Their names are cast in bronze


A library of images of RND Bronze Memorial Plaques, Scrolls, medals & photos.

Plaque Surnames

Clyde Z/7181 AB Alexander Deacon ALLAN R.N.V.R.
Hawke Battalion, R.N.D.
Died of wounds in 12th Stationary Hospital St. Pol 27th March 1918.

St Pol British Cemetery, St Pol-sur-Ternoise (FR 788)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- Enlisted 12/11/15 ; Draft for BEF 31/7/16, joined 8th Entrenching Bn. 13/9/16, joined Nelson Bn. 27/11/16-23/4/17 wounded, rejoined Nelson Bn. 3/5/17-22/2/18 joined 7th Entrenching Bn., transferred to Hawke Bn. 15/3/18-27/3/18 DD.
A Grocer ; b.11/1/1892 ; Next-of-Kin & home address: Mother, Janet, 43 Aitkenhead Rd., Govanhill, Glasgow. ; ADM/171 = V.B. issued to Father IC/793/1918.

Clyde Z/5655 AB Thomas ALLAN R.N.V.R.
Anson Battalion, R.N.D.
Killed in action 6th November 1917.
Poelcapelle British Cemetery (B 126)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- Enlisted 15/7/15 ; Draft for MEF 5/12/15, joined Anson Bn. 5/2/16-27/10/16 Myalgia, Invalided to UK 5/11/16 ; Draft for BEF 6/5/17, joined Anson Bn. 3/6/17-6/11/17 DD.
A Labourer ; b.4/9/1896 ; Next-of-Kin & home address: Mother, Mary, 108 Windmillhill St., Motherwell ; ADM/171 = St.V.B. issued to Universal Legatee IC/2688/1917.

PO/2071/S Pte. William AMBURY R.M.L.I.
2nd Royal Marine Battalion, R.N.D.
Died of Disease whilst POW 14th July 1918.
Valenciennes (St Roch) Communal Cemetery (FR 1142)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- Draft for 2nd RM Bn. BEF 2/12/17-24/3/18 POW.
CWGC incorrectly record his unit as "1st Royal Marine Battlaion."
ADM/242 & GRO = 1st RM Bn. ; ADM/157 = To 2nd RM Bn. France 2/12/17 ; ADM/159 = 2nd RM Bn. 4/12/17-24/3/18. b.13/8/1892 ; Father, Albert, Church Farm, Coleford, Gloucester ; ADM/171 = V.B. issued to Mother IC/2209/1918.

PO/15163 A/Sgt.(Cpl.) Charles Edward Jubilee ASHMAN R.M.L.I.
Portsmouth Battalion, R.N.D.
Killed in action, 3rd May 1915.
Helles Memorial (MR 4)

The CWGC record this man as "Charles Edward Ashman" only.
RND Roll of Honour gives:- Enlisted Deal 14/1/1908 ; Portsmouth Bn. at Dunkirk & Antwerp 1914 ; MEF 28/2/15-3/5/15 DD. CWGC incorrectly record his date of death as "6/5/15" ; Not listed in "The Cross of Sacrifice Vol.IV" ; His Bronze Memorial Plaque reads:- "Charles Edward Jubilee Ashman" ; Promoted Corporal 10/4/13, Acting Sergeant 10/2/15.
An Indoor Servant ; b.Buckland, Dover 24/2/1889 ; Son of William & Emily Jane Ashman, of 34 The Bayle, Folkestone, Kent. ; Please note that all Portsmouth Bn. casualties recorded by the CWGC as died on the 6th of May 1915 were most likely killed in the charge up Razor-Back hill, Monash Valley, on the 3rd May 1915, but may have been killed at Anzac Beachhead on any date between 28/4/15 & 3/5/15. ; 1914 Star issued to mother 31/10/19 ; ADM/171 = Acting Sergeant, 14St.V.B. issued to Widow(error, should be mother), IC/895/1915.

PO/2361/S Pte. Harry ASTON R.M.L.I.
2nd Royal Marine Battalion, R.N.D.
Died of wounds 6th April 1918.

Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No.1 (FR 62)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- Enlisted in Army Reserve at Redditch 1/12/15 ; Entered RMLI for RND 4/8/17 ; 2nd RM Bn. Draft for BEF 3/12/17-6/4/18 DD. CWGC incorrectly record his unit as "1st RM Bn." ; GRO & ADM/242 = 1st RM Bn. ; ADM/159 & 157 = 2nd RM Bn. draft 3/12/17 ; Papers misfiled in ADM/157/2699 ('G' 1917).
Son of Alfred & Agnes Aston, of Evesham Rd., Crabbs Cross, Redditch, Worcs. ; ADM/171/167 incorrectly states BWM only issued to Father, IC/830/1918 (entitled to BWM & Victory Medal).

London Z/435 AB Edgar Philip AYLING R.N.V.R.
Drake Battalion, R.N.D.
Missing, assumed killed in action, 25th March 1918.

Arras Memorial (MR 20)

Slightly the worse for wear, Ayling's plaque has barely survived corrosion by agent unknown.

RND Roll of Honour gives:- Enlisted 19/9/14 ; Howe Bn. B/243 22/10/14-25/7/15 Diarrhoea, rejoined Howe Bn. 5/10/15-6/12/15 Pyrexia Unknown Origin, rejoined Howe Bn. at Mudros 10/1/16-22/2/18 joined 7th Entrenching Bn., transferred to Drake Bn. 14/3/18-25/3/18 DD.
CWGC incorrectly spell his middle name "Phillip"
; Bronze Memorial Plaque & RND records read:- "Philip" ; An Engineer ; b.30/4/1892 ; Next-of-Kin & home address: Father, William Bodd Ayling, "Lyss," The Mount, Caversham, Reading. ; ADM/171 = St.V.B. not issued/claimed "DD 25.3.18".