'Kitchener's Marines'

Earl Herbert Horatio Kitchener of Khartoum 1850-1916.

General Kitchener commanded fanatical loyalty & respect from the British people in 1914. He was a National Hero, made immortal during the Imperial Wars in Egypt & South Africa. His image, as seen here, was one of imposing authority; possibly the most highly respected Military man since Admiral Nelson. Kitchener's piercing eyes, which were such a powerful weapon in recruiting, are evident in all photos of the man. In August 1914, Kitchener's "Call to Arms" produced a massive surplus of recruits for the Army. The British people's response was totally overwhelming & the Army Barracks were full to bursting with proud & patriotic citizen soldiers. At Pontefract, volunteers were sleeping rough on the parade ground.

As the Admiralty had an immediate requirement for recruits for their new Royal Naval Division, Naval Officers were despatched & toured the Army Depots calling for volunteers. Commodore Henderson RNVR, made a soapbox speech to the men at Pontefract who, after a couple of hard nights outside, responded willingly.

Approx. 2500 'Kitchener's men' were transferred from the Army to the RNVR in this way. They all came from North Country Regiments (the Durham Light Infantry, Northumberland Fusiliers, Sherwood Foresters, York & Lancs. & KOYLI), the greater proportion from the Durham/Tyneside area. The RNVR had acquired its core of hard men, almost all Miners or Labourers. The majority served in the RN Division with great distinction. Cynics would call these drafts 'Cannon fodder' for the new Brigades, but they might have been more accurately called 'the excavation experts.' (A competitively minded Company from another battalion training at Blandford, once challenged a Company of the Collingwood Bn. RNVR to a trench-digging contest. The Collingwood's ranks contained many ex-miners from Yorkshire, Durham & Scotland & the match was poorly made; they were down & out of sight before the challenger had barely scratched the surface!).

The RMLI & RNVR received around 3100 'Kitchener's men' in September 1914.

Numbering System of RNVR 'Kitchener's Army' Recruits.

The 2500 Army transfers to the RNVR were split into three groups: KW's, KX's & KP's.

Approx. 1015 men were numbered KW/1 to KW/1015. 'K' = 'Kitchener'; 'W' denotes those intended for the four battalions of the 1st RN Brigade, RND (officially transferred 7/9/14).

Approx. 1002 men were numbered KP/1 to KP/1002. 'K' = Kitchener; but 'P' was for 'Crystal Palace,' the RND Depot where this batch were re-enrolled from Kitchener's Army 10/9/14.

Approx. 516 men were numbered KX/31 to KX/566. 'K' = 'Kitchener'; 'X' denotes those intended for the four battalions of the 2nd RN Brigade, RND (officially transferred 7/9/14).

An anomaly occurs in the 'KX' numbering system. 20 Bandsmen from Dundee, were enlisted with 'ZX' numbers, supplanting the 'KX' number blocks ZX/5 to ZX/25. Other men were also slotted in with 'ZX' prefixes supplanting the 'KX' (ZX/1 to ZX/4, ZX/26 to ZX 30, & ZX/519 to ZX539).

An explanation & justification of the title.

Strictly speaking, the 2500 Army transfers to the RNVR were not Marines. They were nominally Seamen or Sailors within the RND & Navy. However, the British Newspapers insisted on referring to individuals as 'Marines' due to their employment as a mobile Naval force at Antwerp & later at Gallipoli. In essence, they fulfilled the criteria of 'Marine.' They were employed & brigaded with the true 'Royal Marines' in the RND for the whole of the war.


A further 600 men from 'Kitchener's Army' were transferred to the Royal Marine Light Infantry 16/9/14. The RMLI had just opened Short-service enlistment (men intended exclusively for the RM Brigade in the RND) & required a 'jump-start' to bolster their numbers. It was arranged for 600 Army Reservists/Recruits to be transferred to the RMLI. Most of the 600, had served only one day 'With the Colours' & had then been sent home to the 'Army Reserve.'

The 600 RMLI transfers were all volunteers; as were all members of the armed services before 1916. These men provided a powerful reinforcement for the RM Bde. when they joined their respective Battalions in November 1914. A very high proportion were Miners or Labourers, extremely fit & strong, the result of a life of hard manual work. It was no doubt realised that such men would be a great asset to the battalions, despite their comparative lack of discipline & somewhat unruly nature. The survival of an infantry battalion was known to depend upon its ability to entrench a position with the greatest speed & efficiency. In practice, this was proven time & again in Gallipoli & France, where digging absorbed so much of their time.

Numbering of RMLI 'Kitchener's Army' Recruits.

The 600 RMLI transfers came from two regiments: 200 from the KOYLI & 400 from the Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regt. (best known as The Sherwood Foresters). The 200 KOYLI recruits were transferred to the Plymouth Division RMLI & the 400 Sherwood Foresters were divided equally between Chatham & Portsmouth Divisions RMLI. Plymouth's regimental numbering system for their Short-service recruits began quite simply at PLY/1/S. This is also the case for Chatham and Portsmouth, beginning at PO/1/S and CH/1/S. Plymouth had already enlisted 11 volunteers for Short-service when their 200 KOYLI's arrived; therefore they occupied the number blocks PLY/12/S to PLY/211/S inclusive. Portsmouth had enlisted 30 men prior to their 200 allocation, so they were numbered PO/31/S to PO/230/S. Chatham numbered their 'Kitchener's Men' CH/1/S to CH/200/S.

The first of five awards of the Victoria Cross to Royal Marines 1914-18 was to an ex-Sherwood Forester, PO/229/S L/Cpl. Walter Richard Parker, Portsmouth Bn, 3rd RM Bde, RND, for his gallantry at ANZAC Beachhead, Gallipoli in May 1915. Further to this, the number and quality of the other gallantry awards to men amongst the 600 speaks volumes for their fine performance during the war:-

PLY/66/S Pte. Glynwr Davies DCM (ex-KOYLI) (DCM: 2RM, Gavrelle 28/4/17).

PLY/191/S Pte. George Smith DSM (ex-KOYLI) (DSM: 8th Corps Mining Coy. Gallipoli).

PO/167/S Pte. Shadrach Hillsley DSM (ex-Sherwood Foresters) (DSM: Portsmouth Bn. RMLI).

PLY/48/S Cpl. Thos.Wm. Elliott MM & Bar. (ex-KOYLI) (MM: 2RM, Miraumont 17/2/17, Bar: Gavrelle 28/4/17).

PO/182/S Cpl. A. Meese MM & Bar. (ex-Sherwood Foresters) (MM: 2RM, Aveluy Wood 1918, Bar: 1919).

PLY/144/S A/Sgt. J. Carter MM (ex-KOYLI) (MM: 2RM, March Retreat & Aveluy Wood 1918).

PLY/159/S Pte. Thos. Jones MM (ex-KOYLI) (MM: 2RM, Aveluy Wood, April 1918).

CH/73/S Pte. Ephraim Booth MM (ex-Sherwood Foresters) (MM: 1RM, Gavrelle 28/4/17).

PO/64/S Pte. Reuben Walter Booth MM (ex-Sherwood Foresters) (MM: 2RM, Passchendaele 26/10/17).

PO/76/S Sgt. Cecil Scott MM (ex-Sherwood Foresters) (MM: 2RM, Welch Ridge 1917. KIA 6/4/18).

PO/105/S Cpl. Wm. Marsden MM (ex-Sherwood Foresters) (MM: 2RM, Gavrelle Mid-1917. KIA 16/9/17)

PO/155/S Sgt. W.T. Todd MM (ex-Sherwood Foresters) (MM: 2RM, Welch Ridge 1917).

Barnsley's 'Kitchener Marines'
Army Recruits transferred to RNVR 7/9/14. ('Kitchener W' No. Series)

K.W/4 A/AB Martin EGAN ex-12689 York & Lancs.
b. Athenry, Galway 15/3/1885. Pit Sinker at Ryehill Colliery, Nr. Barnsley.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-4/2/16.
Hood Bn. 3/6/17-16/10/17 Gassed, Inv. to UK.
Deserted in UK 23/1/18.

K.W/5 AB.HG Thomas Edward JOHNSON ex-14302 York. & Lancs.
b. Darfield, Barnsley. Miner at Colonel Mitchell Colliery.
H/A: 4 Kent Row, Wombwell.
Drake Bn. POW Germany 21/8/18.

K.W/6 OS Albert POGMORE ex-13411 York & Lancs.
b. Wombwell, 11/5/1889. Labourer at Steele, Peach & Toyer, Rotherham.
NOK: Friend, Mrs Gilbey, 7 Phoenix Sq, Masboro, Rotherham.
Discharged Medically Unserviceable 17/2/15.

K.W/21 AB Thomas WHITTAKER ex-4083 York. & Lancs.
b. Burnley, Lancs. Miner at Carlton Colliery.
H/A: 136 Brighton St., Grimethorpe, Nr. Barnsley.
Drake Bn.

K.W/25 LS John Lakin RODGERS ex-York & Lancs.(enl: 2/9/14)
b. Hoyland Common, Barnsley 6/9/1889.
Wife, Rose, 18 Church Lane, Bramley, Nr. Rotherham.
Drake Bn. MEF 1/3/15-23/2/16 to UK Leave.
Drake Bn. BEF 6/6/16-24/4/17 GSW Buttock & R.arm, Inv. to UK 2/5/17.
Drake Bn. BEF 12/5/18-26/5/18 KIA.

K.W/38 AB James BYRNE ex-14045 York & Lancs.
b. Hoyland Common, Barnsley 6/2/1895. Driver/Miner at Cadeby Colliery Co, Denaby Main, Nr Rotherham.
Mother, Mary Jane Farmery, 16 Stratford Terrace, Denaby Main, Rotherham.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-12/6/16 to DHQ RND for duty as MFP.
Drake Bn. 18/11/16-4/2/17 GSW L.Leg, Inv. to UK.

K.W/39 AB Thomas QUINN ex-12745 Pte. York & Lancs.
b. 15/12/1879. Miner at Monkton Colliery, Royston, Barnsley.
Wife, Mrs E.A. Quinn, C/O Mrs Jackson, Bird Dealer, Market St., Barnsley.
Drake Bn. MEF 1/3/15-26/2/16 to UK Leave.
Drake Bn. 6/6/16-8/1/19 to UK demob.

K.W/43 OS Ephraim PARKER ex-14220 York & Lancs.
b. Woolley, Barnsley 10/6/1889. Wife, Henrietta, 83 Balby St, Denaby Main.
Miner at Denaby & Cadeby Colliery Co, Denaby Main.
Discharged Medically Unserviceable 3/3/15.

K.W/45 AB Ezra Major HITCHEN ex-13275 York. & Lancs.
b. Smithies, Barnsley. Brickyard Labourer, John Wright.
NOK & H/A: Father, George, 86 Park St., Wombwell.
'C' Coy. No.4 Platoon, Collingwood Bn. transferred to Anson Bn. 8/6/15. KIA 28/4/17.

K.W/49 AB John Charles HUNT ex-13276 KOYLI
Miner at Sheepbridge Colliery Co. Nr. Doncaster. H/A: 43 Smithies Lane, Barnsley.
'C' Coy. No.3 Platoon Collingwood Bn. BW Chest, Cape Helles 4/6/15.
Later served with Howe & Drake Bn. POW Germany 25/3/18.

K.W/50 AB Robert SMETHHURST ex-12838 KOYLI
Miner at Monckton Main. H/A: 15 Cutts Buildings, Royston, Nr. Barnsley.
Drake Bn. France/Belgium 1914. Hood Bn. POW 24/3/18.

K.W/56 AB Ernest TOWNEND ex-12938 York. & Lancs.
b. Heckmondwicke. Collier with Rob Royd Colliery Co.
Benbow Bn. Internee at Antwerp Oct. 1914.
H/A: 20 New St, Dodworth, Barnsley.

K.W/58 AB John HALEY
b. 25/9/1883. H/A: 4 Railway Terrace, Carlton, Barnsley. Collier at Grimethorpe Colliery.
Benbow Bn. Internee Antwerp.

K.W/79 AB Ernest COOPER ex-York & Lancs.
b. Barnsley 1/9/1888. Miner.
NOK & H/A: Wife, Sarah, 19 George St, Highgate, Rotherham - later - 86 Heelis St., Barnsley.
Benbow Bn. Internee Antwerp.

K.W/91 AB James COOKE ex-KOYLI.
b. Monk Bretton, Barnsley 6/10/1882. Miner.
NOK & H/A: Wife, Sarah, 25 George St., Highgate, Rotherham (Parents at High St., Great Houghton).
Benbow Bn. Internee Antwerp.

K.W/108 AB Samuel SAYES ex-13354 York. & Lancs.
Miner at Houghton Main, Darfield. NOK: Mother, Emily, Ellwood, New Coleford, Gloucester.
Nelson Bn. MEF 1/3/15-27/6/15 Died of Enteric Fever aboard HS "Dunluce Castle" in Mudros Harbour.

K.W/113 AB Thomas SHERIDAN ex-15953 York. & Lancs.
Miner with Hoyland Silkstone Colliery Co. H/A: 29 Brickyard, Jump.
Hood Bn. Bullet Wnd. Back 6/5/15. Discharged Medically Unfit 3/5/16.

K.W/139 AB James AUSTIN ex-12864 York. & Lancs.
Collier at Carlton Main. H/A: 11 Worsley St., Cudworth.
Hood Bn. GSW Head 6/5/15. Discharged to RNAS Constructional Corps 15/6/16. See RN Roll (F.18407 AM1) alias Jas. JONES.

K.W/160 AB Thomas Casson WATSON ex-York. & Lancs.
H/A: 6 Hough Lane, Wombwell. Farm Labourer at Prospect Farm, Wombwell.
Hood Bn. 1/3/15-7/5/15 GSW Head.
Anson Bn. BEF 17/4/17-25/8/17 to UK Sick.

K.W/175 AB Thomas CROFT ex-York. & Lancs.
b. 6/4/1884. H/A: 27 Waltham St., Barnsley, later 24 Tower St., Barnsley.
Benbow Bn. Internee Holland.
Escaped, reported at Crystal Palace 19/7/15.
RUN 31/8/15. Re-entered Crystal Palace 15/9/15.
8/10/15 returned to Holland for Internment. Repatriated 19/11/18.

K.W/183 AB William CONNICK ex-York. & Lancs.
Miner at Grimethorpe Colliery. H/A: 62 Lunn View, Cudworth.
Nelson Bn. KIA 6/6/15.

K.W/224 AB William HILTON ex-17656 KOYLI
H/A: 8 Whitecross Farm, Low Cudworth, Nr. Barnsley. Miner with Mr Gill.
Nelson Bn. 1/3/15-13/7/15 wnd. Discharged unserviceable 16/9/15.

K.W/230 AB Frank NELL ex-York. & Lancs.(4/9/14)
b. Barnsley 4/8/1885. Miner at Wharncliffe Woodmoor Colliery.
NOK: Step-sister, Emma Bushby, 8 Back Waltham St., Barnsley.

Nelson Bn. KIA 13/7/15.

K.W/240 PO James Arthur TINDALL MM ex-York & Lancs.(2/9/14).
b. Barnsley 1882. Married at Barnsley. NOK: Wife, Ellen, Barnsley Rd, Highgate, Rotherham.
Miner at Hickleton Main, Thurnscoe, but formerly at Church Lane Colliery, Dodworth.
Nelson Bn. 1/3/15-July 1915 Inv.to UK GSW Thigh & R.Finger.
Nelson Bn. 21/3/17-9/2/18 transferred to Drake Bn.
Gassed 12/3/18, Inv. to UK 29/3/18. MM 20/11/17 (Passchendaele).

K.W/249 AB Charles Henry FROST
b. 23/6/1886. Collier at Houghton Main.
NOK & H/A: Brother, Robert John, 21 Tingle Bridge, Hemmingfield.
8/9/14 Joined Benbow Bn. (no overseas service).
2/11/14 Discharged to Crystal Palace.
25/1/15 Joined Hood Bn (no overseas service).
8/5/15 Sentenced to 21 days detention.
20/8/15 Sentenced to 21 days detention.
2/10/15 Sentenced to 28 days Hard Labour.
24/2/16 Sentenced to 7 days cells at Crystal Palace.
6/3/16 RUN. 17/3/16 Recovered from Desertion.
25/4/16 Sentenced to 14 days Imprisonment with Hard Labour at Bodmin Prison.
Discharged, Services no longer required 8/5/16.

K.W/257 AB Charles HATTERSLEY ex-13977 York & Lancs. (brother of Fred, see below)
b. Stocksbridge, Sheffield 28/10/1885. Miner at Strafford Colliery Co.
NOK & H/A: Wife, Betty, 22 New St., Dodworth. 9/7/18: 3 Toffy's Yard, Dodworth, Barnsley.
Nelson Bn. 1/3/15- 7/9/15.
Hawke Bn. 23/1/17-30/6/18 Gassed.
28/1/19 Discharged Invalided.

K.W/272 A/LS Fred HATTERSLEY ex-14429 York & Lancs. (brother of Charles, above)
b. Thurgoland, Penistone, Yorks. 8/4/1893. Collier (Trammer) at Rob Royd Colliery, Dodworth.
NOK & H/A: Parents: Wm. & Elizabeth, 15 Silver St., Nr. Dodworth, Barnsley.
Nelson Bn. 1/3/15-24/2/16 & 6/6/16-13/11/16 Missing, KIA.

K.W/310 AB Moses CROSSLEY ex-13161 York. & Lancs.
b. Hunslett, Leeds 9/5/1880. H/A: 37 Central St., Hoyland Common.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-1/9/15 & 12/12/16-13/1/18 & 27/5/18-21/8/18 Missing, POW. Repatriated 27/11/18.

K.W/344 AB James Walter CHARLESWORTH MM ex-12727 York. & Lancs.
b. Monk Bretton 20/3/1894. Miner at Woodmoor Colliery.
H/A: 200 Burton Rd., Monk Bretton.
Hawke Bn. 1/3/15-24/12/15 SW L.Arm, Inv. to UK.
Hawke Bn. 31/7/16-19/3/18 Gassed, Inv. to UK.
1/6/17 Awarded MM (4th Supp. LG 9/7/17 page 6827) Gavrelle.
Hawke Bn. BEF 19/9/18-27/9/18 SW Side & Arm, Inv. to UK. Demob. 5/6/19.
Died 12/1/1928 at Home address, 14 Waltham St., Barnsley, from (i) Cardiac Dilatation (ii) Mitral Disease.

K.W/345 AB Charles WHITEHEAD ex-KOYLI (3/9/14).
b. Denaby, Yorks. 24/9/1895. Miner at Grimethorpe Colliery.
NOK & H/A: Mother, E., 222 Burton Rd., Monk Bretton, Nr. Barnsley.
'A' Coy. 16th Section, Hawke Bn. MEF 30/5/15-20/6/15 Missing, later reptd. by LZ/1335 AB A.R. Booth "Died in my arms."

K.W/361 AB Raymond BANNER ex-12845 York. & Lancs.
b. Hoyland 17/8/1887. Miner at Silkstone Colliery.
H/A: 84 Wombwell Rd., Platts Common, Nr. Barnsley.
Hawke Bn. 1/3/15-10/11/18 Inv. to UK sprained ankle. Demob. 3/1/19.

K.W/371 OS Alfred DUNN Discharged to Pontefract 23/10/14 & re-entered York & Lancs. as Pte. 12723.
b. 24/4/1884. NOK: wife, Emma, 228 Burton Rd., Monk Bretton.

K.W/373 LS Horace HOLDWORTH ex-12814 KOYLI (31/8/14).
b. Barnsley 22/4/1889. Miner. H/A: 53 Old Mill Lane, Barnsley.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-1/9/15 Inv. to UK Dysentery.
Drake Bn. 24/11/17-21/8/18 POW Repatriated 29/11/18.

K.W/374 OS George LANE ex-15087 KOYLI
b. Darlington, Durham 3/2/1888. Stoker at Barnsley Gas Works. H/A: 47 Thomas St., Barnsley.
Discharged medically unfit 10/3/15.

K.W/392 LS Charles DAWES ex-12571 York. & Lancs.
b. Wigan, Lancs. 3/1/1895. Labourer with John Allen Contractor, Cudworth.
H/A: 16 Charity St., Monk Bretton.
Hawke Bn. 30/5/15-5/7/15 wounded. Inv. to UK 15/2/16 Pyrexia.

K.W/411 AB.HG Arthur MALKIN MM ex-12739 York & Lancs.
b. Littleworth, Barnsley 26/11/1895. Miner at Monk Bretton Colliery.
Anson Bn. MM Passchendale. KIA 1/10/18.
NOK & H/A: Mother: Catherine, 182 Burton Rd., Monk Bretton, Nr. Barnsley.

K.W/416 AB Jonas ATKINSON ex-15759 KOYLI
b. Old Town, Barnsley 24/1/1890 Miner at Wharncliffe Pit, Barnsley.
Hawke Bn. KIA 19/6/15.
NOK: Mother: Jemima, 3 Wood St., Barnsley, later: 3 Court, 2 House, Wood St., Barnsley.

K.W/424 AB Arthur BALDWIN MM ex-York. & Lancs.
b. Cudworth 30/8/1894. H/A: 196 Burton Rd., Monk Bretton. Miner at Grimethorpe Pit.
Hawke Bn. 1/3/15-22/8/15 & 29/2/16-29/12/18.
22/2/17 Awarded the MM (5th Supp. LG 26/3/17 page 2990).

K.W/426 AB John NORRIS ex-13196 York. & Lancs.
b. Birkdale, Lancs. 13/1/1892. Miner at Messrs. Silkstone Pit, Barnsley.
'A' Coy. Drake Bn. KIA 30/8/15.
NOK: Mother: Emma, 61 Chapel St., Hoyland Common, Barnsley.

K.W/434 AB Percy GAMWELL ex-12807 Pte. KOYLI (1/9/14)
b. Wadsworth, Doncaster 1/12/1892. H/A: 15 Queen St., Darfield. Trammer at Houghton Main.
8/9/14 Joined Hawke Bn. 'D' Coy.
2/11/14: To Crystal Palace.
11/12/14: Drafted to Deal.
19/3/15: 4 days detention.
26/4/15: S.C. to OC Armed Escorts, Deal.
June 1915: Attd. Armed Escorts, Ramsgate.
31/3/16 Drafted from Armed Guards, "Victory 6" to HMS "Ceto."

K.W/437 AB Charles ROWBOTTOM ex-12849 York. & Lancs.
b. Hoyland 4/10/1892. H/A: 9 Kayes St., Hoyland Common. Miner at Rockingham Colliery.
NOK: Father, Ernest, 27 Short St., Hoyland Common, Nr. Barnsley.
'B' Coy. Drake Bn. MEF 1/3/15-6/6/15 KIA.

K.W/441 AB Thomas STEEL ex-15954 York. & Lancs.
Brother of K.W/739 AB Godfrey Steel.
b. 12/7/1882. H/A & NOK: Sister, Cissie, 12 Royston Hill, Hoyland. A Miner at Hoyland Silkstone.
Hawke Bn. 'A' Coy, 8th Section MEF 30/5/15-18/1/19 to UK Demob.

K.W/443 LS Walter CARR ex-13782 York. & Lancs.
b. 5/10/1886. H/A: 1 Milton Foundry, Hoyland. Miner at Hoyland Silkstone.
Served with Hawke Bn. in France & Belgium 1914 & Gallipoli 1915. GSW R.Wrist Cape Helles 30/12/15.
9/6/17 Demobilised to Civil Employment at Hoyland Colliery Co.

K.W/448 AB George MOWER ex-13071 KOYLI
b. Barnsley 7 March 1890. Labourer, Bobbin Works.
H/A & NOK: Parents, George & Stepmother, Florence, 161 Sheffield Rd., Barnsley.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-13/11/16 DOW.

b. 27/7/1885. Miner at Mitchells Main.
Wife: Amy, 26 Blythe St., Wombwell, later: 1 School St., Wombwell.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-12/5/15, 8/6/15-7/8/15, 16/5/16-13/11/16 & 7/5/17-12/3/18 Gassed, Inv. to UK 16/3/18. Demob. 31/1/18.

K.W/466 AB James Herbert FLATTERS ex-13193 York. & Lancs.
b. Brightside, Sheffield 29/10/1887. Miner at Barrow Colliery.
NOK: Wife, Florence, 22 Edmunds Main, Worsboro' Dale, Nr. Barnsley.
Drake Bn. KIA Cape Helles 4/12/15.

K.W/491 AB Clarence HARGREAVES ex-14300 York. & Lancs.
b. Leeds 17/2/1894. H/A: 7 Kent Row, Wombwell.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-25/8/15 & 30/10/15-4/2/17.
63rd Divisional Employment Coy. RND BEF 30/1/18-12/12/18 to UK Demob.

K.W/496 OS John Willie BANNISTER ex-York & Lancs.(31/8/14)
b. Wombwell 8/4/1888. Miner at Wombwell Main Colliery.
H/A: 46 Hawson St., Wombwell. Discharged Medically Unfit 17/2/15.

K.W/497 AB John WELDON ex-12698 York. & Lancs.
b. Wombwell 12/3/1889. Miner at Houghton Main. H/A: 67 Elliotts Terrace, New Scarboro.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-27/8/15. Howe Bn. 11/12/16-15/3/18 transferred to Drake Bn. until 29/6/18 Bronchitis. Inv. to UK 20/9/18.

K.W/503 AB Francis Alfred STEVENSON ex-KOYLI (30/8/14).
A Miner. b. Eastwood 28/3/1886. Add: 24 Calvern St., Dalton Brook, Rotherham, Yorks.
NoK: Wife, Elizabeth, 16 Millmoor Terrace, Low Valley, Wombwell, Nr. Barnsley, later of: 1 Keel Yard, Stairfoot,
Drake Bn. 'A' Coy 8/9/14-3/2/19 to UK Demob.

K.W/510 OS Frank ALLEN ex-York & Lancs.(31/8/14).
b. Wombwell 18/12/1881. Miner.
Discharged 17/2/15 Medically Unfit.
H/A & NOK: Wife, Bridget, 61 Mary's Place, New Scarboro, Wombwell, later - Elliotts Terrace, Wombwell.

K.W/514 AB Arthur DENNIS ex-13446 York. & Lancs.
b. Barnsley 26/3/1891. Miner at Darfield Main Colliery, Wombwell.
H/A: 70 George St, Low Valley, Wombwell.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-6/5/15, 15/6/15-1/9/15 & 23/12/15-30/12/17 POW. Repat. 13/12/18.

K.W/520 AB Arthur Smalley DUKE ex-13851 York. & Lancs. (see below K.W/521 AB Levi Driver RNVR)
b. Wombwell 1/9/1894. Miner at Mitchells Main Colliery, Wombwell.
H/A: 59 Summer Lane, Wombwell.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-18/10/15. Howe Bn. 26/11/16-17/2/17 GSW R.Forearm, R.Leg & R.Foot, Inv. to UK.

20/7/18 Discharged from RN Hosp. Chatham "Unserviceable"

K.W/521 AB Levi DRIVER ex-13249 York. & Lancs.
b. Sheffield 20/7/1894. Glass Blower at Rylands Glass Works, Barnsley.
Brother of R/6583 AB Ernest Driver RNVR, Anson Battn.
Brother of 4737063 Pte. William Driver, 2nd Y&L Regt. 10/2/1920 to 20/1/1927.

H/A & NOK: Mother, Annie, Park St., Howarth Buildings, Wombwell, later, wife Beatrice May, 43 Summer St., Barnsley.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-3/4/18 ICT L.Ankle. Demobilised 7/2/19.

Photos (below) show the Company Roll Book, which originally belonged to Po/J/7170 LS George Sowter RN of the 13th Section, 12th Platoon, 'C' Company, Drake Bn. & was 'taken over' by Levi after Sowter was KIA 15/7/15.

Company Roll listing:-

1: A. Maynard Sto.T. Sto.Act.Ser.RN. Good alround.
K/22121 Stoker 2nd Class Alfred Jack MOIGNARD RN
Home address in Jersey, Channel Islands.
Drake Bn. C/635 17/9/14-26/7/15 transferred to Sea-Service.

2: W. Flight AB. Business. Good alround.
A Grocer. NoK & H/A: Father, James, 41 Kirk St., Lochee, Dundee.
Drake Bn. C/973 3/11/14-23/1/19 to UK Demob.
Brother of C.Z/6344 AB Peter FLIGHT RNVR, Hawke Bn.

3: J. Dyball AB. Engineer. Hard worker. Good Hand.
K.P/357 AB(HG) Joseph Henry DYBALL RNVR, KIA Drake Bn. 13/11/16.
Drake Bn. C/1314 3/11/14.
Next-of-Kin & home address: Father, Joseph, 18 Portrack St., Stockton-on-Tees.

4: L. Driver AB. Glass Blower. Hard worker rather mischiefous(sic).

5: J. Calder AB. Farmer. Good soldier. Hard worker.
NoK & H/A: Parents, George & Lizzie, Deershill, Millbrex, Monquhitter, Aberdeenshire.
Drake Bn. C/971 3/11/14. 25/8/18 GSW R.arm, Inv. to UK 26/8/18 ; Demob. 23/1/19.

6: A. Hoult OS. Pit. Good worker. Fair alround.
K.W/566 AB Albert HOULT RNVR
NoK & H/A: Mother, Elizabeth, 67 Clifton St., Denaby Main, Yorkshire, later: 27 New St., Mexboro, Nr. Rotherham.
Drake Bn. 8/9/14-17/7/15 PUO, Inv. to UK 17/9/15 ; Demob to Civil Employment 16/3/17 ; Discharged Invalided at Sick Qtrs. Rotherham 2/10/17 Shrapnal injury left ankle joint ; Re-enlisted in the York & Lancs Regt. 18/6/19 for 3 years No.52694.

7: J. Robinson OS. Engineer. (Fitter) V. good Hand (quiet).
K.W/606 AB James ROBINSON RNVR, KIA 63rd MG Bn. 27/3/18.
Home address: 4 Cliff St., Castleford, Yorks. ; Next-of-Kin: Brother, Christopher, Middle Lane, Ilkley Lane, Nr. Leeds, later: Father, John, Middle Row, Methley Junction, Leeds, later: Wife, Elizabeth, 103 Lisson Grove, Marylebone, London NW1, later (1920): 46 Danbrook Rd., Streatham, London SW16, later (1929): 22 Cunliffe St., Streatham. ;
Drake Bn.8/9/14-5/8/15 Dysentery, to UK for Sea-service 29/3/16 ; Draft for BEF 24/1/17, posted to 190th Brigade MG Company 21/3/17, joined 63rd MG Bn. 1/3/18-27/3/18 DD.

8: C. McLaren AB. Business. F.G. (inclined to be sulky).
C.Z/377 AB Charles MacLAREN RNVR
NoK & H/A: Father, James, 45 Kirk St., Lochee, Dundee.
Drake C/980 3/11/14-21/9/15 Diahorrea, rejoined Drake 12/2/16-27/3/16 to UK for Sea-service.
9/7/15 14 days No.10, Refused to obey order given by LS Sowter.

9: A. Duke OS. Pit. V.G. Hand. Very willing.
K.W/520 AB Arthur Smalley DUKE RNVR (Barnsley man, see above).


K.W/538 AB William McCORMACK ex-12800 KOYLI
b. Ayre, Ayreshire 11/10/1889. A Collier at Monckton Colliery.
H/A: 5 The Avenue, Royston, Nr. Barnsley.
NOK: Sister, Mrs. Porteous, 15 Cutts Buildings, off Midland Rd, Royston, Nr. Barnsley.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-6/8/15, 5/9/15-23/4/17 & 14/3/18-26/8/18 GSW L.Foot, Inv. to UK 12/9/18.

K.W/549 AB John William DYSON ex-York & Lancs. (enl: 3/9/14).
b. Dodworth 11/3/1889. A Miner at Barrow Colliery.
H/A: 48 Corporation St, Barnsley. NOK: Sister, Sarah Duerdon, 9 Albion Terrace, Grace St, Barnsley.
Drake Bn. MEF 1/3/15-10/10/15 & 16/4/16-23/4/17 KIA.

K.W/554 OS Joseph HANSON
b. Rawmarsh, Rotherham 1/3/1885. A Collier at Barrow Colliery, Worsboro.
H/A: 2 Parkinson Court, Worsboro' Dale. NOK: Father, Samuel, 26 Walton St, Barnsley.
8/9/14 Joined Drake Bn.
4/11/14 Absent over leave 15 hours & disobedience: 21 days detention.
24/11/4 Rejoined Drake Bn. from detention.
29/12/14 Breaking out & remaining absent 116 hours: 9 days in cells & forfeits 30 days pay.
6/1/15 On Nominal Roll 'A' Coy. Drake Bn, 4th Platoon, 16th Section.
Discharged 26/2/15 Services no longer Req'd.

K.W/557 LS William LEATHER MM & Bar.
b. Wortley, Sheffield 9/1/1891. A Collier at Mitchell Main Colliery Co.
H/A & NOK: Father, William, 20 Darfield Main, Wombwell.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-25/3/18 POW. MM-Miraumont. Bar to MM-Gavrelle.

K.W/584 AB George WOODHOUSE ex-13185 Pte. York. & Lancs. (enlisted 4/9/14).
b. Barnsley 1/1/1892. A Miner at Barrow Colliery, Barnsley.
H/A: 50 King St., Barnsley. NOK: Father: Joe, 36 Highstone Rd., Worsbro' Common, Barnsley.
Joined Drake Bn. 'E' Coy. 8/9/14 (no service at Antwerp).
Discharged to Crystal Palace Depot 19/12/14.
Joined 'A' Coy. 1st Platoon, Anson Bn 23/2/15.
25/4/15 Took part in landing operations from HMT "River Clyde" at 'V' Beach & was wounded by shrapnel in the L.forearm & hand. 5/5/15 Admitted to Cottonera Military Hospital, Malta. Returned to duty with Anson Bn. 25/5/15. KIA on the terrible "4th of June 1915" Third Battle of Krithia.

Barnsley Chronicle, front page, 26/6/15.

A local victim in the Dardanelles is Able-Seaman George Woodhouse at the early age of 22 years. His home was at 36 Highstone Road, Worsboro' Common, where his parents now reside. George was a miner at the Barrow Colliery, and shortly after war broke out he enlisted in the Royal Naval Division and went in training, first at the Crystal Palace and then in Scotland. He was one of the first party who landed in the Dardanelles, and on April 25th he was wounded, but recovered sufficiently to be able to rejoin the fighting line on May 25th. News came to his father this week that George had been killed in action on June 18th. In the Worsboro' district the deceased was well-known and was exceedingly popular with his workmates, all of whom deplore his death.

Mr. Woodhouse, senr., (who works at the Mount Vernon Colliery) received the following message from Mr. A. James Balfour: "The King commands me to assure you of the true sympathy of his Majesty and the Queen in your sorrow."

The official intimation of Able-Seaman Woodhouse's death was received by his father from the Record Office, Royal Naval Division, London, and this message read as follows: " Dear Sir, - I deeply regret to inform you that a telegram from Alexandria has been received here to-day reporting that your son, Able-Seaman George Woodhouse, 584, who was serving in the Anson Battalion, 2nd R.N. Brigade, R.N. Division, was killed in action near the Dardanelles. Any further information received shall be posted to you at once."

It is a pathetic coincidence that the Able-Seaman's brother, Joe Woodhouse, has been wounded twice while in action in France with the Royal Field Artillery, of which he was called up as a reserve when war broke out. He was first wounded at Mons, and he has seen some desperate fighting. He has almost recovered from his injuries and has been spending a few days at home. He hopes to return to his regiment this week-end.

K.W/592 AB George Edward SEED ex-York. & Lancs.(1/9/14).
b. Barnsley 16/12/1885. NOK: Mother, Mrs Mary Hudson, 55 St. John's Rd., Eastwood View, Rotherham.
Drake Bn. KIA 27/8/16.

K.W/593 PO Albert RENNISON ex-14015 York. & Lancs.
b. Worsboro Common 22/4/1887. A Miner at Barrow Pit.
H/A: 60 Joseph St., Barnsley.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-8/11/15, 10/1/16-4/10/16, 10/7/17-13/3/18 & 13/8/18-27/1/19 to UK Demob.

K.W/596 LS John Henry HIBBERT ex-13052 York. & Lancs.
b. Cudworth 17/7/1891. A Miner at Carlton Main Colliery.
H/A: 41 Hastings St, Grimethorpe, Nr. Barnsley.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-15/7/15, 11/1/16-4/2/17, 24/6/17-12/3/18 & 14/10/18-8/1/19 to UK Demob.

K.W/603 AB William LONG ex-12729 York. & Lancs.
b. Salford, Lancs. 28/8/1886. A Stoker at Gas Works, Wombwell.
NOK: Wife: Annie, 44 Milton St., Wombwell.
'A' Coy. Drake Bn. 1/3/15-28/7/15, 25/3/17-15/10/17 & 15/6/18-8/11/18 KIA.

K.W/635 LS Arnold LEACH
b. 6/10/1894. H/A: 7 Regent St., Hoyland Common, Nr. Barnsley. A Miner at Newton Chambers Ltd., Barnsley. Collingwood Bn. 'A' Coy. No.1 Platoon, transferred to Hood Bn. 8/6/15.
Hood Bn. 8/6/15-6/8/15 & 15/9/15-26/12/15.
Anson Bn. 26/11/16-20/2/17 & 25/1/18-21/8/18 BW R.Knee, Inv. to UK 25/8/18.

K.W/642 AB Alf MORLEY ex-12857 York. & Lancs.
b. Rotherham 10/10/1891. A Miner at Round Green Colliery, Barnsley.
H/A: 20 Upper Belmont Terrace, Harvey St., Barnsley.
Collingwood Bn. 'A' Coy. No.1 Platoon, transferred to Hood Bn. 8/6/15.
Hood Bn. 8/6/15-6/10/16 to UK for release to Mining.

K.W/643 PO Frederick KENNEDY ex-14988 KOYLI (enl: 31/8/14).
Brother of K.P/191 AB Samuel KENNEDY
b. Hoyland 28/6/1886. A Collier at Hoyland Silkstone Colliery Co.
H/A: 10 Milner St., Platts Common. NOK, Mother, Henrietta, 6 Milner St., Platts Common.
Collingwood Bn. France/Belgium 1914. 2/11/14 Discharged to Crystal Palace Depot (Maintenance Unit).

K.W/652 AB Herbert HUNT ex-13256 York. & Lancs.
b. Thornley, Durham Nov. 1894. A Miner. NOK: Father, John, Caxton St., Barnsley.
Hood Bn. 1/3/15-6/5/15 missing, later rept'd. wnd. GSW R.Foot - Inv. to UK 12/5/15.
25/6/15 Advised in Report of Survey from Haslar Hosp. that rating has been discharged unfit for further service through injuries: GSW R.foot, loss of 2nd, 3rd & 4th toes.

K.W/654 LS William HOLDSWORTH ex-12768 York. & Lancs.
b. Wakefield 14/9/1891. A Miner at Houghton Main Colliery.
H/A: 27 Industry Rd., Stairfoot, Nr. Barnsley.
Collingwood Bn. 'A' Coy. No.1 Platoon, transferred to Hood Bn. 8/6/15.
Hood Bn. 8/6/15-18/9/15 & 30/10/15-4/8/16.
Hawke Bn. 6/11/16-13/11/16 & 27/9/17-3/12/18 to UK demob.

K.W/655 AB Ernest WATSON ex-12760 York. & Lancs.
b. London 23/2/1894. A Miner at Monk Bretton Colliery.
H/A & NOK: Mother: Jane, 34 Albion Rd., Stairfoot, Barnsley.
Collingwood Bn. 'A' Coy. 1st Platoon MEF 30/5/15-4/6/15 KIA.

K.W/661 AB Frederick ALCOCK ex-13037 York. & Lancs.
b. Barnsley 8/3/1891. A Miner at Barnsley Main Colliery Co.
H/A: 14 Belmont Terrace, off Harvey St., Barnsley.
Collingwood Bn. 'A' Coy. No.1 Platoon, transferred to Hood Bn. 8/6/15.
Hood Bn. 8/6/15-14/8/15. Hood Bn. 25/11/16-5/6/17 to Hosp. Gastritis, Inv. to UK 14/6/17.

K.W/662 AB Cecil HOLD ex-13044 York. & Lancs.
b. St. Mary's, Barnsley 13/1/1895. A Painter at E. Wadsworth, Royston.
H/A & NOK: Father John, 17 Sackville St., Barnsley.
8/9/14 Joined Collinwood Bn. (no overseas service).
15/12/14 Drafted to Deal for Sea Service in Armed Merchant Ships (Armed Escorts, Ramsgate).
26/3/15 4 days detention.
10/7/15 From Depot to Sheerness, for duty as Telephone Operator. (HMS Wildfire, HM Naval Centre, Sheerness).

K.W/676 AB Percy Joseph Gordon LINACRE ex-12869 Y&L.
b. Green Oak, Sheffield 27/5/1895. A Blacksmith with Samuel Johnsons.
H/A: 1 Old Police Station, Old Mill, Barnsley - later: Rock Crescent, Monk Bretton.
'A' Coy. Hawke Bn. Internee Holland 9/10/14.

K.W/686 AB James CUNNIFF ex-2272 KOYLI Special Reservist.
b. Wolverhampton 6/3/1879. A Miner at Barnsley Main Colliery Co.
H/A: 4 Ebor St., Barnsley.
Hawke Bn. Internee Holland
9/10/14. Repatriated 28/11/18.

K.W/693 AB Tom NEWSOME ex-12809 KOYLI
b. Barnsley 15/3/1881. A Miner at Barnsley Main Colliery.
Wife, Martha, 14 Belmont Terrace, off Harvey St., Barnsley.
Hawke Bn. Internee Holland
9/10/14. Admitted to RN Hosp. Chatham whilst on leave from Holland: Fractured Tibia & Fibula. Remained in UK & discharged invalided 20/12/18.

K.W/704 AB Albert TAYLOR ex-12812 Pte. KOYLI , enlisted at Barnsley 31/8/14.
b. Holmfirth, Huddersfield 15/4/1881. A Miner at Barnsley Main Colliery Co.
Wife: Ellen (nee Stead), 31 Heelis St., Barnsley. Married at Denaby Main 10/9/1901
8/9/14 Transferred to RNVR for RND. Hawke Bn. at Walmer 8/9/14.
3/10/14 To Antwerp with Hawke Bn. RND. 9/10/14 Taken POW & Interned at Doeberitz.
6/12/18 Arrived at Naval Base, Repatriated POW proceeding to Ripon by Naval Train 7/12/18.
16/2/19 Demobilised at Clipstone.

K.W/719 AB David BOWLEY ex-12835 York. & Lancs.
b. Tankersley 7/1/1890. A Miner. H/A: 49 Allott St., Hoyland Common.
NOK: Father, James, Prospect Tavern, Hoyland.
Hawke Bn. POW Antwerp 9/10/14. Repat. 13/12/18.

K.W/720 AB George Henry LANE ex-12730 York. & Lancs.
b. Monk Bretton 6/4/1884. A Miner. H/A: 2 Charity St., Monk Bretton.
NOK: Wife, Ada, 193 Victoria Terrace, Pontefract Rd, Cudworth.
Hawke Bn. Internee Holland 9/10/14.

K.W/732 AB Albert MOORE ex-York. & Lancs.
b. Hoyland 10/3/1888. A Miner at Earl Fitzwilliam Colliery.
H/A & NOK: Father, Chas, 27 Brook St., Hoyland, Barnsley.
Hawke Bn. POW Antwerp 9/10/14. Repatriated 9/1/19.

K.W/739 AB Godfrey STEEL ex-15952 York. & Lancs.
Brother of K.W/441 AB Thomas Steel.
b. Hoyland 24/4/1890. A Miner at Hoyland Silkstone Colliery.
H/A & NOK: Father, Chas, 12 Royston Hill, Hoyland, Barnsley.
Hawke Bn. POW Antwerp 9/10/14. Interned in Switzerland 27/11/17-6/12/18 Lung Catarrah. Repat. 7/12/18.

K.W/741 AB William Henry WILLIAMSON ex-12688 York. & Lancs.
b. Chesterfield, Derby 9/10/1889. A Miner at Brailey Colliery.
H/A: 59 Bow St., Cudworth - later wife, Ada, 19 Grace St., Monk Bretton.
Hawke Bn. Internee Antwerp 9/10/14.

K.W/809 AB James SIMPSON
Father, William, 28 Wood View, Birdwell, Barnsley ; Wife, Trijntje, 55 Smithies Lane, Barnsley.
Collingwood Bn. Internee Antwerp 9/10/14.

K.W/813 AB Thomas SMITH
Wife, 103 Margate St., Grimethorpe, later of: 13 Eveline St., Cudworth, Nr. Barnsley.
Collingwood Bn. POW Antwerp 9/10/14.

K.W/836 AB Sydney SINFIELD
Brother of PLY/663/S Pte. Ben Sinfield RMLI.
Mother, Martha, 12 Queens Cottages, Jump, Nr. Barnsley. (Father, Benjamin)
Collingwood Bn. Internee Antwerp 9/10/14.

K.W/857 AB John COTTERILL ex-15236 KOYLI
b. Platts Common 3/10/1891. A Miner. H/A & NOK: Mother, Elizabeth, 57 Hawshaw Lane, Hoyland, Nr. Barnsley. Collingwood Bn. Internee Antwerp 9/10/14.

K.W/928 AB Joseph HYDE ex-York. & Lancs.
b. Barnsley 6/10/1888. A Collier. H/A & NOK: Father, James, 24 Herbert St., Kingston Place, Barnsley.
Collingwood Bn. Internee Antwerp 9/10/14.

D/A: 9 Somerset St., Cudworth, Barnsley.
Collingwood Bn. at Antwerp.

K.W/938 AB Thomas Edwin Kaye WILKINSON ex-15957 York. & Lancs.
b. Worsboro 3/5/1892. A Miner. H/A & NOK: Father, Thomas, 8 Royston Hill, Hoyland Nether, Barnsley.
Collingwood Bn. Internee Holland 9/10/14.

K.W/944 OS William EMERY ex-12832 Pte. KOYLI 31/8/14.
b. Cudworth, Barnsley 1894. A Miner. NoK & H/A: Father, Edward, 61 Sidcup Rd., Cudworth, Barnsley.
8/9/14 Hawke Bn.
10/10/14 Disc. MU.

K.W/953 AB Ernest WALKER ex-KOYLI
b. Hoyland 30/8/1887. A Miner. NOK: Father, George, 36 Princes St, Barnsley.
H/A: 23 Lockwood Rd., Goldthorpe, Nr. Rotherham.
Collingwood Bn. POW Antwerp 9/10/14. Repat. 13/12/18.

K.W/1002 AB Joseph THOMPSON
Collingwood Bn. Antwerp POW 9/10/14.
Mother, Mrs. Ellen Thompson, Curnageltha, Callow, Foxford, Co.Mayo.
D/A: 8 Brook St., Hoyland, Barnsley.

Barnsley's 'Kitchener Marines'
Army Recruits re-enrolled at Crystal Palace 10/9/14. (KP/No. Series)

K.P/7 AB Joseph HOPWOOD ex-15035 York. & Lancs.
b. Low Valley, Wombwell 29/11/1888. Wife: Mabel, 26 Packman Rd, West Melton, Nr. Rotherham.
'A' Coy. Drake Bn. 1/3/15-30/6/15 KIA Cape Helles.

K.P/8 OS Arthur STENTON ex-14980 York & Lancs.
b. Hemmingfield, Barnsley 3/2/1884. A Miner at Earl Fitzwilliam Elsecar Colliery Co.
H/A & NOK: Parents, Nehimiah & Fanny, 5 New St, Hemmingfield.
3/11/14 Joined Drake Bn.
12/11/14 Disc. Medically Unfit.

K.P/14 AB Bernard BROWN ex-14971 York & Lancs.
b. Hoyland, Barnsley 4/4/1887. H/A & NOK: Wife, Alice, 35 King St., Thurnscoe East, Nr. Rotherham.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-27/7/18. 12/1/19 Demobilised at Clipstone.

K.P/16 OS George Robert FROST ex-14915 York. & Lancs.
b. Broomhill, Barnsley 24/5/1880. A Miner at Cortonwood Colliery Co.
H/A & NOK: Wife, Mary Jane, 14 Princes St, West Melton, Nr. Rotherham.
3/11/14 Joined Drake Bn.
6/1/15 On Nominal Roll 'A' Coy. Drake Bn.
25/2/15 Trans to CP Depot.
17/3/15 Discharged from Drake Bn. as Medically Unfit (Chronic Rheumatism).

K.P/38 AB Joseph AINLEY ex-14919 Y&Lancs.
b. Morley, Leeds 17/3/1892. A Miner at Hoyland Silkstone Coal & Coke Co. Nr. Barnsley.
H/A & NOK: Stepfather John & mother Mary Ann Whitehouse, 58 Chapel St., Hoyland Common.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-30/1/19 to UK Demob.

K.P/41 AB George Henry DAVIS ex-15014 Y&Lancs.
b. Lawly Bank, Salop 7/12/1882. A Miner at Houghton Main Colliery Nr. Barnsley.
H/A & NOK: Father, John, The Green, Great Houghton, Nr. Barnsley.
Anson Bn. 1/3/15-5/7/15 KIA Cape Helles.

K.P/42 AB Edward PICTON ex-14383 Y&Lancs.
b. Chapel on le Frith, Derby 10/6/1890. A Miner at Hickleton Main Colliery, Rotherham.
NOK: Sister, Elizabeth Ann Pearson, 18 Broomhill, Nr. Wombwell.
H/A & Sister's: Nellie, 24 Beevor St., Goldthorpe, Nr. Rotherham.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-13/5/15 GSW L.Foot, rejoined Drake Bn. 13/9/15-29/9/16 PUO, Inv. to UK.

K.P/44 PO Thomas PICTON MM ex-15013 Y&L.
b. Diggle, Uppermill, York 8/8/1894. A Miner at Hickleton Main Colliery, Rotherham.
Brother to the above, same NOK & H/A details.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-22/8/15, 24/5/17-13/8/17 & 8/4/18-3/3/19 to UK Demob. MM 1918.

K.P/46 PO George WEBSTER ex-15007 York & Lancs.
b. Wakefield 13/5/1884. A Miner at Houghton Main Colliery Nr. Barnsley.
H/A & NOK: Stepfather, Thos. Henry & mother, Fanny White, High St., Great Houghton, Nr. Barnsley.
Anson Bn. 1/3/15-26/2/16, 6/6/16-10/9/16 & 11/12/16-25/3/18 Missing, POW.

K.P/49 A/PO Albert Clifford ROWSON ex-14918 York. & Lancs.
b. Mexboro, Nr. Rotherham 12/12/1892. A Weigh Clerk at Hoyland Silkstone Coal & Coke Co. Nr. Barnsley.
H/A: 244 West Bank, Hoyland, Nr. Barnsley. NOK: Father, Thos, 198 Wath Rd., Mexboro, Nr. Rotherham.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-28/10/15 & 29/2/16-29/3/16. Demobbed 18/2/19.

K.P/90 AB Charles RAWSON ex-15008 York. & Lancs.
b. Worsboro', Barnsley 11/2/1891. A Miner at Wombwell Main Colliery.
H/A & NOK: Father, Chas, 54 Cemetery Rd., Hemmingfield, Barnsley.
Anson Bn. 13/1/5-18/1/19 to UK Demob.

K.P/100 AB James LYTH ex-16738 KOYLI
b. Macclesfield, Cheshire 29/7/1890. A Miner.
Husband of Ada Lyth, of 125 South St., Highfield, Nr. Doncaster, later of 15 Cricket View, Ardsley, Nr. Barnsley.
"A" Coy. Anson 22/10/14-26/2/16 to UK Leave. Anson 6/6/16-19/7/16 posted to 188th TMB, KIA 13/11/16.

K.P/134 A/AB(HG) Ormonde MERRY ex-16419 KOYLI
b. Hoyland, Barnsley 9/10/1889. A Miner at Bullcraghillam Colliery, Doncaster.
H/A: 24 New Village, Carcroft, Doncaster. NOK: Father, Wm., 6 Sale St., Hoyland Common, Nr. Barnsley.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-3/10/15 & 12/12/16-23/4/17 Wounded & Missing, later rept'd. DOW.

K.P/187 LS Charles YATES DSM ex-14384 Y&L
b. Burnhope, Durham 11/7/1894. A Miner at Grimethorpe Colliery, Great Houghton.
H/A & NOK: Mother, Annie, 9 Farmers Buildings, Sandhill, Great Houghton, later, wife Rose, 62 Gipsy Hill, Upper Norwood, SE19.
'A' Coy. 13th Section, Hawke Bn. MEF 30/5/15-19/9/15 Inv. to UK.
Nelson Bn. BEF 25/11/16-6/5/17 DOW.

K.P/188 AB William Henry FLETCHER ex-15065 Y&Lancs.
b. Darfield, Barnsley 27/2/1892. A Miner at Brierley Colliery, Nr. Barnsley.
H/A & NOK: Wife, Margaret Hannah, Listers Row, Great Houghton.
3/11/14 Joined Drake Bn.
8/1/15 On Nominal Roll 'B' Coy. Drake Bn.
7/4/15 To Govt. Hosp. Port Said - Vaccinia (Cowpox).
14/5/15 Emb. HMT "Franconia" at Alex. to rejoin Bn.

9/7/15 SW upper R.arm, comp. Fract. R.humerus, Inv. to UK.
16/12/15 Discharged Medically Unserviceable: Advised in Repot of Survey from Haslar Hosp. that rating has been discharged "Unserviceable" suffering from Compound fracture of right Humerus with ankylosis (abnormal consolidation & immobility of the bones of a joint). Refuses Operation. Attributable. "Drake" (The injury alone unfits this man for further service, either in the Reserves or in any other rating.) In action.
H/A in March 1918: 4 Carlton St., South Kirkby, Nr. Wakefield.

K.P/189 AB Joe WILLIAMSON ex-14979 York. & Lancs.
b. Halifax 20/11/1891. A Miner at Houghton Main Colliery.
H/A & NOK: Father, Dick, Gregorys Buildings, Great Houghton.
Hawke Bn. 1/3/15-5/7/15 BW Face, Discharged Unserviceable 25/11/15.

K.P/190 AB Lawrence ILLINGSWORTH ex-14973 York. & Lancs.
Brother of RMA/336/S Bdr. Theodore ILLINGSWORTH.
b. Hoyland, Barnsley 7/4/1894. A Miner at Hoyland Silkstone Colliery, Nr. Barnsley.
H/A & NOK: Parents, Albert & Edith, 4 Milner St., Platts Common, Nr. Barnsley.

Anson Bn. 1/3/15-19/5/15 DOW at Cape Helles.

K.P/191 AB Samuel KENNEDY ex-14932 Y&Lancs.
Brother of K.W/643 PO Fred'k KENNEDY.
b. West Melton, Wath 15/3/1896. A Miner at Hoyland Silkstone Colliery, Barnsley.
H/A & NOK: Mother, Henrietta, 6 Milner St., Platts Common, Barnsley.
'B' Coy. Drake Bn. 1/3/15-9/5/15 BW R.arm. 11/4/16 Transferred to RNR as: 5356/TS Engineman.

K.P/192 AB Edward EVANS ex-14976 York & Lancs.
b. Glamorgan, Wales 1/8/1891. A Fireman at Hoyland Silkstone Colliery, Barnsley.
H/A & NOK (no relation): John Joy, 10 Barnsley Rd., Platts Common, Barnsley.
Anson Bn. 1/3/15-7/8/15 & 28/10/18-10/11/18 SW Legs.

K.P/193 AB John Thomas SYKES ex-3/2356 KOYLI (Special Reservist)
b. Baraugh Green, Barnsley 30/1/1892. A Miner at Mitchells Main Colliery, Wombwell.
H/A & NOK: Wife, Ann, 10 Industry Rd., Stairfoot, Nr. Barnsley.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-10/4/15 & 5/7/15-5/8/15. Later transferred to RN as: J.69451 AB RN.

K.P/197 AB Ellis Thomas CARRINGTON ex-14356 York. & Lancs.
b. Platts Common, Barnsley 5/7/1895. A Miner at Hoyland Silkstone Colliery, Nr. Barnsley.
H/A: 2 Low Blacker Hill, Nr. Barnsley.
NOK: Father, Ellis Thomas, 17 Silver St., Platts Common, Nr. Barnsley.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-26/6/15 DOW (BW Head) aboard HS "Somali."

K.P/199 AB William GILLOTT ex-14972 York. & Lancs.
Brother of RMA/318/S Gnr. Fred GILLOTT.
b. Hoyland 25/5/1893. A Miner at Hoyland Silkstone Colliery, Nr. Barnsley.
H/A & NOK: Wife, Louisa, Hawkcrofts Yard, Platts Common, Nr. Barnsley (later: 7 Hagues Yard, Platts Common, Nr. Barnsley)
Anson Bn. MEF 1/3/15-4/6/15 Missing KIA.

K.P/200 AB Harry BOOTH ex-14641 Y&Lancs.
b. Tunstead, Backup, Lancs. 30/8/1880. A Miner at Hoyland Silkstone Colliery, Barnsley.
H/A: 10 Barnsley Rd., Platts Common, Nr. Barnsley.
Anson Bn. 1/3/15-13/12/15, 1/1/16-10/12/17 & 22/7/18-28/9/18 SW Head & R.Shldr.
20/1/19 Surveyed at Aldershot, disability loss left eye, GSW Head, Degree of Disability 50%. Attributable.
17/2/19 Disc. Invalided from 63rd Divl. Reserves - GSW multiple.

K.P/218 AB James Henry STANLEY ex-13963 York & Lancs.(enl: 31/8/14).
b. Leeds 24/1/1881. A Hairdresser, own employer.
NOK: Wife, Lily, 39 Commercial St. Barnsley.
Anson Bn. MEF 24/7/15-27/12/15 KIA.

K.P/259 AB George Francis SENIOR ex-14198 Y&L
b. Jump, Barnsley 31/3/1895. A Miner at Canklow Main Colliery Nr. Rotherham.
NOK & H/A: Parents, Frank & Emily, 169 St. Ann's Rd., Rotherham.
Hood Bn. at Antwerp 1914. Hood Bn. 1/3/15-4/6/15 BW L.Leg. Hood B
n. 3/8/15-20/1/17 SW L.Forearm & Thigh, Inv. to UK 25/2/17 GSW amputation R.Leg.

K.P/260 AB Frank McGURK ex-15128 York. & Lancs.
b. Barnsley 22/7/1884. Butcher (own employer) H/A & NOK: Father, Patrick, 20 Grove St. Barnsley.
Drake Bn. DOW 7/1/16 aboard HS "Assaye" (GSW Hip & Legs).

K.P/305 AB George Arthur HUTCHINSON ex-14543 Y&L
b. Hoyland Common 11/10/1894. A Storeman with John Brown & Co. Rotherham.
NOK & H/A: Father: George Harrison, 10 Park Lane, Thybergh, Rotherham.
'A' Coy. Hawke Bn. MEF 30/5/15-18/6/15 KIA.

K.P/334 PO Arthur TWIBEY ex-15187 York & Lancs.
b. Barnsley 6/11/1892. A Miner at Barnsley Main Colliery.
Wife, Gertrude, 62 Carlton Terrace, Carlton, Barnsley & Father: John, Vaal Terrace, Stairfoot, Barnsley.
'C' Coy. Drake Bn. 1/3/15-7/6/15, 9/6/15-22/9/15, 12/2/16-29/8/16, 26/11/16-28/2/17 & 8/5/17-10/6/17 KIA.

K.P/336 AB Bernard BROWNBRIDGE ex-15113 Y&L
b. Barnsley 7/11/1895. A Miner at Brierley Colliery Nr. Barnsley.
H/A & NOK: Parents, James Wm. & Alice, 2 Victor Terrace, Doncaster Rd., Barnsley.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-13/6/15, 30/6/15-8/9/15 & 15/9/16-4/2/17 wounded & missing, assumed dead.

K.P/351 A/LS Fred HAIGH ex-14240 York & Lancs.
b. Royston, Barnsley 12/10/1894. A Miner at Carly Main Colliery Nr. Rotherham.
NOK & H/A: Wife Jane Elizabeth, 1 Adwick St., Denaby Main, Nr. Rotherham.
Drake Bn. 30/12/17 POW. Repat: 14/12/18.

K.P/414 AB Robert HOLGATE ex-York & Lancs.
b.21/5/1884. A Miner. Wife: Annie, 14 Methley St., Cudworth, Nr. Barnsley.
Drake Bn. 1/3/15-9/5/15 GSW Legs ; Hawke Bn. 14/12/16-14/2/17 to UK sick.

K.P/469 AB John William BLOWERS ex-13603 KOYLI
b. Eccleshall, Sheffield 9/9/1888. A Miner at Carlton Main Colliery, Cudworth.
NOK & H/A: Wife, Mary Elizabeth, 169 Victoria Terrace, Pontefract Rd., Cudworth.
Drake Bn. Gallipoli.

K.P/477 AB James Henry BUCKINGHAM MM ex-15117 York & Lancs.(3/9/14)
b. Darfield 18/4/1888. A Miner at Brierley Colliery, Hemsworth.
NOK: Wife, Mary Elizabeth, 70 Top St., Hemsworth, Yorks.
Anson Bn. 1/3/15-Feb.16 & 23/1/17-27/9/18 GSW L.Thigh, Inv. to UK.
MM 24/9/18 (LG 11/2/19). Demobbed: Dec.1918.

K.P/479 AB Christopher MURRAY
b. 15/2/1886 Miner at Grimethorpe Colliery Nr. Barnsley. H/A: 61 Margate St, Grimethorpe. NOK: Aunt: Mrs Hemmingway, 76 Margate St, Grimethorpe (was brother, David, add. Unknown). Drake Bn. 1/3/15-30/8/15. RND Engrs. 31/8/15-22/10/15. Nelson Bn. 21/3/17-24/4/17 DOW.

K.P/1015 OS Harry TURNBULL
b. Wombwell 1889. H/A: 1 Pearsons Field, Wombwell, Barnsley.
Howe Bn. C/326 3/11/14-23/2/15 disc. to C.P. 27/2/15 Discharged MU

Miscellaneous Barnsley RND ratings.

(list incomplete).

NOK: Wife, Mrs. Rogerson, Jacques Rd., Cliffe Bridge, Nr. Barnsley.
Anson Bn. at Antwerp 1914 & Gallipoli 1915.
DSM Anson Bn. 7/5/15. During operations south of Achi Baba, performed valuable work in making a reconnaissance under fire.
12/6/15 Mentioned in Despatch of GOC in C. MEF (LG 3/8/15).

14/5/15 To Hosp. Cape Helles - Rupture serious.
13/8/15 Inv. to UK per HS "Orsova."

Ch/SS/100428(RFR/B/5543) Sto.1 George SANDERSON RN
Wife, Nellie, Greenfoot Cottages, Greenfoot Lane, Oldtown, Barnsley.
Howe Bn. France & Belgium 1914. Howe Bn. MEF 1/3/15-4/6/15 KIA.

Po/SS/106111(RFR/B/5680) A/PO John BREWSTER RN
Drake Bn. Died of wounds 4/6/15 (Shot in the back of the head 3/6/15).
Son of Tom and Ann Brewster. Husband of Nellie Brewster, of 39 New Street, Darfield, near Barnsley, Yorkshire (later of Denaby Main, Yorks.).

Ch/SS/107593(RFR/B/9975) Sto.1 John Leonard MILNES RN
b.Penistone, Yorks. 6/7/1885 ; Brother, Walter, Ivy Cottage, Darton, Nr. Barnsley.
Died in the Sheffield District between March & June 1922
Enlisted 11/8/1908 ; Enrolled RFR 10/8/1913.
Hood Bn. A/194 17/9/14-4/6/15 BW L.thigh, rejoined Hood Bn. 13/10/15-2/11/15 Jaundice & Dysentery, Invalided to UK 25/11/15 ; To RN Barracks Chatham 24/2/16 ; Demob. 13/12/19 ;
HMS Pembroke II 8/4/21-4/6/21

A Miner. b. 24/7/1894. H/A & NoK: Mother, Sarah, 9 Rodney St., Barnsley.
Enl: 28/6/15 - 1st Depot Bn. C.P.
20/10/15 14 days detention.
18/11/15 Drafted to 3rd Reserve Bn. B'ford.
2/12/15 Believed identical with 14797 Pte. Geo. Lockwood, enl: 4/9/14 York & Lancs & rept'd as transferred to RND.
17/12/15 From OC 3rd Res.Bn. reporting that this man has confessed to being a deserter from the York & Lancs. Regt. & that the OC the Depot of that Regt. has been requested to send an escort for him.
21/12/15 Claimed by Army as a Deserter from Connaught Rangers Regt. 29/12/15 Pending enquiries as to which unit claims him.

b. 13/10/1894 ; A Miner ; H/A & NoK: Father, John, 31 Copper St., Barnsley.
Enl: 5/1/15.
2/5/15 RUN, deserted from 5th Bn. C.P. Depot.

b.18/8/1894. A Clerk at the Labour Exchange Divisional Office, Doncaster.
Father, George, 53 Sheffield Rd., Birdwell, Barnsley.
Howe Bn. BEF France 5/12/16-20/2/17 Trench Fever, Inv. to UK 7/3/17. Demobilised Jan. 1919.

T.Z/4756 AB Frank GUEST RNVR
b. 4/4/1897. A Lamp Cleaner. Father: Luke, Pit Row, Hemingfield, Barnsley.
Hood Bn. MEF & BEF 26/10/15-13/11/16 GSW L.leg, Inv. to UK 16/11/16.
Rejoined Hood Bn. BEF 15/6/17-24/3/18 Missing, POW. Died of Septicaemia at Amersoort Hosp, Holland 5/12/18.

T.Z/5496 AB Jonas BELL RNVR
b. 15/6/1896. A Miner. H/A on enl: 32 Joseph St., Barnsley.
NoK: Grandmother, Mrs. Mary Taylor, 21 Howard St., Worsbro Common, Barnsley ; later: Wife, Alice Bell, 7 The Polygon, Old Town, Clapham, SW.
Add. on Disc: 21 Howard St., Worsbro Common, Barnsley.
Enl: 22/6/15. Nelson Bn. 21/10/15-9/8/16 GSW L.buttock, rejoined Nelson Bn.
4/9/16-12/11/16 Ulcer R.foot, rejoined Nelson Bn. 16/11/16-22/1/17 Trench Foot, Inv. to UK 28/1/17.
Nelson Bn. 19/6/17-8/1/18 Trench Foot, Inv. to UK 15/1/18.
Drake Bn. 28/7/18-3/9/18 GSW L.forearm, Inv. to UK 9/9/18. Demob. 30/12/18.

A Groom. b. 8/10/1891. 5' 1 ½" Chest: 31" Fair complexion. Hair: Light. Eyes: Blue.
H/A & NOK: Stepmother, Mrs. Lily Lister, 42 Agnes Rd, Barnsley; later: 102 Bridge St, Barnsley.
Enlisted 30/6/15 to CP Depot.
Oct. 1915: Drafted to Hood Bn. MEF.
2/12/15 Posted to Hood Bn.
18/11/16 To Hosp. - PUO.
14/12/16 From BD to Hood Bn.
3/9/18 Wounded - GSW Side.
15/9/18 Rejoined Hood Bn.
(1/10/18 Barnsley Absent voters list: 1st Platoon, 'C' Coy. Hood Bn. RND)
8/10/18 Wounded - GSW L.ear slight.
21/11/18 Rejoined Hood Bn.
24/1/18 Demobilised at Clipstone.

128 Reform Row, Elsecar, Barnsley.
Nelson Bn. (Signaller) 28/2/16-28/2/18 to 7th Ent. Bn., joined Hawke Bn. 15/3/18-21/3/18 GSW Arm & Chest.
T.Z/6468 PO William REDMILE RNVR
A Miner. H/A & NOK: Mother, Matilda, 71 Queen St., Grimethorpe, Barnsley, Yorks.
Enl: 6/8/15. Anson Bn. 6/1/18-8/2/18 PUO, rejoined Anson 6/6/18-28/9/18 GSW Knees, amputation L.thigh, Inv. to UK 3/10/18.
16/7/20 Surveyed at Queen Mary's Hosp. Roehampton, GSW R.knee & L.thigh, amputation L.thigh. Wears artificial limb & support for R.knee.

T.Z/6712 OS Harry LEE RNVR
Unemployed. b. 14/1/1892. NOK & H/A: Mother, Mary E., 16 Elm St., Wombwell, Barnsley.
Enlisted: 10/8/15.
16/8/15 Attd. 4th (Depot) Bn. C.P.
3/9/15 "RUN"
23/9/15 Re-entered.
25/9/15 Sentenced to 21 days H.L.
27/10/15 "RUN"
15/11/15 Re-entered.
26/11/15 Sentenced to 42 days Dentention, Portsmouth.
27/1/16 Disc. from C.P. "Med. Unfit."

A Drayman. b. 8/3/1880. H/A & NoK: Mother, Mrs. Annie Martin, 21 Tindle Bridge, Wombwell, Nr. Barnsley.
Enl: 23/10/15.
30/10/15 attd. 4th Depot Bn. C.P.
1/1/16 RUN.
13/1/16 Re-entered.
20/1/16 21 days Detention.
4/3/16 42 days HL at Bodmin.
20/4/16 RUN.
1/5/16 Re-entered.
19/5/16 90 days IHL at Bodmin.
26/8/16 'A' Reserve. Bn. B'ford.
6/2/17 Disc. to re-enl. in the Labour Coys. Devonshire Regt. No.103222.
17/6/18 Trans. to KOYLI 38529.

T.Z/8042 OS John Willie ROBINSON RNVR
b.1/10/1891. A Motor Driver. NoK & H/A: Mother, Lucy, 37 Cemetery Rd., Barnsley.
Enlisted 29/10/15.
5/11/15 Discharged from C.P. Not finally approved on Medical Grounds (Defective vision 6/36 both, & Miners Nystagmus).

T.Z/9243 AB Edgar DALBY RNVR
A Clerk. b.16/10/897. NOK & H/A: Mother, Eliza Annie, 7 Brunswick Terrace, Ardsley, Barnsley; later: 7 Doncaster Rd., Ardsley.
Enlisted: 4/12/15.
2/1/17 Drafted to Howe Bn. BEF from 'A' Res. Bn. B'ford (Signaller).
24/1/17 Joined Howe Bn.
7/3/18 Posted to 63rd MG Bn. from Howe Bn.
23/3/18 Missing.
9/5/18 Letter rec'd from NOK enclosing Postcard from Rating stating POW at Kriegsgefangenen-Kommandanteur Wahn, Limberg a/Lahn.
4/12/18 Repatriated, arrived in London & adm. to The King George Hosp. Stamford St, SE1.

13/3/19 Demobilised at Clipstone.

T.Z/9244 AB Arthur WRIGHT RNVR
b. 27/1/1893. H/A: 21 St. Leonards Place, Barnsley Rd., Wombwell.
Brother: 22 Edward St., Darfield, Barnsley.
189th Bde. MG Coy. RND 18/11/16-15/5/17; MG Base Depot 16/5/17-6/8/17 posted to 223rd MG Coy. RND.
To 46th CCS 7/11/17. Died of Appendicular Abdominal Colic at 46th CCS Belgium, 8.30pm 16/11/17.

Motor Driver. b. 18/12/1892. H/A & NoK: Mother, Mary Ann, 37 Station Rd., Wombwell, Barnsley ; later, Father, Samuel, Railway Hotel, Wombwell, Barnsley.
Enl: 22/1/16.

Drake Bn. 26/11/16-5/3/17 Pleurisy, Inv. to UK 13/3/17.
Drake Bn. 23/8/17-12/3/18 Gassed, Inv. to UK 20/3/18 ; Demob. 14/2/19.

A Motor Mechanic. b. 7/8/1890. NoK & H/A: Mother, Mrs. Eliza Heckingbottom, 122 Doncaster Rd., Darfield, Barnsley.
Enl: 21/1/16.
May 1916 attd. 2nd Drake Bn., HQ Staff.
31/7/16 Trans. to Divl. Train for duty.
10/10/16 Trans. to RM Divl. Train as a Farrier: Deal/2645/S Pte. RM.

Barnsley men (conscripts) to RNVR 'R' No. Series.
(list incomplete).
(Men transferred from the Army Recruitment Depots to RNVR for RND service from May 1916).

R/4754 AB William WESTWOOD
Mother, Phoebe, 6 Wakefield Rd., Smithies, Barnsley.
Anson Bn. 21/11/17-13/1/18 Trench Foot, Inv. to UK 28/1/18.
Anson Bn. 11/7/18-21/8/18 POW.

R/4755 AB Samuel CLARKE
Son of Samuel Clarke, 18 Highfield Place, Wakefield Rd., Monk Bretton, Barnsley, Yorks.
Anson Bn. 21/11/17-8/10/18 GSW R.forearm.

R/4763 AB Herbert TURTON
b. Carlton, Barnsley 14/10/1894. Father: James, Craigs Pit Yard, Smithies, Barnsley.
Hood Bn. BEF 24/3/18-21/8/18 Wounded & Missing, KIA.

R/4805 AB Harry TURNER
Mother, Mary Ann, Jubilee Cottages, Sheffield Rd., Hoyland Common, Barnsley.
Howe draft 12/11/17, joined Howe Bn. 25/11/17-30/12/17 Trench Fever, Inv. to UK 2/1/18.
Hawke draft 16/7/18, joined Hawke Bn. 23/8/18-22/10/18 ICT L.foot, rejoined Hawke Bn. 16/12/18-18/2/19 to UK Demob.

R/4990 AB Richard BETTLEY
Mother, Mrs Mary Ann Jackson, 20 Dransfield Row, Royston, Nr. Barnsley.

R/5119 AB Joseph SEMLEY
Wife, Mary, 128 High St., Worbro' Dale, Nr. Barnsley, Yorks.
Anson Bn. 25/11/17-8/10/18 GSW L.leg, rejoined Anson Bn.
18/11/18-22/1/19 to UK Demob. 24/1/19.

R/5121 AB Henry WADE
H/A: 2 Oakwell St., Barnsley.
Anson Bn. RND.

R/5376 AB Alfred LAWRENCE
Wife, Mrs M. Lawrence, 3 Wharf St., Barnsley, later of: 174 Old Mill Lane.
Hawke 24/11/17-21/12/17 Ulcer L.leg, Inv. to UK 24/1/18 (B2) ;
Divl. Emp. Coy. 1/7/18-26/12/18.

R/5440 AB Wilfred LINDLEY
b. Mapplewell 29/9/1898. Trammer in Mine. NOK: Mother, Amy, Carr Green, Mapplewell.
Formerly 18625 Pte. 6/6th York & Lancs. Enlisted 28/5/15 discharged Under-Age. Served 120 days with the Colours.
Joined Howe Bn. 5/1/18.
Transferred (attached) to 1st RM Bn. 11/2/18.
Missing 24/3/18, POW.
22/11/18 Repat. arrived at Hull.

R/5441 AB Oliver CHAMBERS
b. Barnsley 19/6/1895. A Coal Miner.
H/A & NOK: Parents, John & Sophia, 8 Wentworth St., Birdwell, Nr. Barnsley.
Attested at Barnsley 20/7/17 for Army Reserve, to Pontefract & enrolled in RNVR for service with RND, to 2nd Res. Bn. Blandford.
Joined Howe Bn. 5/1/18.
Transferred (attached) to 1st RM Bn. 11/2/18.
Missing 24/3/18.
24/4/18 Rept'd POW at Langensalza, Thuringen, Germany.
17/12/18 Repat. arrived at Hull. 17/4/19 Demob. at N.Camp Ripon.

R/5564 AB Sidney ALDRIDGE
Wife, Mrs. N. Aldridge, 73 Fitzwilliam St., Hoyland Common, Barnsley, Yorks.
D/A: 53 Haigs Buildings, Bruntcliffe, Leeds.
Hawke Bn. 1/1/18-17/3/18 Gassed, Inv. to UK 27/3/18. Demob. 30/12/18.

R/5599 LS Fred Victor HEYWOOD
b. 1/8/1897. NOK: Mother, Harriett, 4 Freeman St, Barnsley.
15/11/15 Army Reserve. 9/7/17 Mobilised. 27/7/17 Joined 3rd Res. Bn.
Joined Anson Bn. 1/1/18 To 150th FA - Trench Feet mild.
Rejoined Anson Bn.
25/2/18-9/6/18 - Debility severe. 23/6/18 Invalided to UK - Influenza.
13/1/19 Demobilised at Clipstone. 29/3/19 Paid War Gratuity £8.
5/8/19 Re-enlisted in the Northumberland Fusiliers No.98988.
7/7/20 Re-enlisted in RE as No.602793.

R/5849 AB William Henry MOXON
b. 14/6/1898. NOK: Mother, Mrs. M. Moxon, 11 Livingstone Terrace, off Silver St., Barnsley.
Entered in Army Reserve (RNVR for RND) & mobilised 7/8/17.
11/12/17 Drafted to Howe Bn. BEF.
13/1/18 To 150th FA - Trench Feet sev.
15/3/18 Joined Hood Bn.
24/3/18 Posted 'Missing'.
14/6/18 Rept'd POW at Kriegsgefangenen-Stammlagers, Limburg a/Lahn. Germany.
27/11/18 Repat. arrived Hull.
12/4/19 (pm) Demobilised at Dispersal Station Ripon

R/6570 AB George TAYLOR
b. 9/8/1895. NOK: Father, George, 31 Bradbury Rd, Wombwell, Nr. Barnsley.
9/4/18 Mobilised to RNVR for RND.
13/8/18 Drafted to Anson Bn. BEF.
Joined Anson Bn.
23/8/18-22/12/18 - Influ. & Anaemia mild. 26/1/19 Inv. to UK - Influenza.
9/2/19 Demobilised from Dispersal Hosp. Keighley.

R/6572 OS Charles HURD
b. 21/1/1897 ; NoK: Mother, Mary Elizabeth Frampton, 1 Parpoint Cottages, Ardsley, Nr. Barnsley.
11/4/18 Reported to 2nd Res. Bn. Aldershot p.m. ; Enrollment Cancelled 17/4/18.

R/6573 AB Ernest BURGIN
b. 14/4/1895. NOK: Mother, Maria, 86 Cherry Tree St., Elsecar, Nr. Barnsley.
9/4/18 Mobilised to RNVR for RND.
6/8/18 Entrained Aldershot from 2nd Res. Bn. for Hood Bn. BEF.
Joined Hood Bn.
23/8/18-22/1/19 Emb. for UK Demob. 24/1/19 Demobilised at Clipstone.

R/6574 AB Albert Ernest DANE
b. 8/3/1898. NOK: Wife, Lily Victoria, 41 Snape Hill, Darfield, Nr. Barnsley.
9/4/18 Mobilised to RNVR for RND.
6/8/18 Entrained Aldershot from 2nd Res. Bn. for Hood Bn. BEF.
Joined Hood Bn.
23/8/18-22/1/19 Emb. for UK Demob.
24/1/19 Demobilised at Clipstone.

R/6575 AB Albert CARTER
b. 4/10/1897. NOK: Mother, Rosina, 2 New Hall Lane, Ardsley, Barnsley.
10/1/16 Attested for Army Res.
9/4/18 Mobilised, RNVR for RND.
6/8/18 Entrained Aldershot from 2nd Res. Bn. for Hood Bn. BEF.
Joined Hood Bn.
23/8/18-8/10/18 - GSW L.arm, mild.
21/10/18 Inv. to UK per HS "Princess Elizabeth" SW L.arm & Shldr.
30/12/18 Demobilised at North Camp, Ripon.

R/6576 AB Harry STEER
b. 21/11/1895. NOK: Mother, Lucy, 5 Cobcar Lane, Elsecar, Nr. Barnsley.
9/4/18 Mobilised to RNVR for RND.
6/8/18 Entrained Aldershot from 2nd Res. Bn. for Hood Bn. BEF.
Joined Hood Bn.
23/8/18-20/10/18 - Influenza mild.
26/10/18 Disc. to duty from 12th SH & rejoined Hood Bn. same date.
27/1/19 Emb. for UK Demob. 28/1/19 Demobilised at Clipstone.

R/6577 AB(HG) John Gilbert DODSON
b. 22/1/1899. NOK: Father, Jos, 126 Church St., Elsecar, Nr. Barnsley.
9/4/18 Mobilised to RNVR for RND.
23/8/18 Joined Anson Bn.
10/11/18 GSW R.Leg Severe, 26/11/18 Inv. to UK.
10/4/19 Proceeded on 28 days demob. Furlough; date of disc. ending 8/5/19.

R/6579 AB Arnold TAYLOR
b.6/8/1897. NOK: Father, Tom Wm., 52 George St., Hoyland, Nr. Barnsley.
11/12/15 Entered in Army Reserve. 9/4/18 Mobilised to RNVR for RND.
13/8/18 Drafted to Anson Bn. BEF.
23/8/18 Joined Anson Bn.
27/9/18 GSW L.Thigh, 1/10/18 Inv. to UK.
24/1/19 Demobilised from Dispersal Hosp. Stoke-on-Trent.

R/6581 AB James VICKERS
Miner. b.13/1/1899. NOK: Father, John Wm., 27 Millhouses, Milton, Hoyland, Nr. Barnsley.
9/4/18 Mobilised from Army Reserve to RNVR for RND.
13/8/18 Drafted to Anson Bn. BEF.
23/8/18 Joined Anson Bn.
23/9/18 Eating Iron Ration without permission: 7 days FP No.1 & to pay for new Iron Ration.
10/12/18 Demobilised to UK: Miner. 16/12/18 Demobilised at North Camp Ripon.

b.6/3/1898. NOK: Father, Philip, 2 New St., Grimethorpe, Barnsley.
10/4/18 Mobilised from Army Reserve, RNVR for RND.
3/9/18 Drafted from 2nd Res. Bn. Aldershot to Anson Bn. BEF.
8/9/18 Joined Anson Bn.
6/10/18 Inf. of Gums mild.
6/11/18 Rejoined Anson Bn.
22/1/19 Emb. for UK Demob.
24/1/19 Demobilised at Clipstone.

R/6583 AB Ernest DRIVER
Brother of K.W/521 AB Levi Driver RNVR.
b. 12/12/1898. NOK: Father, Mellor, Howarth Buildings, Park St., Wombwell, Nr. Barnsley.
10/4/18 Mobilised from Army Reserve, RNVR for RND.
13/8/18 Drafted to Anson Bn. BEF.
23/8/18 Joined Anson Bn.
21/9/18 Losing by neglect Iron Ration: Fined 7 days pay & to pay for new Iron Ration.
27/9/18 - GSW Elbow & L.Foot Mild.
4/11/18 Rejoined Anson Bn. from BD.
22/1/19 To Clipstone for demob.
Demobilised 29/1/19 at Clipstone.

R/6585 AB Walter HUSCROFT
b. 21/7/1896. NOK: Father, Joe, Est. Office, Hill Top, Smithies, Nr. Barnsley.
9/4/18 Mobilised from Army Reserve to RNVR for RND.
13/8/18 Drafted to Anson Bn. BEF.
23/8/18 Joined Anson Bn.
25/8/18 - GSW contusion, back, 30/8/18 Inv. to UK & adm. Fort Pitt Mil. Hosp. Chatham.
29/11/18 Entrained with draft from 2nd Res. Bn. for Anson Bn. BEF.
8/12/18 Joined Anson Bn.
22/1/19 Emb. for Clipstone & demob.
24/1/19 Demobilised at Clipstone.

R/6592 AB Albert CRUNKHORN
NoK: Father, Frederick, "Oakdene" Brierley, Nr. Barnsley.
Anson Bn. 23/8/18-25/8/18 GSW L.loin, Frac. Ileum.
Disc. Inv. 11/3/19.

R/6593 AB Lewis WATTS
NoK: Father, Samuel Watts, 16 Victoria St., Darfield, Nr. Barnsley.
Anson 23/8/18-29/9/18 SW L.leg, Inv. to UK 6/9/18.
Demob. 17/1/19.

R/6595 AB Luther ROWLEY
b. Brierly, Barnsley 5/6/1895. NOK: Wife: Ada, Upton Beacon, Nr. Pontefract; later: Crosshill, Brierly, Barnsley. 19/2/16 Attested to Army Reserve.
10/4/18 Mobilised to RNVR for RND.
13/8/18 Drafted to Anson Bn. BEF.
23/8/18 Joined Anson Bn.
2/9/18 - GSW Forehead mild.
25/9/18 Rejoined Anson Bn.
1/10/18 KIA.

b. 11/4/1899. NoK: Brother, Wm., 238 Barnsley Rd., Cudworth, Nr. Barnsley.
Mobilised 12/4/18.
Anson Bn. 23/8/18-25/8/18 GSW L.knee, amputation, Inv. to UK 20/9/18.
Disc. Inv. 9/8/19.
D/A: 94 Margate St., Grimethorpe, Barnsley.

b. 26/9/1897. NOK: Father, Joseph, 6 Windmill Yard, Shambles St., Barnsley.
(Absent voters list 1/10/18: 6 House, 5 Court, Shambles St, Barnsley).
8/5/18 Mobilised.
17/9/18 Drafted from 2nd Res. Bn. Aldershot to Hood Bn. BEF.
2/10/18 Joined Hood Bn.
5/2/19 Emb. For UK Demob.
8/2/19 Demobilised at Clipstone.