Don't worry lad, your country won't forget you

2nd Royal Marine Battalion (aka 2nd Bn. RMLI)

War Diaries: June 1916 to April 1918

(Transcribed from original documents held at the PRO, Ref: WO/95/3110)


2RM JUNE 1916


1st Fatigues 300 in forenoon. Close order drill. Gas Helmet drill.

2nd Clothing issued. Gas Helmet drill. Rapid loading etc. Night fatigues 350 burying cable.

3rd Drills etc. Inspection of 1/RM & 1/ANSON by 1st Army Commander.

4th 1 Officer 3 ORs for PT & Bayonet Fighting, 2 Officers & 20 ORs for LTMs, 2 Officers & 10 ORs for Lewis Guns Course all sent to PERNES.

5th 300 fatigues in forenoon. Gas Helmet drill, Rapid loading, Arm drill etc.

6th 350 fatigues at night. Gas Helmet drill, Rapid loading, Arm drill etc.

7th Lt. Staughton & 45 ORs rejoined from ENGLAND. Railhead for RND established at BRUAY

8th Whole Battn. attended lecture on Gas at 23rd Divl. Gas School in afternoon. Instruction as usual in forenoon.

9th Drills as usual.

10th Gas Helmet drill - Light fatigues digging in cable.

11th 400 Officers & men attended lecture by 1st Army Chemical Advisor. Night fatigues.

12th Lewis Gun crews formed. Lieut. Andrews supervisor.

13th A & B Coys attached to 18th & 19th London Regt. in Angres Sector for instruction & supplied with Gas Helmets.

14th am Drill, Gas Helmet & Close order. pm Night fatigues (carrying parties).

15th pm Drill.

16th C & D Coys attached to 23rd & 24th London Regts. respectively for instruction relieving A & B Coys.

17th A & B Coys. bathed at 47th Div. Baths. 1 Officer & 8 ORs sent to Bde. Stokes Battery.

18th Drill & refitting A & B Coys.

19th Received orders to relieve 7th London Regt. on 20th/21st in Souchez sector. C & D Coys returned.

20th am C & D Coys bathed. pm Proceeded to trenches & relieved 7th London Regt.


21st am Quiet. Heavy bombardment by enemy's trench mortars 3 - 4.15pm - 3K . 9W

22nd 2nd Lieut. Somerville killed about 3.15pm by trench mortar. Issued orders for relief by HOWE Bn. RND

23rd pm Heavy rain all night. Relieved by HOWE Bn. & marched to billets in FRESNICOURT.


24th 1am to 9.15am Battn. arrived by companies on relief & were billeted in huts.

25th Kit inspection to obtain deficiencies & replace damaged clothing etc.

26th 4th Corps Com. inspected Battn. at work. The following Battn. classes were started, each under a Officer & NCOs trained at the schools. Bombing, wiring, PT & Bayonet fighting, Lewis Gun. A & B Coys commenced course of Musketry. Scouts under Scout Officer. Signal Class under Signal Sergt. Remainder of Battn. close order, gas & rapid loading drills.

27th am Training Classes as usual. Remainder at drills. D Coy at Baths. pm Battn. Medical Inspection. C Coy at Baths.

28th & 29th Training Classes. A & D Coys Route March. Transport inspected.

30th am Training Classes. D Coy disinfected all clothing & blankets. pm Training Classes. C Coy disinfected all clothing & blankets.

2RM JULY 1916

1st am Training Classes. Remainder close order, gas drill, rapid loading etc. B Coy disinfected all clothing & blankets. pm Training Classes. Remainder close order, gas drill, rapid loading etc. A Coy " "

2nd Parade Services & company inspections.

3rd Commenced No.2 Bombing, wiring & PT Courses, No.3 Lewis Gun Course. Drills as usual. Lt. Col. A.R.H. Hutchison assumed command of the 3rd Bde. Mjr. A.S. Tetley assumed command of 2nd RM Bn. during absence on duty of Brig. Gen. C. Trotman CB.

4th am Training Classes & Drill as usual. pm Medical Inspection of Battn. (weekly). 5 ORs to Stokes Gun Course at Bde. Trench Mortar School.

5th Training Classes & Drill, 1 Officer & 10 ORs to Bde. Grenade School. 1 Officer & 2 Signalmen to BRUAY for instruction in communication with Aircraft. Commenced Enteric inoculation of men not previously done. 20 men on alternate days.

6th Training Classes & Drill.

7th Battn. Route March to Bde. Training Ground. Rained very heavily from 10.45am on, so Battn. had to return. Lt. Col. ARH Hutchison resumed command of 2nd RM Battn. 3rd Bde. changed to 1st Bde. under Col. EJ Stroud consisting of 1st RM Bn, 2nd RM Bn, Howe Bn. & Anson Bn. Lt. J.E. Preston appd. O.C. Laundry RND.

8th Training Classes & Drill. Capt. Staughton to PERNES for Lewis Gun Course at 4th Corps School. 2nd Lts. Simpson & Mitchell & 7 ORs returned from 4th Corps School (PT & Bayonet Course).

9th Divine Service & Company Inspections.

10th Commenced new courses of Bombing, wiring, Signalling & Lewis Gun. Battn. had use of baths during the day. Drill as usual. Mjr. A.S. Tetley left the Battn. & assumed command of the Drake Battn.

11th 10am & onwards. GOC RND inspected the Battn. at training, also the Transport. Lt. Col. ARH Hutchison RMLI assumed command of 1st Bde. during the temporary absence on duty of Col. E.J. Stroud RMLI. Major CEC Eagles assumed command of 2nd Royal Marines. Training Classes & Drill as usual. 1 Officer & 6 ORs returned from 3rd Army School. 4 ORs from CAMIERES MG School. 2 Officers & 85 ORs took part in Bombing exercise at Bde. Grenade School.

12th Training Classes & Drill. Lt. Col. ARH Hutchison resumed command of Battn. on return of Col. EJ Stroud. 12 Officers joined from England bringing establishment up to 37 Officers out of 43 Officers. Received orders to proceed to HERSIN on 13th. 1 Officer to Fd. Amb.


13th 2.15pm Battn. proceeded by route march to HERSIN. Billeted in Convent Q. 6 c 1 5.


14th 9.15pm Proceeded in accordance with Operation Order No.3 of 1st Bde. RND to BULLY-GRENAY,B & C Coys billeted R.11.a. A Coy CORONS D'AIX Trench, D Coy MECHANICS TRENCH.

15th A & D Coys. 4 & hours work improving BAJOLLE LINES during night of 14th - 15th.

16th pm 141st Infantry Bde. carried out a small raid on the apex of enemy salient at M.32d.0.3. Smoke demonstration opposite salient M26c by 1st Bde. RND proved a successful 'blind', the enemy evidently expecting attack to come from there. This was proved by enemy clearing his front line & opening 'barrage' on it, then increasing his range to 'No Man's Land' & finally on to our front

17th am line & support line. Raiding party found trenches empty & no dugouts but brought back some rifles. Zero altered to 1.00am. Battn. 'stood to arms' during the raid preparatory to moving up to 'Alarm Posts' viz BAJOLLE LINES. 2/Lt. Curtis & 4 ORs appointed Bde. Scouts & left the Bn.

18th RN Divl. School opened at PERNES - 2 ORs to same. 119th Inf. Bde. on our LEFT carried out Raid on enemy trenches at M15.D.3.5 at 12.15am 19th.

19th Orders issued for the relief of 1st Royal Marines in ANGRES SECTION II. B & C Coys baths.

ANGRES II Sub-Section.

20th Took over ANGRES II sub-section from 1st RM. 19th RWF on our LEFT, ANSON Bn. on our RIGHT. Very quiet. Relief completed at 4.50pm. Mine exploded on our left at 9.5pm. Enemy fired 2 green followed by 2 red lights at 10.30pm. Artillery active on both sides 10.30pm to 11.30pm. Our front & support lines shelled during these hours. Sgt. DORAN shot through knee & killed about 12.45am (21st) whilst out wiring. Wind N to NNW fine.

21st 3 enemy aeroplanes crossed our line about 7.30am but returned quickly, another attempt to cross at 11am was driven off by our machines. Enemy shelled our front & support lines from 8.30am to 9.15am. We retaliated with 18lbrs & LTMs. Work done, recovering trench bounds & cleaning up trenches. We blew a camouflet 30x from long arm of BULLY CRATER, R.26a.1.9. The crater was reported by the Mining Officer to be negligible but on examination in daylight was found to be about 20x with lips 4' high. No enemy barrage. Wind N to NNE fine.

22nd Day quiet. We tried to level out crater of mine R.26.a.1.9. with medium TMs but without success. Very heavy artillery bombardment heard continuously from the SOUTH also at times from the NORTH. Enemy shelled junction of BULLY ALLEY & front line to PYRENEES about 9.20pm. Casualties ORs 4 killed, 3 wounded, 1 of our Lewis Guns knocked out. 'Crater jumping' party connected long arm of BULLY CRATER to new Crater & partially consolidated near lip of same. Wind N to NNW fine, colder at night. RWF relieved by 13th E. SURREYS on our left.

23rd Intermittent bombardment during the afternoon in which our guns easily had the upper hand. Continued consolidating new crater & also both arms of BULLY CRATER at night. Wiring parties on rest of front. Wind N to NNW fine, wounded OR one.

24th Trench Mortars & some artillery activity between 10.15am & 11am. Minnewerfers fired between 5pm & 6pm we replied with 4.5" Howitzers & 18prs, also with medium TMs during afternoon between 6pm & 7pm. Repaired damage done to new Crater. Wind North fine.

25th Orders issued for relief by 1st RMs & orders for Defence on arrival in BULLY. 1st RMs relieved. C Coy moved to MECHANICS, B Coy to CORONS D'AIX & CAP DE PONT, A & D Coys billeted in BULLY.

26th New clothing issued. Inspection of arms & PT. Orders issued for combined Gas & Artillery attack. Wind unsuitable attack postponed.

27th Inspection of arms, PT, Baths. Wind unsuitable attack postponed.

28th Inspection of arms, PT, Baths. Wind unsuitable attack postponed. About 12.30am Aircraft heard over BULLY & some bombs dropped. Slight Artillery activity.

29th Relieved 1st RMs in ANGRES II Sub-section, 19th RWF on LEFT, ANSON Bn. on our RIGHT. Very quiet during day. Heavy artillery bombardment by us at night, Germans did not reply much. Gas Attack postponed. Casualties nil. Wind N to NNE. Very hot.

30th Quiet until 5pm. Arty. & TM duel on & off during the evening. Gas Attack postponed. Casualties nil. Wind N. Calm & very hot.

31st Complete calm with the exception of a few shrapnel at junction of FLAPPER ALLEY & PYRENEES in the evening.


1st 6am Hostile aeroplane dropped 2 bombs on our right apparently in ANGRES I Sub-Section. 2nd Lt. Yeldham & 10 ORs to Bde. Bomb School. Orders issued for relief by 1st RMs. Day very quiet. 8.45pm to 9.30pm. Enemy Trench Mortars bombarded fairly intensely, we retaliated with Stokes LTMs & 18prs. 11.30pm Light railway heard working behind German lines.

2nd During the early morning German in blue grey uniform with black hat with white nap round it, seen to jump into their trench. 10-10.15am Enemy bombarded ALGIERS doing a certain amount of damage with 5.9" Howitzers. Hostile aeroplane tried to cross our line but driven back by AA guns. Relieved by 1st RMs, relief completed by noon. Went into Bde. reserve, HQ & 2 Coys at FOSSE 10 Section Q & 2 Coys billeted at BULLY.


3rd Baths & medical inspection of Baths.

4th Inspection of arms, close order drill, PT & helmet inspection & drill.

5th Inspection of arms, close order drill, PT & helmet inspection & drill. Captain Burton-Fanning rejoined from instructional duties at 4th Corps School PERNES. Issued orders for relief.

ANGRES II Sub-Section

6th 2nd Lt. Yeldham & 10 ORs returned from & 2nd Lt. Garnett & 10 ORs joined Bde. Bomb School. Relieved 1st RMs in ANGRES II Sub-Section. Relief completed by 12.15pm. Very quiet. Enemy artillery active between 8.30pm & 9pm silenced by our retaliation with 18prs. & 4.5" Howitzers. From 11pm onwards for 2 hours, heavy barrage by our artillery on VIMY RIDGE. Wind North.

7th 9.30am to 10am Enemy shelled junction of FLAPPER ALLEY & PYRENEES with shrapnel & H.E., we replied with organised 'Straffe B'. Wind between NE & E gas alert on. 3pm Gas alert off. Rest of day quiet except for Rifle Grenades & occasional TMs.

8th 8.30am We blew a camouflet on S. ridge of THOMPSONS CRATER. It did a certain amount of damage to the enemy's wire & the near lip of crater slipped a bit. No barrage on either side. 5pm Enemy started digging vigorously in crater, we sent over RGs, medium & light TMs which made him stop work. Wind variable between NE & SE. Gas Alert on. Enemy sent over a few 77mm shells between 5 & 6pm & from 7.30pm to 8.45pm shelled with 4.2" & 5.9", organised Straffe at 8pm. About 9.15pm one of our shells set fire to a dump about M26.a.3.9. in rear of enemy lines, large flames & sparks observed. Capt. T. Edwards & TA Golding retd. from course at CONDETTE.

9th 2.30am to 3.30am Our M & LTMs were very active & enemy retaliated vigorously with 4.2 & 5.9". 11am to 12.30pm Wind North, weather fine & warm during day. Enemy fired 4.2" Shrapnel between FOREST ALLEY & HQ. Issued orders for relief. Organised 'Straffe' at 7.30pm. Gas Alert off at 6pm.


10th Relieved by 1st RMs. Went into Bde. Reserve. HQ & 2 Coys. at FOSSE 10, 2 Coys. at BULLY. Wind West, fine drizzle.

11th Baths & Medical Inspection.

12th 2nd Lt. Woodhall returned with 2 ORs from sniping course at PERNES. 2nd Lt. Wrangham left for Sniping course. 2nd Lt. Garnett & 10 ORs returned & 2nd Lt. Stokes left with 10 ORs for Bde. Bomb School. Issued new clothing. Inspection of arms, PT etc. fatigues.

13th Held Divine Service. Issued orders for relief.

ANGRES II Sub-Section

14th Relieved 1st RMs in ANGRES II. Intermittent Minnenwerfer & RG activity also some 4.2" shrapnel. Very quiet on the whole.

15th 11.30am to 12.30pm Trench Mortar activity on both sides. Very quiet during the day & at night. Enemy attempted to put out wire in several places but dispersed by Lewis Gun fire. Our patrols & wiring parties out as usual.

16th Wind SW fine & clear. Enemy observation balloons up. Enemy shelled MECHANICS with about a dozen HE 5.9", a large working party was there at time but no casualties. B Coy 7th Royal Fusiliers attached for instruction, 1 platoon to each Coy. Fokker crossed our lines but was driven back by our planes. We bombarded enemy salient at M26.e between 6pm & 6.20pm with 63rd (RN) Divl. Arty. & Corps Heavies. Very little reply by the enemy.

17th 1.15am Capt. AC St.Clair Morford wounded in the foot whilst out on patrol near THOMPSONS CRATER & evacuated to CCS. 3 Enemy aeroplanes over our lines at 10.30am. Very quiet during the day & night. Wind South. Orders for relief & Defence.


18th Relieved by 1st RMs by noon. Battn. went into Bde. support at BULLY.

19th Baths & Medical Inspection, fatigues at night.

20th 2nd Lt. Stokes & 10 ORs returned from Bde. Bomb School. Divine Service. Fatigues cancelled on account of wind being favourable for Gas. Let go gas & bombarded enemy in ANGRES Section at 10.30pm. Enemy retaliated on theirs & our front line.

21st About 4 5.9" Shells dropped in BULLY between 2.15am & 2.30am no damage. Inspection of arms & Gas Helmets, 1 hours drill during forenoon. Enemy bombarded BULLY between 6.45pm & 7.15pm Casualties Killed 1, wounded 8 ORs. Issued orders for relief.

ANGRES II Sub-Section

22nd 10am Relieved 1st RMs in ANGRES II. Enemy bombarded our front line between 11.30am & 12.30pm with 5.9" "Hows", Heavy & Medium Trench Mortars, we retaliated with 18prs., MTMs & Stokes. Casualties for 24 hrs ending NOON, ORs Killed 1, wounded 9. 7.30pm 3 enemy aeroplanes crossed our lines but were driven back by AA fire. 7th HLI on our left carried out a successful raid at 10.40pm. A number of enemy killed & wounded & 1 prisoner taken. Our casualties slight. Enemy retaliated very heavily on ANGRES II Sub-Section from 10.50pm to 11.30pm.

23rd 2/Lt. Stokes & 1 NCO to Div. Gas School. Wire cutting by our MTMs from 6.15am to 6.45am & 3pm to 3.30pm. Casualties for 24 hrs, ORs 1 killed, 3 wounded. Prearranged 'Straffe' 4.23pm to 4.38pm by 63rd (RN) Divl. Arty. & Corps "Heavies". Slight hostile Arty. activity 8.15pm to 8.45pm.

24th 10am to 10.30am Enemy shelled FOREST ALLEY & PYRENEES with HE & shrapnel. Wire cutting by MTMs between 2.30pm & 3pm. Enemy's LTMs & Rifle Grenades very active between 5.30pm & 6pm, we replied successfully with Stokes. At 9.50pm enemy opened a sudden violent burst of Arty. fire simultaneously with rapid rifle & MG fire for 7 minutes on left of ANGRES I after which all quiet.

25th 12.52am Our Arty. bombarded enemy salient opposite ANGRES I for 20 mins. Very little retaliation. Issued orders for relief.


26th 11.30am Relieved by 1st RMs. Battn. went into Bde. support. Fatigues carrying out Gas cylinders 230 men, 6 Officers.

27th Held Divine Service. Baths & Medical Inspection of Battn. Fatigues carrying out Gas cylinders 230 men, 6 Officers.

28th Inspection of arms, close order drill etc. Fatigues carrying out Gas cylinders 230 men, 6 Officers.

29th Inspection of arms, close order drill etc. Carried out practice "Gas Helmet Alarm". Alarm received 7.49pm Bn. ready to move by 8.20pm. Arrangements found inadequate for Coys in BULLY on account of difficulty in passing alarm by word of mouth only. Issued orders for relief.

ANGRES II Sub-Section

30th D Coy. of 10th Royal Dublin Fusiliers attached, 1 section to each platoon. 11.30am relieved 1st RMs in ANGRES II. Very heavy rain had done a lot of damage to the trenches. Very quiet indeed during the day & night. Wire cutting carried out by MTMs from 2.45pm to 3pm. but owing to the strong wind this was not very satisfactory, it was also continued from 7pm to 7.45pm.

31st Wire cutting by MTMs 6.45am to 7.30am & 3.30pm to 4.15pm. Enemy replied with a few Minnenwerfers. Very quiet day & night. Enemy appear to be less active both with Rifle Grenades & Arty. No gaps discovered by patrols or enemy patrols encountered.


1st Howitzers fired on our left opposite CALONNE. Some good results were obtained, several explosions taking place, followed later by a large explosion & a fire which lasted several hours. Our MTMs carried out wire cutting from 12.15pm to 1pm & from 6pm to 6.45pm. Enemy retaliated with Minnenwerfers. Otherwise quiet.

2nd 7.15am to 8am & 6.30pm to 7.15pm wire cutting by our MTMs, very slight retaliation by enemy's mortars & 77mm guns. Gas Alert on at 3.25pm, wind SE. Quiet night on the whole, a few rifle grenades being out over by enemy & replied to at the rate of 6 to 1 by us. Lewis Guns fired on gaps in the wire during the night. Issued orders for relief.


3rd Wire cutting by our MTMs 7.15am to 8am. Relieved by 1st RMs, went into Bde. Reserve. HQ & 2 Coys at FOSSE 10, 2 Coys at BULLY.

4th Inspection of arms, close order drill, helmet inspection & drill etc. Baths. 40 men inoculated against Enteric.

5th Inspection of arms, close order drill, helmet inspection & drill etc. Medical Inspection.

6th Inspection of arms, close order drill, helmet inspection & drill etc. GOC 63rd (RN) Div. presented MM to Deal Med. 3582 Pte. W. Aldred for bravery & devotion to duty in SOUCHEZ II on 21st of June. Orders for relief. 2nd Lt. Garnett & 6 ORs to Bde Bomb School.

ANGRES II Sub-Section

7th Relieved 1st RMs with Battn. less Coy. & D Coy. 10th Battn. Royal Dublin Fus. Our MTMs cut enemy wire from 12.15pm to 1pm & 6.30pm to 7.15pm. Slight retaliation. Enemy's snipers active during the hours of darkness. Our Lewis Guns fired a large number of rounds at gaps in wire & dispersed two enemy working parties.

8th 2" Trench Mortars cut wire between 6am & 6.45am & also from 3pm to 3.45pm. At 11.45am our Artillery bombarded enemy trenches at M26.a for about 5 mins. No enemy retaliation. The enemy sent over a considerable number of Aerial Torpedoes & Minnenwerfers between 7pm & 9pm. Our Stokes Mortars retaliated. Lt. Young rejoined Battn. from Base ETAPLES. Lieut. H.N. Pearse & 2nd Lt. G.J. Richards joined Battn. 4 NCOs (2 senior, 2 junior) to 63rd (RN) Divl. School PERNES.

9th 2" TMs cut wire from 6.45am to 7.30am & 3.45pm to 4.30pm. No retaliation. Very quiet both during day & night. Enemy's snipers practically silent & very few Very's Lights sent up.

10th 2" TMs cut wire from 7.20am to 8.15am & 4.15pm to 5pm. Slight retaliation on each occasion with 77mm shrapnel over FOREST ALLEY & PYRENEES. Enemy's Rifle Grenades much less active due probably to our "8 Rifle" Battn. Small bombing raid carried out by ANSON Battn. on our right. At Zero time our Arty. put over an excellent barrage & raiding party jumped into Sap at M26.c.2.4. Three men ran towards trench & one was wounded & brought in, proving to be a Saxon. Raid was most successful several enemy being killed. Our own casualties, 2 Officers & 1 OR slightly wounded. Orders for relief.


11th Relieved by 1st RMs, Battn. went to Bde. Reserve. HQ & 2 Coys at FOSSE 10 & 2 Coys to BULLY. Temp. Capt. A.C. St. Clair Morford struck off Battn. strength on evacuation to ENGLAND.

12th Inspection of arms, close order drill, fatigues etc. Baths. 40 men inoculated against Enteric. 2/Lt. Garnett & 6 ORs from Bde. Bomb School.

13th Inspection of arms, close order drill, fatigues etc. Medical Inspection. Lt Cook & 2 ORs to MTM Course CLARQUES. 2/Lt. Richards & 7 ORs to Bde. Bomb School.

14th Inspection of arms, close order & physical drill, fatigues etc. 3 ORs to Lewis Gun Course at LE TOUQUET. Orders for relief.

ANGRES II Sub-Section

15th Relieved 1st RMs. Enemy aeroplane attempted to cross our lines at 2.40pm but was driven back by our AA guns. 3.30pm Our Arty. carried out 15 mins. practice barrage on enemy's lines opposite our left limit, followed by 12 mins. further practice. 30 ORs, reinforcements joined the Battn. 2/Lt. Stokes to 4th Corps HQ for signalling course. We put shrapnel over THOMPSONS CRATER for 3 mins. at 10pm to try & catch working parties reported on previous nights.

16th Lt. Col. ARH Hutchison CMG appointed to command 190th Inf. Bde. during the absence of Brig. Gen. C. Trotman CB sick. Mjr. CEC Eagles appointed to command 2/RM. Divl. Arty. & TMs carried out bombardment of enemy's Trench System in M20a & d, M21c. at 2.30pm & 2.38pm.

17th 1.40am Enemy placed a barrage on our front line between BOVRIL & BULLY ALLEY which at 1.45am was lifted to around GUMBOOT & ALGIERS. About 200 rounds fired mostly 77mm with a few 4.2" . There were several blinds. Hostile aircraft approached our lines at 11.30am but returned on being fired on by our AA guns. Enemy artillery very quiet. Snipers less active.

18th Extraordinarily quiet night 17th/18th hardly a rifle fired, very few lights put up by the enemy. Enemy sent over a few rifle grenades but we at once silenced him. Orders for relief by 8th East Lancashire Regt. 112th Bde.


19th Relieved by 8th Battn. East Lancashire Regt. 112th Bde. 37th Div. proceeded to FOSSE 10.

20th 63rd (RN) Div. changed its area. 2nd RM proceeded by route march to BEUGIN (P.1) & went into billets.


21st Day spent in cleaning up equipment & clothing & making good deficiencies. Officers sent out to reconnoitre training area South of MAGNICOURT. A Taube flew over the village about 11.30am but was driven back by our AA guns. 5 ORs sent to England on leave. Rev. Father T.J. Bradley CF: RC joined the Battn.

22nd Commenced Coy training. Close order drill, bayonet fighting, extended order drill. The 4th Corps. Commander presented the CGM to Cpl. Grindley & Pte. Turner of the 2nd RMs. 2 ORs to England on leave.

23rd Continued Coy training. Platoon in attack, Coy. in attack including advancing in artillery formation. Bayonet & physical training etc.

24th Continued Coy. training same programme as for 23rd.

25th Bn. training. Bn. in Arty. formation getting quickly into extended order, building up the firing line etc. All done in slow time in order to correct mistakes.

26th Bn. training. Exercise in attacking an entrenched position. One Coy. (less one platoon at Musketry) occupied a defensive position & the 3 other Coys. carried out an attack commencing with Arty. formation. 3 ORs to UK on leave.

27th Bde. training. Practised advancing from trenches in 5 waves. 1st & 2nd wave (1 Coy. each 50 yards behind one another) attacked Red Line which represented enemy's front line. 3rd wave (1 Coy) consolidating party advanced to Red Line behind 1st & 2nd wave & remained there until 4th & 5th wave ( Coy. each 50 yards behind one another) had seized Blue Line (representing enemy's support line). Then 3rd wave advanced & consolidated Blue Line. After the exercise 2nd RMs marched to MONCHY-BRETTON (O.31) & billeted there. Capt. NEE Burton-Fanning to England 12/9/16 & Lt. AJ Simpson to England 8/9/16 struck off strength of Battn.


28th Bde. training. Open attack practice. Howe Bn. & 2nd RMs formed the right & left front Bns. respectively & delivered an attack on 1st objective & consolidated. 1st RMs afterwards attacked through the Bns. holding 1st objective onto 2nd objective. Carried out signal communication with observation aeroplane. Signal was taken in by aeroplane & passed on through the Bde. to 63rd (RN) Div.

29th Divl. training. Carried out practically the same scheme as for 27th Sept. viz attacking out of trenches in 5 waves. 190th Bde. afterwards advanced through 188th Bde. & seized a further objective. The whole scheme of advance of the various waves was done successfully by timing, the barrage being represented by a line of men with white flags.

30th Divl. route march. The whole 63rd (RN) Div. carried out a route march (less MTM Baty. Divl. Am. Col., Medical & Vety. units). All stores & 1st Line transport were taken & no one was excused, the idea being to practice a move of the Div. as a whole to a new area.


1st Church Parade. Capt. CG Farquaharson left for 190th Bde. Lt. Richards & 3 NCOs left for Gas Course at FERME-DESTRATELLE.

2nd Coy. training, 1 platoon A Coy. musketry. Lt. Col. ARH Hutchison CMG & Capt. CG Farquharson rejoined from 190th Bde. Mjr. LW Miller RMLI joined Bn.

3rd Arms inspection: heavy rain.

4th Bn. marched to LIGNY-ST-FLOCHEL (T.23.d) station & entrained for ACHEUX. Lts. Weeks & Cook to FA. Detached parties rejoined Bn.

5th Bn. arrived ACHEUX (P.13) detrained & marched to ENGELBELMER (O.19) & went into billets.


6th Inspection of arms, gas helmets etc. Lt. Col. AR Hutchison left for 190th Bde. Mjr. CEC Eagles assumed command. Officers reconnoitred roads, alarm posts etc.

7th Inspection of arms etc. Training. Transport lines moved to FORCEVILLE (P.21). Officers reconnoitred trenches to firing line.

8th 1 Officer, 56 ORs, guard on Reserve Army Prisoners at ACHEUX. Bn. marched to HEDAUVILLE (P.34) & went into huts. Lt. G. Holloway rejoined Bn.


9th Working parties. Inspection of arms etc. Officers reconnoitred roads & trenches to Divl. area.

10th Coy. training. Officers reconnoitring trenches.

11th Coy. training. Lt. SA Walker rejoined from hospital. Working parties.

12th Coy. & Bn. training. Working parties. Officers reconnoitred trenches.

13th Working parties.

14th Working parties. 1 OR to Etaples, Lewis Gun Course. Lt. OL Young & 5 ORs returned from English leave.

15th Working parties. Lt. SA Walker & 10 ORs to Reserve Army Rest Camp at AULT.

16th Working parties. Lt. HV Scott-Wilcox to Bn., attached to LTM Bty. from Divl. Train.

17th Working parties. Coy. training. Bn. transport moved to HEDAUVILLE from FORCEVILLE.

18th Working parties. Coy. training. Lt. Col. ARH Hutchison CMG RMLI from 190th Bde. assumed command. Mjr. LW Miller RMLI appointed 2nd in command.

19th & 20th Working parties.

21st Bn. moved to ENGELBELMER (Q25.B88) & went into tents & shelters. Officers reconnoitred trenches. Working parties night.


22nd & 23rd Working parties.

24th Working parties. Temp. Lt. OL Young to Field Ambulance.

25th Working parties. Temp. Lt. SA Walker to FA, Temp. Lt. DB Wooley struck off strength on transfer to RFC. Aircraft very active, several duels, one hostile machine seen to fall.

26th Working parties. Temp. Lt. Richards to FA. Heavy rain.

27th Working parties. Very heavy rain.

28th Working parties. Shifted bivouac to a dryer place 100 yds from old bivouac. The C. in C. Sir Douglas Haig inspected the Bn. Men fallen in by Sections outside their bivouacs for same.

29th Working parties.

30th Working parties. Temp. Lt. EL Andrews (Asst. Adjt.) to Field Ambulance.


31st Bn. moved back into shelters at HEDAUVILLE.


1st Working parties. 2nd Lt. Yeldham from duty to sick list.

2nd Working parties. Bn. bathed at ACHEUX.

3rd Working parties at MESNIL.

4th Working parties at MESNIL. Casualties 2 ORs Killed & 5 ORs wounded.

5th Bn. proceeded to PUCHEVILLERS by route march & billeted there.


6th Bn. preparing for inspection by Divl. Commander.

7th Bn. returned to billets at HEDAUVILLE by route march. Very wet.


8th, 9th & 10th Working parties at KNIGHTSBRIDGE.

11th Bn proceeded to ENGELBELMER & bivouacked.


12th Served out extra days ration, ammunition, flares, bombs, sandbags etc. in preparation for attack. OC Coys. instructed Coys. in their duties for attack. 2pm Bn. left Bivouac & took up Battle Stations.

[Battle of the Ancre]

13th Bn. attacked according to attached orders. 2nd Lt. Stokes, Welman & Dewar killed.

14th Capt. & Adjt. CG Farquharson, Capt. Edwards, Capt. Staughton, Capt. Goldring, Capt. Bisset, Lt. Thorold, Thomas, 2nd Lts. Holloway, Grayson, Wrangham, & Garnett wounded. Surgeon J MacB. Ross RN wounded, remained at duty.

15th 12 noon. Bn. relieved in Station Rd. by 37th Div. Marched to HEDAUVILLE via ENGELBELMER & went into huts.


16th Bn. moved by motor lorries to PUCHEVILLERS & billeted.


17th Marched to GEZAINCOURT & billeted.


18th Marched to BERNAVILLE & billeted.


19th Cleaning up wagons, kit etc. 14 Lewis Gunners & 80 ORs joined.

20th GOC 63rd Div. addressed Bde. on recent operations.

21st Marched to CRAMONT & billeted. Col. Hutchison went on leave. Mjr. LW Miller assumed command.


22nd Marched to BRAILLY. Sub. Lt. Ritson (Howe Bn) & Sub. Lt. Marshall (Anson Bn) attached for duty.


23rd Marched to Forest L'Abbaye & billeted.

Forest L'Abbaye

24th Marched to ROMAINE & billeted.


25th Mustered kit - 1 Coy. amourers inspection. 233 ORs joined.

26th Divine Service. Medical Inspection.

27th Commenced training on Bn. training area. 72 ORs joined.

28th Training & armourers inspection.

29th Route march to LE CROTOY.

30th Training. Sub Lt. RITSON (Lt. from HOWE Bn.) left. Armourers inspection.


1st Bn. training. Fatigue party of 1 Off. & 100 ORs unloading RE stores at ROMAINE Station. 54 reinforcements received.

2nd Bn. training. 30 yards range completed.

3rd Divine service at PONTHOILE. Lt. Col. ARH Hutchison returned from leave.

4th Bn. training. Sub.Lt. Marshall RNVR rejoined ANSON Bn.

5th Lt. Col. ARH Hutchison, command 188th Inf. Bde. temporarily. Bn. route march to LE CROTOY. 103 reinforcements joined.

6th Bn. digging Bde. practice trenches. 2nd Lt. AB Woodhall officially reported wounded.

7th Bn. training.

8th Bn. training. Cross country run. 103 reinforcements joined.

9th Capt. Matthews RAMC relieved T/Surg. J. Mc.B. Ross who proceeded on leave.

10th Bn. training.

11th Bn. training. Issued operation order.

12th Bn. moved by march route to RUE area & billeted in RUE & LANNOY.


13th Bn. training. pm Cross country running.

14th Bn. training. Prepared 30 yds range & bayonet fighting ground. Bde. cross country running & bombing competitions. Capt. HB INMAN RMLI & T/2nd Lts. FH WRENN, WA LAKE, RH VANCE, EAN PALMER, ES MAXWELL, R WELLS, CC PALMER, GA NEWLING, R BRAGG, WE GREENLAND, RJ WILLIAMS, AE HUGHES, J FITZGERALD, J SWALE with 25 ORs joined. T/Lt. HN Pearce rejoined from base.

15th Bn. training. T/Lt. CO Mitchell rejoined from 188th LTM Baty.

16th Bn. training. Bn HQ moved from LANNOY to RUE.

17th Divine service. Issued operation order. 3 ORs joined.

18th Bn. moved by route march to VRON & billeted.


19th Bn. training.

20th Bn. training. Capt. Matthew RAMC relieved by T/Surg. J. McB. Ross & returned to 1st FA.

21st Bn. training. Lt. AE Marshall to 63rd Div. School at NOUVION.

22nd Bn. training.

23rd Bn. training. Army Commander visited Bde. area & inspected billets & the Bn. whilst at training.

24th Divine Service.

25th Bn. training. Bn. Sports.

26th Bn. training. Lt. HN Pearce to Lewis Gun Course at LE TOUQUET.

27th, 28th, 29th & 30th Bn. training.

31st Divine Service.


1st to 6th Bn. training.

7th Bn. attended Divine Service.

8th & 9th Bn. training.

10th Dismantling training grounds. Corps Commander inspected transport.

11th Bn. filled in training trench system at VERCOURT.

12th Issued Operation order No.36.

13th Moved by march route to Le TITRE & billeted there. Operation order No.37 issued.


14th Moved by march route to FONTAINE & billeted there. Operation order No.38 issued.


15th Moved by march route to AUTHEUX & billeted there.


16th Resting & inspection of feet. Lt. BENNIE joined. Issued Operation order No.39.

17th Continued march to RAINCHEVAL & went into billets there. Transport in difficulties owing to ice & snow. Capt. BURTON-FANNING RM & 2/Lt. ANDREWS joined from Entrenching Bn. Operation order No.40 issued.


18th Resumed march & went into billets at ENGLEBELMER. Issued Operation order No.41.


19th Bn. relieved 9th Bn. Sherwood Foresters in St. PIERRE DIVION Sector.


20th Issued Operation order No.42. Very cold with sharp frost.

21st Carried out internal relief. B Coy. relieved D, & A Coy. relieved C Coy.

22nd Lt. SPINNEY Intelligence Corps. & 2 Bn. scouts captured enemy's outpost of 7 men about noon.

23rd Carried out internal relief. C Coy. relieved B Coy. & D Coy. relieved A Coy. Issued Operation orders No.43 & 44.

24th Very cold with more frost.

25th Relieved by 1st RM & went into billets at ENGLEBELMER.


26th Working parties & Baths.

27th Working parties.

28th Working parties. Issued Operation order No.45.

29th Working parties. Issued Operation order No. 46.

30th Working parties.

31st Relieved 1st Bn. RM in St. PIERRE DIVION.



1st Operation order No.47 issued. Intense frost.

2nd Internal relief carried out by Coys. Intense frost.

3rd Operation order No. 48 issued. Intense frost.

4th Operation order No.49 issued. Intense frost. Carried out internal reliefs.

5th Lt. H.E. BENNIE RM & 2/Lt. C.C. PALMER RM wounded in FERDAN TRENCH.

6th Mjr. L.W. MILLER assumed command during the temp. absence of Col. HUTCHISON on duty. During the night we occupied GRANDCOURT without serious opposition.

7th Consolidated position just East of Grandcourt with B Coy. under Capt. H.B. Inman RMLI supported by C Coy. under Capt. GE Cutcher RM.

8th Issued Operation orders No.50 &51.

9th am B & C Coys. relieved by two Coys. 1st RM & moved into reserve. pm A & D Coys. relieved by two Coys. 1st RM & moved into reserve.

10th Operation order No.52 issued & Bn. moved by march route to MACKENZIE huts MARTINSART.


11th Working parties.

12th Working parties. Lt. Col. HUTCHISON resumed command of Bn.

13th Working parties. Capt. H.B. INMAN RMLI wounded.

14th Bn. relieved 4th Bedfords in left Divl. sector North of the river ANCRE.


15th Long spell of frost breaks. 2/Lt. P.E.R. HARDY RM wounded & remained at duty.

16th 2/Lt. R.J. WILLIAMS & 2/Lt. J. SWALE wounded whilst out wiring in front of posts.

[Battle of Miraumont]

17th T/Capt. H.N. PEARCE wounded. Bn. started to consolidate a line of shell holes on northern front of the advance of 1st RM.

18th Continuation of consolidation. Much inconvenience from hostile snipers & MGs.

19th Relieved 1st RMs in their new position in SUNKEN ROAD (R3.a 2.5.) with C Coy. D coy. moved into PUISIEUX Rd. Trench R2 central.

20th Occupied & consolidated series of shell holes at R2b06 - R2b9.9.

21st pm Relief commenced by 7th Royal Fusiliers.


22nd am Relief completed by 7th Royal Fusiliers & Bn. moved to billets in ENGELBELMER.

23rd Bn. resting & cleaning up.

24th Lt. E.L. ANDREWS, 2/Lts. J.C. LEE, A.A. RICE, E.G. VAGG, E.A. GODFREY & 90 ORs joined.

25th Mjr. L.W. MILLER assumed command during the temporary absence of Lt. Col. HUTCHISON CMG DSO RMLI on leave. Working parties.

26th 2/Lt. RICE proceeded to ENGLAND on transfer to RE. 2/Lt. C.H. KEARNEY & 17 ORs joined from base & 54 ORs from 8th Entrenching Bn.

27th Working parties.

28th pm Moved from ENGELBELMER & went into billets at BOUZINCOURT. C Coy. moved to PUCHVILLERS.

2RM MARCH 1917


1st & 2nd Working parties repairing roads under French Authorities.

3rd As for 1st & 2nd. 19 reinforcements joined.

4th Working parties on roads & Ammunition Dump. A & D Coys. moved to CANDAS by train & went into billets there.

5th Working parties. Heavy snow.

6th to 10th Working parties.

11th Working parties. Mjr. EAGLES assumed command temporarily. Lt. Col. HUTCHISON CMG DSO assumed command of 188th Inf. Bde.

12th Working parties.

13th Bn. proceeded by march route to PUCHEVILLERS & relieved C Coy. which returned to BOUZINCOURT.

14th & 15th Working parties.

16th Working parties. GOC 63rd (RN) Div. inspected 1st Line Transport. Lt. Col HUTCHISON resumed command of the Bn.

17th Working parties.

18th Working parties. Lt. Col. HUTCHISON assumed command of 188th Inf. Bde. Mjr. C.E.C. EAGLES assumed command of the Bn. temporarily. Issued Operation orders Nos. 53,54,55.

19th Bn. moved by march route to RUBEMPRE & went into billets. O.O. No.56 issued.


20th Bn. moved by march route to GEZAINCOURT. A, B & D Coys. rejoined. O.O. No.56 issued.


21st Bn. moved by march route to REBREUVE. 10 reinforcements arrived. O.O. No.57 issued.


22nd Bn. moved by march route & billeted. 3 Coys. in BEAUVOIS & one in SIRACOURT.


23rd Bn. rested. Cleaning equipment. O.O. No.58 issued. 17 reinforcements joined.

24th Bn. moved by march route to CAUCHY A LA TOUR. O.O. No.59 issued. 13 reinforcements.


25th Bn. moved by march route to St. HILAIRE. O.O. No.60 issued.


26th Bn. moved by march route to CALONNE Sur LA LYS. Much rain. O.O. No.61 issued.


27th Bn. moved by march route to FOUQUIERES Les BETHUNE.


28th Cleaning up equipment & transport. 3 reinforcements arrived. O.O.s 62 & 63 issued.

29th Bn. moved by march route to SAILLY LABOURSE & billeted.


30th Bn. training. 36 reinforcements joined.

31st Bn. training.

2RM APRIL 1917

1st & 2nd Bn. training

3rd Bn. training. 19 reinforcements joined from Base Depot

4th Bn. training.

5th Bn. training. Lt. Col. HUTCHISON resumed command & Mjr. L.W. MILLER duties of 2nd in command.

6th Bn. training.

7th Bn. training. 16 reinforcements received from Base Depot.

8th Kit & billet inspection. Church Parade. Lt. ANDREWS & 46 ORs left for ROEBECK.

9th Bn. training. Lt. A.B. MARHAM & 2/Lt. A. FARMER joined. Capt. C.G. FARQUAHARSON RMLI rejoined from England. 18 ORs joined from BASE DEPOT.

10th Bn. training. Capt. C.G. FARQUAHARSON resumed duties of Adjutant. Mjr. C.E.C. EAGLES RMLI to command B Coy.


11th Bn. moved by march route to OURTON (F.1.) & went into billets.

12th Bn. resting & cleaning up equipment etc.

13th Bn. Training during forenoon. Operation order No. 61 issued.


14th Bn. moved by march route to ECOIVES & went into "X" hutments there.


15th & 16th Working parties.

17th Working parties. Temp. Surg. J.N. McB. ROSS RN rejoined.

18th Working parties. Capt. M.A. POWER RAMC rejoined 1st FA.

19th to 20th Working parties.

21st Working parties. C Coy. proceeded to ANZIN & went into billets there.


22nd Bn. moved up to original Enemy Support line North of the ARRAS - BAILLEUL road. 188th Inf. Bde. formed the Bde. in Divl. reserve for the taking of GAVRELLE.

23rd GAVRELLE taken by 189th & 190th Inf. Bdes. of 63rd (RN) Div. Bn. at 2 hours notice.

24th Moved up from reserve trenches at 9pm & relieved 1st HAC & 4th BEDFORDS in the trenches & posts North of GAVRELLE. Prisoner of 84th Prussian Guard Regt. captured immediately after taking over posts occupied by BEDFORDS.

25th Heavy hostile shelling during the forenoon. Air duel in afternoon - one of our planes forced to land. SOS sent up in the evening on account of enemy counter attacking. Enemy dispersed by our barrage. Casualties: Killed ORs 3, wounded ORs 8.


26th Village heavily shelled all day. Aircraft active on both sides. One of our balloons set fire to. Trenches Wire cutting in the afternoon. Casualties, Missing Temp. Lieut. MARKHAM. Killed ORs 3, wounded ORs 30.

27th Hostile artillery more than usually active during early morning. At about 8am one of our aeroplanes was brought down South of OPPY WOOD by hostile AA fire. Coys. proceeded to assembly positions ready for attack. Casualties Killed ORs 8, wounded ORs 14, missing ORs 9.

[Battle of Gavrelle Windmill]

28th 4.25am Bn. attacked in 4 waves the enemy trenches N.E. of GAVRELLE with one platoon under 2nd Lt. NEWLING detailed to take the Windmill. The Windmill on the left of the Bn. front was reached & held, but as 1st Bn. RMLI on our left & 2nd Div. on their left were hung up apparently by wire, & owing to a large number of MGs casualties were very heavy. Only two Officers, besides the two Officers Commd. & Adjt., who took part in the operations came out alive. Casualties Killed Officers 1, ORs 25, Wounded ORs 72, Missing Officers 8, ORs 387.

29th Situation unchanged. Enemy made several violent counter attacks. Casualties, Wounded ORs 14.

30th 2.30am Bn. relieved by 15th & 18th West Yorks. Marched back to ST. CATHERINES.

2RM MAY 1917


1st Bn. moved by march route from ECOIVRES to FREVILLERS & went into billets. 88 reinforcements received from 11th Entrenching Bn.

2nd Bn. resting & cleaning up equipment etc. Formed up at 6pm & were addressed by GOC 188th Bde., who congratulated the Bn. on the gallantry shown during the recent operations. 61 reinforcements received from FLORINGHEM. Lt. ANDREWS, 2/Lt. VANCE & 2/Lt. LEE rejoined.

3rd Bn. Training. Lt. B.G. ANDREWS to command D Coy.

4th Bn. Training.

5th Bn. Training. 2/Lt. WELLS took command of A Coy. Lt. MITCHELL & 2/Lt. VANCE evacuated sick.

6th Parade Service.

7th Bn. Training. Operation order No.62 issued.


8th Bn. moved by march route to X Hutments, ECOIVRES. Operation order No.63 issued.

9th Bn. resumed march route & went into tents at A26 b6.1.

10th Bn. Training. 7 reinforcements arrived from Base. Lt. E.L. ANDREWS evacuated sick, 2/Lt. NEWLING to command C Coy. commencing this day.

A28 a9.6

11th Bn. training forenoon. Bn. resumed march route in afternoon & went into tents & bivouacs at A28 a9.6. Bn. relieved by 23rd Royal Fusiliers.

12th Working parties (night) on Green line of defence at B13.

13th Working parties (night). Church Parades. 5 ORs reinforcements.

14th Working parties (night) about B27. R.C. chaplain, T.J. BRADLEY left Bn.

15th Working parties (night). R.C. chaplain J.R. DAVEY joined Bn.

16th Bn. training in afternoon. 2/Lt. P.S. WATTS joined Bn. 8 ORs Reinforcements joined from Base.

17th Bn. training in forenoon. Lt. P. LIGERTWOOD joined Bn. from 1/RMLI.

18th Bn. training in forenoon.


19th Bn. moved at 8pm into trenches at H3.C relieving 18th West Yorks. B.H.Q. H3 d3.9. 5 ORs joined Bn. from Base.

20th Bn. rested & improved trenches in occupation.

21st In trenches. Working parties (night) on communication trench about H.5.

22nd In trenches. Working parties (night).

23rd In trenches. Working parties (night). 2/Lt. GREENLAND rejoined & to command B Coy. Lt. P. LIGERTWOOD to command C Coy.

24th In trenches. Working parties (night). 12 ORs reinforcements arrived from Base.

25th In trenches. Working parties (night). 2/Lt. GREENLAND evacuated wounded.

26th In trenches. Working parties (night). Lt. GALLIFORD joined Bn., & to command B Coy.

27th In trenches. Working parties (night). Lt. GALLIFORD transferred to 1st Bn. RMLI, 2/Lt. NEWLING assumed command of B Coy.

28th In trenches. Working parties (night). T/Lt. W.M. GOLDIE RM joined Bn. Lt. Col. A.R.H. HUTCHISON CMG DSO RMLI leave to England. Mjr. L.W. MILLER RMLI assumed command. Operation order No.64 issued.

29th 10.15pm Proceeded to Close support trenches, W. of GAVRELLE (old German Front line) & took over from 1st Bn. RMLI. Relief completed, 12.30am.

B.30.a & c

30th Worked in the trenches occupied (deepening) until daylight. Thunderstorm & deluge of rain during afternoon. All dugouts & trenches flooded.


31st Working on trenches during the day, baling out dugouts & cleaning up trenches. Issued Operation order No.65.

2RM JUNE 1917

In the trenches (Close Support)

1st to the 3rd Working & burial parties (night).

4th Working & burial parties (night) 31 ORs reinforcements joined from Base.

5th Working parties (night) Lt. Col. A.R.H. HUTCHISON appointed to command 190th Inf. Bde. & to be Brig. Gen.

6th Working parties (night).

7th Working parties (night). Lt. WRANGHAM, Lt. WRENN, 2/Lt. LEWIS & 2/Lt. WHITE joined Bn.

8th Working parties (night). Lt. WEEKS MC rejoined Bn. Operation order No.66 issued.

9th Bn. relieved by 16th West Yorks Regt.


10th Bn. moved by march route & went into billets at MAROEUIL.


11th Bn. cleaning up equipment etc. All ranks had baths.

12th Bn. training & reorganisation.

13th Bn. training.

14th Bn. training. 2/Lt. SLAUGHTER joined Bn.

15th Bn. training. 32 ORs reinforcements joined from Base.

16th Bn. training. 4 ORs reinforcements joined Bn. from XIII Corps DTD.

17th Church Parade. Divisional Sports.

18th Bn. training. Inspection by Divl. commander & Admiral Lord Charles BERESFORD postponed.

19th Bn. training. Bn inspected by Divl. commander & Admiral Lord Charles BERESFORD. 5 ORs arrived from XIII Corps D.T.D.

20th Bn. training. T/Brig. Gen. A.R.H. HUTCHISON CMG DSO RMLI assumed command of 190th Inf. Bde. & 63rd (RN) Div. (temporarily).

21st Bn. training. Operation order No.67 issued. 2/Lt. G.A. NEWLING resumed duties of Asst. Adjt.

22nd Bn. moved by march route to A.30.C.5.5 (map 51 B NW 1/20,000) & relieved DRAKE Bn. 2/Lt. J.C. LEE to FA.


23rd Working parties (night) 3 Coys. Mjr. J.C. WAINWRIGHT RMLI, Lt. R. BURTON RMLI, A/Lt. G.N.W. DENMAN-DEAN RMLI joined from Base. Mjr. G.C. WAINWRIGHT appointed 2nd in command.

24th to 27th Working parties (night) 3 Coys.

28th Working parties (night) 3 Coys. 7 ORs reinforcements joined from Base. Div. Routine Order dated 28th inst. announces the award of the Victoria Cross to L/Cpl. WALTER RICHARD PARKER, RMLI, PO 229 S (RN) Div.

29th Working parties (day) 3 Coys.

30th Church Service. 7 ORs reinforcements arrived from Base.

2RM JULY 1917

In Camp (map 51. BNW) (A.30.C.5.5.)

1st Church Parade 10.30am 2/Lt. P.S. WATTS to Hospital. 5 ORs reinforcements joined from Base.

2nd Working parties (morning). Op.O. No.68 issued.

3rd Bn. relieved 18th Durham L.I. & West Yorks in Close Support.

In the trenches (Close Support)

4th Working & burial parties.

5th Working & burial parties. 1 casualty. A/Capt. P. LIGERTWOOD to Hospital. 3 ORs reinforcements joined from Base.

6th Working & burial parties. 4 casualties.

7th Operation order No.69 issued (morning). Relieved 1st Bn. RMLI in front line. 1 casualty.

Front Line

8th T/2/Lt. H.L. HARDISTY & 4 ORs reinforcements joined from Base.

9th (no entry)

10th Mjr. GC WAINWRIGHT wounded at duty, T/2/Lt. BUCKLEY & T/2/Lt. EA ROBERTS & 47 ORs reinforcements joined from base. 18 casualties.

11th Op. order No.70 issued (morning). Relieved by 1st Bn. RMLI in front line. T/Capt. E.L. EDWARDS rejoined the Bn. from England. 5 casualties.

Close Support

12th 2 ORs transferred from 1st Bn. RMLI, Mjr L.W. MILLAR RMLI promoted to Lt. Col. (DRO 2581).

13th Operation order No.71 issued.

14th Relieved 1st Bn. RMLI in Front Line. T/2/Lt. J.C.LEE rejoined from Base. 3 ORs reinforcements joined from Base.

Front Line.

15th 24 ORs reinforcements joined from Base.

16th Op. O. No. 72 issued. 9 casualties. A/Lt. R.A.R. NEVILLE & Mjr. G.L. PARRY & 2 ORs reinforcements joined from Base.

17th Relieved by 1st Bn. RMLI, moved to reserve, previously occupied by HOWE Bn. at H.1.C.7.6. 4 casualties.


18th Cleaning up. 5 casualties. Capt. CG FARQUHARSON RMLI promoted T/Mjr. (DRO 2622) 5/6/17.

19th Cleaning up, Bathe etc. 22 ORs rejoined from Base.

20th T/2/Lt. R. St.Q. DOWNERS joined from Base.

21st (no entry)

22nd Church Parade. Op. O. No.78 issued.

23rd Relieved 1st Bn. RMLI in front line. T/2/Lt. F.W. SLAUGHTER to Hospital.

Front Line & immediate Support.

24th Burial & working parties. T/Lt. A.P. Cook rejoined Bn. from Base. T/2/Lts. E. Wilks, F.A. Proffet, E.L.A. Barnard & F.Deaton joined Bn.

25th Working & burial parties. 1 casualty.

Front Line

26th T/Lt. A.P.COOK killed. 3 casualties. T/2/Lts. T.W. BROGAN, R.J. WILLIAMS, D.R.C. REYNOLDS joined the Bn.

27th Working parties.

28th Working parties. 4 casualties.

29th Working parties. Operation order No.74 issued. 1 casualty. T/Lt. E.A. MARSHALL rejoined from Hospital.

30th Relieved by HAWKE Bn. (RN) Div. & proceeded to Wakefield Camp. 13 ORs reinforcements joined Bn. from Base. 1 casualty. Mjr. G.C. WAINWRIGHT rejoined from Hospital.

Wakefield Camp A.28.a. (Div. Reserve)

31st Cleaning up, Baths etc. 8 casualties.


1st Bn. training. Lt. R. BURTON RMLI to FA. T/Lt. M.W. GOLDIE RM rejoined from Base. 82 reinforcements (ORs) joined from Base.

2nd Training. T/2/Lt. F.W. SLAUGHTER RM rejoined from FA. T/Lt. C.O. MITCHELL struck off strength 10/7/17. DRO 2721.

3rd Training.

4th Training. T/2/Lts. C.F.M. BURNSIDE, J.V. LORD, W.L. WHITBURN & C.V. EDGAR joined Bn. T/Lt. H.C. SMITH to FA.

5th Church Parades. T/Lt. C.W.F. YELDHAM to 176th Tunnelling Coy.

6th Training.

7th Training. T/2/Lt. E.D.A. BARNARD to Bde. Bombing School. T/2/Lt. H.L. HARDISTY to XIII Corps. DT Depot. Op. O. No.75 issued.

In the Trenches.

8th Relieved HAWKE Bn. in support. T/2/Lt. H.J. WILCOX joined Bn. from Base.

In Support

9th Working parties. Lt. R. BURTON rejoined from FA. 1 casualty.

10th Working parties. 1 casualty. Operation order No.76 issued.

Front Line

11th Relieved 1st Bn. RMLI in front line & immediate support. 6 ORs reinforcements.

12th Working parties. 1 casualty.

13th Working parties. 4 casualties.

14th Working parties. Operation order No.77 issued.

Bde. Reserve.

15th Relieved in front line by 1st Bn. RMLI proceeded to camp at MAISON BLANCHE. 3 casualties.

16th In reserve. Lt. Col. L.W. MILLER RMLI to FA. 4 reinforcements joined Bn. from Base.

17th In reserve. T/Capt. T.L. EDWARDS to XII Corps DT Depot.

18th In reserve. T/2/Lt. H.C. SMITH rejoined from FA. Operation order No.78 issued.

19th Relieved 1st Bn. RMLI in the front line. 4 reinforcements.

Front Line

20th In front line. Burial & working parties. 1 casualty.

21st In front line. Burial & working parties. 25 reinforcements ORs joined Bn. from Base. 6 casualties.

22nd In front line. Burial & working parties. 1 casualty.

23rd In front line. Burial & working parties. Operation order No.79 issued. 4 casualties.

24th Relieved in front line by HAWKE Bn. & proceeded to Wakefield Camp. 1 casualty.

Wakefield Camp Rolincourt

25th Bathes, cleaning up etc. 24 reinforcements joined from Base.

26th & 27th Training.

28th Training. 4 reinforcements joined Bn. from Base.

29th Training. 8 reinforcements joined Bn. from Base. 2/Lt. C. WHITBURN to FA.

30th Training. T/2/Lt. H. FIELDEN & 22 ORs joined Bn. from Base.

31st Training.


1st Bn. training. Lt. Col. L.W. MILLER RMLI struck off strength DRO2865. Operation order No.80 issued.

Div. Res.

2nd Relieved DRAKE Bn. in support trenches. 28 reinforcements joined Bn. Lts. L. CLARK & F.G. JEFFERIES struck off strength .

In the trenches

3rd Working & carrying parties. 1 casualty.

4th Working & carrying parties.

5th Working & carrying parties. 1 casualty. 2/Lt. P.S. WATTS & 27 ORs reinforcements joined Bn. Operation order No.81 issued. T/Capt. G.A. NEWLING appointed Adjutant DRO2893. Lt. P. LIGERTWOOD struck off strength DRO2896.

6th Relieved by HOWE Bn. & proceeded to MAISON BLANCHE camp in Bde. Reserve.

Bde. Res.

7th Baths & cleaning up. 2/Lt. H.C. SMITH to 63rd (RN) Div. Gas School.

8th Baths & cleaning up. 22 reinforcements joined Bn. Operation order No.82 issued.

Front Line

9th Relieved 1st Bn. RMLI in the front line trenches. T/2/Lt. R.A.R. ROBERTS to be T/Lt. DRO2911. Mjr. G.C. WAINWRIGHT RMLI to be A/Lt. Col. & T/2/Lt. R.WELLS to be A/Capt. DRO2915.

10th Working parties. 2 casualties.

11th Working parties. Lt. P. LIGERTWOOD & 4 ORs reinforcements joined Bn.

12th Working parties. Operation order No.83 issued.

13th Working parties. Inter Coy. relief. 2 casualties.

14th Working parties. 7 casualties.

15th Working parties. 2 casualties.

16th Working parties. 1 casualty. Operation order No.84 issued.

17th Relieved by HOOD Bn. Proceeded by train to St. AUBIN Div. Res. Lt. Col. G.C. WAINWRIGHT to English leave. Mjr. J.L. PARRY assumed command. 1 casualty.

Div. Res.

18th Baths & cleaning up.

19th Bn. training. Operation order No.85 issued.

20th Proceeded by route march to ACQ & FREVIN CAPELLE. Operation order No.86 issued.


21st Proceeded by route march to FREVILLERS.


22nd Baths & cleaning up. T/Lt. C.W. YELDHAM rejoined. T/2/Lt. E.D.A. BARNARD rejoined.

23rd Church Parades etc.

24th Bn. in platoon training. 26 ORs reinforcements joined Bn.

25th Bn. in platoon training. 18 ORs reinforcements joined Bn.

26th Bn. in platoon training.

27th Bn. in platoon training. 38 ORs reinforcements joined Bn.

28th Bn. in platoon training. Lt. Col. G.C. WAINWRIGHT rejoined from leave & resumed command of Bn.

29th Bn. in platoon training.

30th Church Parade etc.


1st Bn. training.

2nd Bn. parade. Operation order No.87 issued.


3rd Bn. marched to TINQUES entrained & departed am , detrained HOUPOUTRE pm & marched to Brown Camp into Div. Reserve, transferred to XVIII Corps. Map reference Belgium Sheet 28.A.22.d. central.

Brown Camp

4th Divl. Reserve. 73 ORs reinforcements joined Bn.

5th Divl. Reserve. Operation order No.88 issued. Bn. embussed & proceeded to NOUVEAU MONDE area & relieved HAWKE Bn.


6th Cleaning up etc.

7th Church Parade. A/Capt. F.H. WRENN to RFC

8th Bn. in Coy. training.

9th & 10th Bn. training.

11th Bn. training. T/Capt. B.G. ANDREWS to XIX Corps Reinforcement Camp.

12th & 13th Bn. training.

14th Church Parades.

15th & 16th Bn. training.

17th Bn. training. 2/Lt. H.L. HARDISTY to XVIII Corps School.

18th Bn. training.

19th Bn. training. 2/Lt. N.W. SPRAGGETT joined Bn.

20th Bn. training.

21st Church Parade.

22nd Bn. training. Operation order No.89 issued.

23rd Bn. embussed & proceeded to Canal Bank area, debussed & proceeded Reigersberg Camp.

Canal Bank

24th Operation order No.90 issued. Bn. proceed by march route to IRISH FARM.

Irish Farm

25th Operation order No.91 issued. Bn. proceeded into Line pm & took up position for attack.

Front Line [Battle of Passchendaele]

26th 5.40am Bn. attacked enemy's position opposite its front in conjunction with other Bns. of the 188th Inf. Bde. Objectives gained & consolidated. Casualties 7 Officers & 301 ORs.

27th Bn. consolidating position gained, relieved pm by HAWKE Bn. & proceeded to IRISH FARM.

Irish Farm

28th Bn. proceeded by march route to Dambre Camp. Map sheet 28. B.27.c.9.4.

Dambre Camp

29th Bn. Reorganising, refitting etc.

30th Bn. Reorganising, refitting etc. Baths.

31st Bn. paraded in fighting order. Emergency Coys. told off. Lt. Col. G.C. WAINWRIGHT RMLI to XIV Corps Reinforcement Camp. Mjr. C.G. FARQUHARSON rejoined Bn. Mjr. G. LLEWELYN PARRY assumed command of Bn.


1st & 2nd Bn. parades. Inspection & reorganisation of Corps.

3rd Parades, baths, inspection. Rev. Fr. W. DERRAN C.F. joined Bn. Inspection of Bn. by Div. General.

4th Church parades. Operation order No.92 issued.

5th Bn. relieved DRAKE Bn. in front line.


6th Holding line & working parties. 45 casualties. Operation order No.92/1 issued.

7th Bn. relieved by 2/6th Bn. KRRC & proceeded to IRISH CAMP, Operation order No.92/2 issued.


8th Bn. entrained at IRISH CAMP & detrained at POPERINGE & marched to School Camp. 1 casualty.

School Camp.

9th Bn. parade for Baths, cleaning up.

10th Bn. parade, inspections etc. Lt. MONK joined Bn.

11th Church parades, memorial service, Operation order No.93 issued.

12th Bn. proceeded by march route to WINNEGEELE area. Operation order No.94 issued.


13th Bn. proceeded by march route to STEENBRUGGE area. Map sheet 27 . T.14.b.3.8.


14th Bn. parades, inspections, Baths etc. 132 reinforcements joined Bn.

15th to 17th Platoon & Specialist training.

18th Bn. Church Parade. XX(Presentation of MM ribbons to men who gained the award in the recent operations)XX (crossed out )

19th Bn. in platoon & specialist training. Mjr. C.G. FARQUHARSON RMLI to 1st Bn. RMLI to assume command temporarily. Op.O. No.95 issued.

20th Bn. inspected by Capt. Oliver BACKHOUSE CB RM. The commanding Officer presented ribbons to NCOs & men who won the MM in the recent operations. Bn. Transport moved independently to School Camp.

21st Parades, Inspections etc. Addenda to operation order No.95 issued. 26 reinforcements from Base joined Bn. Bn. Transport moved into lines in Reifersberg area independently.

22nd Bn. embussed & proceeded to REIFERSBERG Camp. Map sheet 28.H.6.a.


23rd Parades, inspections etc. Lts. H.N. PEARCE RM & G. GIBBONS RMLI joined Bn.

24th Bn. working parties. Specialists Training.

25th Bn. working parties. Specialists Training. 19 reinforcements joined Bn.

26th & 27th Bn. working parties. Specialists Training.

28th Bn. working parties. Specialists Training. Lt. R.A.R. NEVILLE RMLI to Bde. HQ.

29th & 30th Bn. working parties. Specialists Training.


1st Bn. working parties & Specialist Training.

2nd Bn. Parades, inspections etc. 10 reinforcements joined from Base.

3rd & 4th Bn. working parties & Specialist Training.

5th Bn. inspections etc. O.O. No.96 issued.

6th Bn marched to Schools Camp.

Schools Camp

7th Bn. training. 2/Lt. EGAN to FA.

8th Bn. training. O.O. No.97 issued.

9th Bn. Church Parades etc. Entrained pm at PESELHOEK.


10th Bn. detrained & proceeded by march route to BEAULENCOURT area.


11th Bn. Parades, inspections etc.

12th Bn. Training.

13th Bn. & Specialist Training. Capt. B.C.V. WEEKS to FA. O.O. No.98 issued.

14th Bn. proceeded by march route to camp at ROCQUIGNY. O.O. No.99 issued.


15th Bn. proceeded by march route to camp at ETRICOURT. Lts. BRAID, VANCE, PERRY & 2/Lts. COLLIER, BOUCHER, SMITH, ALBURY, & WOLSTENHOLME joined Bn.


16th Bn. Church Parades, inspections etc. O.O. No.100 issued.

17th Bn. proceeded by march route to METZ. 2/Lt. BOUCHER to FA.


18th Bn. & Specialist Training. 2/Lt. EGAN rejoined Bn.

19th & 20th Bn. & Specialist Training.

21st Bn. & Specialist Training. O.O. No.101 issued.

22nd Bn. relieved 2/8th Worcesters & 1 Coy. 2/4th Gloucesters in Front Line. 4 casualties.

Front Line

23rd & 24th Bn. working & salvage parties etc.

25th Bn. working & salvage parties etc. O.O. No.102 issued.

26th Bn. relieved by 1st Bn. RMLI & proceeded to METZ in reserve. 1 casualty.


27th Bn. Inspections, cleaning up etc.

28th Bn. Inspections, cleaning up etc. 50 reinforcements joined Bn.

29th Bn. Inspections, cleaning up etc. Baths & Specialists Training.

30th Bn. Inspections. O.O. No.103 issued. Bn. stand by in Billets. O.O. No.103 in obeyance.

31st Amendment to O.O. No.103 issued. Bn. relieved 1st Bn. RMLI in Front Line.


Front Line

1st Working, salvage & carrying parties.

2nd Working, salvage & carrying parties. One casualty.

3rd Working, salvage & carrying parties. Two casualties. Operation Order 104 issued.

4th Working, salvage & carrying parties. Bn. relieved by HOWE Bn. & moved into support at VILLERS PLOUICHE.


5th Working, salvage & carrying parties. Capt. C.H. COODE RMLI joined Bn. T/Capt. B.C.V. WEEKS & T/Lt. M.W. CURTIS struck off strength, DRO 3466 & 3455 respectively. 20 reinforcements joined Bn. One casualty.

6th Working, salvage & carrying parties. One casualty.

7th Working, salvage & carrying parties. Operation order No.105 issued.

8th Working, salvage & carrying parties. Bn. relieved 1st RMLI in the front line. (left of the sub section).

Front Line

9th Working, salvage & carrying parties. Operation order No.106 issued.

10th Bn. relieved by HOWE Bn. in the front line & moved into support. One casualty.


11th Working, salvage & carrying parties.

12th Operation order 107 issued. Bn. relieved by ANSON Bn. & proceeded to METZ (Divisional Reserve).


13th Bn. cleaning up, Baths etc. Mjr. C.G. FARQUHARSON RMLI rejoined Bn. & assumed duties as 2nd in command.

14th Bn. cleaning up. Specialists parades etc.

15th Bn. cleaning up. Bn. parades. PT & Specialist Instruction. 23 reinforcements joined Bn. Operation order 108 issued.

16th Bn. relieved 1st Bn. RMLI in the front line (right sub sector). 2/Lt. H.L. HARDISTY struck off strength XVIII Corps School. 18 reinforcements joined Bn.

Front Line

17th Bn. working & carrying parties. Mjr. A/Lt. Col. G.L. PARRY wounded & 2 ORs casualties. Operation order 109 issued.

18th Bn. working & carrying parties. Mjr. FARQUHARSON assumed command of Bn. Capt. COODE assumed duties of 2nd in command. Inter Coy relief.

19th Bn. working & carrying parties. Operation order 110 issued. 2 casualties.

20th Bn. relieved by HOWE Bn. & moved into support. T/Lt. A.H.H. SAYER joined Bn.


21st Bn. working & carrying parties. Operation order 111 issued. 2 casualties.

22nd Bn. working, carrying & salvage parties. Relieved 1st Bn. RMLI in the front line (left sub sector). Operation order 112 issued.

Front Line

23rd Bn. relieved by 1st Bn. KRRC & proceeded to camp in HAVRINCOURT WOOD. One casualty.

Havrincourt Wood

24th Bn. proceeded by route march to METZ. Entrained & proceeded to ROCQUIGNY Station. Detrained & moved into camp "B" (Corps Reserve).


25th Bn. refitting, cleaning up etc.

26th Bn. refitting, cleaning up Baths etc.

27th Bn. working parties, fatigues etc.

28th Bn. training. Mjr. FARQUHARSON to leave. Capt. COODE assumed command of Bn.

29th Bn. training.

30th Bn. training& working parties etc. Mjr. N.S. CLUTTERBUCK joined Bn. & assumed command.

31st Bn. working parties etc.


1st Bn. training - musketry. Diarrhoea prevalent, committee formed to combat it. Cross country run. Capt. L.H. WRANGHAM, Lt. J.C. LEE leave to England.

2nd Po/15464 Sgt. W.T. O'DONNELL reduced to the ranks by FGCM. Mjr. G.L. PARRY died of wounds.

3rd Church parade etc. Nominal roll of long service NCOs who have served two & a half years with Bn., who are desirous of returning home for Service afloat, rendered. 5 reinforcements.

4th Bn. training. Baths. Divl. Gas Officers lectured in Recreation Hut. Sgt. O'DONNELL's sentence promulgated. Divl. Gen. visited lines of Bn. 21 reinforcements.

5th Duty Bn., Guards & working parties supplied. P.H. Helmets returned to ordnance. Paper chase. Experimental firing with 20 rounds magazine.

6th Bn. passed through Gas Chamber (Lt. PS WATTS & 1 OR accidentally gassed). Bombing instructions. Stocktaking of canteen goods. 10 reinforcements.

7th Duty Bn., Guards & working parties supplied. Instructions issued in the event of E.A. being forced to descend. Allotment for leave to AMIENS.

8th Bn. training, cross country run. 25 reinforcements.

9th Duty Bn., Guards & working parties supplied. Lt. P. LIGERTWOOD granted rank of A/Capt. with pay by Lords Commissioners of Admiralty dated 22nd Oct. 1917 (subsequently killed in action 26th Oct. 1917.) 2/Lt. F.W. SLAUGHTER leave to England.

10th Church parades. Baths. 2/Lts. SAUNDERS & WHITTING RM joined Bn.

11th Duty Bn., Guards & working parties supplied. Lt. P.S. WATTS leave to England. Div. Works Bn. formed. S.B.R's listed by Div. Officer. Div. Cross country run, team supplied by Bn. Sub-Lt. MOORCROFT RNVR to England, struck off strength. 2/Lt. BING RM joined Bn. Sub-Lt. PRYOR & 102 ORs joined Bn. on disbandment of HOWE Bn.

12th Bn. training. Musketry etc. Capts. COODE RMLI & WILLIAMS RM attended a TANK demonstration. Inspection of HOWE Bn. draught by OC.

13th Duty Bn., Guards & working parties supplied, wiring etc. T/Lt. F.A. PROFFITT appointed OC D Coy. Requiem Mass for the late Lt. Col. PARRY. Lt. C.W.F. YELDHAM leave to England.

14th Presentation of Coy & Platoon flags. Baths. Operation order No.113 issued. 2/Lt. C.T. EGAN appointed Bn. Lewis Gun Officer. 2/Lt. F.W. SLAUGHTER to MG School Grantham. Lewis Guns AA teams supplied to YTRES dump. Lt. Col. C.G. FARQUHARSON N/C RMLI from English leave & assumed command of the Bn.

15th Bn. proceeded by march route to Camp in VALLULART WOOD. Mjr. N.S. CLUTTERBUCK RMLI to 1st Bn. RMLI.


16th Bn. now in Bde. Reserve, revetting hutments etc. G.R.O. 3376 Intercourse with the enemy read on parade. 2 casualties (E.A. Bomb).

17th Church parades - work continued round hutments. Application of Whale Oil. Operations Order No.114 issued. 2/Lt. E. WILKS performed duties of Officer i/c Rear Orderly Room.

18th Bn. relieved HAWKE Bn. in support. 25 reinforcements.

In the Line Collviet Wood

19th MARCOING SEC. working - carrying & salvage parties.

20th MARCOING SEC. working - carrying & salvage parties. Rev. Father DAVEY to Hosp. Operation Order No.115 issued.

21st Bn. relieved by 2nd Bn. OXF. & BUCKS L.I. & proceeded by train from TRESCAULT to YTRES. Thence by march route to VALLULART WOOD CAMP.

Vallulart Wood

22nd Bn. parade in fighting order. Operation orders 116 issued.

23rd Bn. proceeded by march route to Ytres & entrained, proceeding to Trescault - detrained & proceeded into the line relieving the 18th & 20th London Regts.

In the Line Tolesquieres

24th RIBECOURT SEC. Working, carrying & wiring parties. Lt. H.H. SAYER to Hospital.

25th RIBECOURT SEC. Working, carrying & wiring parties. 28 Reinforcements joined. 1 casualty.

26th RIBECOURT SEC. Working, carrying & wiring parties. 2 casualties.

27th RIBECOURT SEC. Working, carrying & wiring parties. Operation orders 117 issued. Bn. relieved by ANSON Bn. in front line. Bn. marched to TRESCAULT & entrained, detraining at EASTWOOD CAMP, HAVRINCOURT WOOD. 1 casualty.


28th Bn. in Div. Reserve. Baths & clean clothing. Lt. H. DAW RAMC to 148th FA for duty. T/Surg. A.L. PEARCE GOLD RN joined Bn.

2RM MARCH 1918

1st Cleaning up, Baths, working parties etc.

2nd Cleaning up, Baths, working parties etc. O.O. No.117 issued.

3rd Cleaning up. Bn. entrained at Camp, detrained at TRESCAULT & proceeded into trenches to relieve 1st Bn. RMLI in support.


4th Wiring & working parties.

5th Wiring & working parties. Lt. ROBERTS, 2/Lts. BOUCHER & DEAN joined Bn.

6th Wiring & working parties. O.O. No.118 issued.

7th Relieved 1st Bn. RMLI in front line. Lt. ROBERTS to FA.

Front Line

8th Working parties, patrols etc. 6 casualties.

9th Working parties etc. A raiding party under command of 2/Lts. FIELDEN & COLLIER raided the enemy's positions. The raid was successful, one prisoner being captured. Casualties 2/Lt. H. FIELDEN & 2 ORs killed, 6 ORs wounded. Other casualties 3.

10th Working parties, patrols etc. Capt. B.G. ANDREWS rejoined from Divn. Wing.

11th Working parties, patrols etc. O.O. No.119 issued. Bn. relieved by ANSON Bn., proceeded by march route to Div. Reserve, EASTWOOD CAMP.

Eastwood Camp

12th Bn. parades, cleaning up etc.

13th Bn. parades, cleaning up etc. Capt. B.G. ANDREWS to FA.

14th Bn. parades, cleaning up etc. O.O. No.120 issued.

15th Bn. relieved ANSON Bn. in front line. Capt. & A/Adjt. R. BURTON to FA. 2/Lt. WILCOX to MG training centre GRANTHAM.


16th & 17th Working parties, wiring, patrols etc.

18th A raiding party under command of 2/Lt. SAUNDERS raided the enemy's position. No identification was obtained. Casualties: 1 Officer (2/Lt. SAUNDERS wounded) & 12 ORs. Other casualties: Mjr. C.H. COODE wounded. 2/Lt. DEAN transferred to 1st Bn. RMLI.

19th Relieved by 1st Bn. RMLI & proceeded into support. O.O. No.121 issued.


20th Working parties etc.

[German Spring Offensive begins; aka March Retreat]

21st Enemy attacked on flanks after heavy Gas bombardment of our positions. Bn. "STANDING TO". 1st Bn. RMLI ordered to withdraw through 2nd Bn. RMLI, causing Support position to become FRONT LINE.


22nd Ordered to evacuate. Bn. proceeded to HAVRINCOURT WOOD. Lt. Col. C.G. FARQUHARSON wounded. Lt. Cmdr. J. COOTE, ANSON Bn. assumed command of Bn.

Havrincourt Wood

23rd Bn. proceeded to prepared line in front of BERTINCOURT & took up position.

Front Line

24th Bn. ordered to withdraw from BERTINCOURT. Proceeded to BAPAUME - PERONNE Rd. & thence to MARTINPUICH. Took up position in SUPPORT to ANSON Bn.


25th Reinforced ANSON Bn. & then ordered to withdraw. Bn. in conjunction with the remainder of Bde. fought a rearguard action to THIEPVAL, where Bde. took up positions.

Front Line

26th Ordered to withdraw. Bn. proceeded into support behind MESNIL. Relieved by Bn. Buffs Regt. & proceeded to ENGELBELMER. Thence proceeded to MARTINSART into billets.


27th In conjunction with ANSON Bn., counter-attacked along MARTINSART - MESNIL Road & thro' AVELUY WOOD, repulsing enemy. Returned to MARTINSART. Bn. took up position just outside AVELUY WOOD as precautionary measure.

Aveluy Wood

28th Relieved by Bn. Royal Fusiliers & proceeded to MAILLY - MAILLET & thence later in the day to FORCEVILLE into billets.


29th Cleaning up etc. & reorganising.

30th Cleaning up etc. & reorganising. Bn. inspected by GOC 188th Inf. Bde.

31st Cleaning up etc. & reorganising. Church Parades etc. Orders issued during operations 22/3/18 to 28/3/18 inclusive were destroyed after perusal. Appendix No.1 was destroyed by fire at YTRES. Casualties during operations 22/3/18 to 28/3/18 inclusive were:- Killed: A/Capt. G. GIBBINS, T/2/Lt. E.W. COLLIER, T/2/Lt. S.N. WITTING & 13 ORs. Wounded: Lt. Col. C.G. FARQUHARSON MC, T/Capt. L..H. WRANGHAM, T/Lt. A.S.R. PERRY, 2/Lt. C.V. EGAN, 2/Lt. J.A. SMITH, 2/Lt. A.H. MITCHELL & 83 ORs. Unaccounted for: T/Capt. R.J. WILLIAMS, T/Lt. P.S. WATTS, Sub/Lt. R.G. GRAY, 2/Lt. F. DEATON & 213 ORs.

2RM APRIL 1918

1st Bn. cleaning up, refitting etc. & inspections. Capt. GA NEWLING MC RM joined Bn. & assumed duties of 2nd in command. O.O. No.130 issued.

2nd Bn. proceeded by march route to TOUTENCOURT.


3rd Bn. proceeded by march route to ENGELBELMER. Mjr. N.S. CLUTTERBUCK RMLI joined & assumed command of Bn. Lt./Cmdr. J. COOTE MC RNVR returned to ANSON Bn. O.O. No.131 issued.


4th Bn. salvage & working parties. Lts. GREENWOOD & SMITH RWR joined Bn. 1 casualty.

5th Bn. salvage & working parties. 4 casualties.

6th O.O. No.132 issued. Bn. moved into positions in N.W. edge of AVELUY WOOD. About 9am the Bn. attacked the enemy position in the wood & succeeded in driving him out, inflicting casualties & capturing prisoners & 9 MGs. 5 Officers wounded (Lts. PROFFITT, BRAID, GREENWOOD, 2/Lt. E. BING & Sub/Lt. OLDHAM) 15 ORs killed, 55 wounded, 26 unaccounted for. 27 ORs joined Bn.

Avuley Wood

7th Bn. holding front line position. Relieved pm by ANSON Bn. & moved to billets in FORCEVILLE. O. O. No.133 issued.


8th Bn. cleaning up, refitting etc. 12 Officers & 240 ORs (army reinforcements) joined Bn. Capt. EL ANDREWS & 65 RMLI reinforcements joined Bn.

9th Cleaning up, refitting etc. O.O. No.134 issued. Relieved HOOD Bn. in front line.

Avuley Wood

10th Bn. in front line, consolidating etc. 1 casualty.

11th Bn. in front line. Relieved by 4th Bn. Bedford Regt. & proceeded to FORCEVILLE. O.O. No.135 issued.


12th Bn. cleaning up, baths, refitting etc. 39 ORs reinforcements joined Bn.

13th Bn. cleaning up, baths, refitting etc. Specialist training. O.O. No.136 issued. Working parties.

14th Bn. moved by march route to ARQUEVES.


15th Specialist training & working parties. Lt. R. St. Q. DOWNER RM rejoined Bn.

16th Specialist training & working parties.

17th & 18th Specialist & Bn. training.

19th Specialist training & working parties. 11 reinforcements joined Bn.

20th Specialist & Bn. training. Mjr. SANDILANDS RMLI joined Bn. & assumed duties of 2nd in command. Capt. G.A. NEWLING MC RM assumed duties of ADJUTANT.

21st Church Parades.

22nd Specialist & Bn. training. 10 RM Officers & 7 ORs reinforcements joined Bn.

23rd Specialist training & working parties.

24th Specialist & Bn. training. 7 reinforcements joined Bn.

25th Specialist & Bn. training.

26th Specialist & Bn. training. Inspection by Gen. Hon. SIR J.H.G. BYNG KCB KCMG MVO.

27th Specialist training & working parties.

28th Church Parades. Bn. amalgamated with 1st Bn. RMLI under the name of 1st Bn. RMLI.

(Go to the 1st RM Bn. diaries from 29/4/18 for the operations of the Royal Marines transferred to 1RM)