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It has been remarked that this site does not contain enough pictures. In an effort to address this (& to indulge our passion for RND history), we present here some outstanding examples of RND interest.

A library of images of RND Bronze Memorial Plaques, Scrolls & photos.

Brig.Gen. E.E. Chown, R.M.L.I, G.O.C. & Officers, R.N.D. Blandford Camp 1916.
The names of only a few officers are known. Details to follow.

Brig.Gen. G.J.H. Mullins, R.M.L.I, G.O.C., & the Officers of the Regimental Depot, 63rd (R.N.) Division Reserves, Aldershot June 1918.

Details to follow.

Commodore, Staff & some Officers of the Royal Naval Division, Crystal Palace Depot, 1915.
(R.N.D. Souvenir No.1)

Commodore, Staff & some Officers of the Royal Naval Division, Crystal Palace Depot, 1915.
(R.N.D. Souvenir No.2)

Please note that in the above number listing, No.166 is missing. As there are only 184 officers, for Nos. 167 to 185 subtract 1 for the correct number. (i.e. 167 Sub.Lt. Ponder is actually No.166 in the diagram).



Officers of the 2nd Royal Marine Battalion, RND, Mid-October 1917 (Globe & Laurel Dec.1917)

This photo was taken shortly before the Battalion went into action at Passchendaele 26/10/17. Two were killed that day & one died of wounds shortly after. Two more died in early 1918 & one in 1919. Two officers were later awarded the MC, one officer the MC & 2 Bars, two officers Bars to their MCs & one officer the DSC. (Not present are Capt. Trevor Edwards [KIA 26/10/17] & Lt. R.F. Orfeur [wounded 26/10/17].

Back row left to right:-

2/Lt. Eric D'Auvergne BARNARD Formerly LZ/705 LS RNVR, ex-RND Public Schools Bn., served with 'D' Coy. Hawke Bn. at Gallipoli 30/5/15-20/9/15 (sick) ; Commissioned 26/4/17 ; Joined 2nd RM Bn. 24/7/17 ; GSW left shoulder & thumb 26/10/17 & Inv. to UK ; Promoted T/Lt. 6/5/18 ; Joined 1st RM Bn. 21/7/18 ; MG bullet left hip 2/9/18 & Inv. to UK ; (Believed died shortly after the war. His medals were issued to his father in the early 1920s).
2/Lt. Reginald St.Quintin DOWNER Joined 2nd RM Bn. 20/7/17 ; Still serving with 2RM 15/4/18.
2/Lt. Tom BUCKLEY Joined 2nd RM Bn. 10/7/17 ; Awarded MC (March Retreat 23/4/18) ; Transferred to 1st RM Bn. 28/4/18 as Coy. Cdr. ; wounded (1RM) 3/9/18 ; Awarded 2 Bars to MC (Le Barque & Inchy/Canal Crossings) ; A/Major 27/11/18 ; Returned to UK 7/4/19.
2/Lt. Thomas William BROGAN Formerly CH/302/S L/Cpl. RMLI ; Served with the RM Cyclist Coy. at Gallipoli May-August 1915 invalided to UK, dysentery ; Served with the 3rd RM Bn. at Mudros Dec.1916-March 1917 returned to UK for Commission ; Joined 2nd RM Bn. 26/7/17 ; KIA 26/10/17 ; Body not recovered, Tyne Cot Memorial.
2/Lt. Philip Sydney WATTS Joined 2nd RM Bn. 16/5/17 ; Accidentally gassed in Practice Gas Chamber 6/2/18 ; To UK leave 11/2/18 ; Missing 24/3/18, POW.
2/Lt. John Cuthbert LEE Joined 2nd RM Bn. 24/2/17 ; To UK Leave 1/2/18 ; Adjutant 15/3/18 ; Transferred to 1RM as Assistant Adjutant 28/4/18.
2/Lt. Eric Augustus ROBERTS Joined 2nd RM Bn. 10/7/17.
Capt. Reginald WELLS Joined 2nd RM Bn. 14/12/16 ; OC 'A' Coy. 5/5/17 ; Promoted A/Capt. 9/9/17.
2/Lt. Cyril Victor EGAN Formerly LZ/4425 RNVR, enlisted 23/11/15 ; Comm. T/2/Lt. RM 25/4/17 ; Joined 2nd RM Bn. Mid-1917 ; wounded 30/10/17 ; Appointed Bn. Lewis Gun Officer 14/2/18 ; wounded 22-28/3/18 ; Promoted T/Lt. 6/5/18 ; (note the uncanny resemblance to Peter Sellers' character, Inspector Clouseau).

Third row left to right:-

Lt. Richard BURTON Joined 2nd RM Bn. 23/6/17 ; Capt. & A/Adjutant 4/11/17 ; To Hospital 16/3/18 ; Awarded DSC, Allied Naval Bde. N.Russia 14/8/18-11/11/18 ; (A/Capt. Burton DSC, 6th RM Bn. KIA 8/9/19)
2/Lt. Frederick William SLAUGHTER Joined 2nd RM Bn. 14/6/17 ; To UK Leave 9/2/18 ; To MG School, Grantham 14/2/18.
2/Lt. Richard John WILLIAMS Joined 2nd RM Bn. 14/12/16 ; Wounded whilst out Wiring in front of Posts 16/2/17 ; Rejoined 26/7/17 ; Missing 24/3/18 (T/Capt.) POW.
Lt. Cecil Walter Francis YELDAM Born 21/1/1897 an Inspector in the Royal Irish Constabulary ; Joined 2nd RM Bn. 12/7/16 ; Inv. to UK, Sciatica 6/11/16 ; Rejoined 2nd RM Bn. 17/4/17 ; To UK on leave 22/10/17-1/11/17 ; "Zealous but backward", Brig.Gen. Roe ; "This officer has no command of men. Suggested he be employed elsewhere than with a Bn. in the line" Lt.Col. Parry ; Gassed 12/3/18 & Inv. to UK ; Commission terminated 29/10/18.
Lt. George Walpole Winthrop DENMAN-DEAN Joined 2nd RM Bn. 23/6/17 ; DOW 7/11/17 ; St. Sever Cemetery, Rouen.
Lt. Maurice Wyndham GOLDIE Joined 2nd RM Bn. 28/5/17.
2/Lt. Frederick Angelo PROFFITT Joined 2nd RM Bn. 24/7/17 ; A/Lt. OC 'D' Coy. 13/2/18 ; wounded 6/4/18 (GSW right thigh) ; Inv. to UK 14/4/18 ; Awarded MC (Aveluy Wood 6/4/18). (Killed in Train accident 21/9/1951 [13 passengers killed]).
Lt. Robert Arthur Ross NEVILLE Joined 2nd RM Bn. 16/7/17 ; Posted to Brigade HQ 28/11/17.
Lt. Peter LIGERTWOOD Joined 1st RM Bn. 16/5/17, transferred to 2nd RM Bn. 17/5/17 ; OC 'C' Coy. 23/5/17 ; To Hospital (A/Capt.) 5/7/17 ; Rejoined 11/9/17 OC 'A Coy. DOW 26/10/17, Poelcapelle British Cemetery.

Second Row left to right:-

Lt. & QM Frederick Joseph Bennett HORE Joined 2nd RM Bn. 22/1/17 ; To UK 20/11/17 ; 4th RM Bn. wounded during Zeebrugge Raid 23/4/18 (shrapnel wnd. left cheek 1st & 2nd lower left molars knocked out). (Died 6/10/1961).
Major George Llewellyn PARRY (Known affectionately as "Old Bill") Served aboard HMS "Thunderer" at Jutland 31/5/16 ; Joined 2nd RM Bn. 16/7/17 ; Temp.OC 17-28/9/17 ; OC 31/10/17 ; Wounded by Sniper 17/1/18 (A/Lt.Col.) ; DOW in the Red X Hosp. Rouen 2/2/18. St. Sever Cemetery, Rouen.
Lt.Col. Gerald Cholmondeley WAINWRIGHT Joined 2nd RM Bn. 23/6/17 & assumed duties of OC2 ; wounded, remained at duty 10/7/17 ; OC 16/8/17 ; Promoted A/Lt.Col. 9/9/17 ; To UK Leave 17-28/9/17 ; Posted to XIV Corps Reinforcement Camp 31/10/17 (Died 12/10/1955).
Capt. & Adjt. George Arthur NEWLING MC Joined 2nd RM Bn. 14/12/16 ; Awarded MC for capture of Gavrelle Windmill 28/4/17 (OC 5th Platoon, 'B' Coy.) ; OC 'C' Coy. 10/5/17 ; OC 'B' Coy. 27/5/17 ; Assistant Adjutant 21/6/17 ; Adjutant 5/9/17 ; wounded 26/10/17 ; Rejoined as OC2 1/4/18 ; Adjutant 20/4/18 ; Transferred to 1st RM Bn. 28/4/18 ; Awarded Bar to MC 20/5/18 (Aveluy Wood) ; wounded 21/8/18.
Surgeon James Ness MacBEAN-ROSS MC MD RN Joined 1st RM Bn. at Cape Helles 15/9/15 ; transferred to 2nd RM Bn. 9/10/15 ; wounded, remained at duty 13/11/16 ; Invalided to UK 19/3/17 (Trench Fever) ; Rejoined 2nd RM Bn. 17/4/17 ; Awarded MC (Gavrelle 28/4/17) ; wounded (severe GSW Left thigh) 26/10/17 & invalided to UK ; Awarded Bar to MC 30/11/17 ; Invalided from service 7/5/19, retains rank ; Co-author of "On Four Fronts with the Royal Naval Division" Hodder & Stoughton 1918.

Front row left to right:-

2/Lt. Herbert FIELDEN Joined 2nd RM Bn. 30/8/17 ; KIA during Trench Raid on enemy position 9/3/18. Body not recovered, Arras Memorial.
2/Lt. Herbert Law HARDISTY Joined 2nd RM Bn. 8/7/17 ; Transferred to 1st RM Bn. 28/4/18 ; A/Capt. & OC Coy. 5/9/18 ; wounded 10/11/18 (GSW Multiple, Head depressed fracture of right frontal bone & fracture of interphalagial joint). ; Awarded MC (Le Barque) ; Demobilised 1919 ; Removed from list of officers retaining rank 27/5/20, convicted & sentenced to 5 months for bigamy (No action for forfeiture of MC as a consequence of his Civil conviction owing to time elapsed since conviction). (Died 30/3/1924 at the Royal Infirmary, Bristol, from Cerebral Compression following a wound in the head sustained when on active service).
2/Lt. Leslie Roy LEWIS Joined 2nd RM Bn. 7/6/17 ; Transferred to 1RM 28/4/18 as Transport Officer.
2/Lt. Ernest WILKS Joined 2nd RM Bn. 24/7/17 ; Officer i/c Rear Orderly Room 17/2/18 ; Promoted T/Lt. 6/5/18.
2/Lt. Herbert John WILCOX Joined 2nd RM Bn. 8/8/17 ; Posted to MG Training Centre, Grantham 15/3/18 ; Promoted T/Lt. 6/5/18.




The Royal Naval Division Football Team (photo RM Museum)

The recorded details of this photograph are in question.

The RM Museum caption reads "2nd RM Bn. Football Team, Winners of the Army Cup August 1918."

The presence of 1914 Star ribbons & War Chevrons date it as sometime during or after January 1918. However, the Team Captain, Sgt. Colin Alvey, left for officer training at Newton Ferriers 8/2/18, & Lt.Col. Mullins was promoted Brig.Gen. in April 1918 (seen here as a Lt.Col.). Also, the 2nd RM Bn. was disbanded in April 1918 & therefore could not have formed a team in the UK in August 1918. The RND badge worn on the left breast indicates that the team is "RND" & not attributed solely to the 2nd RM Bn. The photo was definitely taken in the UK: Staff Captain Dunkley was with the RND Reserves in the UK from October 1914. The Team members with their arms crossed look distinctly chilly. Therefore, I believe this photo was taken at Blandford in late January/early February 1918.

This photograph was one of several donated to the RM Museum by Colin Alvey in 1978. The original photo was mounted & framed complete with the names of all those pictured, but has since disappeared. A copy with the faulty caption is all that remains. Only three men pictured are positively identified. If anyone has any other information regarding this photo, please contact us at

Back row left to right:-

Unknown officer RNVR wearing the 1914 Star Ribbon.
Four unknowns.
Unknown Sergeant, Royal Marines Medical Unit.

Middle row left to right:-

Lt.Col. George James Herbert MULLINS RMLI (CB 1919). Wearing 3 Blue War Chevrons & three Medal ribbons: QSA (Cape Colony), China Medal 1900 (Relief of Pekin) & the French Croix de Guerre with Palm (LG 30/10/17) ; OC RM Cyclists Coy. Gallipoli 1/10/15-26/12/15 ; OC 1RM 27/12/15-25/1/16 ; OC Spinola RND Leave Camp, Malta 29/1/16 ; OC RND Base Depot Calais 15/6/16-25/12/17 ; Mentioned in Despatches (LG 13/7/16) ; Returned to UK (Blandford) 25/12/17 ; Promoted T/Brig.Gen. 11/4/18 & appointed OC 63rd Divl. Reserves at Aldershot ; CB (LG 3/6/19).
Three unknowns.  
Staff Captain Stanley Fitzroy DUNKLEY RNVR (OBE 1919) Age 28. Wearing the 1914 Star Ribbon ; Formerly London 2/2229 A/Chief Writer RNVR ; Enl: 24/2/1910 ; Served with Nelson Bn. at Antwerp (14 Star & Clasp) ; 11/2/15 Comm. T/Asst. Paymaster RNVR at C.P. Depot ; 26/8/15 T/Paymaster B'ford (Sec. to Camp Commandant) ; 16/9/16 Granted Tempy.Comm. as Lt. RNVR ; 21/9/16 Apptd. Staff Captain (Supp. LG 28/9/16 p.9463) ; 21/3/19 2nd Res. Bn. Alnwick ; OBE (Military) for valuable services with the RND (LG 12/12/19 p.15430) ; 11/1/20 Demobilised.

Front row left to right:-

Two unknowns.  
PLY/825/S Sgt. Colin ALVEY RMLI Team Captain, Age 21 ; Enl: 23/3/15 ; Joined Portsmouth Bn. at Gallipoli 18/7/15 ; Joined 'B' Coy. 2nd RM Bn. 27/7/15 ; A/Cpl. 24/12/15 ; L/Sgt. 18/9/16 ; A/Sgt. 14/11/16 ; Sgt. 7/4/17 ; To UK for Temp.Comm. 18/8/17 ; To No.1 Officer Cadet School, Newton Ferriers 8/2/18 ; Comm.Temp.Lt. RM 30/7/18 ; 3rd RM Bn. Mudros 25/4/19-14/11/19 ; Demobilized 19/11/19 ; Comm. Major, East Yorks Regt. 1941 ; attd. IASC 1943 ; (Died 1978).
Two unknowns.