The Royal Marines Cyclist Company

(aka Cyclist Company RND)

(aka "RM Cyclists & Bombers")

Tools of the Trade.

Various bomb throwing devices on display, Cape Helles Mid-1915. All were employed by the Cyclists Coy. who later specialised in the art.

Formed after the Antwerp Expedition in late 1914 from RMLI volunteers, they were to take the place of 'Divisional Cavalry;' communications & despatch carrying their primary function.

At an establishment of 8 officers & 210 other ranks RMLI, they sailed aboard the HMT "Somali" for the Dardanelles at the end of February 1915 with the bulk of the RND.

Although the personnel were almost exclusively Royal Marines, many were formerly RNVR recruits who volunteered for the Cyclist Coy. & were transferred to RMLI Short Service.

During May & June 1915 the Cyclist Coy. was used to reinforce the RM Battalions in the firing line at Cape Helles, but later converted into the 'Divisional Bombers', with the personnel being trained in the use of catapults, bomb guns & trench mortars.

On the 12th of July the OC of the Cyclists, Major A.H. French DSO started a bombing school to train battalion bombers, the first school that was instituted on the Peninsula. The bombs used were known as "Tickler's Bombs" as they were made from empty tins of Tickler's Jam. There was an acute shortage of hand-grenades & the troops were forced to improvise with jam tins stuffed with explosive & barbed wire, cut up to act as shrapnel in the bomb. They were fired from a catapult, which had legs six feet high and threw a bomb up to 90 yards, but suffered from the elastic constantly breaking (All this wonderful improvisation was just another indication of an ill-prepared invasion force).

Below is PRO Doc. Ref: ADM137/3086/47, which details the first engagement of the Coy. in the trenches at Cape Helles. Divisional Cyclist Camp, 12th May 1915.

From O.C. Cyclist Coy. RND.

To GOC RND. Square 168.T


I have the honour to report that in accordance with your orders, I proceeded at 7.30pm May 10th with the Cyclist Coy consisting of 7 Officers and 194 other ranks, and 4 guns of the Motor Maxim Squadron to the advanced trenches and took over about 100 yds. of trench from the "Anson" Bn. Position approx. Square 169.D.1 to 8 at about 11pm.

During the night 10/11 May, I improved the Fire Trench and built communication trenches. During the time that we were in this position, we were considerably annoyed by snipers. One or two were continually firing into our trench, sometimes from our rear. I am glad to report however, that Ch RFR 1609 Corpl. B. Gardner showed great perseverance and skill in locating and killing two of these pests. I beg to recommend for your consideration that the gap of about 25 yds, which at present exists between the right of the trench which I occupied, and the left of the French trenches be avoided by continuing the line of the trench. With the present siting, should the extreme left of the French trench happen to fall into the enemy's hands, a length of 200 yds. of trench, half of which I occupied would be rendered untenable by enfilade fire.

I regret to report 3 casualties, 2 owing to rifle fire and one to shrapnel fire. I was relieved at 11.45pm last night by a company of the 5th East Lancashire Bde, and returned to camp about 2am today. I am glad to report that the Coy. displayed steadiness and discipline distinctly creditable to a newly formed Unit.

I greatly regret to report that about 7.20am today a rifle was accidentally discharged in Camp, with the result that PO530/S Pte. J. Bradley was severely wounded in the lower part of the abdomen. I have not yet enquired into the circumstances, but will do so at an early moment and report fully to you.

I have the honour to be Sir,

Your obedient servant Mjr French RMLI OC Cyclist Coy RMLI.

Although the Company suffered no deaths as a result of their first stint in the firing line, it was a tragedy that PO/334/S Pte. James BRADLEY was to be their first fatality. (note that Major French quoted his service No. incorrectly)

Pte. Bradley died of his wounds 14/5/15 & was buried at Lancashire Landing Cemetery, Cape Helles. The absence of casualties amongst RM Cyclists at Gallipoli indicates that they were never employed in any attacks, only in the occasional support of the RMLI Bns. in the way Major French describes above, up to their re-employment in forming the Divisional Bomb School 12/7/15.

For a single unit, the Cyclists suffered negligible casualties during their short career, despite serving at Cape Helles for the whole of the Gallipoli campaign. I found only four Cyclist's deaths in the records of the CWGC & this struck me as a little odd. Further research showed three more deaths, incorrectly recorded as either Plymouth or Portsmouth Bn. Seven deaths, two by disease & one by accident, is still a suspiciously low number. There may still be more as yet undiscovered. The CWGC were notified of these further three Cyclists & have amended their records.

PO/17690 Pte. Harold Steven COLBOURNE KIA Cape Helles 28/5/15, buried at Redoubt Cemetery, Cape Helles.

PLY/247/S Pte. John Duval CLARKE KIA Cape Helles 7/6/15, Redoubt Cemetery, Cape Helles. (was incorrectly recorded by the CWGC as being killed whilst serving with the Plymouth Bn. RMLI)

PO/768/S Pte. John ALLAN Died in Hospital, Malta, from Enteric Fever & Duodenal Ulcer 27/6/15. Malta Naval Cem.

CH/19181 Pte. James Yates HARGREAVES DOW 21/8/15 Buried at Skew Bridge Cemetery, Cape Helles.

PO/894/S Pte. Samuel LANDEY Died of Disease at Imbros 16/10/15 (was incorrectly recorded by the CWGC as serving with the Portsmouth Bn.)

PLY/836/S Pte. Alfred FIELD DOW 4/1/16 (was incorrectly recorded by the CWGC as serving with the Plymouth Bn. RMLI).

In early 1916 after the Gallipoli Evacuation, the Cyclists were based at Mudros with the RND HQ. In March rumours began about the Company being disbanded. They were half-true. Within a month the Cyclists Coy. were converted into a 12 pdr. Gun Battery.

Since February 1916, a detachment of 50 Cyclists had been manning AA guns at Mudros. It would appear that the Cyclist Coy. was becoming something of a 'white elephant', with no real purpose within the RND. However, their personnel were trained specialists in the field of Trench Mortars & other bomb throwing devices & it was to this end that they eventually found their new vocation in France.

There is good evidence to suggest that the Cyclists were an 'elite' to some extent, with their own individual camaraderie. A Cyclists' Guard was used to quell a 'disturbance' in the Greek Labour Corps in February 1916, a job demanding true loyalty to authority. Also, a large number of Cyclists received recognition, in the form of gallantry awards or commissions in the RM or Army.

The fact that our Jack comes across as 'nobody's fool' is clear, with his sharp comments on the problems & injustices done to the Marines of the RND, & this supports the idea that the Cyclists were something of an 'intelligentsia'; specially selected from the RMLI ranks for service in the Cyclists & being the 'brightest of the bunch.' Their employment as the founders of the first Bombing School at Gallipoli also suggests adaptability & ingenuity, specialising with the Trench Mortar & other bomb throwing devices. Evidence for this claim can be seen in the details of the RM Cyclist Coy. nominal roll below.

In late April 1916, decisions had been made in London to reunite the RND at Mudros prior to their despatch to France. The 2nd Brigade was recalled from Stavros & the Division was whole again (except for those serving at Imbros & Tenedos). Those marooned at Mudros since January must have known from all the activity that their time had come & they were finally moving nearer to home.

On the 21/4/16 instructions were received to reconstitute the RND units which existed on the Gallipoli Peninsula & on the 23/4/16 the Vice Admiral, EMS, ordered the 12 pounder gun battery disbanded & the Cyclist Coy. to be reconstituted. On the 26/4/16 the Cyclist Coy. was reformed & the 12pdr guns handed back to the Navy. The Company sailed for Marseilles from Mudros 18/5/16.

On the 24th of June 1916, the Cyclist Company was finally disbanded at the Army Base Depot, Etaples. The Cyclists were found various employments reflecting their specialist skills. The majority were posted to the new Trench Mortar Batteries, attached to the Marine battalions; the Cyclists being already trained in the use of such weapons; whilst others were posted to DHQ, again reflecting their higher than average educational standard. The remainder eventually found their way into either 1 or 2RM during the following months.

Officers of the Royal Marine Cyclist Company (list incomplete).

Only one did not survive the war.

CO - Major A.H. French DSO RMLI present at initial landings April 1915 & evacuation January 1916.

2IC - Major N.O. Burge RMLI present at initial landings & evacuation, posted to command of Nelson Battalion 13/7/15. (Brevet Lt. Col. Burge was KIA leading the Nelson Bn. over the top at Beaumont Hamel 13/11/16, the same day as Jack).

Lieutenant F.C.G. Stock RMLI

Lieutenant T.H. Jameson RMLI present at initial landings, wounded at Cape Helles 4/6/15.

Lieutenant F.C. Bowen RMLI

Lieutenant G.R. Curtis RMLI present at initial landings, wounded at Cape Helles 29/5/15.

Lieutenant W.S. Jessup RNVR

Lieutenant K.A. Puckle RMLI present at initial landings & evacuation.


Nominal Roll.

The list below is far from complete at only 164 names. The Coy. sailed from Avonmouth 28/2/15 per HMT "Somali" at a strength of 210 ORs & received several reinforcement drafts during 1915. Even so, I estimate that perhaps only 300 Marines in total served with the Coy. before it's break-up in June 1916. A considerable number were decorated or granted commissions. The greater part of the ex-Cyclists at the Base Depot, Etaples, joined 1 or 2RM after Beaumont Hamel in late November 1916. A large contingent also joined the Trench Mortar Batteries attached to the RM Bns. At Gallipoli, from late 1915, the Coy. was known as the "RM Cyclists & Bombers" & their skill & experience in handling mortars proved a useful asset in France & Flanders.

ALDRED Harold Pte. PO/805/S, ex-KW/449 OS RNVR.

ALLAN John Pte. PO/768/S, ex-CZ/1383 OS RNVR. 27/6/15 Died in Hospital, Malta, from Enteric Fever and Duodenal Ulcer.

ARSCOTT William Pte. PO/993/S, ex-TZ/4165 OS RNVR. DOW 1RM 29/11/16.

ARTIS Norris MM Pte. PO 17741. 11/5/15 To 2nd FA - BW both knees to CH 'W' Beach. MM awarded in 1918.

ASKEY Sidney Pte. CH/913/S. Cyclists 27/2/16-17/6/16. 1RM 26/11/16-17/2/17 & 23/6/17-28/9/17 Bronchitis.

BAKER Arthur A. Pte. PLY/899/S. Cyclists 26/1/16-17/6/16. 2RM 19/11/16-28/4/17 SW Face.

BAKER C.W.G. MID Clr.Sgt. PO/7718. Wounded Cape Helles 6/6/15.

BALL Harry Pte. PO/788/S. Wounded Cape Helles 9/8/15.

BASSETT Richard Pte. PO/866/S, ex-KX/65 OS RNVR. KIA 1RM 17/2/17.

BATES Alfred Ernest Pte. CH/837/S. Cyclists 27/10/15-26/11/15 & 10/1/16-27/3/16. 2RM 8/12/16-28/2/17 & 11/6/17-28/12/17.

BONARD John Pte. CH/454/S. Chatham Bn. 6/2/15-28/4/15. Cyclists 26/4/16-17/6/16. 1RM 10/3/17-28/4/17 GSW Face.

BOND Harry Pte. PLY/638/S. 18/7/15 Bomb wnd L.Arm, R.Leg, severed R.Hand (R.Hand amputated 27/7/15).

BOXHALL Maurice Cpl. CH/16991. 17/5/15 to 2nd FA - Diarrhoea. (Formerly Chatham Bn. Antwerp 1914).

BRADLEY James Pte. PO/334/S. DOW 14/5/15 GSW Abdomen. Accidentally shot in Cyclist Camp 13/5/15.

BRAMLEY Clifford Chas. Pte. PLY/843/S. Cyclists 27/10/15-17/6/16. 2RM 21/8/16-22/10/17. 188th Bde.HQ as Orderly-23/10/17-9/1/19

BRITTON Fred Pte. PLY/477/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-17/6/16. 2RM attd. XTMB 27/7/16-25/8/17 KIA

BROCK Alfred Edward L/Cpl. CH/19032. 22/11/15 to 2nd FA - Tuberculosis of L.Lung, to Clearing Hosp. 'W' Beach.

BROGAN Thos. Wm. L/Cpl. CH/302/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-30/7/15. 3RM 2/12/16-29/3/17 to UK for Commission, KIA 2/Lt. 2RM 26/10/17

BROOKS Alfred Bert Pte. CH/840/S. Cyclists 26/1/16-17/6/16. 1RM 5/12/16-10/7/17.

BROUGH John Harold Pte. PLY/313/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-26/2/16 UK Leave. 2RM 6/6/16-28/4/17 Missing, POW Gavrelle.

BUCKLING H.W. Pte. PO/17468. Wounded Cape Helles 10/6/15.

BURBAGE H.A. Pte. CH/19297. Wounded Cape Helles 7/8/15.

BURTON Chas. Victor Thos. Pte. CH/878/S. Cyclists 26/1/16-17/6/16. 1RM 24/9/16-24/1/17 SW Forehead, Inv. to UK.

CAIRNS Henry Pte. PLY/857/S. Cyclists 27/10/15-17/6/16. 2RM-3/10/16-13/11/16 BW Back, 2RM 5/12/16-28/4/17 POW Gavrelle.

CALENDAR W.R. Pte. CH/19426. Cyclists 20/8/15-7/9/15 Diarrhoea, Inv. to UK.

CARRUTHERS Bertie Moffat Pte. PO/632/S. Wounded Cape Helles 15/6/15 KIA L/Cpl. 2RM 28/4/17.

CARLICK Wm.T. Pte. CH/19008. 12/11/15 to 2nd FA - Pyrexia to CCS 'W' Beach.

CHAMBERS Wm. Thos. Pte. CH/838/S. Cyclists 27/10/15-24/1/16. 1RM 'A' Coy. 1st Platoon 10/3/17-28/4/17 KIA.

CHURCHMAN H.J. Cpl. PO/15832. 1/9/16 to 2nd FA ex-ZTMB Cyclist - TM wounds L.Foot, Leg, Calf & R.Wrist, to 6th CCS 2/9/16.

CLAPSON Harold Pte. PO/769/S. 11/11/15 to 2FA - Dysentery to CCS 'W' Beach.

CLARKE Geo. Pte. PO/886/S. Wounded Cape Helles 7/7/15.

CLARKE John Duval Pte. PLY/247/S. KIA Cape Helles 7/6/15 Buried by the Rev. C.W.G. Moore at Brown House.

CLEGG John Pte. CH/19403. Cyclists 20/8/15-15/9/15 & 25/10/16-6/4/16. 1RM 'C' Coy 12th Platoon 28/8/16-13/11/16 KIA.

CLIFTON Henry Pte. PLY/17147. 11/12/15 to 2nd FA - Frostbite L.Foot & Bronchial Catarrah to CH 'W' Beach.

COLBOURNE Harold Steven Pte. PO/17690. KIA Cape Helles 28/5/15.

COOMBS C. Pte. CH/19390. Cyclists 20/8/15-8/9/15 Dysentery, Inv. to UK.

COOPER Arthur R. Pte. PO/14658. Wounded Cape Helles 29/8/15. KIA Cpl. 2RM 20/7/17.

COWHAM John Pte. PO/383/S. 11/12/15 to 2nd FA - Ulcers L.Thumb, middle & ring fingers L.Hand to CH 'W' Beach.

CRADDOCK W. Pte. PO/17460. Wounded Cape Helles 30/5/15. 30/11/15 to 2FA - Tonsillitis (Diptheria?) to 17th SH.

CUMISKEY MM & Belgian Croix de Guerre Charles A/Sgt.(Pte.) PO/633/S. Cyclists Coy. 28/2/15-5/6/16 posted to DHQ; 25/6/16 To TM School; 6/7/16 to 'Z' TMB; 5/9/16 Promoted A/Cpl; 31/1/17 Wounded, remained at duty; 23/5/16 Awarded the MM (Gavrelle); 16/8/17 Promoted A/Sgt; 14/2/17 To UK for Temp. commission (reverts to Pte.) Demob. 1919.

CURRIE James Clyde PO/860/S, ex-CZ/1058 OS RNVR. Demobbed 1919.

DIGGLE Edward L/Sgt. PO/770/S. 18/11/15 to 2FA - Pyrexia to CH 'W' Beach.

DINSDALE T.J. Pte. PLY/846/S. Cyclists 27/10/15-17/6/16. 2RM 'B' Coy. 8th Platoon 19/11/16-28/4/17 Missing, POW Gavrelle

DUCKLING Geo.H.W. Pte. PO/17488. 24/5/15 to 2nd FA - BW Penetrating L.Shoulder to CH 'W' Beach.

EGGLETON S.W.V. Pte. PO/17643. 14/12/15 to 2FA - Influenza, to unit 24/12/15.

EMBLETON Geo. Albert Victor Pte. CH/836/S. Cyclists 27/10/15-17/6/16. 1RM 1/1/17-26/2/17, 21/3/17-24/4/17 & 16/5/17-27/10/17 Trench Feet.

EVANS O. Pte. PLY/900/S. 31/5/16 to 2FA ex-Cyclists Coy. - Inquinal Hernia, to No.2 SH Abbeville.

FIELD Alfred Pte. PLY/836/S. Cyclists 20/8/15-4/1/16 DOW at No.11 CCS GSW Abdomen 3/1/16 (Cyclists & Bombers).

FOEY Harold Pte. PLY/865/S. Cyclists 27/10/15-17/6/16. 2RM(ZTMB) 6/7/16-26/10/16 GSW Legs & Chest, Inv. to UK.

FORSYTH Albert PO/820/S. ex-TZ/310 OS RNVR. Discharged Invalided 8/9/15 for "Traumatic Neurasthenia & Defective Vision."

GARDNER Bert Cpl. CH/11428 (RFR 1609). (see Mjr. French's report 12/5/15) (Formerly Chatham Bn. Antwerp 1914).

GARDNER W.H. MM L/Cpl. PLY/839/S. Cyclists 27/10/15-17/6/16. 2RM(XTMB) 6/7/16-27/4/18. 1RM(MTMB)28/4/18-1/12/18.

GIBSON Robert Pte. PO/772/S. 17/5/15 to 2nd FA - Diarrhoea.

GILLEBRAND R. Pte. PLY/837/S. Cyclists 20/8/15-17/6/16. 2RM 17/9/16-12/11/16, & 1/12/16-25/4/17 GSW R.Arm, Inv. to UK.

GODWIN W.C. Pte. CH/19414. Cyclists 20/8/15-17/6/16. 1RM(XTMB) 6/7/16-26/10/17 BW R.Buttock & Back, Inv. to UK.

GOLDFINCH Albert Geo. Pte. CH/19393. Cyclists 20/8/15-5/6/16. 1RM(YTMB) 6/7/16-12/4/18 KIA.

GRIFFITHS Wm. Pte. PO/954/S. 20/12/15 to 2nd FA - Pyrexia, to 17th SH 21/12/15.

HALLAM Ernest Edwin John PO/774/S, ex-LZ/605 OS RNVR.

HARGREAVES James Yates Pte. CH/19181. DOW 21/8/15 Gunshot Wound.

HARRISON Jas. Pte. PLY/84/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-30/6/15. 2RM 1/12/16-27/2/17 PUO, Inv. to UK.

HARVEY Leslie John PO/798/S, ex-CZ/525 OS RNVR. 7/12/15 to 2nd FA - Myopia to CH 'W' Beach.

HERD Elijah Pte. PO/867/S, ex-OS RNVR KIA Pte. 2RM 28/4/17.

HILL W.H. Pte. PO/17792. 11/5/15 to 2nd FA - BW Neck.

HILTON George Pte. PO/861/S, ex-TZ/1841 OS RNVR. KIA Pte. 28/4/17 1RM 'B' Coy 5th Ptn.

HODGSON Slater L/Cpl. PLY/356/S. Cyclists 28/2/16-17/6/16. 2RM(YTMB) & 1RM(X63TMB) 14/8/16-27/8/18 to UK for Commission.

HOLLINGSWORTH Jos. A/Cpl. PLY/139/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-7/9/15 Influenza, Inv. to UK.

HUNTER Wm. P. A/Cpl. PO/806/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-17/6/16. 2RM(XTMB) 6/7/16-27/7/17 To UK for Commission.

HURST Herbert Pte. PLY/221/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-17/6/16. 2RM 'D' Coy. 25/11/16 -28/4/17 Missing, POW Gavrelle

INNES John Alexander MM Pte. PO/862/S, ex-CZ/2101 OS RNVR. MM 2RM Miraumont. Dis. Inv. 15/2/18 Amputation R.arm 2 " below shoulder.

JONES Harry Pte. PLY/74/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-17/6/16. 2RM(ZTMB) 27/7/16-1/3/17. 2RM 14/11/17-24/3/18 POW, Died UK 25/6/19.

KITCHING J. Pte. CH/18666. Wounded Cape Helles 6/6/15.

KNOWLES James PO/959/S, ex-TZ/4604 OS RNVR.

LANDEY Samuel Pte. PO/894/S. Died of Disease at Imbros 16/10/15.

LARTER Isaac MM Pte. PLY/827/S. Cyclists 20/8/15-17/6/16. 2RM(YTMB) & 1RM(MTMB) 27/7/16-17/6/18 DOW GSW Chest.

LEECH J.W. Pte. PLY/833/S. Cyclists 20/8/15-17/6/16. 2RM(ZTMB) & 1RM(Y63TMB) 6/7/16-14/8/18 to UK for commission.

L'ESTRANGE W.H. Pte. PLY/448/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-4/9/15 Enteritis, Inv. to UK.

LIPSCOMBE Sidney Pte. CH/905/S. Cyclists 27/2/16-17/6/16. 1RM 26/11/16-26/2/19 to UK Demob.

LLOYD Frederick W. Pte. PLY/17053. 29/11/15 to 2nd FA - Appendicitis? to CH 'W' Beach.

LONGMAN Charles Pte. PO/17530. 20/11/15 to 2nd FA - Pyrexia to CH 'W' Beach.

LOVELY Wm. Denham PO/858/S, ex-TZ/374 OS RNVR.

LYDON Peter Pte. CH/880/S. Cyclists 26/1/16-6/4/16. 1RM 26/11/16-17/2/17 & 15/7/17-8/9/17 GSW L.Hand & L.Knee, Inv. to UK.

LYONS Ernest Pte. CH/906/S. Cyclists 27/2/16-17/6/16. DHQ 6/7/16-4/9/17. 253DEC 5/9/17-8/3/18. DHQ 9/3/18-12/5/19.

MacKENZIE G.J. Gnr. RMA/10668. 7/1/16 to 2nd FA - Hallux Valgus Pescarus, to 27th GH.

McCANDLEISH Samuel Gnr. RMA/11071. 23/11/15 to 2nd FA - Pyrexia Psonasis to CH 'W' Beach.

McDOWALL Robert DSM MID & Fr. Med.Mil. Cpl. PO/855/S. 2RM attd. YTMB KIA 18/10/16.

McKENZIE John Thompson PO/777/S. ex-CZ/1247 OS RNVR. Joined Cyclist Coy. 18/7/15.

McQUILKEN Andrew Pte. PO/854/S, ex-CZ/1074 OS RNVR. KIA 2RM 25/8/16.

MAJOR Ernest G. Pte. PO/17467. Cyclists 28/2/15-10/6/15 Enteric, Inv. to UK.

MANSELL R.C. Pte. CH/19407. Cyclists 20/8/15-17/6/16. 1RM 26/11/16-2/8/17 & 10/3/18-7/4/18 GSW R.Leg, Inv. to UK.

MARSDEN Chas. Pte. PLY/32/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-5/6/16. DHQ 6/6/16-31/12/18 to UK Demob.

MARSHALL Arthur Henry PO/864/S, ex-SZ/182 OS RNVR.

MASON Edward Pte. PLY/292/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-17/6/16. 2RM 25/11/16-9/5/17 Haemorrhoids, Inv. to UK.

MEW Chas. Wm. Pte. CH/900/S. Cyclists 27/2/16-12/6/16. 1RM 27/9/17-26/10/17 & 27/12/17-1/9/18. 188TMB 2/9/18-19/1/19.

MILLS Joseph Wm. PO/800/S, ex-TZ/1092 OS RNVR.

NEALE John Fred'k Pte. CH/908/S. Cyclists 27/2/16-17/6/16. 1RM 26/11/16-18/2/17 DOW at 1st FA.

NETTLETON Joshua A. Pte. CH/15614. 19/11/15 to 2nd FA - Pyrexia - Paratyphoid? to CH 'W' Beach. (Formerly Chatham Bn. Antwerp 1914).

OAKES Wm. A. Pte. PLY/869/S. Cyclists 27/10/15-17/6/16. 2RM(YTMB) 27/7/16-18/10/16 DOW.

OLSEN Henry Pte. PO/863/S, ex-CZ/1773 OS RNVR. Discharged Invalided 24/3/15 Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

OSBORNE Wm. Pte. PO/780/S. 13/5/15 to 2nd FA - Diarrhoea.

PARKER Arthur Fred'k Cyril Pte. CH/832/S. Cyclists 27/10/15-17/6/16. 1RM(YTMB) 6/7/16-13/8/17 to UK for Commission.

PEACE Frank H. Pte. PO/17257. 17/5/15 to 2nd FA - Diarrhoea. (Formerly Portsmouth Bn. Antwerp 1914).

PEAKE Harold Pte. PLY/17092. 12/5/15 to 2nd FA - Pleurisy

PHILLIPS Wm. Sgt. PO/11835. 28/12/15 to 2nd FA - Debility to 11th CCS 29/12/15.

PHILP Alexander Pte. PLY/134/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-2/6/15 & 25/10/15-9/5/16. 2RM 27/11/16-30/11/16, Inv. to UK 9/12/16 Sick.

PITCHER Gilbert Pte. CH/19569. 15/12/15 to 2nd FA - Appendicitis to 17th SH.

PLATTS Edgar Lovell Filmer Pte. CH/833/S ex-LZ/1623 OS RNVR. Discharged to commission 3/9/15 RMLI 2/Lt. KIA 1RM 28/4/17.

PORTER Geo. Wm. Pte. PLY/11/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-17/6/16. 2RM(XTMB) 25/6/16-22/4/18. 1RM 7/6/18-12/7/18 to Home Est.

POWNEY Charles Pte. PLY/8784. 4/12/15 to 2nd FA - Pleusodyma, to 17th SH 17/12/15 Pyrexia.

PRESTON John Samuel Pte. CH/843/S. Cyclists 26/1/16-17/6/16. 1RM(XTMB) 6/7/16-12/6/18. 1RM 13/6/18-4/10/18 Shell wounds.

PRETTY Harry L/Cpl. PO/187/S. Wounded Cape Helles 4/8/15.

PURSEY Samuel PO/781/S, ex-BZ/294 OS RNVR. Demobbed 1919

RIACH James PO/814/S, ex-CZ/933 OS RNVR.

RICHARDSON George PO/987/S, ex-CZ/4935 OS RNVR. POW 28/4/17 2RM 'B' Coy. 8th Platoon.

RIDDICK Chas. Herbert Pte. CH/902/S. Cyclists 27/2/16-17/6/16. 1RM 26/11/16-24/2/17. 188TMB 25/2/17-24/3/18 POW.

RITCHARDSON Geo. Pte. PLY/864/S. Cyclists 27/10/15-17/6/16. 2RM(MTMB) 3/8/16-29/10/16. 1RM 4/5/17-27/10/17 DOW.

ROBERTS John Howell Powell Pte. PO/732/S, ex-OS RNVR. Discharged 1917 for "Insanity."

ROBUS Harry Eames PO/783/S, ex-LZ/630 OS RNVR. Discharged to Commission 1917.

RODGER MM Wm. Pte. PLY/17128. Cyclists 28/2/15-5/6/16. 2RM(ZTMB) 6/7/16-13/3/18 Gassed, Inv. to UK. (MM Gavrelle)

RUSSELL George Pte. PO/782/S. 14/5/15 to 2nd FA - Diarrhoea & Vomiting.

SALTWELL Wm. Geo. Pte. PO/10075. Cyclists 28/2/15-13/5/15. Nelson Bn. 8/9/15-22/9/15 & 6/6/16-20/3/17 discharged to UK.

SAUNDERS J. Pte. PO/816/S. 7/1/16 to 2nd FA - Dental Caries at Mudros, to 27th GH.

SAVAGE Harold PO/809/S, ex-KW/307 OS RNVR.

SAWYER Stanley Bernard Pte. PO/365/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-30/8/15 Diarrhoea, Inv. to UK.

SCANNELL J. Pte. PO/700/S. 13/1/16 to 2nd FA - Ingrowing Toenail R.Foot, to 27th GH.

SCOTT Henry PO/802/S, ex-TZ/1749 OS RNVR. 17/5/15 to 2nd FA - Diarrhoea Demobbed 1919.

SHARP Alexander Sgt. PO/803/S, ex-CZ/584 OS RNVR. 16/8/17 from 'Z' 63/TMB to 1st Army School of Mortars as Instructor. Demobbed 1919.

SHARP Arthur Thomas Nowers PO/986/S, ex-CZ/4491 OS RNVR. KIA Pte. 1RM 17/2/17.

SHEARER Peter L/Cpl. PO/859/S, ex-CZ/1822 OS RNVR. 28/1/16 to 2nd FA - sprained R.ankle, to duty 2/2/16. Demobbed 1919.

SHURETY Chas. Francis Pte. CH/896/S. Cyclists 27/2/16-17/6/16. 1RM 'D' Coy. 24/9/16-21/10/16 & 17/11/16-30/3/18.

SIMMONDS Harry Pte. PO/957/S, ex-TZ/4592 OS RNVR. (Discharged Invalided 25/8/15 no active service)

SMITH Austin Clifford PO/992/S, ex-TZ/4484 OS RNVR.

SNELL Archibald John Pte. PLY/17184. 8/6/15 to 2nd FA - SW L.Breast to CH 'W' Beach

SPICER Fred'k Thos. Pte. CH/839/S. Cyclists 26/1/16-17/6/16. 1RM 26/11/16-28/4/17 Missing, assumed dead.

STARK John Pte. PO/349/S. 10/12/15 to 2nd FA - Myalgia to CH 'W' Beach.

STEPHENS Wm. PO/786/S, ex-BZ/153 OS RNVR.

STEVENS Frank G. Pte. PO/856/S. Wounded Cape Helles 29/5/15.

STICKINGS Wilfred Richard Pte. CH/904/S. Cyclists 27/2/16-17/6/16. DHQ 6/7/16-24/2/19 to UK Demob.

STRANGWARD Harold Horatio PO/955/S, ex-WZ/455 OS RNVR.

STUART Wm. Victor A/Clr.Sgt. PO/9366. Cyclists 28/2/15-4/6/16. 2RM(ZTMB) 6/7/16-18/7/16. 1RM 29/1/17-14/2/17.

SUDDICK Wilfred Pte. PO/817/S, ex-TZ/323 OS RNVR. Cyclists 28/2/15-13/8/15, Inv. to UK - Dysentery.

SUTTON Victor Geo. Pte. PO/794/S, ex-LZ/598 OS RNVR. Cyclists 28/2/15-26/2/16. 2RM 6/10/16-13/11/16 & 4/10/17-26/10/17.

SWAN David PO/994/S, ex-CZ/4939 OS RNVR.

TERRY G. Pte. CH/18533. Wounded Cape Helles 1/6/15.

THOMSON John PO/998/S, ex-CZ/4879 OS RNVR.

TOWNSEND Wm. Ernest PO/989/S, ex-BZ/817 OS RNVR.

TYE Robert Humpitch Pte. PO/951/S, ex-TZ/5053 OS RNVR. Discharged Invalided 29/9/15 for "Nystagmus, defective vision."

VESSEY Bertie Pte. PO/17490. Cyclists 28/2/15-27/2/16 to UK Leave, disemb. from RND week ending 1/4/16.

VILLION John Pte. PLY/653/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-17/6/16. 2RM 27/11/16-28/4/17 Missing, POW Gavrelle.

WALTERS Ivor Albert Pte. PO/956/S, ex-WZ/485 OS RNVR. KIA 2RM 28/4/17.

WALTON J. Pte.. PLY/831/S. Cyclists 20/8/15-17/6/16. 2RM(XTMB) & 1RM(63TMB) 6/7/16-23/6/18 to UK for commission.

WATTS Hugh Reginald Pte. PO/791/S, ex-LZ/141 OS RNVR. 13/11/15 to 2nd FA - Tonsillitis? Diptheria? to 17th SH. Commissioned in 52nd Bn. KRRC 9/4/18.

WELLEY Robert Pte. PO/415/S. 15/11/15 to 2nd FA - Pyrexia to CH 'W' Beach.

WHITE Harold C. Pte. PO/17660. 1/2/16 to 2nd FA - ICT Finger.

WILKINSON Robert PO/818/S, ex-TZ/455 KIA Cpl. 2RM 19/2/17

WILKINSON Wm.H. Pte. PLY/898/S. Cyclists 26/1/16-5/6/16, DHQ 6/6/16-10/2/17, 2RM 'B' Coy. 7th Platoon 11/2/17-28/4/17 POW Gavrelle.

WILLIS Richard Alfred Francis PO/785/S, ex-LZ/623 OS RNVR. KIA Pte. 2RM 28/4/17

WILSON John Pte. PO/465/S. Cyclists (12pdr Gun Crews) 22/2/16-11/3/16. 1RM 11/12/16-23/3/17 & 17/8/17-30/6/18.

WILSON Wm. Richard Pte. PO/169/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-17/6/16. 1RM 26/11/16-7/12/16. 2RM 15/7/17-16/11/17 ICT R.Thigh.

WINCH Daniel Stanley Pte. CH/831/S. Cyclists 27/10/15-17/6/16. 1RM 26/11/16-23/5/17 DOW, Shell concussion Brain at 24th CCS.

WOLSTENHOLME Fred'k DSM MID L/Sgt. PLY/481/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-27/9/15. BD Etaples 25/9/16-6/2/17 to UK for Commission.

WOODING Ernest Pte. PO/857/S, ex-KP/752 OS RNVR from Rotherham. Wounded Cape Helles 24/6/15. Discharged Inv. 4/10/16 GSW L.Leg.

WORTHINGTON Jack Pte. PLY/640/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-5/8/15 Dysentery, Inv. to UK.

WOTHERSPOON David Pte. CH/850/S. Cyclists 26/1/16-17/6/16. 1RM 26/11/16M-8/1/19 to UK Demob.

WYATT Wm. Pte. CH/907/S, ex-SZ/214 OS RNVR. 1RM 28/2/16-13/11/16 GSW L.Thigh, DOW UK 22/1/17.

YEOMANS Wm. Alfred Sgt. CH/192/S. Cyclists 28/2/15-30/6/15, Inv. to UK Neurasthenia.