. G.J. WHARF, T/Lt. J.W. MIDDLETON all RMLI.

25th Bn. at Coy training. T/Capt. J. THOMAS joined Bn. from Base Depot 22/4/18 & posted to B Coy.

26th Working party & Coy training. The following message sent to the 4th Bn. Royal Marines:- "To the Officers, WOs, NCOs & men of the 4th Bn. Royal Marines" - "Heartiest congratulations from the Officers, WOs, NCOs & men of the 1st Bn. Royal Marines.

27th Church Parade. Honours & awards (DRO 3973). The Field Marshall Commander-in-Chief, has, under authority, granted by His Majesty The King, awards & decorations, as under: - The Distinguished Service Order:- Mjr. (A/Lt. Col.) E.K. FLETCHER 1st Bn. RMLI ; Mjr. (A/Lt. Col.) N.S. CLUTTERBUCK 2nd Bn. RMLI. The undermentioned NCOs & men have been awarded the Military Medal:- Po/652/S Cpl. E. BERESFORD 1/RMLI ; Ch/16167 Pte. E.T. BELL 1/RMLI ; W.Z. 342 P.O. C.O. EVANS attd. HOWE Bn. ; Ply/1093/S L/Cpl. E. HOLWAY 1/RMLI ; Ply/12885 Cpl. (A/Sgt.) D.O.B. WEST 1/RMLI ; The Army, Corps, Div. Bde. & Bn. Commanders congratulate the recipients.

28th Reorganization. The 1st Bn. RMLI & the 2nd Bn. RMLI will be amalgamated tomorrow 29/4/18, & will be known as the 1st Bn. Royal Marines. Coy training.

29th Coys in the attack.

30th Specialist training. A working party of 300 workers marched to rendezvous & worked on PAS - VARDENCOURT defences. The undermentioned Officers have been struck off the strength of the Bn. & transferred to England. Rev. E.E. FARQUHARSON RM (S) 2/Lt. C.H. BAILEY (W).

1RM MAY 1918

1st & 2nd Coy Training.

3rd 250 ORs worked on PAS - VADENCOURT LINE. Honours & awards:- The Field Marshall Commander-in-Chief, has, under authority granted by His Majesty The King, awarded the Military Medal to the undermentioned NCOs & men: Ply/827/S Cpl. I. LARTER 2nd Bn. RMLI attd. Y/63rd TMB ; Po/17741 Pte. N. ARTIS 2nd Bn. RMLI attd. Y/63rd TMB ; Po/17183 Sgt. H. TRUSSLER 2nd Bn. RMLI ; Ply/13042 Sgt. (A/CSM) W.D. CROKE 2nd Bn. RMLI ; Ply/14352 Pte. (A/Sgt.) H.S. McCULLOUGH 2nd Bn. RMLI ; Ply/13941 Sgt. G.J. McCORMACK 2nd Bn. RMLI ; Ply/11929 Cpl. (A/Sgt.) J. KISSOCK 2nd Bn. RMLI ; Po/1500 Pte. P. MARSHALL 2nd Bn. RMLI ; Po/16832 Pte. A.S. GREEN 2nd Bn. RMLI ; Ply/1068 Pte. G.W. BELL 2nd Bn. RMLI. The Army, Corps, Divl., Bde. & Bn. Commanders congratulate the recipients. NOTICE:- The following has been received from the 4th Bn. Royal Marines, in reply to the message sent by the Officers, WOs, NCOs & men of the 1st Bn. & 2nd Bns. RMLI: "Very many thanks for your kind congratulations, which are much appreciated by all ranks" 4th Bn. RM. The following congratulatory messages have been received & sent:- From Vice Admiral Sir Roger KEYES CB CMG MVO DSO RN To GOC 63rd (RN) Div.: "Greetings on Glorious 25th April from KEYES" From Gen. LAWRIE & RND to Vice Admiral KEYES, Dover: Greeting reciprocated with our united congratulations on your splendid success. From Vice Admiral KEYES. To Gen. LAWRIE, RND BEF: "On behalf of the Forces I had great honour to command on St. George's Day. I wish to tell you that we are very proud to have received such a message from the RND".

4th Divine Service. 250 workers marched to, & worked on the FORCEVILLE LINE.

5th Coy training.

6th Honours & awards:- The Field Marshall, Commander-in-Chief, has under authority granted by His Majesty The King, awarded decorations as under:- The Military Cross - Capt. R.H. CAMPBELL RMLI ; T/2/Lt. C.H. BAILEY RM ; 2/Lt. W. SPRAGGON Middlesex Regt. The Army, Corps, Divl., Bde. & Bn. Commanders congratulate the recipients. The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty has approved of the undermentioned T/2/Lts. RM, being promoted to the rank of T/Lt. RM, from the date stated against their names:- (all 26/4/18) T.E. WRIGHT ; H.H. HARPER ; F.C. HOWE ; J.V. LORD ; C.L.C. McKEAND ; E.D. BARNARD ; H.G. BENNETT ; C.E. MENNELL ; E. WILKS ; F.H. BRETTELL ; C.V. EGAN ; W.C. WILLIAMSON MC ; H.J. WILCOX.

7th Coy inspections etc. prior to proceeding up the line. Night of 7/8th Bn. relieved the 2nd Bn. The Royal Irish Regt. in support in front of HAMEL.

Support in front of HAMEL

8th Front quiet.

9th Our artillery fairly active. During the night Bn. worked on intermediate system.

10th General inactivity prevailed. Wiring & digging parties worked on intermediate system & RIDGE TRENCH (close support to front line).

11th Intermittent artillery fire carried out by both sides. Digging & wiring continued with during night on RIDGE TRENCH, & CHARLES AVENUE cleared of refuse etc. etc. & fire steps constructed at intervals for use in conjunction with left flank defense. Chain of strong points built up from CLOSE SUPPORT to INTERMEDIATE LINE.

12th Front fairly quiet. Continued work on chain of strong points.

13th Our artillery considerably active on back areas. Night of 13/14th Bn. relieved ANSON Bn. in front line in front of HAMEL.

Front Line before HAMEL

14th Our artillery considerably active on BEAUCOURT - MIRAUMONT ROAD. Enemy transport blown up & during afternoon small parties of the enemy seen cutting up & carrying away the horse flesh.

15th Morning quiet. During the afternoon enemy shelled the left of our front line, but without effect. We had no casualties.

16th Activity normal.

17th At 6am enemy shelled CLOSE SUPPORT (RIDGE TRENCH) from centre to NORTHERN BOUNDARY, damage done to trench practically NIL. We had no casualties. During the night front line Coys worked on & improved posts for all round defense.

Front Line HAMEL Sector LEFT

18th Nothing of importance happened throughout the day. Night of 18/19th. On the night of 18/19th May C Coy of the Bn. in conjunction with HAWKE Bn. on the right, raided the enemy outpost positions in the HAMEL SECTOR. ZERO HOUR 12.15am At 12.15am 4.5 Hows. ; 18pdrs. ; HTMs, MTMs & LTMs opened up & at ZERO + 3 the raiders advanced towards their objective. When however the objective was reached it was found to have been absolutely evacuated by the enemy, & unfortunately we were unable to obtain identification of any kind. Dugouts & shelters were effectively bombed & fired after being searched & much damage was done. At ZERO + 30 the raiders returned. Our casualties were remarkably small & included 2/Lt. BOUCHER, who was slightly wounded in the back, & 2/Lt. HOLLAMBY slightly wounded in the leg, the latter remaining at duty.

Front Line before HAMEL

19th Normal activity. Surgeon A. PEARCE - GOULD instantly killed whilst standing outside SICK BAY by 77mm shell. Night of 19/20th 2nd Royal Irish Regt. relieved Bn. in front line. Bn. moved back into reserve at FORCEVILLE - 1 Coy remaining in ENGLEBELMER LINE, which was our line of resistance in case of attack.


20th Coy training carried out. Honours & awards:- The Field Marshall, Commander-in-Chief, has under authority granted by His Majesty The King, awarded decorations as under:- Bar to Military Cross T/Capt. G.A. NEWLING MC RMLI Bn. The Military Cross:- A/Capt. R.H. VANCE RMLI Bn. ; T/Lt. H.R. SMITH R.W. KENT Regt. attd. RMLI Bn. Promotion. The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have approved of Lt., T/Capt. T.H. BURTON MC RM being promoted to the rank of Captain RM from the 23rd April 1918.

NOTICE:- The following is to be brought to the notice of every Officer, NCO & man of the ROYAL MARINES. Inspection by H.M. The King, of the depot, Royal Marines, Deal. The Senior Squad of Recruits in future to be known as:- "The Kings Squad" To General WHITE. "I am glad to have had an opportunity of inspecting the Depot of the ROYAL MARINES, & I desire to express my entire satisfaction both with the system of training & with the serious & earnest spirit shown by Officers & men to attain a high standard of war efficiency. It was a pleasure to see the orderly state of the various branches of your depot & I welcome the opportunities given to all ranks for recreation & sport. For some 250 years the ROYAL MARINES have rendered splendid service to the country & during the great war they have had the unique record of taking part in all naval actions & of being employed in every theatre of war. Everywhere your Corps had added fresh glory to its record & never has your name stood higher than today. When you serve on land or afloat, remember the achievements of those who have passed through the Depot before you, & to continue to foster the "Espirit de Corps", & fellowship with the navy which has always been famous in the traditionsof the ROYAL MARINES. I am prouder than ever to be your Colonel-in-Chief. Signed. George R.I. 7th March 1918.

21st Bn. went to Baths & drew clean clothes. The funeral of the late Surgeon A.L. PEARCE - GOULD RN took place at FORCEVILLE Cemetery. 1 Officer & 10 ORs attended.

22nd Coy training. NOTICE:- The following message has been received from the Army Commander: Please convey my congratulations to all ranks of the 63rd (RN) Div. who took part in the successful raid.

23rd Coy training. During the early hours of the morning Gas Alarm sounded. We had no casualties.

24th Coys at disposal of Coy Officers.


25th Bn. occupied FRONT LINE in front of HAMEL.

26th Quiet. 2 casualties.

27th Bn. in line. 23 reinforcements. 3 casualties.

28th Bn. in line. 1 casualty.

29th Bn. in line. 20 reinforcements.


30th Bn. moved into support. 19 reinforcements.

31st Neighbourhood of Bn. HQ heavily shelled during morning. 17 reinforcements. 3 casualties.

1RM JUNE 1918

1st Normal activity.

2nd Near vicinity of HQ dugout heavily shelled at intervals throughout the day.

3rd Fairly quiet.

4th Activity normal.

5th Enemy artillery displayed increasing activity throughout the day. Night of 5/6th Bn. relieved & proceeded to V.2.d in Divl. Reserve.


6th to 10th Bn. employed on digging, also some training was carried out.

Map ref: 570

11th to 14th Bn. employed on digging defences ; A certain amount of training was also carried out.

15th Bn. employed on digging defences & afterwards marched to HERISSART.


16th Church Parade. At about 11.15pm enemy aircraft flew over & bombs were dropped. Lt. Col. E.K. FLETCHER DSO RMLI & Capt. WEST MC RM, being slightly wounded.

17th Reorganisation of Coys etc. etc.

18th to 20th Coy Training.

21st Bn. sports.

22nd Bn. employed on wiring defences.

Reserve Beaumont Hamel Sector

23rd Quiet.

24th Quiet. Mjr. SANDILANDS joined Bn. from Wing & assumed the duties of 2nd i/c.

25th Activity normal.

26th Quiet. Lt. Col. FLETCHER DSO RMLI returned from Hospital & assumes command this day.

27th & 28th Quiet.

29th Bn. training LGs on range. Lt. MCBRYDE rejoins from Bde. reception camp.

30th LGs on range. Capt. R.H. CAMPBELL MC attd. 188th Inf. Bde. for duties of Bde. Major.

1RM JULY 1918

1st Bn. provides working parties of 5 Officers & 265 ORs for work with R.E.s. Lts. MCBRYDE & HOW reconnoitre FRONT LINE. 2/Lt. MAHDUR SINGH attd. D Coy for instruction.

Div. Reserve Beaumont Hamel Sector

2nd Lewis Guns on range. Gas & Musketry training. Capt. E.L. ANDREWS, 2/Lts. SINGH, TURTON & STEELE reconnoitre FRONT LINE.

3rd 250 men for work with R.E.s & Div. Sig. Coy

4th 150 men for work on BEAUSSART SWITCH & 100 men for work on new tramway.

5th Bn. preparing for the line. MO & IO reconnoitre FORWARD ZONE.


6th Bn. relieves ARTISTS RIFLES in Adv. forward zone.

7th Quiet day. AUCHONVILLERS shelled.

8th Fairly quiet. Enemy TMs active.

9th Considerable enemy artillery activity on B Coy.

10th Trench Mortar activity.

11th Quiet. Enemy caught in suspected relief. Heavily shelled.

12th Quiet.

13th Bn. moved into support.

Support Beaumont Hamel Sector

14th Quiet day. AUCHONVILLERS shelled.

15th Considerable enemy artillery activity on MAILLY STATION & MILL.

16th Fairly quiet.

17th Quiet day.

18th AUCHONVILLERS shelled intermittently throughout the day. Enemy aircraft attempted to cross our lines & was driven down by AA fire. Our artillery active throughout the day.

19th TM activity. Front line Bn. raided enemy posts assisted by heavy barrage at 12.15am.

20th Fairly quiet. Our artillery shelled BEAUMONT HAMEL.

21st Quiet day.

22nd AUCHONVILLERS shelled several times during the day.

23rd Heavy shelling of our front line at 5am. TM activity at night.

24th Activity normal. Night of the 24/25th Bn. relieved by 1st Bn. Lincs. Regt. & proceed to ARQUEVES staying for the night at LEALVILLERS. In Corps & GHQ reserve.


25th Bn. arrived ARQUEVES at 10.15am. The remainder of the day was spent in refitting, Baths etc.

26th Coy Training.

27th Bn. firing on range.

28th Coy Training.

29th Bn. transferred from V Corps area into IV Corps area & proceed to AUTHIE.


30th Coy Training. Mjr. N.S. CLUTTERBUCK DSO RMLI taken on the strength of this Bn.

31st Coy Training.


1st Bn. carried defence scheme of Purple Line in front of COIGNEAUX.

2nd Bn. proceed to Baths & afterwards carried out Coy Training.

3rd Instructions in Bivouacs. Heavy rain fell.

4th Bn. Church Parade in morning. 10.15pm Bn. moved to VAUCHELLES arriving 12 midnight.


5th Bn. left VAUCHELLES at 5.30pm & marched via LOUVENCOURT to BROWN LINE, ACHEUX & arrived at 8.30pm.

Brown Line ACHEUX

6th Right half Bn. worked on defences. Left half Bn. carried out attack practise.

7th Left half Bn. worked on defences. Right half Bn. carried out attack practise.

8th Right half Bn. worked on defences. Left half Bn. carried out attack practise. Bn. left BROWN LINE at 6pm & marched via LOUVENCORT & VARENNES to CONTAY, arriving at 3am.


9th Bn. resting.

10th Bn. carried out Musketry practise.

11th Bn. bathed & afterwards attended Church Parade.

12th Bn. in Co-operation with remainder of Div. carried out attack practise.

13th Bn. carried out musketry & Coy training.

14th Bn. carried out attack practise. Bn. left CONTAY at 9.20pm & arrived HENU at 3.40am 15/8/18.


15th Bn. inspected by OC & spent remainder of day digging in tents.

16th Bn. drill under OC.

17th Coys carried out attack practise.

18th Bn. attended Church Parade & afterwards musketry training.

19th Coys carried out attack practise, & at 11pm left HENU for SOUASTRE.


20th Coys inspected & replenished prior to going into action.

21st Bn. marched from billets in CHATEAU-DE-LA-HAIE to assembly position in top trench some 1500 yds west of ABLAIZONVILLE.

British Front Line before Ablaizonville

4.55am At zero (4.55am) Bn. passed through objective of 37th Div. & in co-operation with tanks attacked enemy position. OBJECTIVE. Eastern side of LOGEAST WOOD. 5.40am C & D Coys encountered obstinate resistance from enemy MGs at F.30.a c & at main road running from ABLAIZONVILLE to ACHIET -LE - GRAND. In order to deal with the situation C Coy & 2 Platoons of D Coy made a right form & energetically attacked these positions which were in a very short time cleared of the enemy. C Coy & the 2 Platoons of D Coy formed up & carried on with the advance meeting the two remaining Platoons of D Coy & immediately entered the WESTERN edge of LOGEAST WOOD. As a result of this operation one 5.9 Gun, 250 prisoners & 6 TMs together with much material were captured. During the day from 9.15am onwards three strong counter-attacks were made against our positions but were repulsed & in each case with sanguinary loss.


22nd Our positions were heavily shelled. Enemy counter-attacked at 5am but without success. 11am Enemy again formed up for counter- attack but before he could emerge from his positions the promptitude of our Lewis Gun & Rifle fire broke up the attack.

23rd 2.30am Bn. was relieved by a Bn. of the Rifle Bde. (37 Div.) & proceeded into BLUE LINE in F.29.c.


24th 5.30am Bn. marched to WESTERN edge of LOUPART WOOD & Bivouacked for the night.

Loupart Wood

25th 5.30am Bn. attacked enemy positions. FIRST OBJECTIVE Track running NE from G.35.d.5.05. to G.36.c20.40. FINAL OBJECTIVE Eastern edge of the village of LE BARQUE. First objective reached at 5.40am. Final objective reached at 6.30am & position immediately consolidated. Through this operation 150 prisoners, 2 TMs & 60 MGs along with much war material was captured. Immediately after gaining our objective, enemy made futile attempts to drive us from our positions but was repulsed with heavy losses. Throughout the day the enemy attempted to mass for counter-attack but the prompt action on the part of our Lewis Gun & Rifle fire frustrated all attempts & at the end of the day our line was intact.

26th Our patrols were active.

27th Isolated enemy activity.

28th 4.30 Bn. was relieved by 8th Bn. MANCHESTERS & proceeded to MIRUMONT in Bivouacs. Casualties: Killed - 3 Officers, 46 ORs ; Died of Wounds - 7 ORs ; Wounded - 12 Officers, 260 ORs ; Missing - 31 ORs.


29th Cleaning up & reorganising etc.

30th Reorganising, re-equipping etc. Bn. inspected by GOC 188th Inf. Bde. & at 11.30pm Bn. proceeded to BOIRY ST - RICTRUDE.

Boiry St Rictrude

31st Bn. rested.


1st Bn. bivouacked in the open arriving at 5.30am. During the day Bn. received instructions to move up to an assembly position near FONTAINE in U.7.a. Bn. left at about 5.45pm arriving about 9pm resting for the night in trench to NW of CROISILLES - FONTAINE Rd. Verbal instructions received for the attack on the following day.

In action from U.10.a to Queant

2nd Bn. moved to assembly position in U.10.a with the 2nd Bn. R.IRISH Regt. on left & ANSON Bn. in SUPPORT. At zero (5am) plus 2 hrs 45 mins Advance was made in artillery formation through RIENCOURT passing through 57th Div. & attacking 2nd objective - a line running from V.25.c.0.1 to V.19.d.3.7. Fighting continued throughout the day until final objective was taken & the Bn. held a line before QUEANT running from Y.26.d.7.9. to Y.27.d.5.0. Casualties: Killed - 1 Officer, 15 ORs ; Wounded - 1 Officer, 61 ORs (estimated).

3rd At about 9.30am Bn. received instructions to proceed to an assembly position in V.28.a & b with orders to stand by to move at short notice. At 7pm instructions received to proceed to BUISSY SWITCH & HINDENBURG SUPPORT line from junction of Switch & Support line to D.6.c.8.7 & Bn. was placed at the disposal of GOC 189th Inf. Bde. Killed - 13 ORs, wounded 14 ORs.

Buissy Switch

4th At 1am one Coy, D Coy, was ordered to assist in an attack on the BRIDGEHEAD in E.8.b & d & at 5am another Coy C Coy was ordered to assist the HOOD Bn. in an attack on another Bridge Head in E 2 Central. Little heading could be made & our troops were forced to withdraw to their original line having suffered heavy casualties. Killed 7, wounded 6. Bn. relieved by 190th Bde. & whole Bn. withdrawn to original line.

5th Bn. remained in trenches & was subject to periodical heavy shelling & gas shelling. Casualties: Killed - 1 Officer, 1 OR ; Wounded 1 Officer, 21 ORs ; Divl. Commander visited troops in the line & congratulated all ranks on their most successful operation.

6th Bn. remained in trenches. Periodical shelling. Wounded 4.

7th Bn. remained in trenches during day. Occasional shelling. Wounded 4. Bn. moved at 9pm via BULLECOURT to U.19.d.8.5 (map 51 bsw) arriving about midnight. The night was spent here.

U.19.d.8.5 Gouy-en-Artois

8th At 7.30pm Bn. left halting place & marched to BOYELLES entraining there about 11pm. Night of 8/9th spent in train.

9th Bn. arrived by train at LAHERLIERE at 7am & marched to billets in GOUY-EN-ARTOIS arriving there at 8.30am. Forenoon occupied by Bn. resting, afternoon by cleaning up.

10th Cleaning, re-equipping & inspections.

11th Platoon training.

12th Coy training & musketry on range.

13th Training.

14th Inspection of Bn. by Brig. Gen. J.D. COLERIDGE in morning.

15th (Sunday) Brigadier inspected Transport. Church Parade in morning. Lecture to Officers & NCOs on "Submarine Warfare" by Lt. Comdr RN.

16th Training.

17th Bn. left GOUY at 10.30am & proceeded by march route to BLAIREVILLE where night was spent.

18th Bn. left BLAIREVILLE by march route at 9am for bivouacs in T.30.b. & T.24.d (51BSW). Bde. scheme en route, attacking CROISILLES & ST. LEGER from BOYELLES. RM Bn. on right, 2nd ROYAL IRISH Regt. centre & ANSON Bn. on left. Bn. arrived at bivouacs at 3pm. Bivouacs taken over from 8th Bn. KINGS LIVERPOOLS.

Near Croisilles

19th Bn. in bivouacs at T.30.b & T.24.d (South of CROISILLES) . Platoon & Coy training & range practice.

20th Training. Coys in attack & Lewis Guns on range.

21st & 22nd Training.

23rd Training. Bn. in practice attack on HENDECOURT.

24th & 25th Training.


26th 63rd RND in bivouacs SOUTH of CROISILLES :- 1st Bn. "ROYAL MARINES" move off Coys 200yds distance at 1.45pm along road to QUEANT in D.7.b.6. At 12.15am the Bn. moved to assembly position N.W. of MOEUVRES.

b Zero at 5.20am. The 52nd Div. advanced to high ground EAST of CANAL du NORD. 190th Bde. advance & "mop up" THE HINDENBURG LINE followed by the 188th Bde. 189th Bde. in support - The 1st Bn. "ROYAL MARINES" move at zero + 20 minutes. "ANSON" Bn. on left with ROYAL IRISH Regt. in support - Reaching E.16.d & E.21.B the Bn. swing S.EAST & move to the attack on the village of ANNEUX. Strong opposition was met with at the Factory between ANNEUX & GRAINCOURT but was overcome with heavy loss to the enemy in personnel & material. The village of ANNEUX was captured at 2.30pm & the line consolidated. At 6.45pm the enemy counter-attacked under a heavy MG barrage but was repulsed with heavy loss. The enemy left many killed. The remainder of the night past off quietly. Casualties:- Killed - Officers 4, ORs 28 ; Wounded - Officers 6, ORs 91 ; Captures: 2 Heavy Howitzers, 9 Field Pieces.


28th The 57th Div. passed through the 63rd RN Div. at 6.30am & advance on FONTAINE, NOTRE DAME & CANTAING on to the CANAL de L'ESCAUT. The 1st Bn. ROYAL MARINES reorganized behind ANNEUX & at 3pm move into trench between FONTAINE & CANTAING in F.2.2 central. At nightfall the 189th Bde. move up to cross the CANAL de L'ESCAUT & the river ESCAUT.


29th The 1st Bn. ROYAL MARINES move at 11.30am & cross the RIVER ESCAUT & THE CANAL de L'ESCAUT & line up for an attack on high ground A.26.b - d - Assembly position in F.30.A (sheet 57c N.E.) The Bn. attacked at 1.45pm but meet with heavy opposition from the direction of PROVILLE. Heavy enfilade fire rendered progress very slow. At nightfall line ran A.26.a & A.19.d (sheet 57b N.W.). Casualties:- Officers wounded 3 ; ORs Killed 16, wounded 112.

High ground overlooking PROVILLE & FBG de PARIS

30th The 57th Div. advance to the attack & leapfrog through the 63rd RN Div. Heavy opposition was met with & at places our front line was barely reached. Casualties:- ORs Killed 2, wounded 30. At 10.30pm Sept. 30th A Coy in conjunction with a Coy of the ANSON Bn. move off to capture & consolidate the strong point in A.27.a


1st The strong point was reached & positions consolidated. At 6.10am Oct 1st the enemy counter attacked heavily with the result that D Coy were forced to withdraw to trench in A.27.a.2.1. where owing to heavy MG fire this party was isolated & no assistance could be sent. At 5.44pm the 52nd (Lowland) Div. advance under a heavy barrage where pushing on as far as possible they would automatically relieve the 63rd RND. The Bn. ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS passed through the 1st Bn. ROYAL MARINES & reached & consolidated a line running approx A.20.d & A.27.a. Casualties up to time of relief: 1 Officer wounded - ORs wounded 8. At 8.20pm the 1st Bn. ROYAL MARINES form up on road A.20.c - A.19.d & move to bivouacs in F.26.a.2.1 (sheet 57c N.E.) near ANNEUX. Total missing during operations 59.

Near Anneux

2nd Day spent in digging in of bivouacs & tents, cleaning up, reorganising.

3rd Inspections & reorganising.

4th & 5th Coy training in forenoon.

6th (Sunday) Church Parade. At about 6.30am, enemy shell fell in camp & killed 1 & wounded 3 ORs. About 9pm Enemy aircraft bombed camp & wounded 11 ORs & killed 8 horses.

7th At 4pm Bn. moved off from bivouacs to assembly position in G.8.c via No.5 Bridge over L'ESCAUT river & by No.12 bridge over the CANAL de ST QUENTIN. Bn. was in position by 19.30. Coys fell in, after a hot meal, on the RUMILLY ROAD crossing the starting point G.8.d.5.0at 01.10 hours & moved to jumping off position in G.16.a & C.

G.16.a & c.

8th Coys were lined out immediately in rear of the 2nd Bn. ROYAL IRISH Regt. in two waves, A on right, B on left of first wave. C on right, D on left of second wave. Artillery formation covering Bde. front from G.10.c.3.0 to G.16.d.9.7. Lining out was completed by 04.00 hrs without casualties. At 04.30 hours barrage opened. At 04.40 barrage lifted & 2nd Bn. ROYAL IRISH Regt. moved to attack followed by 1st Bn. ROYAL MARINES. The 2nd R.I. Regt. captured first objective in schedule time. Immediately in rear of this objective, trench running through G.6.c & d, 1st Bn. ROYAL MARINES shook out into attack formation & advanced to attack of 2nd objective road running from A.30.c to H.1.c. Attack progressed rapidly & with few casualties until right edge of village of NIERGNIES & CEMETERY in H.1.c were reached. At these points heavy fighting occurred & severe casualties inflicted on the enemy holding the cemetery which was held by numerous MGs. Tanks materially assisted in the clearing of this cemetery, the attack continued to LA BELLE ETOILE, which was found to be held strongly by MGs & infantry. The first, a frontal attack, failed. D Coy immediately attacked on left & B Coy on right, succeeded in encircling the position & captured 4 MGs & about 30 of the enemy. All objectives were gained by 08.10 hrs & touch obtained with KRRs on right & HOOD Bn. on left.

Near Niergnies

At 08.30 hours the enemy counter attacked using captured British Tanks & forced the troops on our right flank to withdraw. Efforts were made to form a defensive flank but the enemy forced our forward posts back about 200 yds. Our troops were immediately reorganised & assisted by the barrage, recaptured all objectives. At 1300 hrs the enemy opened up an intense bombardment on our troops holding the cemetery for an hour. This was repeated throughout the afternoon, making the position untenable. At 16.30 the enemy counter attacked heavily & heavy fighting ensued. At this time a Bn. of the EAST SURREY Regt. were about to relieve, but this was delayed until the situation was cleared up. By 1730 hours our troops has been forced back to a line H.1.c.4.5 along road through H.1.c to G.6.a.5.0 along track to A.30.d.8.5. This was reported & instructions received for the EAST SURREYS to push forward & take over the line & our troops to withdraw when this had been done. This was done & the Bn. withdrawn at 0001 hrs & marched back to Bivouacs near ANNEUX. Total casualties: Killed 2 Officers & 9 ORs ; wounded 4 Officers & 82 ORs. Unaccounted for 48 ORs. Captures: 2 Field Guns, 12 MGs. Prisoners captured approx 100.

9th Bn. left bivouacs near ANNEUX at 11.30 & proceeded by march route to MORCHIES arriving at 16.30.


10th Bn. in bivouacs.

11th Bn. left MORCHIES & entrained at VAULX VRAUCOURT at 15.30hrs.


12th Bn. detrained at ST POL midnight & marched to billets at PIERREMONT & LIBESSART arriving 0200 hrs.

13th to 21st Training.

22nd Bn. left PIERREMONT 0900 hrs & proceeded by march route via ST POL to AMBRINES arriving at 14.30 hours.


23rd to 29th Training.

30th Training. Bn. Gymkhana in afternoon.

31st Training. Transport left for new area.


1st 1st Bn. ROYAL MARINES marched from AMBRINES at 08.30 hrs to MAZIERES where it embussed at 09.30 hours & proceeded via LENS to EVIN - MALMAISON (about 5 miles N. of DOUAI) arriving there at 15.00 hrs. Bn. in billets.


2nd to 4th Training.


5th Bn. left EVIN at 0730 hours & proceeded by bus to billets in HAULCHIN (5 miles S.W. of VALENCIENNES).

6th Bn. marched from HAULCHIN to AULNOY. In billets.

7th Bn. marched from AULNOY to SAULTAIN, halted there for four hours & proceeded to SEBOURQIAULX. In billets.

8th Bn. left SEBOURQIAULX & marched to ANGRE, halting there about 2 hours & continued to billets in AUDREGNIES.

9th Bn. marched from AUDREGNIES to BLAUGIES. Halted there for four hours & marched to SARS LA BRUYERE. In billets.

Active Operations

10th The Bn. moved from SARS LA BRUYERE at 0600 hrs on morning of 10th inst. with instructions to proceed to BOUGNIES & a warning order was received that the Bn. would probably pass through 190th Inf. Bde. at 12 noon & proceed to the attack. During the march a conference was assembled consisting of all Bn. Commanders & verbal instructions were given for the attack. The Bn. arrived at BOUGNIES at 1000 hrs & on the return of the CO a conference of all Officers of the Bn. was held. On verbal instructions issued by the Bde. Commander the Bde. was ordered to attack & established a line EAST of VILLERS St. GHISLAIN & St. SYMPHORIEN. ANSON Bn. on the right, 2nd Bn. R.I. Regt. on the left, 1st Bn. RMs in SUPPORT. The Bde. group accordingly moved to ASQUILLIES arriving at about 11.15 hrs. 2nd R.I. Regt. moved up ASQUILLES - NOUVELLES Rd., ANSON Bn. to a SUNKEN Rd. in W.9.a & b. Before the Bn. cleared the village of ASQUILLES the enemy opened up a concentrated bombardment on the village inflicting a few casualties. The Bn. then moved into the Sunken Rd. vacated by the ANSON Bn. Opposition was expected on the LEFT flank & consequently in accordance with previous instructions the Bn. moved to NOUVELLES in artillery formation suffering four casualties - Lt. Col. P. SANDILANDS DSO & 3 ORs wounded. Capt. R.H.P. WEST MC then took Command of the Bn. until the arrival of Mjr. F.B.A. LAWRIE from the Transport lines. The advance of the Bde. was held up due EAST of NOUVELLES & 1 Coy 1st RM Bn. was placed at the disposal of OC 2nd Bn. R.I. Regt. but was not used. Under cover of darkness ANSON Bn. & 2nd R.I. Regt. were able to continue the advance establishing a line EAST of SPIENNES & HARMIGNIES by 0330 hrs.

11th At about 0500 hrs the Bn. received instructions to attack & establish a line EAST of the VILLAGES HARMIGNIES - VILLERS - St. GHISLAN. At 0700 hrs further instructions were received that hostilities would cease at 1100hrs but the Bn. was to establish the line previously ordered - if possible - but no men were to be wasted in the effort & if opposition was met the advance was not to be continued. In accordance with these instructions the Bn. moved to the attack, C Coy on the right, B Coy on the left, followed by D in support of C Coy. A Coy in support of B Coy. Progress was commenced at 0800 hrs & was rapid, no opposition being met with. By 10.45 hrs the Bn. had passed through the ANSON Bn. & 2nd R.I. Regt. & consolidated its objective, by hostilities ceasing an outport line was established by B & C Coys running approx R.34.b.2.28 a & b, R.23.c - R.22.b & a & touch was obtained with the 189th Bde. on the right & the Canadians on the left. A & D Coys & HQ were billeted in the village of VILLERS St. GHISLAIN & held in immediate support. Enemy observed the terms of the Armistice & no further incidents took place.

Villers St. Ghislain

12th A & D Coys relieved B & C in the outpost line.

13th B & C Coys relieved A & D in the outpost line.

14th A & D Coys relieved B & C in the outpost line.

15th ANSON Bn. relieved 1st RM Bn. in outpost line.

16th to 18th Cleaning up & training.


19th 1st RM Bn. moved from VILLERS St. GHISLAIN to ST. SYMPHORIEN.

20th Bn. moved back to VILLERS St. GHISLAIN.

Villers St. Ghislain

21st to 23rd Training.

24th Church Parade.

25th to 26th Training.


27th Bn. left VILLERS ST. GHISLAIN 8.45 & marched via HARMIGNIES - HARVENG, NOIRCHAIN, GENLY to EUGIES arriving at 1300 hrs. In billets.

28th to 30th Training (ceremonials to)


1st Church Parade.

2nd Ceremonial Drill in the morning. - Sport in the afternoon.

3rd Training - Honours & awards - MC to Lt. A.G. BAREHAM. MM to Po 17970 L/Cpl. T.W. CHILDS. MM to Ply 16495 L/Cpl. J.W. COUTHARD & Po 2090 Pte. F. LOCK.

4th to 6th Training & Sports.

7th Training. Inspection by Divl. Commander.

8th Church Parade.

9th Training - Court of Enquiry re Bombing accident.

10th & 11th Training & Education.

La Bouverie

12th Part of Bn. moved to LA BOUVERIE.

13th & 14th Training.

15th Church Parade.

16th to 18th Training & Education.

19th Training & Route March.

20th & 21st Training & Salvage work.

22nd Church parade.

23rd & 24th Training.

25th Church Parade.

26th Roll Call & Dismiss.

27th & 28th Training.

29th Church Parade.

30th & 31st Training.


La Bouverie & Eugies Belguim

1st Training.

2nd Bn. Drill & Education.

3rd Route march & Education. Court of Inquiry re illegal absence of Ch 18658 Pte. F. BIDDLESTONE, Po 19056 Pte. W.J. LUKER & Ch 1942 Pte. J. McKNIGHT.

4th Coy Training.

5th Church Parade. Band Concert in afternoon.

6th Bn. Drill & Education.

7th Bathing.

8th Coy Training & Education.

9th Training & Education.

10th Route March.

11th Coy Training & Education.

12th Church Parade. Band Concert in afternoon.

13th Lecture to Bn. by MO.

14th Baths. Honours, DCM awarded to Po 675(S) WO II F.J.C. WINDYBANK

15th Coy Training & Education.

16th Bn. Drill & Education.

17th Route March.

18th Coy Training & Education.

19th Church Parade.

20th Coy Training & Education.

21st Baths.

22nd Coy Training & Education.

23rd Inspection by CO of Bn. by Coys.

24th Route March & Education.