Their names are cast in bronze


A library of images of RND Bronze Memorial Plaques, Scrolls, medals & photos.

Plaque Surnames

PO/199/S Pte. Roland RAWSON R.M.L.I.
Portsmouth Battalion, R.N.D.
Killed in action, 3rd May 1915.

Helles Memorial (MR 4)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- ex-15786 Private Notts & Derby Regt. transferred to RMLI short-service 16/9/14 ; Embarked RM Brigade 22/11/14 ; Portsmouth Bn. MEF 28/2/15-3/5/15 DD.
CWGC incorrectly record his date of death as "6/5/15" ; AFB2090A in ADM/157/2670 ; Please note that all Portsmouth Bn. casualties recorded by the CWGC as died on the 6th of May 1915 were most likely killed in the charge up Razor-Back hill, Monash Valley, on the 3rd May 1915, but may have been killed at Anzac Beachhead on any date between 28/4/15 & 3/5/15. ; Mother, Emily, 66 King's Meadow Rd., Nottingham. ; ADM/171 = St.V.B. not issued/claimed "DD 6/5/15".

CH/18/S Pte. Frederick Charles RAYBOULD R.M.L.I.
1st Royal Marine Battalion, R.N.D.
Missing, assumed Killed in action, 28th April 1917
Arras Memorial (MR 20)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- ex-Private Notts & Derby Regt. enlisted Mansfield 7/9/14 & transferred to RMLI short-service 16/9/14 ; Chatham Bn. MEF 6/2/15-14/7/15 Vomiting & Exhaustion, rejoined Bn. 27/7/15-22/2/16 to UK Leave, rejoined 1st RM Bn. BEF 6/6/16-24/8/16 to Olhain as Blacksmith, rejoined 1st RM Bn. 3/10/16-28/4/17 DD.
1st RM Bn. 'B' Company (Cook) UK Leave party 26/2/16 ; A Blacksmith's Striker ; b.Lye, Worcester 8/4/1882(true date 29/7/1879) ; Father, John, 5 Rafford St., Lye, Nr. Stourbridge, Worcester ; Birth Certificate shows Frederick Charles Raybould, born Stourbridge 29/7/1879, son of John Raybould, Vice Maker, & Eliza Raybould, formerly Everton, of Cecil St., Stourbridge ; ADM/171 = St.V.B. not issued/claimed "1914 St. by War Office, 14/15 Star not issuable (DD 28/4/17)" [ADM/171 is in error. Not entitled to the 1914 star with the army].

The CWGC record this man as "Frederick Raybould" only. Investigations show that he enlisted as "Frederick Raybould" omitting his middle name, & stated he was born in Lye, Worcester 8/4/1882. His birth certificate confirms his true full name was "Frederick Charles Raybould" & his true date of birth was 29/7/1879. Raybould was too old to serve in September 1914 & took three years off his age to qualify to enlist. He was one of many men who enlisted "over-age", but one hears very little about them, overshadowed as they are by the 'boy' soldiers who enlisted underage

It is believed that Raybould's Next-of-kin provided his birth certificate to the Plaque issuing authorities & his full name was therefore cast in his plaque. They chose not to correct the CWGC record nor did they return any details to the CWGC for inclusion in the Arras Memorial Register.

Tyneside 3/152 AB Charles REDMOND R.N.V.R.
Hawke Battalion, R.N.D.
POW, shot during the escape attempt at Exaerde 10th October 1914.
Nieuport Memorial (MR 31)
(Buried in the grave of five unknown British Soldiers & one Belgian soldier in Exaerde Communal Cemetery)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- Enlisted 8/2/12 ; Hawke Bn. D/659 22/8/14-9/10/14 POW. CWGC incorrectly record his service number as "TZ/152" & his date of death as "7/10/14". ; RND Card records "Missing 7/10/14 & assumed dead", The Antwerp (POW) Diary of Tyneside 2/119 AB William Reid, Hawke Bn., records:- "9/10/14, After searching & counting us, we were marched to a church at a place called Eairs (from Moerbeke). Whilst on the march six men had the misfortune to be shot through one trying to escape. Two of the dead men belonging to the Tyneside Division. One of them was J.Whitehead, the other C.Redmond." (Highly likely buried with Leading Seaman Haggis in the grave of five unknown British Soldiers & one Belgian soldier in Exaerde Communal Cemetery).
A Labourer ; b.7/4/1891 ; Next-of-Kin & home address: Father, Andrew, 49 Dean Rd., Tyne Dock. ; 1914 Star issued to mother 10/5/20.

PLY/15464 Pte. James RENDELL R.M.L.I.
2nd Royal Marine Battalion, R.N.D.
Missing, later reported killed in action, 13th November 1916.

(Buried by 51st Highland Division Q.11c.2.2. 15/11/16)
'Y' Ravine Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel (FR 1490)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- Enlisted 14/9/1911 ; Embarked RM Brigade 3/10/15, joined 2nd RM Bn. 25/10/15-13/11/16 DD.
A Wagoner ; b.St. Peters, Plymouth 29/7/1893 ; Next-of-Kin: Uncle, PLY/6482 Sergeant Thomas Rendall(sic) RMLI, later: Parents, James & Mary Rendell, 2 Slade Park, Pensilva, Liskeard, Cornwall, later of: 3 Fernley Terrace, Marldon, Paignton, Devon. ; ADM/171 = St.V.B. issued to Universal Legatee.

Temp. Sub Lt. Francis Leonard REES R.N.V.R.
190th Brigade Machine Gun Company, R.N.D.
Killed in action, 23rd April 1917.

Arras Memorial (MR 20)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- ex-Temporary Assistant Paymaster RNR ; Commissioned Temporary Sub Lieutenant RNVR 25/12/15 ; Draft for BEF 30/1/17, posted to 190th Brigade MG Company 5/2/17-23/4/17 DD.
Next-of-Kin & home address: Father, R.V., 9 Empress Ave., Ilford.

CH/1648/S L/Cpl. Ernest RICKARD R.M.L.I.
1st Royal Marine Battalion, R.N.D.
Died of Disease whilst POW, 8th December 1917.

Cologne Southern Cemetery (Germany 1)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- Attested for Army Reserve at St. Austell, Cornwall 11/12/15 ; transferred to RMLI 23/8/16 ; Embarked RM Brigade 1/11/16 ; Draft for BEF 1/2/17, posted to 1st RM Bn. from Base Depot Calais 23/2/17-28/4/17 Missing, POW.
Appointed Paid Lance Corporal 16/1/17, reverted to Unpaid Lance Corporal at Base Depot Calais 3/2/17 ; A Clay Labourer ; b.26/3/1890 ; Wife, Lily Florence, 2 Hill Head, St. Stephens, Grampound Rd., Cornwall.

Clyde Z/1774 AB James RITCHIE R.N.V.R.
Anson Battalion, R.N.D.
Killed in action, 26th October 1917.

Tyne Cot Memorial (MR 30)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- Enlisted 28/10/14 ; Benbow Bn. C/215 5/3/15, transferred to Anson Bn. 12/6/15-23/11/16 Impetigo, rejoined Anson Bn. 8/2/17-20/2/17 SW right foot & thigh, Invalided to UK 1/3/17 ; Draft for BEF 30/7/17, joined Anson Bn. 25/8/17-26/10/17 DD.
A Farm Servant ; b.27/3/1891 ; Next-of-Kin & home address: Father, William, Broadbog, Tullynessle, Alford, Aberdeenshire.

PLY/385/S L/Cpl. Thomas ROBINSON R.M.L.I.
Plymouth Battalion, R.N.D.
Missing about 12/5/15, assumed killed in action, 12th May 1915.

Helles Memorial (MR 4)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- Plymouth Bn. MEF 6/2/15-12/5/15 DD.
CWGC incorrectly record his date of death as "14/5/15" ; Appointed Lance Corporal 5/3/15. ; Son of Mrs. Rosa Robinson, of 61 Egerton Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, Lancashire.

Deal/583/S Spr. Thomas James Ernest Stanley ROBSON R.M.
1st Field Company, Divisional Engineers, R.N.D.
Killed in action, 28th May 1915.

Redoubt Cemetery, Helles (Gi 2)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- Enlisted 7/10/14 ; 1st Field Company MEF 1/3/15-28/5/15 DD.
CWGC incorrectly record him as "T.E.S. Robson died 27/5/15" ; ADM/159 & RND Index = KIA 28/5/15 ; Bronze Memorial Plaque reads:- Thomas James Ernest Stanley Robson & birth registered in June Qr. 1880 as Thomas James E.S. Robson, Vol.10a, page 167 ; b.Hartlepool, Durham 10/5/1880 ; A Naval Architect(formerly assistant Manager of Taikoo Dockyard, Hong Kong) ; Next-of-Kin: Aunt, Mary J. Ringwood, 5 Olive St., Hartlepool (also inform mother, Mrs. Noble, Fern Cottage, Nairn, Scotland & Sister, 44 Kensington Gardens Square, W. London) ; Son of George and Anne Hunter Robson, of Hartlepool, Co. Durham. ; ADM/171 = St.V.B. issued to Brother.

This plaque at first defeated attempts at identification. However, it was soon discovered that the CWGC list this man as "T.E.S. Robson", omitting his second initial "J" (they also incorrectly record his date of death as 27th May). As it happens, Sapper Robson also omitted his second forename on enlistment for reasons unknown. Below is his RND Index Card:-

Confirmation of Sapper Robson's true name was obtained from his birth certificate which carries his full name "Thomas James Ernest Stanley Robson". This case proves that his Next-of-kin was able to have his Plaque cast with his full 'birth' name, probably by providing a copy of his birth certificate, & despite him having served as "T.E.S. Robson" only.

R/6363 AB Sidney White ROGERS R.N.V.R.
Regimental Depot, R.N.D. Reserves, Aldershot.
Died at 9.45pm in Connaught Hospital Aldershot from Pneumonia, 22nd July 1918.

Shillingstone or Shilling Okeford (Holy Rood) Churchyard (Dorset 91)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- Army Reserve 3/3/16 ; Entered 17/9/17 ; Draft for BEF 11/1/18, joined Hawke Bn. 24/1/18-12/3/18 Gassed, Invalided to UK 31/3/18. Buried in same grave as his brother ; b.25/11/1891 ; Next-of-Kin: Mother, Eliza White Rogers, Near the Cross, Shillingstone, Dorset.

Clyde Z/2462 AB John Dalziel ROLLO R.N.V.R.
Nelson Battalion, R.N.D.
Died of wounds, brought in dead to 47th CCS, 14th February 1917.

(SW compound fracture right tibia & Fibula & left thigh)
Varennes Military Cemetery (FR 41)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- Enlisted 30/11/14 ; Draft for MEF 28/6/15, joined 2nd Platoon Nelson Bn. 17/7/15-9/8/15 Pains in Back & Teeth trouble, rejoined Nelson Bn. 22/12/15-28/1/16 transferred to Divisional HQ as Mounted Military Police, joined Base Depot Calais from Assistant Provost Marshal 24/1/17, rejoined Nelson Bn. 10/2/17-14/2/17 DD.
Possibly attached 188th Brigade Light Trench Mortar Battery at the time of his death. ; Now buried in a joint grave with PLY/17615 Private S.W. Herring, 2nd RM Bn. attached 188th Brigade Light Trench Mortar Battery DOW 15/2/17 ; A Joiner ; b.5/11/1892 ; Next-of-Kin & home address: Father, William, Roziel Cottage, Dreghorn, Ayrshire. ; ADM/171 = St.V.B. issued to Universal Legatee.

Kitchener X/143 AB Edward ROWLAND R.N.V.R.
Howe Battalion, R.N.D.
Missing 4-6/6/15, later reported died of wounds, 8th June 1915.

Redoubt Cemetery, Helles (Gi 2)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- Enlisted in the Durham Light Infantry 2/9/14 & transferred to RNVR 7/9/14. ; Howe Bn. K/188 7/9/14-8/6/15 DD.
CWGC incorrectly record his service number as "K/143"
Reported by Lieutenant J.F. Sutcliffe RM, Officer Commanding No.1 Company Portsmouth Bn. RMLI:- "Sir, I have the honour to bring to your notice the very gallant conduct of RFR 'A' Class PO/1239 Lance Corporal Robert Coubrough RMLI, which occurred under the following circumstances. On the afternoon of 8th June, Ordinary Seaman Edward Rowland RNVR, having been wounded & left for some days, about 30 yards in front of our trenches was seen to be moving in the direction of the enemy's line, & being mistaken for an enemy sniper, was fired upon & brought down. It was then discovered that he was one of our men. Lance Corporal Coubrough volunteered to bring him in & crawled out of our trench, under fire from snipers. He managed to reach him, when Ordinary Seaman Rowland was again hit & rendered helpless. Lance Corporal Coubrough then advised him to lie still & returned to the fire trench, telling him he would be brought in after dark. In the evening Lance Corporal Coubrough again volunteered to go out with a stretcher party & managed to successfully bring the wounded man in."
Born Westwood 25/8/1889. A Miner. Son of William and Mary Rowland, of 1 Sycamore St., Allendale Cottages, Hamsterley Colliery, Co.Durham. Resided with father. ; 1914 Star issued to father 9/7/19, V.B. issued to Father.

Clyde Z/488 AB Norman Fraser ROY R.N.V.R.
2nd Platoon, 'B' Company, Collingwood Battalion, R.N.D.
Missing, assumed killed in action, 4th June 1915.

Helles Memorial (MR 4)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- Enlisted 5/10/14 ; Collingwood Bn. 'B' Company 2nd Platoon 4/2/15-4/6/15 DD.
Born 26/12/1891. A Marine Engineer. Son of Peter Neilson Roy and Christina Roy, of 99 Somerville Drive, Mount Florida, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, and was living with his parents at the time of his enlistment. ; Brother of Sub Lieutenant Peter Alexander Roy RN, HMS "Sobo" Died 23/2/19. ; Name commemorated on the Bute War Memorial.

PO/409/S Cpl. Alexander Bolton RUFFELLS R.M.L.I.
2nd Royal Marine Battalion, R.N.D.
Wounded & Missing, assumed dead, later reported died of wounds, 13th November 1916.

Thiepval Memorial (MR 21)

RND Roll of Honour gives:- Enlisted York 24/11/14 ; Draft for Portsmouth Bn. MEF 9/5/15, joined Bn. 30/5/15-13/11/16 DD.
Promoted Acting Corporal 9/9/15, Paid Lance Sergeant 25/10/15, Corporal 7/6/16 ; A Hairdresser ; b.Shieldfield, Newcastle 11/3/1894 ; Mother, Isabella Ann, 73 Kendall St., Byker, Newcastle. ; ADM/171 = St.V.B. issued to Father.